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  • User AvatarFellow light { Can you contact me I’m also Nephilim } – Jun 23, 3:04 PM
  • User Avatarthe v { do leprechauns only come out in march ? } – Jun 22, 3:08 PM
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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Witches: You May Be Dealing With A Witch

The good news is that if you’re not a king, queen, prince, principal, state official or school administrator, you likely have nothing to fear from witches.

UNLESS – you are destined to become a king, queen, prince, principal, state official or school administrator. In witch case, feel free to fear witches!

But if your destiny does not include any of these professions, you likely have nothing to fear from witches. Janitors for instance, have generally have nothing to fear from witches. In fact, night janitors routinely participate in secret ceremonies designed to summon witches on magic brooms.

If however your career aspirations lean toward the lofty or the official, then turn to the following principals when dealing with witches:

1. Talk about the weather. Witches love a good weather anomaly. If you haven’t seen any – MAKE ONE UP! Amphibian precipitation is a popular one but any one will do.

2. Speak to him in Latin! If possible, make it rhyme. For instance:  ILLIC QUONDOM ERAM A VIR EX NANTUCKETT…(“There once was a man from Nantuckett…”) Guaranteed to slow her down, if not scare her off.

3. Be open-minded. You could learn a lot as a frog or a tree. Some people pay witches a lot of money for this opportunity and you’re getting it for free!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

591 comments to Witches: You May Be Dealing With A Witch

  • Seth wow what a night. Yippee. Has anyone ever seen drunken Fairies there funny. A couple of Elves join us there great fun. Seth what are Elves anyway are they a form of fairy? Gotta go still partying Yippeeeeeeeee.

  • So I’m in desperate need of help! Stina won’t let me out of her sight. I desperately want to know what goes along with this vampire biting thing. Can anyone give me any Information? I chose this site because vampire page won’t load properly. If this “chosen” thing helps any I could tell you about that. Stina said I was chosen for something great. Anyway HELP!

    • Mr. Mutt

      It’s a particularly old vampire ritual. As far as I can tell the only way out is taking a dirt nap but I’ll keep looking.

    • Now that she has absorbed your blood she can track you anywhere and (tee hee)sorry elf wine, she may be able to call you to her and control you. Mabe if you ask (tee hee haha)sorry, Alex he can give you one of his arm weapons with an sun uv light. Wow do these elves know how to party. 🙂

    • Mr. Mutt

      No if you kįll her you’ll dįe to. Listen carefully. You’ve been sired which means she can tell you something and you have to do it. It’s worse than being compelled. Now there’s a potion I can make but you have to get me some of her blood. Ok?

      • Ok I tried to get blood. I beat her with a rock as she slept it resulted in her thanking me for a message treatment. I jabbed her with knives sword needle hypodermics EVERYTHUN! She just took pleasure from it!

        • If you just need her DNA grab a fistful of hair or try putting a needle in her mouth. If that fails get another vampire to bite you that will give her compitition and it might break her control over you.

        • Mmmmmmmmmm does anyone else smell blood smells sssooo good. I got to go…man I hope she did’nt cut you. I got to go I’m starting to vamp out. I can’t control myself yet when I get really thirsty.

    • Athena

      You can try to bite her back. At 😀 least that stategy went well with me.

  • Hey every one I’m so excited Ostara or Spring Equinox is soon here this is the time to celabrate. Ostara is the wiccan Easter as we also dyed eggs have egg hunts and eat chocolate bunnies. Ostara same as the christian easter but we celabrate always on the Spring Equinox. This is also when we do rituals on blessing seeds and honoring the goddess. Spring for us is when we wiccans also honor how the lord and lady (God and Goddess) as well as the creatures of the earth are in the beginings of making a new life. As this is a leap year this is a very special time when we also take time to rejoyce in the acknowledgment of the vast assortment and variety of differant culters and religions and incorparate some of there tradtions with ours. This leap year sping Equinox is our way (we wiccans that is) to honor everyone in a new begining and how our differences make all of us unique and special. So get ready and celabrate or at least enjoy a chocolate bunny because spring is on it’s way. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • A wiccan witch holiday mmmmmmmm witches are a very different and interesting beings have a good celabration

      • Hi Nafarii I’m a demonic vampire/witch and Thanks.

