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'My Lupine Life' By Louis Pine

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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Demon Star Lights Halloween Night All About the Algol

Prepare for the Demons of Algol Guided by Demon Star

Add this now to your supernatural safety plan, prepare for the Demons of Algol out in full force  tonight, guided by the strange pulsing light of their star.

Learn all about the Algol

Learn all about the Algol

But Seth,  you say, for survival sake it’s too late to add to your Halloween checklist. You already reviewed and implemented your most effective supernatural disguise by now.  You already took these demon fighting tips from the Tower of London. Perhaps you even took this Halloween advice from the Vatican.

But if so, then you owe it to your supernatural self preservation to take a minute to learn about the Algol the pulsing Demon Star and to imagine the entities it guides as they will be out in full force this fine Halloween.

All About the Algol*

  1. The Demons’ Head

Algol is actually 2.85 star system of one bright star and two dimmer ones who rotate around the big one, causing its light to “pulse.” Imagine a lighthouse for demons and you get the general idea.

Ancient Egyptians saw how bad luck followed this pulsing pattern of light every 2.85 days and named it Algol, the Demon’s Head.

2.  One Demon, One Ghoul and a Severed Head

That’s what you’ll see. Hopefully long before they see you. That’s right, 2.85 demonic entities, on the prowl this Halloween night.

But what if you don’t spot them in time? What if they see you first?

It’s very possible. Probable even given the number of eyes involved here with a severed Gorgon head. But fear not!

Actually scratch that, fear enough, but don’t let your fear overwhelm your survival knowledge and using it to fight back.

3. Identify and Defeat the Smart One First

Only one is the real Algol, the real demons’ head.  The others are just a distraction  – one, a ghoul soulbound to  leader and the other literally a severed head. You must identify the leader immediately. Defeat the leader first and his entities fall too.

Now this won’t be easy. Afterall, not like the Algol will be wearing a name tag. (Exception: the demon baristas who work at Starbucks.) And the Algol knows how to fool you. You might think the Algol is the bigger one, the louder one, the better-looking one, the manlier one, for example. But the Algol loves to play with your mind so beware. The real leader here could be the little, funny-looker with the thin whiny voice.

(That said, you can safely check the severed head off your list. A body is still required equipment for leadership.)

No there’s only one real way to identify the Algol – a radiation meter. That’s right, the Algol demon will be the one emitting the most radiation, pure and simple so if you don’t have one on your device yet, better download one before you go out.

You say you don’t have access to a reliable geiger counter app? No problem. Just download The Monstrometer instead. It too will point to the Algol, 99.98% of the time under optimum conditions.

Algol active on Halloween Night

Algol activity on Halloween Night

4. Radiation-Proof Weapon & Shield

Improvisation is key here but in general we’re talking some combination of lead and/or tungsten and/or salt water here. Little known fact – even plastic will do in a pinch. In fact when it comes to neutron radiation, plastic is preferable. Bonus survival points if the plastic happens to be wet or capable of shooting some kind of saltine liquid – holy water gun anyone?

Whatever it takes to hold them off until dawn when the Algol’s power will need almost three days to recharge, ( 2.85 to be exact).

4. Keep Your Head 

Yes it’s hard to keep your head with demons around you are throwing theirs but somehow you have to remain calm and keep on keeping on. When that head comes rolling toward you like an infernal bowling ball, don’t turn and run, face it head on – pun intended! In fact, get a hold of the head if you can, it will make just as good a weapon for you as it did for Perseus.

*ALL here meaning all information contained within this report SOS supernaturally certified 99,98% true and accurate and may not be interpreted as ALL information in the known universe in relation to the Algol. For further information SOS recommends Wikipedia or Earthsky News….

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

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