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  • User AvatarScarlett Lupa { Ha ha...the sad part is there's no lie in the statement...dang... } – Sep 26, 11:52 AM
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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Zombies!!! You May Be Dealing With A Zombie

Breaking Zombie News – Zombie Outbreak In Texas!!! Click on the link to learn more.

DangerSign-zombieszombieYOU MAY BE DEALING WITH A ZOMBIE!

Sure dealing with zombies can be frustrating and even dangerous. But don’t panic. Zombies can make excellent room mates and friends if you just know how to deal with them.

First you need to perform a Zombie stage assessment to know how far along your friend or loved one is:

Stage I – Subject may be in the process of turning Zombie. Learn how to build a home quarantine for zombies here.

Stage II – Zombie has turned. Hunger is growing. Warning Strength and speed are amplified. Do not attempt to neutralize alone. Run away and skype sethonsurvival for back up.

Stage III – Zombie has seen better days. Burden of insatiable appetite and drooping parts has begun to slow Zombie down but still strong don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Back away slowly and skype sethonsurvival for assistance.

Stage IV – You are dealing with a shambling oozer, decomposing before your very eyes. Watch out for flying, dropping, popping, oozing, spurting gooeyness.

In all cases, please report for back up. Never handle an alleged Zombie by yourself, unless you absolutely have to.

To learn more watch my Zombie Month Webisodes. Now viewable on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). You can also watch them on YouTube!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

641 comments to Zombies!!! You May Be Dealing With A Zombie

  • ?wolf

    • AVOID CITYS!!! You probably wont come out

  • ?wolf

    • Shoot, ask questions later

  • Half vamp.

    I know zombies are real, I’ve seen one before it was running like it was about to eat my face off, which I think it was anyway. I ran away from it then I saw an axe which looked like my savior so I took the axe, and I swung it at it knocking it down. I looked over it and I saw the head wasn’t separated. So I swung at it so it’s head came off. Because I know that when zombies get knocked down it doesn’t mean they’re actually dead. They’re just healing themselves to “respawn” again. It’s head has to be separated from it’s body so it can’t respawn. So that’s my zombie attack experience.

  • Half vamp.

    And the weirdest thing happened. I actually have two souls. I know it sounds crazy, but I do. So here’s how it happened. I was stolen when I was 5 and taken to a mysterious house by a man in black. I went in there rested in his bed. Fell asleep next morning, I felt a little tingly and devilish. There’s a bad side of one of my souls that kinda ruins me. She’s been tearing me apart and my life. Thanks to that man in black! I now have a evil spirit that makes other people think I’m possessed which I really am. Just not a spirit that I’m not familiar with. I know her pretty well, she plays tricks on boys and kills for fun. Now how would you like to be me! JK… Oh and one more thing. She can transform me into anything she likes so I experience my dreams for real with my normal spirit leaving the other one left to keep me breathing. Sometimes it’s the other way around. So yeah ever heard of this situation before??

  • Okay here’s what I have to say about zombies they would take many years to develope such a disease. There are many diseases similar to that of a zombie but you would have to contact them all at once wich is nearly impossible.and yes I posted about Dracions and conduits. I study monsters and paranormal activity. I will tell you about baciacly any monster you want. I’m not saying I’m better its just I like to help out. So maybe if he would allow it sometimes ill see if I can answer somebody’s questions. What do you say Seth? P.S. sometimes I’ll post facts about a certain creature. But am I saying I’m better? NO!!!!! I just like to share facts with others. I will be on here alot so you can ask me about a creature. Even Seth because I know a few ways to get rid of ghosts. So if you ever want any tips on how to spot or how to get rid of ghosts because I have a few methods that you can use that you don’t have on this site. I also know what and what not to do when getting rid of them. So if you want my methods Seth… Reply

  • Apocalypse2ready

    Ok idk what I am I was told that I’m a vampire angel werewolf Bigfoot ghost I love the sun and the forest and the sky I’m pale with blond hair and I used to bite ppl idk what I am could u help me out

  • Knewred

    Hey guys, sorry to interrupt! Has anyone seen a human, female, a little on the smallish side with a backpack around here? I was searching for prey and I think I let it escape…

  • Werewolf13

    A human friend and I have been preparing for the zombie apocalypse recently and we have a large plan. Is there anyone willing to lend me a few survival tips?

    • Mysterious

      avoid guns as they run out of ammo easily get a sword if dull sharpen it.:)

    • mrjaffa

      Magic doesn’t work very well against zombies. Stockpile water and canned food, especially food that doesn’t need cooking. Get independent generators, ones that wont make much noise. Coat the inside of your house with sound-dampening materials and reinforce windows and doors. This is all very expensive, so if it doesn’t work out or no zombies appear I am not liable for the cost.

