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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Dangerous Werewolf Diet Turning Hollywood Celebs Into Lycans

The Dog Days full moon always brings a record number of new lycans into packs around the world, but his year a dangerous new diet fad brings the new scary prospect of aging Hollywood celebs devoted to following the so-called werewolf diet wolfing out around the world.

Is dangerous werewolf diet turning aging Hollywood celebs into lycans?
Is dangerous werewolf diet turning aging Hollywood celebs into lycans?

Sources report that a strange new diet called the Werewolf Diet gaining popularity among older Hollywood celebs like Madonna and Demi Moore hoping to regain their youthful strength and vigour may actually be turning them into werewolves.

“Instead of eating normal food, on the full moon she starts drinking this stuff,” says Janice W.  former assistant to Madonna. “And then things start to get weird…”

According the website Moon Connection the drink in question is just juice and there’s no need to be alarmed but her former assistant is not so sure.

“Then how do you explain her change in behaviour? As the moon rises, she gets grumpier and grumpier until finally she just locks herself away.”

Lycanthropologists point out this is classic behaviour for a werewolf but according to one, Dr. Dominicus Van Buran, it’s still unclear if the drink is an effort to trigger a transformation or actually a desperate attempt to forestall one.

“If the drinks contain extract of lupin and/or colloidal silver this could actually be a diet designed to prevent an unwanted transformation,” states the Doctor. “However if it contains a lycanthroporous extracts directly from a living donor, it could indeed be a misguided attempt to become a werewolf.”

Until we know what exactly is in the drinks it’s impossible to know. Smart survivors will be on the lookout for celebrity werewolves this full moon.

3 Signs You Could Be Facing a Celebrity Werewolf

1. Big, Blingy Teeth And Nails

Celebrity werewolves allegedly prefer to avoid full wolf form so they can retain the expensive gemstones in their dental work and manicures. So if you are facing a blingy werewolf in wolf man form this full moon, it could be somebody famous.

However as ultimate transformation control is generally only an achievement of an experienced werewolf, this can result in a trail of gemstones left behind by a new werewolf celebrity so also keep your eyes open for a trail of diamonds.

2. Fashionable Full Moon Gear

While most werewolves prefer to save their human clothing and go au natural into the full moon, celebrity werewolves invest a lot of time and money into form-fitting transformation gear. So if you spot a werewolf wearing high-tech yoga pants, hold your laughter. At least long enough to snap a selfie with them.

3. Beware Their Lean and Rangy Look

Because celebrity werewolves go into their transformation so hungry, they are especially dangerous. The diet – or failed diet – that brought them to this point makes them even more dangerous than average, especially to their pets but also to anyone else they encounter. At this point you can’t count on a mere muffin to protect you. It’s going to take a juicy steak or a medium sized pet. If you don’t have either handy, asking for an autograph can buy you some time, but be prepared for a fight. Start by reviewing the werewolf survival tips here on SOS and elsewhere on the Internet including yourlupinelife.com.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

35 comments to Dangerous Werewolf Diet Turning Hollywood Celebs Into Lycans

  • Reaper

    Well, we can rule out Ephiram Ellis… He’s anything but lean. Heck, he’s as buff as Arnold Schwarzanegger on a hot day in California! Gotta admit… I’m a little worried about Britney Spears… Not to mention Ashley Tisadle, Kim Kardashian, and Zombie Michael Jackson.

    • Hail Reaper,

      Thanks for keeping on. While I’ve never heard of this Ephraim Ellis of whom you speak 😉 he sounds like he would make a mighty fierce werewolf indeed!


  • Well, we can rule out Ephiram Ellis… He’s anything but lean. He’s as buff as Arnold Schwarzanegger on a hot day in California! Gotta admit… I’m a little worried about Britney Spears… Not to mention Ashley Tisadle, Kim Kardashian, and Zombie Michael Jackson. Oh yeah, survivors, Michael Jackson escaped from the underworld. Be on the lookout, contact me on my SoTM page if you see him.

  • Leafpool

    Oh, absolutely *wonderful*. Not only are most celebrities plagued with psychological, psychiatric or mood conditions from the start, now watch one of them develop a case of clinical lycanthropy after beginning this fad diet. Somebody call the shrinks and tell them to arm themselves with tranquilizers, colloidal silver and a dozen apple, anti-werewolf muffins.

  • Agent RB

    It is not what she seems no Lilith not anyone more today


  • Bluestar

    Uhh do werewolves attack their own? Because ill retaliate VICIOUSLY if that happens especially if you attack my dog you will not live to see the next day

  • Ice

    *I shiver as I sit in a cave holding gauze to the wound in my chest. I feel the acid fading and my body beginning to heal… But it’s slow, painfully slow. My eyes drift shut and I see A large field. Morgenstern stands across it from me. “Do you see now that that creature cannot be allowed to live? If it’s sword had been a few inches to the right we would be deceased!” I sigh and look at the ground, “perhaps he was prompted out of fear…” Morgenstern laughs harshly, “we were leaving him. He attacked us when our back was turned. He deserves our wrath.” I look away and then groan as the pain forces me awake. I sit staring at the cave wall thinking that perhaps Morgenstern is right.*

    • My name, is Matrix. Reaper corps Shinigami #665, I do not remember how I came to be, but I know who I am. Is that not all that matters? *As I think about these, I begin descending upon Ice.* “Ice, I want you to think about this. Morgenstern is nothing but Chaotic Evil. You, are at least lawful neutral, if not chaotic good. And tell me, in your very soul, tell me you believe every word Morgenstern has ever said. Tell me that you believe because of a small difference between you and a subspecies, that is shouldn’t be allowed to exist? And if I may remind you, while RB has done some fairly horrible stuff. Including mass genocide, extreme over indulgence in other peoples pain, and just being a downright jerk… Does he, a creature with the gift of consciousness, and knowledge… Truly deserve to die?” *I stand in front of Ice. Hood shading my face. I kept a firm grip on my scythe. While I’m nearly certain Ice wouldn’t attack me, Morgenstern is a different story.* “Ice, what would your father do?” My name is Matrix, Reaper Corps Shinigami #665. I know who I am, I may have gotten lost on the way, but my name shows who I am. I am a matrix, I change to adapt with situations. My codename changes as much as I do, but this is the sum of my soul. Adaptation. Evolution. Human.