        • A demonic vampire-witch oh how repulsive to taint your self with witches blood at first I thought you were ok but now ….

          • ARC

            First, ARC thought you to be rude, now ARC finds you lame.

          • How dare you insult me I’m perfect just the way I am. Go back to the void or I’ll make you.

            • ARC

              Perfection? Honorable.

            • Oh I don’t think so Bebe your to primitive to do anything to me. Yes I think you would make a wonderful specimen Arc as well I could use a new pet.

              • Zyboragon

                Well now, getting ARC to focus on you is not exactly…smart.
                I’d suggest stepping down Nafarii, it would be in the best interest of everyone here on the site.

                • Dren

                  I don’t think we should jump to the conclusions that she is trying to insult us. Maybe at get home, insults are the highest forms of compliments. Just like what you said about how dragons test eachother. Maybe she wants to know about all of us, and how easily we can break.

                  • Zyboragon

                    Naturally, ARC is incapable of emotions and if something starts throwing any kind of insult, ARC will become jumpy.
                    This is why I’m trying to keep the peace. ARC is currently preoccupied reading, this will give him time to process things.
                    Calling ARC a pet is not going to fly with his program though, he fights for the liberation of others, it’s only natural that he should be free.
                    (Unless Abstract uses a signal and makes him a complete “terminator”.

                    • I am sorry if I insulted Arc on my planet cyborgs are fueled by demon energy and they are converted to a base intelligence those that retain some emotion are used as pets, those that have aggressive tendencies are used in competitive and combative sport. The cattle on this planet are very primitive primates that run this world how can you interact with such a rudimentary underdeveloped species and not utilize them for food.

                    • Zyboragon

                      Many “advanced” life forms were cared for in their early stages. Species cannot advance unless given the opportunity.
                      Humans are not terrible creatures, many of them are good. They adapt to situations and stick together.
                      It is actually amazing to watch them grow.

                      Also…Cyborgs here are not anywhere near the kind of cyborgs you’re used too.

                    • Dren

                      Zyboragon’s right. And when it comes to nurturing species, I started caring for Giant Salamanders, a while back. They are progressing quickly. You just need to plant the seed, and give it water so to speak.

                    • Thank you Zyboragon I have enough for my report. Please tell you pet Mr Mutt and freinds that this has bin very interesting.

                    • Zyboragon

                      Mutt is no pet, he is an awesome survivor.
                      How dare you insult the grand Mutt!

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      I’m ready to take a stake and shove it through her. Pet my @ss, if I’m your pet I’m going to jump off a building and NOT open my wings.

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      Not that I don’t think your a great pet owner or anything but ive sorta got this independence complex. And I’m not grand.

              • Mr. Mutt

                Bite us!! On second thought your a vampire? Let us bite you!! And you won’t like our bites afterall Hybrids are venomous to vampires.
                Signed, Mutt, The One, Ofilia, and Ice

  • MMmmmmm test subjects seem aggressive and capable of cognition intelligence further study is required.

  • Dren

    Where are you Raven! I miss you. Don’t die. I will find you!!!

  • Hey everyone the Spring Equinox or Ostara is here at midnight the celabration begins I have the honor of being the proverbial Sacrifice I have waited for years the intended get a new broom a $1,000.00 and a I get the honor of starting the celabrations. If you won’t to learn more read the replies above to what Ostara is. HAPPY OSTARA EVERYONE!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hail Bebe,

      Thanks for the Equinox update. I just want to concur with Katsune below, otherwise, er, how does the new broom help exactly? I hope it’s a pretty nice broom at least… is it? What will it do that the old one didn’t?

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • Hi Seth, Katsune and Crimsonami the sacrifice is a symbolic one we use a wooden one in the form of a human as well as animals my role is to light the bonfire as the start of the celabration. The broom is a special one that is signed by the council members. Every Ostara we witches get new brooms they are magick ones incribed with runes we use them to sweep out negativity from our place of magick and ritual areas when not in use we place them above our front doors to bring positive energy into the home the old ones are used as kindling for the bonfire. Now the thousand bucks I get I’m buying some new shoes and a copper cauldron and maybe a hand bag or two. Thanks guys 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Hail Bebe,

          Thanks for explaining the Ostara ritual. I’m glad to know that YOU won’t be burned. So how does the new broom work? Think you could wave the site every so often? Have you used the cauldron yet?