  • ajohn374

    Hi all ima werewolf I just begun travelling to texas with my good friend zack.I am gonna try and kill some zombies because I thought I needed a holiday from electrical engineering. Just saying if youre in texas at this time, gimme a yell and if Im in earshot Ill help.

  • Corey (Privacy)

    Geez! 4th try on the test, and I got a zombie. What is up with the test? Angel, Werewolf, Vampire, Zombie?

  • Corey (Privacy)

    5th try: Zombie. -_-

  • Corey (Privacy)

    7th try: Zombie. I see a pattern here D:

  • Corey (Privacy)

    10 (or 11th) try, and I got my 5th zombie match. I haven’t had any symptoms or anything, though. I’m pale-ish, and I’m starting to think this website and everything of it (except the topics) are lies. Come on, a quiz can’t say what you are! Can it?

    • Hail Survivor Corey,

      I would say that it just did! (Say what you are I mean). Welcome to the site. I can assure you that every thing on this site is at least 99.98% true.

      Since you took these monstrometer last have you experienced any new symptoms that may help explain your mysterious blend of conditions?

      At the very least you should clean your device to prevent contamination of the biometric data from foreign sources.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Mysterious

    according to this i am part human angel zombie cyborg sasquatch alein and vampire, so what does that mean Seth?

    • Hail Mysterious,

      A belated thanks for this Monstrometer report. I would say it means either that you are a zombieborg vampangelsquatch from another planet OR that you need to wipe the biometric data from your Monstrometer OR that you need more or more thorough scans to find which creature predominates within you.

      Either that or you could just try to join a werewolf pack and be done with it. However there is a strict no-bite policy on the site, and the only werewolf who grew his own lycanthroporous flowers has gone full wolf and disappeared from the site.

      One thing I know with 99.98% certainty is with six dogs inside you, better feed the one you want to grow…


  • adisa fabiano

    Hi Seth
    I know there’s been a increase of Zombies and Were wolfs
    And I have been preparing my self for a Zombie apocalypse because I figured out how the Apocalypse in Texas started there is a parasite that takes over the brain one person caught this parasite and has passed the parasite on to another person and the cycle continued until a lot of people got it I was wandering if you could give me some advice on surviving

  • Jack O' Lantern

    Seth I need help I am what people today would call a “Headless Horseman” but the problem is my town hunted me out of my grave normally I sleep until All Hallows’ eve what do I do? I need help or I may not survive until October!

  • lostwerewolf

    I just saw the commercial! Sprint is hiring zombies and is now selling cell phones to zombies. Seth, can this affect the zombies in any way?

  • God

    Seth i belive you made up the zombie apoc

  • Chicken nuggets

    Apart entry I’m a zombie-vampire-leprechaun-mermonster-Sasquatch-draconian-werewolf-phsyco

  • Chicken nuggets


  • Chicken nuggets

    It also said I was cyborg and angel so i am everything this is bogus

  • 😐 having trouble with my zombie/cannibal neibour again 🙁
    This time she attacked my dog, i went into were rage and attacked her back! I bit her and she ran of screaming. Ive been been barfing all over the place!
    I need urgant help! Please help me 🙁

  • So far im ok. Not craving flesh,i can still think and walk properly. I think im gonna be all right.

  • Guardian R.S.

    Ok make a small glass of your blood mix in cordial silver if glowing dark red lock self in crib

  • Good new’s! Im ok and she’s leaving!!! Thanks for the tip Guardian R.S


    uuum seth what do i do if im 98% zombie!!!!!!! please help befor i strike agine :…(

  • Akantha

    Seth, I know i’ve been gone for like a year but, where are Z, Mutt, Stigma, Alex, Jaffa, and AP? plus the other survivors i was so well acquainted with.

    • Jerry9012

      I believe I can answer some of these questions from what I have read. I believe the “Z” your speak of, is Zyboragon. Who I read is in the middle of another dimension. Mutt, is dealing with the SOS survivor of the month curse. Seth believes Alex has cursed the Survivor of the Month curse. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the rest. Akantha, are you by any chance another Draconian?

    • Hail Akantha,

      Thanks for stopping by and glad to know you still survive. Hope the GOF is well too. Are either of you responsible for Scarlett Lupa’s current predicament? I don’t want to point fingers but everybody knows how you gods get with each other…

      We’re making a little-big changes soon here at SOS so I haven’t been on quite as much but I’m happy to see you still survive.


  • Scarlett Lupa

    I don’t know you Akantha but yet I do…. You have something to do with the gods so I’m guessing your an Demi-god awesome…… But it’s just an guess…. You have an very interesting past….. I know you don’t share it…..and an very challenging future ahead……hmmm….. You have an way with things……you should know that I’m an goddess…. So if you need help I do my best to help you with whatever…….