      • Ice

        *I look down and ponder Matrixs questions* My father… *my lip curls suddenly in anger* my father wasn’t the perfect hero everyone remembers him as. I am proof of that, his bästård son. *I flinch in pain as the wound seals* and as for RB… He used acid against me…. We were leaving, we were going to leave him be! *my eyes flash with rage and the air around me begins to shimmer* using acid against me isn’t even like using silver against a werewolf or sunlight against a vampire, because eventually both of those species will perish from exposure. But not me, no matter how much pain I’m in I can never dîē! *suddenly the illusion I hold around myself at all times falls and reveals my face with a large scar down the side, permanently curving my mouth into a scowl. Other scars run up and down the length of my arms and chest, some small, some large, all overlapping into a huge network* 137 years 215 days and 13 hours I spent being tortured with that substance.. *my eyes blaze as one turns orange and the other remains green* we suffered so long for trying to save that world. We burned and burned. And what is our thanks? A scythe dipped in acid to the back. *the illusion resembles hiding the scars as I stand my wings unfurling to full length* you asked us what our father would do? Well guess what Matrix? Daddy isn’t here *i disappear*

  • Leafpool

    This is open to any experiences werewolves or lycanthropes: Were can I obtain transformation dust that Ghost wolves use?

    • Bluestar

      Oohh a Ghost Wolf never seen those before im an Ice Wolf (kind of ironic that i HATED the movie Frozen) and you probably now where my username is from since urs is Leafpool

      • Leafpool

        Hi! Yes, at YLL there are many different types of werewolves. Long story short, if I ever undergo the processes needed to become one, I wanted to be prepared for all breeds and scenarios. And no, ironically my name did not come directly from Warriors, although I am acquainted with the series.

        • Leafpool

          There are three types of transformation dusts available to Ghost wolves: bone dust, shadow dust and star dust. All are very difficult to find, gather and contain. Each lasts a specific amount of time and is said to react to a person’s need for them. If the dust is thrown in the air it causes an automatic transformation on impact. They can also be ingested for personal hallucinogenic use.

          Bone dust is obtained by grinding the bones of wolves, adding wolf’s bane and charring the bones into dust. For each wolf’s bone used, one whole wolf’s bane plant (flower and root) is required. Bone dust causes a physical transformation only to Ghost wolves. All other types of werewolves will be left unaffected.

          Shadow dust is obtained by burning just the nightshade flower into ashes. Shadow dust stops your heart temporarily letting you enter the world of the dead in the form of either a demon wolf or a ghost wolf.

          Star dust is tricky to get and to make it function properly, you’d have to wait for the billion to one chance of a meteor not only surviving the atmosphere, but also falling close to you. Afterwards you simply grind it into dust and you have star dust.

          Star dust causes a physical transformation halfway between the worlds of the dead and the living. It causes you to become a fully awakened daemonis which means alpha of alphas or a true demon wolf.

          Star dust is tricky to handle though because too much of a dosage and you will lose your mind and attack anything and everything in sight.

          • Leafpool

            Although using them for hallucinogenic reasons aren’t exactly endorsed.

          • Hail Leafpool,

            Many thanks for the intel about transformation dust. Which kind are you personally looking for? Maybe that can help us to locate a provider although it sounds like the stardust might be a tall order.


            • Leafpool

              I am looking no farther than bone dust. Shadow dust and star dust are too risky for me, both to prepare and use. Long story short I may undergo lycanthropic processes. If so, I know my moon would be Ghost. Actually, I’m waiting for Fenrir to become active on YLL so that I can speak with him I can entail you in on my story and I am happy to share my history with anyone wishing to know more about me. I’ve already shared my history in the comments of the Links page with WWG.

              • Leafpool

                As of right now, until Fenrir replies to me, the transformation dusts are useless. I have the “recipe” to make all 3, but the ingredients are scarce and I would need experience supervision. Bone dust contains actual wolves’ bones!

        • Leafpool

          What’s your name at YLL?

  • Leafpool

    Scratch that, figured it out.

  • werewolfgirl

    leafpool i been waiting for you to talk with me and you was talking with someone alse

  • Hmmm so that what you did, well better if information goes to proper use over being locked away for good.

    • Leafpool

      Yes, I’m not selfish with my knowledge

      • Assanjin

        HEY!!! I’m not selfish I’m careful there’s a difference you know. I wasn’t the kind of Drache to run my mouth about what I know immediately otherwise I would be a total clutz and say things I’m not meant yosay, so I reserve what I know for those who need help.

      • Leafpool

        *rolling in laughter* Thanks for the laughs. Grieving and mourning the loss of my beloved feline friend, Babe. May you forever be in a better place. We had to lie to get her help. Is being deceitful for the right reasons good?

  • Akagane

    If any one notices weird comments from me, it’s because if two reasons. Either aka has hacked my account and is posting weird stuff or my home AI decides to play a prank

  • Kurogane

    If you post like that it’s okay with me but don’t start posting stuff about me and Robin or I’ll personally suck out your reiatsu

  • Azura

    What’s the diet? If its so bad, why hasn’t anyone found it before Seth?

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