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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Zombies!!! You May Be Dealing With A Zombie

Breaking Zombie News – Zombie Outbreak In Texas!!! Click on the link to learn more.

DangerSign-zombieszombieYOU MAY BE DEALING WITH A ZOMBIE!

Sure dealing with zombies can be frustrating and even dangerous. But don’t panic. Zombies can make excellent room mates and friends if you just know how to deal with them.

First you need to perform a Zombie stage assessment to know how far along your friend or loved one is:

Stage I – Subject may be in the process of turning Zombie. Learn how to build a home quarantine for zombies here.

Stage II – Zombie has turned. Hunger is growing. Warning Strength and speed are amplified. Do not attempt to neutralize alone. Run away and skype sethonsurvival for back up.

Stage III – Zombie has seen better days. Burden of insatiable appetite and drooping parts has begun to slow Zombie down but still strong don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Back away slowly and skype sethonsurvival for assistance.

Stage IV – You are dealing with a shambling oozer, decomposing before your very eyes. Watch out for flying, dropping, popping, oozing, spurting gooeyness.

In all cases, please report for back up. Never handle an alleged Zombie by yourself, unless you absolutely have to.

To learn more watch my Zombie Month Webisodes. Now viewable on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch). You can also watch them on YouTube!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

641 comments to Zombies!!! You May Be Dealing With A Zombie

  • Ice

    I’ve battled the genetics, the best tatic is to bring them fast very fast. They’ll adapt and/or learn! In my exp they are worst to battle. I pefer an assault rifle capable of singel and three round burst and of course a good shotgun for those dumber zombies.

    • Scarly

      I like to use really weird creative things for the dumb zombies. One time I really didn’t have much around so I used the guitar from my RockBand set. IT obviously broke eventually but not before I taught that slow zombie a big lesson! 😀 What would be the most fun and creative weapon for a slow mover?

  • Ice

    I think a simple pitfall is great

    • Scarly

      I don’t know what a pitfall is. Like they actually fall into a pit? That could be super funny! 💡

      • Ice

        Yea is a booby trap they sometimes have spikes in them useful very effective if you got time to dig the hole

      • Ice

        But weapon wise for a slow moving zombie I’d go meele no need to waste your ammo a sword is a personal favorite, but a blade isn’t always around so get creative virutally everything is weapon go nuts

      • Kole

        I don’t know about you but i prefer to use a mid-evil styled sword that can be customized, however I only use it when I have to I try to keep a large collection of sharpened swords at all times the best sword to use from my expierance would be, like Seth’s, katana I ALWAYS have at least some kind of sword with me I would siggest you quit trying to be funny and worry about your safety. 🙂

        • Hail Kole,

          Thanks for checking into the site and reporting from the front lines of zombie combat. We haven’t had a good update on the zombie wars for a long while since we lost Survivor Miles and Zyboragon came out as a zombie rights activist…

          So what’s going on in your territory? Are you alone? Or with a group of other survivors? Are you dealing with the slow moving shamblers? Or more like the lurchy lunchers? Are you heading for the coast? Or digging in? What’s your plan?

          Thanks for keeping on keeping on when you can.


          • Kole


            as of now there are 8 people in a group with me there have been many zombie reports all over the state we are doing what we can to prevent a horde, most are alone or in a small group. the most we have seen is about 10 at once. Also most are shamblers but none the less still very dangerous. I would suggest most of you guys who do NOT know how to defend yourself find a zombie proof shelter or even better find some one who can defen you and themselves as well.

      • Kole

        If you are smart you will quit trying to be creative and funny, and worry about your safety. I know I am lecturing you, but please listen. Even a dumb, slow, and shuffling zombie can be very dangerous if you are not cautious and throw care to the wind. ❗

  • Thriller58

    PEOPLE OF SETH’S please tell me if you have any crucial info showing that Michael Jackson faked his death!

    • Hail Thriller58 (aka Moto16 aka Celebrity Research),

      Ok this is kind of a long theory but please bear with me.

      Many people have theorized that Elvis Presley faked his own death and there have been many sightings of him.

