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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Fourth of July Brings the Dog Days

Survivors please take a moment to remember, the Fourth of July is not just about fireworks and fried chicken to celebrate the Declaration of American Independence and the start of summer vacay. As founding fathers of the USA John Adams and Thomas Jefferson knew very well when they chose this day, July 4 marks another very ancient and powerful occasion – the first day of the most dreaded days of the year, the dies caniculares, the days of the dog, the so-called, “Dog Days.”

Otherwise known as the Dog Star

Otherwise known as the Dog Star, Sirius rises with the sun

For roughly 40 days starting around July 4, Sirius, the so-called dog star, will rise in conjunction with our sun and exert its dogged influence over all of canine kind here on earth. From Rex your friendly canis lupis familiaris to your favorite fluffy muffin-loving, gut-rending genus lycaon aka: werewolf, all feel the pull of their star as the Dog Days begin.

While more experienced werewolves may try to sleep through the heat, new werewolves will often experience their first transformations during the Dog Days. In fact, more new werewolves will experience transformation in the next forty days than in the rest of the entire year. That’s counting both genetic expressions and unwanted werewolf-to-werewolf transmissions combined. Most won’t understand what is happening to them. These noobwolves will be very confused and angry, a mere whiff away from full moon fever at all times from now until the Dog Days end in mid-August.

Let me be clear, I’m NOT saying the founding fathers were werewolves. Just John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Why else would they actually die on July 4? They felt and understood the power of the dog star rising more than anyone and pushed the signing of the Declaration of Independence to coincide with it in preparation for battle.

Thomas Jefferson

In fact during the height of the Dog Days of 1824 Thomas Jefferson himself, fighting the urge to transform, famously said, “We have the wolf by the ear and feel the danger of either holding or letting him loose.”

Some years later Jefferson learned to love his inner lycanthrope and began urging everyone in government to do the same, saying, “You and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall ALL become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature.”

And as for John Adams? One of his many descendants of the same name plays drums in a band called Flock of Werewolves. Coincidence? I think not.

Be prepared. Treat everyday from now until August as a full moon alert and pay extra attention on July 15th when the full moon and the dog days coincide. Be a little careful playing fetch with Fido, stay cool and cut your lycanthrope and alleged lycanthrope friends a wide berth even if you’re a were-creature yourself. Especially if you’re a lycanthrope yourself. Then everybody can still be a-lican each other in the morning.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

30 comments to Fourth of July Brings the Dog Days

  • Wilwolf

    Watchu tryn to say Seth

    • Hail Wilwolf,

      Ah… I’m just saying when the Dog Days arrive, you lycanthropes should keep at least 10 miles between each other until they are over.

      Take it from Thomas Jefferson, it’s a good time for declarations of independence!

      Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger.

      And thanks as always for keeping on! Your survival is my survival.


  • Shewolf

    If I was u I would be careful what u messenge.

    • Hail Shewolf,

      I am careful what I mesenge! I am just trying to look out for my werewolf friends here. It is just a survival tip. And just like don’t walk on thin ice or don’t play in traffic one can choose to ignore that advice but it increases the risk.

      But really don’t blame me blame Sirius. This is Sirius stuff. Ha, get it… Serious < ----> Sirius.

      Ok so maybe that is not funny but the point is. The dog days are a dangerous time for werewolves and I just ask that you all be careful as your survival is very important to me.

      Your Pal,


  • Shewolf

    Seth if I were u I would choose ur next words very carefully

    • My Dear Shewolf,

      I am always choose my words carefully.

      That is to say:

      careful |ˈke(ə)rfəl| adjective – anxious to protect (something) from harm

      So any ways what I want to know is what plagues you today?


  • Shewolf

    yesturday, fractured shoulder. I didnt know what to do. the fracture was huge and i didnt know what to do so i had a stupid ass idea, i couldnt find surgical glue planning to fill it and there was no where close i could buy it so i filled it with cement. Im sorry Seth i didnt mean to get angry with you. I am having a very bad week. Im very sorry. I didnt mean it

  • Scarly

    Shewolf I had a bad week too. I guess we are just confirming what Seth said about werewolves feeling frustrated during the Dog Days! I growled at so many people this week, and they growled right back. Maybe it’s not even just Werewolves that are affected by these dog days – what do you think? I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

    <3 Scarly 😐

  • Werewolfgirl

    The dogdays may explain my bouts of uncontrollable irritability lately and no wonder I’m having a crappy week. Huh. 

