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'My Lupine Life' By Louis Pine

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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Celebrate the Supermoon Six Ways

Make a dark moonlight trap to celebrate and save the tetrad supermoon, supernaturally.

As the Tetrad Supermoon rises it’s only supernatural for you and your clan to want to celebrate and preserve the perigee powers of this once in a millennium event.

Four blood moons rising

Four blood moons rising

It has only been a thousand years afterall, since the last of four supermoon eclipses at exactly six month intervals –  and it’ll be about a thousand more before you can do so again. Of course you want to save some.

So if you don’t have your supermoon eclipse celebration and preservation plan yet it’s not too late. To help you and your clan make this supermoon supernatural, SOS presents how to prepare and deploy a Tetrad Dark Moonlight Trap.

1. Convene your personal Tetrad

To preserve the dark tetradic Powers of Four you will need – insert drumroll here – ah four others. Or 8. Or 16.

(Additional multiples of four will amplify the effect but increase the amount of dark moonlight you need to make.)

But that doesn’t mean you should invite anyone. Give some thought to the supernatural mix of powers at play here. Your friends are mostly vampires? You might want to think twice about the werewolves you invited.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t invite vampires and werewolves to the be in the same Tetrad. In fact, a balanced blend of oppositional forces can be the best way to go on these occasions. I am saying however, that you need to know! Be sure to scan your friends with the Monstrometer if you haven’t already.

With a minimum of four fellow supernaturals on board, proceed to prepare your Tetrad Dark Moonlight Trap.

2. Prepare your purified water receptacle

Colloidal silver is always the best option for this as it will purify and photosensitize your water at the same time. You can make some silver water quickly with a few drops from a vial of store-bought colloidal or generate your own from scratch.

No time for either option? Although less effective, any purified water in a glass receptacle should do in a pinch.

(Important point here, your receptacle should be clear glass in order to permit the dark moonlight to pass into the trap.)

How much purified water you put in your trap depends on your needs, how many supernaturals will share in the bounty and how concentrated you want it to be. Less water in a smaller receptacle will result in stronger dark moonlight material but may not be enough for a larger group.

3. Submerge a photosensitive material.

Salt is much cheaper than true silver here, simply sink a block of it to the bottom of your glass water jug or jar.

If you do however, happen to have a true silver-backed mirror handy this is still your best option. Submerge the mirror in the bottom of your tetrad trap.

4. Properly position your Dark Moonlight Trap 

To find the best place you’ll want to research this in advance. Clouds are not a problem -although they will result in a more dilute solution  – but any tall buildings or trees can prevent the dark moonlight from passing into your trap.

(Any supernatural structures handy? Say you live at Stonehenge? This of course will also amplify the effect and result in a stronger concentration of dark moonlight at the end of the night.)

Where ever you choose, just make sure to position your Tetrad trap well in advance of perigee. Like a long exposure camera, your dark moonlight trap needs to collect both the moonlight at its most bright AND the moondark at its most dark to preserve its powers within the water.

This means you’ll need to know the moon table for where you live. (Stand by for a good moon table link here….)

5. Join hands in a diamond formation around your trap.

If your tetrad is only four people this shouldn’t be complicated. Just avoid any rounded spaghetti arms that will turn your polygon into a circle.

However for a bigger group, this requires more coordination. Work it out long before the eclipse to prevent a full moon fail.

6. Divide and save the dark bounty 

Wait until the eclipse has fully passed and the moon fully returns before sealing your jug or jar – but don’t delay. The sooner you seal it the less you will lose.

Now all that remains is for you and the members of your Tetrad to divide the dark bounty among you. Take the Tetrad Trap to a secret location and transfer the dark moonlight evenly into smaller take-home glass receptacles for everyone involved.

Now you can call on the Tetrad Powers of Four for another millennium. Long may you keep on keeping on! 

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

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