      If you re-arrange the letters in the words Elvis Presley you get… Presley Lives!

      Michael Jackson was at one time married to Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis’ daughter).

      Lisa Marie Presley taught Michael Jackson how to fake his death.

      I found this picture of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley that lends some credence to my theory because they look like vampires or at least some other undead creatures.

      MJ and LMP undead

      What do you think about that?

      Keep on keeping on.


      • Thriller58

        That’s a really good idea! A creepy elvis thing is happening see at the o2 arena website it says elvis will be playing it does NOT say that it is a tribute or an impersanator. It just says elvis!

        • Hail Thriller58,

          That is creepy. Are you going to go check it out to see if it really is Elvis? I wonder if MJ is going to open for him…

          Anyways I totally think that Elvis passed on some awesome fake-your-own-death advice to his son-in-law MJ. Makes a lot of sense to me. I bet they are all living on some zombie-proof private island in the Carribean right now. Either that or the perimeter of their private island is patrolled by a legion of guard zombies to keep out the paparazzi. What’s your analysis of their after fake death hideout location?

          Keep on keeping on.


          • Thriller58

            No I’m not going cause that’s in the UK

          • Ahleya

            Seth! Im fighting for my life out here (ok i wouldnt say fighting for my life considering my changing) zombies have breached my hide out they havent found a way in though! Thank goodness! I need some helpful tips to help me defeat these beasties. Any one can help. Well i gotta go! Please answer quickly!!!!!

  • romans once battled a hoard of zombies, they dug 2 pits around the castle, filled them with spikes and lit them on fire, they left a narow path for few zombies to get by in single file and decapatated the zombies that crossed the path, no zombies made, or any romans who were unlucky enough to be bit

    • Hail Quinlan,

      That is a pretty great strategy. Unfortunately it takes a long time to set up and if there are a lot of zombies then they will eventually fill up the pits and more zombies can just walk over top of them to cross the pit. That takes a lot of zombies but it could happen.

      Where did you find out about this great Roman Zombie Survival Tip? Do you have any more like this?

      Thanks and keep on keeping on.


    • Scarly

      I just heard that my city has something called a zombie walk! Do you think that this is
      A) A walk with real zombies where they scope out their food sources?
      B) A walk with people dressed as zombies because they want to show their support for the zombie cause?
      C) A walk for people against zombies because they like their brains where they are?

      I tried to google it but I had no luck so I thought you guys may know. I want to stay inside if its the first one.

      • Silvermoon

        most zombie walks in towns happen for fun! people actually enjoy shows,movies and games with zombies and they probably wonder what its like to be a zombie…so they dress up and act like zombies to a certain extent(meaning they eat regular foods still like any regular human being and other supernatural beings that have a human form(excluding vampires)

  • Thriller58

    Hey I got a question… in michael jackson’s song ‘ Stranger in Moscow ‘ he says “ Stalins tomb won’t let me be ” any idea on what this means? Thanks! Your freind Thriller 58

    • Hail Thriller58,

      Wow! I had never actually heard that MJ song before, thanks for pointing it out. It really got me thinking. There are some pretty evocative lyrics in there. I have developed a theory about what MJ was trying to tell us with this song. Basically he turned into a vampire at some point prior to 1993 and he has come to the realization that now that he has stopped aging that with his extreme fame that at some point in the future that the press would start to question why he was not getting any older and that he realized that the only solution was to fake his own death before he got old and he was already planning to do that.

      Lyrics that support my theory:

      Mask of life (he looks alive but he is undead)
      Swift and sudden fall from grace (his transformation into a vampire)
      Sunny days seem far away (vampiric sun allergy)

      When you’re alone and you’re cold inside (vampires are cold inside)

      I also think this lyric has been misreported:

      Abandoned in my fame –> he is actually singing –> Abandonning my fame (referring to his plan to fake his death).

      Excellent find Thriller58. What do you think about this evidence?

      Keep on keeping on.


  • hi seth remember me hunter 1o1 from twitter anyways are there special zombie go to page 2 and see my second comment

    • Hail hunter1o1,

      Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. It has been a pretty crazy time (I’ll be posting more about that later). I sure do remember you from Twitter. Thanks for your patience.