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I knew it ….. He he intuition never fails me….. What is your element child pardon me I call people child because to me they are children of the gods……

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I did it again I miss spelled something….. I fix it….I losing my head so busy with Gaea …. And war…. And stuff….I’m sure you know about it all….gotta talk to Zeus about every thing I prepare for it….

    • Akantha

      Actually, i saw percy and annabeth fall into tartarus and heard rumors about Gaea waking , but i’ve been trapped with my father in the underworld.

      • Mr. Mutt

        Ah hello Akantha. Last time I saw you was in that cave.

      • Scarlett Lupa

        Your father is hades right? Would that make us sisters since I’m an child of all…….I mean that when I was rebirth by the gods I was made by all the major gods and given gifts from the minor gods…..I died upon birth….I don’t know the story real good about me I was only ever told once…..that’s when I was finally turn…..

  • Kurogane

    Listen up all you zombie haters.
    The zombie most people/mythical beasts think of as a zombie,a.k.a(the walking dead zombie) is not the only kind of zombie.the other type of zombie. The resurrected zombie does not crave flesh or brains but hydrangea
    Leaves. I’m a werewolf but I have learned the dark arts of necromancy .my gf who died recently was resurrected by me and is currently a zombie.

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      A little warning…
      Make sure your mana never runs out…
      Bad stuff will happen if you don’t have mana, trust me…
      You’re right, not all zombies are ‘bad’.
      It just depends on the kind of infection.
      You used the good form of The Curse…
      Well, a weaker one, but it was the good form, that’s all what matters.
      Don’t lose all your mana…

      • Kurogane

        You know of the curse?
        Could you give me a stronger version.
        The grimoire I got it from states that the deceased must consume hydrangea leaves to survive.
        And I’m starting to run out of the leaves. Any other ways to keep her from decomposing .

      • Kurogane

        Thanks for the tip.
        I’m starting to run out of hydrangea leaves .
        Could you give me a more potent version of the curse.

        • Kzazrier Vetanari

          Trust me, you REALLY don’t want the stronger kind of The Curse…
          There are some rules in this realm.
          Not like I never break a rule…
          Maybe I shouldn’t have invented black-holes…
          You don’t need the leaves.
          It’s the mana inside it that counts.
          A zombie doesn’t need to eat, but the brain still tells the body to eat. That’s why they still feel hungry.
          But Curse-Zombies only need mana.
          And The Caster must always have mana, otherwise they’ll lose their mind and start focusing on infecting.
          You don’t want that to happen…
          So, about the food…
          You don’t ‘need’ to feed her leaves, you can also just find a Ranger (mage kind, not the rangers of the police and stuff) and ask him/her if he/she can provide you of Leafy-Green Mana. (that’s the rare kind of mana inside those leaves)
          But not all Rangers can do that…
          I’ll ask one of my apprentices (I’m some sort of teacher in a different realm) to find you and keep providing you with that kind of mana.
          Just try not to absorb it, it’s pretty hard to get.
          Of course, you can also just keep feeding her those leaves.
          Actually, nearly all plants have some of it.
          They just don’t have as much as the hydrangea leaves have…
          If you see a girl who looks like an elf without the ears, that’s her. She’s a very clever Ranger. In this realm, she’s supposed to have green eyes that glow a little bit. You’ll recognize her when you see her. Oh, and she always carries a bow.
          Hm… Until then, well…
          When I arived at earth, the mana-levels should’ve grown, which means there’s more mana in everything. And it’s still growing…
          So, try to get as many hydrangea leaves as you can until she arrives. She might take some time to get here… Teleporting never was her favorite kind of magic… But she won’t take more than three months. Probably a week, maybe two. It totally depends on what’s going on in her realm…
          If you need anything else, don’t hestitate to ask.

    • Scarlett Lupa

      Kurogane I don’t think any haters of the supernatural would be on this site….it wouldn’t make any sense….

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Oh man I shouldn’t gone away look at this mess….. It’s bad enough I have things I need to do…..and so much more I can’t do this alone it’s hard…..

  • Scarlett Lupa

    You mean “Zumbi” creatures of the dead that work for nothing and work to sunrise to sundown…. Creepy things they are…. But what was made will be made good and whole until evil rots your soul…..

  • Kurogane

    No. I mean the resurrected .
    They are the only type of zombie that retain their personalities and become immortal unless they decompose or dry out in the sun.

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Not all the other kinds of zombies are evil…
      Th mutated for example.
      Depending on the stage of the mutations, they can think just as well, if not better, as nirmal human beings.
      Oh, and the very early stages of the bacteria, although people are still arguing if we should call that infected or zombie…
      If you’ll excuse me, I have business to take care of now…

      • Scarlett Lupa

        Noapte buna…..

