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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Think Twice Before Snogging In Public Demon Targets Couples - True Survivor Report

The apparition of an angry demon causing the disappearance of a cuddly couple on Halloween night has the city of Pickering, Ontario in turmoil today, according to another true survivor report from THE HATTER, monster therapist at large. Is this a classic case of a demon who targets touchy-feely couples or just another excellent lesson that demonstrates the need for a good disguise to survive the All Hallow’s Eve?

Couple disappears after demon attack

True Survival Report by The Hatter: Couple disappears after demon attack

Read on if you value your supernatural survival.

First consider the case against cuddling. Demons, like psychopaths, are well-known for attacks on couples prone to public displays of affection or PDAs. For that matter, it should be noted that demons don’t really like private displays of affection or PDAs either. Study after survival study has demonstrated the touchy truth that handsy humans are always the first to suffer in any encounter with a demon.

Primarily this is because demons, while really unholy awesome at a lot of things, generally have difficulty in the er, generative way. This is one of the main reasons they go around making deals for first-borns and popping up in sweaty situations where they aren’t exactly invited.

Is this what occurred in the photo reported by The Hatter? –>>

Look at the known facts. When this Canadian couple stopped for a snoggy sojourn in an empty field on Halloween night, they wound up… gone. Judging by the photo, it appears they may have may have been literally melted into a gray and gooey heap, very likely subsumed into the demon itself.

But wait. On the other hand, this photo, taken on Halloween night, clearly depicts a couple who failed to heed the example of the ancients on this Hallowed occasion. How many times do I have to say this? Why do you think they hid their babies in rotting heads of cabbage? Because they smelled better? Possibly partly, but even so then why do you think witches historically claim this season? It’s not just because there’s new straw for their brooms. Your ongoing existence today is proof that it takes the hard work and good disguises of everyone to keep the supernatural forces of darkness at bay when the veil between the worlds stretches thin.

And the first rule, as every survivor knows, is that while your disguise doesn’t have to be epic, it should at least not look exactly like you. As in the case of these two humans. At least I assume they are human. Although, I would have to scan them to be 99.98% certain, judging by this photo, they certainly appear unabashedly human.  And that should be a sobering lesson to every survivor about why we still wear a disguise on Halloween night.

In any case, until we know more, survivors are being asked to recall primary demon survival protocol.

Primary Demon Survival Protocol

1. Name that demon. The first step to banishing any demon is of course to name the demon.  Once you know the demon’s name, you know its modus operandi, it’s strengths and weaknesses (numbers, incantations, elements etc.) along with the angel(s) assigned to fight it. So, first things first, anyone know this demon?

2. Avoid any un-ncessary PDAs. Even – or especially – PDAs in dark fields. No matter how much s/he melts your heart, ask yourself is it really worth a melted face?

3. Start planning for next Halloween today. Don’t let that sack of sugery survival snacks lull you into a false sense of security. Next year, this could be you.

Many thanks to The Hatter for another true survival report.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

23 comments to Think Twice Before Snogging In Public Demon Targets Couples – True Survivor Report

  • Midnight Moon

    Wow, so am I in trouble? Because I dressed up as a Shadow Demon for Halloween….

  • fenrir9

    It looks like a Nemantion

  • The Reaper

    Seduriach? What was he doing out on Halloween? I must prepare my Enochian symbols prepared…

    • Hail Your Reaperness,

      Thanks for weighing in. Are there any particular Enochian symbols you would prepare? And how would you apply them? On your person? In the area? Skin or bling or something else?

      Yours In Survival,


      • The Enochian Symbols I use, are to protect. I would use it on your person, especially in this case. It stops Demons from touching you, and possessing you.

        • Adisa

          I have peformed 3 exorsims it is not easy and it is also dangerouse.

          • I never said an Excorsism. Yes, the Enochian Symbols DO work like that. But, they aren’t deadly. Or, as deadly… Let me put it this way, I have never once reaped a person who used Enochian symbols. I have reaped 3 people using an Excorsism, not one was the ghost. So, the Enochian symbols are safer. I suggest some sort of tattoo, you can’t get hurt by them unless they rip it off or burn it.

            • Hail The Reaper,

              Thanks for this important clarification. Will any of the Enochian symbols be effective? Or are different symbols effective against different demons? And do they summon a protective angel or how would you describe the mechanics of the Enochian symbol effect?