      For those who don’t know hunter1o1 he is a great friend of the site and survivors everywhere. You should follow him on Twitter. http://twitter.com/hunter1o1

      Keep on keeping on.


  • wolf of stuff

    Im confused I cant figure out how to ask Rachael if I could test her because sense she is my new girlfriend I figured I should test her and I need help with trying to figure out how to ask her because Im not very proffesional at this,

    • Mr. Mutt

      Ask her?! Just scan her for crying out loud! Scan your friends! It says it on the site. Course I ain’t mister smooth so…….

    • Hail Wolf of Stuff,

      Thanks for keeping on. First let me applaud the strength of your survival instinct on this one. You should definitely scan her and any and all subsequent GFs. Preferably before you wake up in a giant pot of steaming water with an apple in your mouth. But it is tricky business. Many survivors advocate this: try holding her hand in a dark place, say a movie theater, with the biometric scanner hidden in your own hand. By the time she figures out it’s there, the biometric data will already be collected. But then you still have to ask her the questions in a way that doesn’t make her suspicious. Or get you kicked out of the movie theatre when the the NO CELLULAR DEVICE warning comes up. It’s important at this point that you practice operating the scanner with one hand.

      Of course however reliable my Monstrometer may be – ie: 99.99 percent***- it should be said, nothing can replace the effectiveness of old-fashioned observations. Have you seen her doing anything suspicious?

      Keep on keeping on!


      ***Some restrictions apply. **Offer not valid to family and friends of Seth on Survival ***Void on Friday the 13th, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Black Noodle Day, Cinco de Mayo, Valentines Day, New Years Day, Buddhist Festival of the Tooth, Christmas, Summer Solstice, Spring Equinox, Autumnal Equinox, Thanksgiving, SinterKlaas, Ninja Day, Talk Like A Pirate Day, Chanukah…

  • wolf of stuff

    Well she does really like zombies but I am a zombie/werewolf so that’s ok well I’ll just keep an eye on her

    • Hail Wolf of Stuff,

      You mean that figuratively right? Like you’re not going put your eye right ON her right?

      (Just needed to clarify that. You can never tell with a zombie…)

      KIDDING! Good plan. It’s true that nobody likes a zombie as much as another zombie so you could be very compatible. Zombies are the most social minded and loyal of all supernatural beings and they love to stick together. So if your GF is actually zombie, this could be a good sign.

      Of course there are also a few precautions you should take. So let us know when you find out for sure and we’ll talk then.

      Meanwhile just keep on keeping on.


  • Pauzzis97

    I was just reading all this and wow ! zombies are really cool ! wow i’m a silly vamp 😛

  • The doctor

    i still feel it—i do
    a little
    but nothing hurts
    like it should
    the bullets
    the blades
    they just go
    through and through
    a little twitch
    like a snagged sleeve
    quick movement, deep inside
    like a needle sliding out
    in the dentist’s chair
    i stagger
    i know
    i’m hurt
    but i can only
    stumble on…
    put a shotgun to my belly
    pull the trigger:
    tell me he’s in love with someone else
    and i will fall
    to my knees
    and weep
    or at least
    cold black trickles
    running down
    my face
    i can feel the rage
    i can feel the shame
    i can see
    a gaping tunnel
    blasted straight through
    over which
    i grieve
    but still i rise
    still i move
    still i hunger,
    on and on
    and on
    the flame–cold power
    of seeds in winter
    will not let me die
    and so
    my eyes plead
    and my heart whispers
    the zombie’s prayer:
    O Great Power
    Whose Name i Do Not Know
    please, Lord
    just let me fall.
    Read more

  • Scar

    Seth….. I have a BIG PROBLEM!!!!!!!!! I’m goun to a mall this weekend and it’s a lock in until 2:00 am on Sunday. Any tips for a anxious werewolf with not alot of weaponry to use at a mall in the event of a zombie breakout? Thanks.