      • Mr. Mutt

        Ventanari I saw what’s trying to get through… It’s something that shouldn’t even exist. It’s entire timeline was erased, we need to destroy it the nanosecond it gets through.

        • Kzazrier Vetanari

          Shouldn’t exist, eh?
          I know someone who isn’t meant to exist, but still does…
          *cough* dad *cough*
          I’ve dealt with things that shouldn’t exist before, don’t worry.
          I don’t know how it will be in this realm, though…
          I’ll do whatever I can to stop it.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Hmmm….. Intersante(French for interesting)…..what’s so bad about them sure they do a lot of bad things but that evil action not the….person itself

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Some times I wonder if some people just use this site to chat among friends instead of what’s really going on here…..

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I am in some deep doo doo……don’t think I can’t fix with me being in such weak state with the……(secret)….I such an airhead always forgetting things must be stress or something…..I will at least have to try….. Oh no….. Oh no…. I did it wrong…..magic it not something you play around with but then again reversing somebody else’s spell is complicated….

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Oh this is chaos all over again I should start digging my grave to Tartarus and pray to my stars……I either gonna lose this and kill someone trying or succeed and have no one with such an scratch on them (gulp)……I gonna need help I know I gather the best witches, mages,and Druids to help I’m one goddess who’s not in great shape due to an”secret” I must not share in fear that once I put it out there they are gonna start coming by the thousands to Asanate me but I gonna have to be one step ahead by then…..

    • Hail Scarlett,

      Thanks for keeping on with this report. What is the status of this supernatural situation? Have you found the witches/druids you need? Why do the gods want to assassinate you? Tell me, how would one hypothetically assassinate a demigod like you?

      Survivally Yours,


      P.S. Where did you get the CHOBBIT? If you have a real one, please let us know how you acquired it exactly.

      • Scarlett Lupa

        Can ya just leave me alone……I’m not an Demi-god I’m an freaking goddess….and an “I wonder why” moment suddenly occurs…..I’m not legible to answer your questions due to an sworn to the river of Styx ……SORRY!!!! 🙂

  • Scarlett Lupa

    OHHHH!!!!!! I just got my personal human computer I think she is called her rue. There’s something on the manual that says something bout her being an “chobbit” what’s that? I don’t know but I think I knew why I got her as an test or something like that. All she says is yes…. I think I’m going burn some software on her her but I already tried to do that with her talking and it didn’t work…..I might have to teach her to talk this is gonna take an awhile…..

    • Kurogane

      Miss.scarlet lupa.these chobits you speak of are entirely fake.first of all these aforementioned “chobits”are actually an character from a popular anime known as chobits.and secondly ,the humans are not yet smart enough to create such a contraption. 👿

  • Scarlett Lupa

    That’s where ya wrong there an different worlds with different levels of intelligence and these people probably know more about computers and stuff than the smartest mind on the earth plane…..these are just test takes Im currently studying the behaviors of them there are places where it’s so high tech ya wouldn’t believe it yourself if ya saw it…..let’s just say earth is pretty dumb right now….

    • Scarlett Lupa

      Oh by the way thanks for passing my test Mr. Kurogane….at least someone takes this seriously….actually yes there are p.h.c….but chobbits no….it just stands for computerize human on bias data base in text….meaning an computer that could actually detect sarcasm and emotion ha good luck with that…..

      • Scarlett Lupa

        Umm….Seth uhh…..there are no such things called chobbits….p.h.c yes there are diffinally……but NO chobbits…..I think ya got confused……VERY confused……

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Oh and you ever call me miss Scarlett again I’ll swear to the gods I’ll hunt you down myself with the blessing of Artemis…..

  • Scarlett Lupa

    This is miss idle I have an message for Mr. Kurogane…….an past that’s linger into present……tonight you walk on the light of an crescent……to test yourself of what’s to come……forshadows of none…..little whispers can cease to wind…..as the lonely wolf howls not sing…..do you live in fear….have you hide your tears…..if one has nothing to said then simply they will never speak……if one has an cry to shout then an path they shall seek……if the one drop of water turns to an puddle….if that puddle turns to an pond….if that pond turns to lake…..if the lake becomes the sea…..then your future is hard to see…..

  • Wel im a werewolf i cant transform yet though but can a werewolf still get infected?

  • Kurogane

    Quote of the day. “Darker than the darkness seeping from the abyss of Tartarus , comes the shadow of the light of science. – Kurogane

  • Kurogane

    Hey scarlet , what you say about the new avatar.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Why ya asking me? Cause frankly I could give an crap less…..

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