              • I wouldn’t use the one that means sandwich, of course that did put a stop to the mayonnaise demon I faced in Texas… Well, let me put it this way. If you know what they mean, and you know what demon you are dealing with, use the one you find appropriate for that demon. As to the mechanics of the Enochian Symbols, it works a lot like a banishing, but instead of speaking the words for a spell, you draw the symbol, and slap your hand against it. (Using blood, your own, or any other kind will do. I hope not your own.) and poof, flash of light. Demon gone.

              • fenrir9

                one, a Nematon is a place not a thing
                two, the Nemantion are the spirits that guard said place
                three, Reaper the Enochian Symbols don’t work that well some fool tried to use them against me last year, I laughed and kept on walking straight past him

  • fenrir9

    The moss on the sides and the woodlike texture on the skin give it away. The Nemantion (plural) are a type of avenging spirit they protect nature. That increbiblely scary looking thing is close to what they look like when they manifest. though not inherantly evil they have no qualms about killing innocents. The moral of the story here avoid being all kissy kissy near a Nematon Grove as the creatures will specifically protect the groves. Also don’t just willy-nilly chop down trees.

    • Hail Fenrir,

      Thanks for your astute assessment. So in your opinion these demons are simply protecting their trees? How does one identify a Nematon grove in advance so as to not be caught beneath one?


  • Adisa

    Seth is this real! because the demon looks kinda fake -_-

    • Hail Adisa,

      Thanks for your excellent question. It’s a well known fact among demonologists in general and exorcists in particular – not to mention many priests – that for demons “looking fake,” is a common ploy to lull and entertain victims into a false sense of security.

      Don’t fall for it! Call a personal moratorium on making out and please read Fenrir and The Reaper’s assessments above.


  • Kzazrier Vetanari

    I’ve finally figured it out.
    Those demons don’t attack you because you’re… being really close to someone…
    No, it’s the mana your body produces. Or should I say, how it affects your aura.
    When your emotions change to love-leveled emotions, the mana you produce will be stronger and more (the power of love, I guess), but it also affects your aura.
    Your aura will become slightly lighter and thicker.
    This also happens when you eat chocolate, cheese and bananas.
    Oh, and if you’re fighting with someone, doesn’t matter whether it’s with violence or with words, your aura will become slightly darker and thicker.
    This demon is protecting something, however…
    It is also supposed to eliminate any unstable auras it can find.
    And when your aura becomes thicker, it will thinks your aura is unstable.
    And in some way, it is unstable.
    I used to have to eliminate unstable auras, too.
    But that was long ago.
    When auras were more important than mana…

  • fenrir

    Grrr locked out
    anyway Nematon Grove lets see… they are usually A MASSIVE white.oak tree surrounded by Rowan trees or a ring of nine oaks. Avoid at all costs unless you want your throat torn out.

    And reaper Seduriach is bigger than that with less moss/fur and more fire

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Their attack-pattern has changed.
      They’ll pretend to aim for your throat and then rip your belly to shreds…

      • fenrir9

        sometimes, but for mortals its usually still the triple death
        ie. head bashed in, suffocated, and throat torn out at once.
        so like I said unless you have my protection or that of one of the Tuatha De I wouldn’t suggest going there. ever.

  • Adisa

    Thank you seth for your reply. I need to know how many attacks there have been if anyone has been atacked please tell me. Also that photo could easy’ly beenn copied on photo shop +. And please do not fake attacks being atraacked by a demon is not a joking matter. Trust me a demon lached on to me last month.

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      That photo isn’t fake.
      You can tell if you look at the mana it creates.
      If it would be fake, the fake parts wouldn’t make any.
      But here, the whole picture makes mana.
      It looks fake because that is their way of hiding their existence.
      Oh, and sometimes it IS joking matter.
      For example, if you’d know Mr. iz, an ice-lord-joker demon, you’d know this.
      He loves to freeze deserts…
      And once, he tried to change the matter of the sun into ice, but failed.
      I helped him with some planets for a contract.
      So… If the Sahara’s sand changes to snow, you know who did it.

    • Hail Adisa,

      Thanks for keeping on. While the exact number of attacks remains unknown, at least one survivor has sent another photo.

      New Bloud send this photo he snapped in the woods near his house. Werewolf13 has seen him too. Kzaz believes it to be The Shadower while New Bloud thought he might be the so-called Slender Man. At least that’s what he said just prior to his disappearance.

      As an experienced exorcist, what is your opinion?

      Thanks for keeping on keeping on,


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