    ~ Scar~ ( soon not to be) 😯

    • The One

      Well basically anything can be used as a weapon for ww. Don’t bite zombies as that’s a good way to get the disease. However your claws can be used to effectively slice a zombies head off. Also broken glass although efective at cutting zombies also effective at cutting you so be careful when using as a weapon. Finally if your in a mall then there should be a cooking store where you have a large selection of weapondry. From knives to castiron pans. Quite frankly you hit a zombie with a cast iron pan hard enough, he ain’t getting up.

    • WhiteWolf (Alex)

      Do you mean easly accesibly as in easy accesible in a mall or at home?You should take a dagger with u.

    • Scar I suggest using some knd of bait like flesh and organs of deer or another animal and when they are distracted you suprise attack them if in wolf form I would probaly say claws in human form i’d say maybe something like a flame I haven’t had muchexperience with zombies usually just vampires a rival pack or the occasional demon but mostly just vampires so idon’t know if any of this information is helpful to you or not but I ‘m trying to help

    • Hail Scar,

      Some good tips there from other survivors (like don’t bite zombies!).

      The other things that I would recommend are making sure that you know the layout of the mall. See if you can get a floor plan online. Know where the exits and entrances are. If it is a multi story mall hang out on the second floor and know how to turn the escalators off. If you can also know where everything is in the mall that is helpful. Knowing where to get food and where you might find some improvised weapons (hardware, sporting goods and department stores) is a good idea.

      Hope you are keeping on keeping on. Let us know how you made out.


  • LOLstigmaLOL

    So, mutt is a witch, he made you into a cyborg again?

  • Zyborg

    look, there isn’t much time. The energy that exploded will eventually reform Mutt. This is what the awakening was truly about, the awakening of the realms true devourer, abstract was from the future, that is how ARC always was a step ahead of us. If we don’t stop Mutt then our world is finished!

    I am a simple Zombie Cyborg, and I will not rest until the void is destroyed!
    Stigma if you have an army we will need one.
    Scarly’s Cyborgs will need to be taken care of, they will make a useful addition to our army.
    The only way through is to fight the evil energy itself, it will manifest itself into a physical form capable of being destroyed. We have one chance, and we will need all the help we can get.

    • LOLstigmaLOL

      Mutt is ABSTRACT?!

    • The One

      Yeah I probably can’t considering i’ve been in MUTTS $&@”$@ LOCKDOWN!!!! When I wouldn’t rejoin the continuem Mutt locked me in a litlle box! I only escaped when he died!! And now your saying mutt was abstract all along and that ARC was from the F&@$ing FUTURE!!!!! Holy sh/t!!!! Wait I gots an idea! Mutt and my soul were once closely linked. Now his soul was completely incinerated by the explosion of power buuut I may be able to jump into Mutt/Devos mind and make him self destuct! ARC already new which side Mutt was on…… God….. I’m going to try and get control of the hybrids. So far they’ve just been standing around but if they are allowed to become part of Mutts army again it could mean serious reprucotions. But wait didn’t this all already happen? So in theory we were unable to stop Mutt/Abstract and he just jumped back in time?

      • Zyborg

        I believe that after our world got destroyed in the future Devo tried creating a new world, if he made a mistake in his “perfect creation” then it would be easier to go back in time and make things happen quicker would it not? That’s how he reprogrammed ARC. The One we can’t risk you trying to control his mind, as I recall, it was that act that activated the awakening….

        • LOLstigmaLOL

          How long do we have?

          • Zyborg

            That… Is a question that I cannot anwser.
            But, let’s try to get this done as fast as possible.
            We can’t be too reckless, but we can’t be too cautious either. If I had to guess, it would happen when we are least prepared, so we need to monitor this site very closely. The first sign of something going wrong could be the trigger.

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    Dragon: the smArt@$$
    Serpent: the hater
    Ram: aggressor GRR!
    Me: You know

    • Scarly

      What do Zombie’s eat for Thanksgiving? Turkey Brains?

      • ARC

        Oh! ARC knows this one! Zombies become very sneaky on Thanksgiving and they all go to a abandoned church to moan and groan for two hours, then they spread out into groups of 4-5 and they break into a house, the rule is that zombies can’t enter a house that a group has already entered. As for the group inside the house they get the family and chow down sharing with each other. ARC knows this, it was something that Zyborg asked 532,009 zombies he encountered, now if you’ll excuse ARC back to saving Zyborg.

