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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Bloodstock Pay With Your Blood! Blood Raising Music Festival Romania

Pay with your blood to attend Romanian music festival bloodraiser for hungry vampires…

Buy ticket for Romanian music festival with blood.

Buy ticket for Romanian music festival with blood.

Move over Live Aid and Hurricane Katrina, there’s a new music festival to end world hunger on the planet, and this Bloodstock is for hungry vampires!

Romanian vampires revealed their diabolical blood raiser to the world this week, the Untold Music Festival where you can pay with your blood to see acts that include headliners like Avicii and David Guetta.

They’re opening 42 blood collection centers and setting up mobile blood collection units in Bucharest for the festival starting on July 30. They even have sponsors like McDonalds and KFC on board to help revive light headed humans who donate.

“We wish to make a musical truce with humanity,” stated Irina the Impaler, great grand-daughter of infamous Vlad the Impaler whose blood thirst made history. “You have blood and you like music, so why should we hunt you? Let’s work together to eradicate vampire hunger once and for all.”

Ms. the Impaler says the Romanian vampires got their idea for their Bloodstock from Bob Geldof at the last world council.

“Just between you and me we were all like, oh there goes Bob again, reliving his pre-undead life as a big time world charity concert organizer

But the more we thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense. What better medium than music to bring together the humans with blood to give and the vampires who wish to dine upon them?”

Don'tSuckThe festival is hoping for 500 healthy humans to donate blood in exchange for a ticket to attend the two-day festival and has launched an extensive promotional drive to raise awareness about the event around the globe.

And what will they do if the festival falls short of the 500 David Guetta fans it needs to end vampire hunger?

Ms the Impaler refused comment.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

43 comments to Bloodstock Pay With Your Blood! Blood Raising Music Festival Romania

  • Assanjin

    I would donate blood but unfortunately my blood is basically poison to methuselah.

    • Ravenwillow

      methuselah??? Whats that???

      • Assanjin

        My term for vampires. What makes me immune to them also eats away at them. If my blood is injected into a methselah it would slowly kill them from the inside out, among other possibilities.The thing is I am immune to the zombie virus, lycanthropy, vampirism and other supernatural afflictions passed through the blood. This is due to the fact that whatever draconian bit is left in me it produces special antibodies in my blood stream that once injested and/or injected into their system slowly kills them and renders me absolutely immune. Which means my blood is literally poison or it can also be used as a cure as it eats away at the affliction before the patient.

        • Ravenwillow

          so you’re a draconian…sorta… Thats pretty awsome. i love dragons and work with them alot, so…yeah…

          thanks for the clarification, btw

          • Assanjin

            Used to be draconian until I lost my bloodline trait, though enough was left for me to keep my immunity and raise my strength above average.

            I am the last remaining of my bloodline and was ironically a Drache that could not use magic. My story is long, arduos and painful.

            • Zyboragon

              Might I ask for a sample of this blood? I just want to test some differences between yours and mine, I assure you that my curiosity ends there and I’m able to destroy the sample after testing.

              I know that sort of thing requires great amounts of trust, so there’s no hard feelings if you decide not to.

              • Assanjin

                The difference between yours and mine is that I didn’t give up my flesh to become a cyborg dracar As for a sample I must decline, as it is a precaution. I don’t know you very well on top of that. My blood can too easily be used as a weapon and abused against the beings I want to protect. But I shall give you a hint in the right direction, my blood type is O-, the rarest blood type.

                • Zyboragon

                  From what you’ve said, it is true that you don’t know me very well. As for the difference between blood I’m talking on a different spectrum than just physical properties and adjustments.

                  I completely understand your caution, I won’t be pushing you on the subject any further, but it never hurts to ask.

                  • Assanjin

                    I am thankful you comprehend the situation you comprehend. Perhaps your time in the wars of the void has given you great patience. By the way, I am sorry for your arm, it’s always hard when we lose something precious but we draconians always somehow manage to survive through thick or thin.

                    • Zyboragon

                      Dwelling on what’s lost doesn’t allow us to fully see or appreciate the things we have. Do not be sorry for what cannot be changed.

  • Ravenwillow

    yeah…my blood is weird…plus i hate needles… 🙁 <:

  • Assanjin

    True Zyboragon very true. Though I don’t think you care for a sob story but I lost my family and my wings. Both devastating to lose. I lost my draconity which by extention removed my wings from the equation, try as I might to rekindle that long forlorn wish to again master the skies I cannot. And here I am alone as well for my brothers were slain right before my eyes, one by one they fell. I have lost a grrat deal, and though I know it’s bad to live in the past I can’t help but want them back and mourn the losses. If I am a fool in doing so then a fool I shall remain.

    • Zyboragon

      You’re no fool. Severe losses never heal, the only fools are the ones that allow themselves to forget.
      Remember your losses, mourn them, never let them leave you.
      Keep every memory with you, let them drive you forward.

      • Assanjin

        Tis a greater pain to let yourself forget the pain than it is to carry it. But like unloading everything in the car on a trip to the beach, you enjoy relief of burden for a while but eventually you must return all the heaviness, all the burden to that car that is your mind in that beach which is the cosmos. No matter who or what you are there is always one thing in common……we all hate when we have to reload everything back in the car at the beach, we love unloading it but for some odd reason reloading it is always a pain in the butt.

  • Icarus

    Oof… What the heck? I… I shouldn’t exist...

    • Zyboragon

      I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. 🙄

    • Assanjin

      Actually Icarus, you exist ergo you have a right to exist. That which does not yet exist does not yet have the right to exist. But once a being starts to be, it gains the right to be.

      It matters not our origin, or our story, all that lives no matter how it came to be has the same right to live and to exist and simply to fight its own battles.

  • Assanjin

    Actually, he displays a draconian’s natural obsession with science and investigation. It is in our nature to desire more knowledge, this trait is shared by most sentient beings but is especially prominent in we who share in da drachen blud. Gods and primordials have no parents either, they came from nothing before all others and they had to start that which did not exist before. Just because your origin is different from mine the fact that you can think and feel makes you equal to me and all that is, was and ever will be. You exist now, that is all that matters, whether you fly, walk or swim, whether you possess fang, scale, fur or skin, whether you come from nothing or you merely have forgotten where you have come from, you inhabit the here and now, for yesterday is dead, tomorrow is not yet born but is determined by the actions of today. So time to write your own history. Now choose will you fly triumphantly or will you fly too close to the sun and burn your wings.


    • Zyboragon

      My connection to this realm was shattered unforuantely so all my earlier responses did not make it here it seems..

      Firstly, I was speaking to Icarus, I apologize for the confusion.
      Secondly, I’m a dragon and something else… I haven’t really been feeling like myself lately thanks to all the reality shifts, so my forms have been changing frequently and it’s been making me really sick.
      Lastly, I’m researching certain types of blood.

  • Kurogane

    If I post anything weird for the next few days it’s cause I’ll be In a haze of brownies,weed,frank Zappa,deep purple,grateful dead and bob Dylan.?

  • Kurogane

    Ever notice how grcif ndviaunct gym tomorrow matos v”?

  • Kurogane

    Smoooooooke on da wada!!!!!!!!

  • Kurogane

    Pj Joined

  • catveena

    Can vampires drink Fairy blood?

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