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Lycanthropy Lunar Phase Tracker

Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous Moon

Distance: 58 earth radii
Ecliptic latitude: 5 degrees
Ecliptic longitude: 215 degrees

Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Does This Mean War?

Hail Survivors,

Below please find a news story contributed by one of the many awesome survivors here on the site, Ice. If you have any supernatural news that you care to write about email it to me and I’ll likely post it. Someday soon I will enable some new features that will allow survivors to write articles and post them directly but in the meantime just email them to me.

Thanks for the awesome article Ice! Keep on keeping on.



How do you wage war on the sun?

Does This Mean War?

On July 12 at 16:53 UT, a X1.4 class solar flare occurred on the surface of the sun. It creates massive amounts of UV and X-ray radiation, which along with a CME or Coronal Mass Ejection that are being propelled towards earth.

Now for those of us who don’t speak really complex science here’s the translation: at 16:53 universal time a really big solar flare occurred on the sun. It shot a lot of radiation that can mess with radio signals and electronics directly at earth. The question is, why?

We all remember earlier this year the solar flare that produced the Aura Borealis and the writing on the ice caps that sent a clear message from the Solar Draconians i.e. “We will burn you.” but until now they’ve been mostly quiet.

Link to earlier post referenced above: Solar Dragons staring Draconian civil war

Why attack now?  Were they waiting for us to lower our guard? Were they waiting for certain conditions such as the drought that has sticken most of the U.S. to attack? Was it even the Draconians or perhaps an angry sun god? And how will the governments react? The U.S. Is already making an effort to get all of their satellites out of the way of the solar radiation which will hit approximately July 15. Will they go one step further and declare war on the sun? And how would one wage war on the sun?

Stay tuned (assuming all technology isn’t wiped out.)


Angry Solar Dragons!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

9 comments to Does This Mean War?

  • Bebe

    I’m not aloud to say … As a dragon hybrid I would be in danger if I was to give details….giggle

  • mrjaffa

    I guess this means firebending wont work against them.

  • P5t5r

    The fact is that the Earth still has on giant force field of protection around us. Our magnetosphere protects us from any solar radiation. The worst thing that solar flares can to us is mess with our satellites, make us move our astronauts, and take out power in some areas. We will be fine unless those dragons come themselves. The U.S. won’t declare war on the sun is because these kind of things have happened before and we have been fine. If they did attack the us then the military would retaliate with the air force’s X-37 vehicle and build others like it. We would see them coming from far away with our satellites and would have plenty of time to prepare while they crossed the vast distance of space between the sun and the Earth. If the air force publicly tells us that they have something like X-37 then we know that they have something better that they haven’t told us about yet. For those of you who aren’t farmiliar with X-37, It was a ship being built by NASA and then “transported” to the department of defense.

    • Ice

      Of course a big enough flare could knock out all electronics, which would leave us defensless or there could be a “Super Flare” which would literaly take out the magnetosphere kīlling us all. The fact is we are living right next to the biggest neuclear reactor in the solar system. The Sun.

      • P5t5r

        Well, THAT could be a problem. Luckily not all things run on electricity, but still basically everything would be affected. The magnetosphere being taken out would require a supersized solar flare. It might actually be better for them to end us swiftly then to just destroy all electronics because of the suffering that nonelectronic devices would incur. We might be able to recover from that under normal circumstances, but with an attack immenent our chances would be slim. I am hoping that neither occurs because the cyborg community could not survive either. It would be almost impossible for us to create a protection from this type of attack since it would require a much more powerful electromagnetic field then the one that the entire planet is generating. Most people don’t realize that the sun is a huge hydrogen reactor performing both fission,(what is in atomic bombs),and fusion,(something way more powerful).

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