        • Hail Arc Zombie Consulting Inc,

          Wow that’s a big sample size. Sounds like dangerous research… I’m assuming you can’t exactly do this by telephone….

          Keep on keeping on,


  • krptu117

    dear survivors
    I over heard a friend talking about a website he found and a scientist posted something about some zombies posibly coming so watch for them they could be anyone or anywhere
    ps i know i havent been on in a while i will post why later maybe tommorow

  • Krptu117

    alot of my friends and our families are getting sick luckily I gotta new gun with a SCOPE I love it

  • Creature

    It says I’m a vampire most of the time, but some of the Tim
    It says I’m a sea monster or a werewolf, how do
    I tell what I really am!

    • The One

      Okay well basically you have to find out yourself. Despite what Seth might say the monstrometer is not 100% acurate. So my suggestion: take the test lots of times and then average it out. Also go by what you feel you are. If you really are sensitive to light then vamp may be it. Or it could be a combo. There’s an entire race Called Hybrids (I’m one) vamp werewolf and angel mixed intoone really angry adreniline fueled package.

      • ::whispers::: don’t forget st|_|pid  jking or am I? Oh snap RUN! hehehehehehehe.

      • Hail The One,

        I for one have never claimed the Monstrometer to be 100% accurate. Graham and I are working all the time to find ways to improve it’s accuracy and while 100% accurate is likely an unattainable goal we remain committed to making it the best supernatural diagnostic tool available.

        Other than one fact you have some good advice there. Thanks for helping out a fellow supernatural.

        Keep on keeping on.


    • Hail Creature,

      Welcome to the site. Good question. As The One says the Monstrometer is not 100% accurate. You can keep track of your scans on the stats page. Many times multiple results indicate that you may be a hybrid of two or more of the various monsters involved. It may also be that your one of your supernatural identities is struggling with others for supremacy. In this case you should “feed the dog you want to win”. What I mean by that is that you should

      Tips to improve the accuracy of your scans:

      – Keep your device clean especially right before biometric scanning.

      – Also make sure to wash your hands first to remove contaminants.

      – Restart your device prior to scanning.

      – Increase the number of questions in the interrogation to the maximum.

      This is a pretty common problem so maybe I should make a page for these tips somewhere on the site.

      A really good thing to do at this point it to examine your symptoms and try to figure out what they mean. Can you post back with some of what you are going through/

      Keep on keeping on.


    • Scarly

      Hi Creature!

      It says I’m a werewolf most of the time, but sometimes it says I’m a sasquatch. I think when I’m in a different mood, it can tell. I think my personality traits could work for a sasquatch too, but I know I’m a WW. That’s OK though because I have a couple sasquatch friends so I know we will get along really well.

      Do you have any Seamonster friends?

  • Hail Survivors,

    Be alert while bowling. Check the balls before you stick your fingers in.

    Thanks to Time Kitsune for the survival tip!

    Keep on keeping on.


  • Lycangirl07

    Bowling balls…freaky!

    • Hail Lycangirl07,

      Freaky certainly is an apt word to describe this phenomenon. Also disturbing and kind of gross.

      Do you bowl? Little known fact, your bowling skills can help you survive a zombie outbreak. If you do it right a ball bowled into an approaching pack of zombies can knock them over and get them all tangled up into a big zombie pile. As uncoordinated as they typically are you can make your escape while they are disentangling themselves from each other so that they can resume their shambling pursuit of your tasty brain.

      But if you are practicing make sure you check the balls down at your local lane first. These look pretty infectious.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • black blood

    erm seth how do we deal with a shinigami more known as death gods oh and my blood is black and i have a sword wich is made out of my blood (its alive) living in my ouch stop that Ragnarok in my spine

    • Hail Chrona or “black blood,”

      Thanks for checking in with this unique question. Are you reporting from the Special Zone? Am I correct in assuming that you are a vampire therefore? What form has your Shinigami taken? Historically they have taken on several. Roughly what does he/she look like?

