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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Demon Fighting Daughter and Dad Offer Skype Sale on Exorcisms But Can You Afford It?

Now offering exorcise instruction via Skype for 300 dollars cheaper

Brynn Larson (far left) and her friends are Pastor Bob’s demon fighting daughters

Are you like me facing a vehicular exorcism bill of $329.48 after having your car jacked by a demon this week? There may be good news for you – Pastor Bob is having a Skype sale on exorcisms.

The D-Team of Arizona Pastor Bob Larson and his hot demon fighting daughters will now perform their exorcism services online for a full $300 cheaper via Skype. But will it really be effective?

When Pastor Bob announced back in September that years of karate training combined with holy relic handling and hot hairstyling  had finally prepared his daughter Brynne and her two friends to offer personalized exorcism services for approximately 329.00 plus transportation, all I could say was, sign me up!

Never mind that I wasn’t even possessed. $329 dollars to have three fit 18 year-olds perform karate moves over you in bed? Okay yeah, daddy Pastor Bob would theoretically be there too… but still. Possessed or not, it just seemed like the kind of exorcism anyone would enjoy.

But that was before the whole possessed vehicles thing this week. Like many supernatural survivologists, I rely on my vehicle for my mission – not to mention my day job. Which in my case is more like a night job but anyway the point is, I can’t have infernal beings jacking my ride while I do a delivery. Demons are infernally hard on vehicles – by the time you recover the vehicle and have it properly exorcised – assuming you can do – at that point would really want to repossess it? Between the sulfer dioxins and the souls trapped in the trunk, your vehicle is probably going to be a write off.  Except that you won’t be able to write it off because vehicle insurance rarely if ever covers demonic possession.

No, I take my exorcisms more seriously now. So when Pastor Bob announced he was offering a Skype sale on long-distance soul repo services last week – as low as $30.00 –  like many I was skeptical. As the International Association of Exorcists pointed out many times in the media, even if you could get the possessed person or car or whatever to stay wholly in frame long enough to repossess it, there’s absolutely no scientific evidence the holy spirit can be transmitted in this way.

I mean, think of the traditional holy relics. They were devised in a time when pigeons were still a viable way to call 9-1-1, long before Google or Gorilla Glass. How many vials of holy water would it take to send some sacred soul suds from Pastor Bob’s webcam to yours?

Now Pastor Bob insists it’s all in the eyes and a good solid cross but again, back to my possessed car problem. Is Pastor Bob going to look into the headlights? And does he really expect me to hold my phone steady in front of it? And let’s face it, possessions are noisy. I can’t get that kind of sound on my phone, even if Pastor Bob and his daughters have reliable headsets. How are they going to talk to the demon in my car? And how does demon-fighting karate work via Skype?

 Sure the whole procedure is $300.00 cheaper and that’s a big plus but without the Charlies Angels’ karate moves in person, it isn’t going to be nearly as fun either.

Pastor Bob performing an Skype exorcism on the news

Pastor Bob performing an Skype exorcism on the news

So until Pastor Bob and his team accepts my challenge to answer these questions, I urge all survivors to do like me – save your money and take some simple precautionary measures to protect your vehicle and your soul starting with these:

1. Have a good solid soul.

Possessing your own soul is always easier than RE-possessing it. So if you still have a soul, hang onto it. Don’t sell. Not even for pop stardom, athletic fame or gold. When the bill comes due, nine times out of ten, it won’t have been worth it. Just ask Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds or Lady Gaga.

Er okay maybe not the best examples but you see my point. (This equally applies to the souls your unborn children.)

If you’re unsure about the status of your soul, remember that sometimes just acting as IF you still have a soul can foster the growth of a secondary soul that is often equally effective at deterring demons.

2. Hang with some heavenly hosts.

I’m not saying you have to fly with the angels. Even if that were possible, it would actually be counter productive since those guys are all looking for a good demon-fight, all the time. No, I’m talking about the cherubim, seraphim, tharsisim or even the gargoyles who are more approachable because they spend most of their time in human form and they know who to call on when a demon fight breaks out.

3. Have holy relics handy. 

Hang an appropriate holy relic from your neck and your rearview, I don’t care if it’s a rune, a cross or a gargoyle named Gary, like mine. Just have it handy at all times. You don’t have to know karate to make things hard for a demon. Look like you mean business and a demon will pick on the yawning guy at the other end of the bus.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

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