  • Kodapugsydpuggle

    The dog days have certainly affected me. I’m even more irritable than usual! (And that’s bad.) well any way, it appears that I’m stronger now since July 4. My friend is a vampire and since I’m a werewolf we like to wrestle. We are usally evenly matched, but know I can take her down withinn 10 seconds. Coincidence?

  • Ice

    These are the only moons that Hybrids find themselves unable to control there transformations on. The first full moon of august is the worst. It was the moon that our Original transformed on.

  • Dear Seth,
    If I am an angel, I was wondering at what age do your wings grow in? Thank you.

  • Raven

    Two nights ago when I was going to sleep once my head hit the pillow my head started spinning and whenever I moved it stopped itwas weird

  • Accalia

    Why are you chewing us out seth? Really? Grr. Well whatever because I’m tired and grumpy and OMG THERE’S A MUFFIN ON MY PORCH!!!!

    • Hail Accalia,

      Much belated thanks for checking into Survival, even during the dog days. I apologize for the delay, things get slow around here during the dog days. Did 1-800-muffins deliver to your door? Is there a message inside? Because as you may know more werewolves experience their first transformation during the dog days than any other time of year. Many genetic werewolves will be contacted by a clan member who will help them survive their first transformation. Do you think the muffin is from them?


      • Accalia

        It was from a friend. She decided to scare the living moonlight out of me when I went outside to get the muffin. She’s a werewolf too and SHE THOUGHT IT WAS HILARIOUS. It kind of was. Yep. Well…I might have my first FULL transformation during the dog days…I’m a bit scared…half shifting hurts enough 🙁 I’m not so sure of what’s gonna happen.

      • Accalia

        Btw…Vianna is a personal friend of mine and she sent me to the site when I told her about my wolfiness. She’s leaving and she won’t tell ANYONE where she’s going…she said she might not come back for a year or two…any idea what could be happening?

        • Hail Accalia,

          Well it sounds like you might have a pack to help you through it. Different packs have different ways of making the first transformation easier – or so I hear from the lupine lifers. Just don’t tell me if your pack takes the noobwolves out on a vampire hunt. The vampires page is finally at peace.

          Okay but about Vianna. I have two theories. One is the Survivor of the Month Curse. It’s a weird thing that happens to winners of Survivor of the Month. I don’t know if like mummies hunt the winners down and force them underground or what but almost whenever a survivor wins SOTM they go underground. There are some exceptions but it’s a dangerous phenomenon I have started to study. Maybe Vianna can assist me with this and report through you?


          • Accalia

            Ok that’s a good idea…she was planning it before she got the SOTM and I think it was when you got eaten by the lake monster that she suddenly got all twitchy and up and left. My pack have some REALLY strange things planned…I don’t even know all of it. I will keep in touch. Talk tomorrow or something. Sorry about being so grumpy yesterday. 😆

            • Accalia

              Don’t worry…we don’t hunt vampires! That’s dumb. SO DUMB. But we do encourage the noob wolves to climb trees when fully shifted to catch squirrels, its good exercise.

            • Hail Accalia,

              Don’t worry, I expect a little grumpy from werewolves during the Dog Days.

              Hopefully Vianna will keep on keeping on until she gets back. I think she will Survivors here are a resiliant bunch. Zyboragon, P5t5r and Mr. Mutt all just came back after extended absences for example.


  • Devorah1

    Yea seth I guess I can thank braces for stopping me from transforming huh

    • Hail Devorah,

      Indeed! It sure seemed painful for Louis Pine when his braces didn’t stop him from transforming. Hopefully we can find him soon so I can ask him how much that hurt. When it comes time to get your braces taken off you might want to see if you can keep them. They may turn out to be quite valuable in the future if you know what I mean.


  • mary5544

    AAAAAHHHH why didn’t I know about this earlier now I have to figure out what to do for the dog days and that also explains why I snapped at my dad yesterday

    • mary5544

      OK I really need help I just recently had my birthday but my party is the 15th and we are staying at a hotel what do I do

      • Hail mary5544,

        Sorry I did not see your comment earlier. Happy belated birthday. I hope your party went well and you didn’t eat any of your family, party guests or bell hops or front desk clerks. Please let us know when you can.


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