      Knowing this can help us all to help you keep on keeping on. Also here’s a link to the vampires page where there is currently a lot of turmoil due to unusual New Years babies but also a few knowledgeable vampires who might have some first-hand experience with your Shinigami: http://sethonsurvival.com/?p=599


  • black blood

    by the way call me chrona
    Ragnarok says are you still waisting time on your computer I wanna eat some souls now
    shut up ragnarok

  • Hail to those interested in Zombies or Cannibals, Zombies,Cannibals, Survivors of Zombies or Cannibals and friends/enemies of Zombies and/or Cannibals,

    Interesting new information about Zombie Berries is available at this link:

    Thanks to Zyboragon for the tip.

    Keep on keeping on.


  • Werewolfsrule121

    Hi Naya i think u actually like the site beacause y would u be commenting on the site if u dont like it???? ❓

  • Kole

    Hey Seth what would be the BEST fire arms for dealing with a horde of zomies? I may need to know soon.

    • ARC

      Subject Kole, the best chance of survival when encountering zombies is to tell them you are a friend of Zyboragon, he used to be a zombie before the void wars.
      Zyboragon is a zombie order councilman, he speaks for the zombies that didn’t choose to have virus (practically ALL zombies), he protects them from onslaughts while having an organized feeding chain, along with his zombie friend Terry, he helped oversee the production of Zombie Berries, a food substance that appeals to zombies while keeping humans unharmed.
      Since what he has done to help the zombies, nearly every group of zombies will consider you friendly if you tell them about Zyboragon.
      In the event that ARC’s suggestion doesn’t work: A T10 AclrLaser Standard with a T12 cartridge will melt anything like butter, because of this fact, Zyboragon won’t let ARC near his weapons lab.

      • Kole

        thank you ARC there have been many zombies near my home, I dod not wish to harm them but my attacks are defensive only. I will use the gun only if necessary again thank you.

  • time o STIGMA

    How to survive the zombie apocalypse:

    1. Watch the walking Dead.
    2. Follow everything that Rick does if you’re the leader (OMG! He’s actually British!), what Shane does if you’re a lone wolf/drifter, what Andrea if you’re the accident prone person, what T-dawg does if you have no special talents, but still want to survive, what Glenn does if you want to be the person that everyone loves, what Dale does if you want tO be the wise one, an what Daryl does if you want to survive in general.

    3. Don’t act like Merl Dixon (you need people to like you, not think of you as a self centered, homophobic jacka**), Shane on the last episodes of season 2 (trying to ki|| off Rick because of Lori), Lori in the last episode of season 2 (Rick did everyone a favor), Hershel in the beginning episodes of season 2 (The only cure involves great force and someone’s cerebellum).

    • Hail Stigma,

      Thanks for your informative observations from Georgia. What’s your thoughts on the rumor that they may all be infected and a quarantine on the entire state in progress?

      And what about the shadowy, caped survivor who appears to be enslaving the walkers?


      • Evanth

        Seth as ive read all THE WALKING DEADtm comics i alraedy know what happens. And where are They moment in The series hershal’s right?no They are in The Prison were Theve cut of hershal’s leg right? Gleen is in the first episode of the game he tells the guy you play as Lee that he was heading down to Atlanta and so Gleen set of on his scooter in to the sunset

    • Evanth

      Wow Rick’s British he is the walking deads chuck Norris he is kind of like what’s his face in 28 days later as the fact they both woke from a comma to find the zombies or in 28 days laters case those with the rage against the machine virus.

    • Alex

      Season 3 was F’ING AWESOME

  • Zyboragon

    Z-25 ALERT!!
    The project was canceled yesterday at noon, zombies exposed to the chemical are extremely violent, without the full release of Z-25, the affected zombies will calm in about three days time.

    • Hail Z,

      This sounds not good… and kinda confusing… can you provide some more detail? Is this something that I should be freaking out about or not so much?


      • Zyboragon

        Zuyai Seth,

        The threat seemed more dangerous when I first announced it, i believe I sent you an email with a few small details, and a few images. (Not exactly the best information, not to mention I think Agent Smith gave me a bad sample).

        At the current time product Z-25 is not something worth freaking out about, I’ll be keeping an eye on the release and hopefully can get my hands on a better sample.
        Further updates will be posted.

        • This chemical sounds like it’s going to be a big problem. The witch/vamp councils are in the process of trying to get a zombie council going so zombies will have legal rights. Sound like a conspiracy to stop zombies from having rights and turning them into ev!l monsters.

          • Zyboragon

            The chemical is bad news indeed.

            Zombies already have their own councils, whatever the vampire council is planning, tell them that I side with the zombies and that it’s unwise to make an enemy of me.

            • Zyboragon you misunderstand the witch/vamp councils don’t won’t war we wont a peace treaty to ensure that everyone is treated equally we know that zombies have had quite a bad rap especially with all the bad press about them. We the council would like to support them and prove to everyone that they are just like everyone else and they are an important part in this world. If all the councils can work together then we can help each other and maybe some day humans will see us as equals and not just terrible monsters. And as ambassador to both councils I can say we want what is best for everyone. We did not know they had there own councils no one has gotton back to us yet so we had assumed that they had bin d3stroyed or in hidding.

  • Bebe

    Tee hee ha ha ha tee hee hee !!!

  • Hail Survivors,

    Thanks for keeping on. As you’re probably aware, a strange case from Miami has people asking zombie or cannibal?

    It sounds like a zombie but many people are calling it the case of the Naked Cannibal

    Please weigh in if you have an opinion


  • quinlan

    Hey everyone, I’m back. I discovered that I am not actually an angel, I can explain later. I have huge prophecies that you need to read. YoU can view them on the angels page

  • quinlan


  • C.G

    Remember me Seth?listen I think I am turning into a zombie I want brains,I instantly drool.and my skin is green.



  • C.G

    Aaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Brains. Cbarins. Fjdyffgy I know tpye wrjinte v. HUD g g v v b jhgcc HIV. Bb. Bb. Vh. Bb gvgbvcv jhgcc. Huffily


    V. V. G.u

  • C.G

    Wuz up people I’m back again

    • Hail C.G.

      Welcome back! Of course I remember you. Glad to see that you are still keeping on keeping on even if it seems that you may be a bit shambly and green and undeadish… although judging from your last post it looks like you may have recovered. If you still have thumbs please update me as to your current status.

      Sorry I somehow missed your posts here. Maybe my server is having some notification issues or something because it seems to me like there is no way I should be missing as many posts as I seem to be.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Evanth

    Why do I even watch it I’ve read all the comics on my iPhone.

  • Tori

    Seeing this topic has reminded me of my friend, who’s name I shall not say but she has been prepared for a zombie apocalypse for years.
    And for some reason I’m now in her apocalypse team. Maybe she thought having a werewolf on her team was a good idea?
    She’s really weird like that, maybe it’s cause she’s a vampire/fey.

    • Zyboragon

      Zombies aren’t really bad, they’re nice and like to share, they’re also great poker players, even if you have to clarify what you mean when “betting your hand”. Zombies don’t actually want to eat your brains it’s just the only food they can normally eat, and it just do happens that living creatures have brains, but, there are many zombies working on substitute foods (like Zombie Berries) to help prevent the urge to eat brains, and so far taste tests are showing positive signs!

  • Zyboragon


  • Zyboragon

    Also, Happy Zombie Thanksgiving, I’ve teamed up with several zombies here to help ensure that there’s plenty of brains to go around (Turkey Brains that have been chemically altered to grow, no human brains I assure you).
    The zombies wanted to also wish everyone a “Ghhhaaaaapppppiiiieeee pppphhhaaaaannnnncccckksssssgggguuuuvvvvvvviiiinnnnnggggg”.

  • Necrotis

    Zombies… had a bad bout in London, 1654, I believe? Some sort of curse.

  • Evranth

    Guys I need help writing a song I’ve got the bass line,guitar solo/riff and drum beat but no lyrics i’m thinking about gun nuts (my best m8 Sam buying an air rifle for 2012)or general gun nuts

  • Tyler the survivor

    I’m new but lots of things have been strange in my neighborhood I wonder if I should get something for defense I know it’s hard to survive but stay strong 🙂

  • imavampireforreal

    zombiesare attacking my house right NOW!!!!! but im owning them with my rpg launcher wait…THEY HAVE BIGGER ZOMBIES!!! good thing i have…a….huge…wall…never mind they broke the wall it was made out of cement how did it brake!?!?!?!?! oh they have…CRAP A HUGE HAMMER HOW DO THE ZOMBIES EVEN HOLD THEM!?!?!?!?! :shock:. if you have a answer please tell NOW!!!

  • imavampireforreal

    i feel like im in the game day-z but without the huge zombies then its just like day-z.

  • Quintessa

    I transformed into a zombie once it was terrible. Never again!

  • CynicallySweet

    Hallo (X~X)
    I can not tell you just how glad I am to have found this website! First of all my town is absolutely over populated with the supernatural but normally the vampire, werewolves, etc. keep to themselves and don’t harm anyone. The problem I’m experiencing comes from a well meaning (though not thought through) gift that a dear friend gave me.
    My birthday was on the 19th and for my birthday I took a small group of my friends to the local cinema to see the new zombie romance Warm Bodies. I absolutely loved the film and thought that the main character who is an adorable zombie named R was the most precious thing ever! As we were exiting the theater I jokingly mentioned to my friend that I would love to have my own adorable zombie, unfortunately my friend took this remark to heart.
    This morning when I woke up I came down stairs to find a zombie squished in one of those large, cheap dog cages that you’d find at Wal-mart or petcetera. After I worked up the courage to get close enough to the cage I found a tag on it from my friend which was absolutely rich with wise cracks about me finally having a boyfriend. Needless to say I do NOT desire to have a zombie boyfriend let alone have one in my house!
    He got out of the cage a few hours ago and I have barricaded myself in my room though I’m not sure how long that’ll hold him out. Thankfully my parent are currently away on family matters and won’t return until this weekend.
    What should I do? I can’t stay in my room forever and I certainly can’t have that thing running around in my house. Someone please answer this soon because the moaning and banging outside my door is becoming quite unnerving and I am in all honesty absolutely terrified. I will post if there are any new developments. Hopefully I won’t be eaten before then.
    Ta-Ta for now (XuX)

    • Hail Cynically Sweet,

      Thanks for this detailed and alarming SOS message. I regret having overlooked it. If you’re keeping on out there, if you haven’t gone zombie, can you tell us what happened when your parents got home? Are you still locked in your room? Or are you now a happy zombie family unit?

      If it is too late, I promise to keep the memory of your ordeal alive so others may learn from it.

      Survivors and zombie rights activists alike will be very alarmed to learn there is a zombie pet delivery service operating in your area. Do you suspect your friend of running a zombie mill?


  • Alex

    Just remove the other sections and leave werewolves, because that’s what the site is.

    • The Ouroboros Eternal

      And get rid of valuable resources, for people do use these for inspiration for art and books. Besides, what the point in getting rid of someone’s hard word in developing, coding, and launching a site that’s become this popular?

  • ?

    😯 so all this zombie stuff is real right 😯 I’m freaking out

  • ?wolf

    I have random zombie apocolipse tips.
    • you dont need to be faster than the zombies as long as your faster than the guy behing you
    • Kill a zombie and male your self smell like one
    • If you have a machine gun, use it for humongus groups so you dont have to reload as much and you can get more bullets out at once
    • If you get bit and your in a big group and thereis no cure and there wont be one by the time you turn and later, use yourself as bait so the survivors get out. Or not.
    • Get some running training!

  • ?wolf

    • if you do have a best friend in the group dont show smpathy cuz when you be all like ” waaa *cry*” they gunna be undead and then so will you
    • raid malls then get out! Zombies arent that stupid! They will go to the mall thinking that you are there
    • if you wont spread zombie guts on you, male sure you smell 100% NOT human
    • make sure your food isnt infected it will infect you
    • watch all the zombie movies you can to make sure you know how to survive

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