  • Hey Bebe happy Ostara or Spring Equinox I hope it really is a fake sacrifice that your doing. Have a good one.

  • Raven

    Bebe, what is a spell to make me older? (I got a spell put on me to make me younger, although I can preform the countercurse, I want to make sure I have the right spell) don’t tell smithy

  • Bebe

    Hi everyone Happy May Day(Beltane) time to dance around the maypole and welome in the new growth of the season and to celabrate the handfastning of the Lord and Lady may all your dreams and future wishes come true.

    • Hail Bebe,

      Hope you had a great May Day. Sorry that I missed being on the site on that day. It’s been tough to be able to get online lately but that hopefully will be ironing itself out soon and I’ll be able to be on a little bit more consistently. How did your celebrations go?

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Raven

    A need sone help from a wizard/Mage/witch. (whatever one it doesn’t matter). If you can, Id like you to turn me back into a werewolf, mermaid, telepathic (or psychic), and witch. I turned myself human and I want to become monster again. If you can, please reply to this comment. Thank you for your concideration.

  • Raven

    Alright, but can you do it before thenext full moon

  • Raven

    Mrjaffa, can you please preform the spell(s)?! I wanna be me againz

  • Raven

    Jaffa, please hurry!

    • mrjaffa

      Alright, sorry, I’ll do them now.
      As the full moon goes, hair shall grow
      Avoid wolfs bane, it shall bring you pain
      Howl loud, night is your shroud
      My magic will not wane, you my friend, will be a werewolf again.

  • mrjaffa

    I’ll do the mermaid spell tomorrow, as it’s 2:13 am and Im quite tired after that spell and don’t want to hurt you.

  • Raven

    How come I don’t feel anything?

  • Bebe

    Happy Summer Solstice everyone to day is the longest day of the year and a time we witches celabrate the god and goddess in a new phase of the season. We celabrate how the season has growen and is comming to maturity the god and goddess have bond together and life is everywhere.

    We have a hudge bomb fire and feast exchange hand made gifts and party till day break….Tee hee it’s fantastic…:) 🙂 🙂

  • Akantha

    The lord of the underworld in a water park… Hmmm…. * Burt’s into fits off laughter* I-I was r-r-right!! Th- this will be b-beyond f-f-funny!!!

  • Bebe

    Thanks mrjaffa this Saturday is our celabration with a huge bon fire,gifts and a feast I get to light the fire this year I’m so excited 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Bebe

      We even have a quess speaker comming now …Tee hee…. I’m so excited…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Bebe

        Hi Seth the bonfire was fantastic we had Viven Digitalis as a guess speaker she was amazing such a wonderful and positive person I got a new crystal wand,danced and partied till I was silly. Yes this summer solstice party was a blast and I can hardly wait for next year. 🙂

        • Hail Bebe,

          That does indeed sound like a great summer solstice party. I wish I had been able to have one but unfortunately I was not able to, long story. We actually not that long I guess.

          I was going to have one but a few weeks ago I noticed a strange van was often parked across the street from Survival HQ. A little bit of detective work, including pretending to deliver them a pizza lead me to believe that this was an A51 surveillance van. So clearly no having a party to celebrate a supernatural event like the solstice while you are under surveillance by the leading anti-supernatural organization in the world and besides Graham was refusing to come, something about having to study for an exam the next day…

          Anyways now I need a little help getting an A51 surveillance team off my back… anyone have any ideas?


  • nikky

    I recently/clumsily discovered, that I am a witch.
    I don’t know what to do or anything about it, can someone help?

    • Bebe

      Hello Nikky welcome to the site…I’m Bebe a dragon/witch/demonic vampire…nine generations of my family are witches. It takes alot of time to become a witch some like me are born into it others choose to become witches and others like yourself come across it by accident.

      What and how did you find out that you are a witch? Did strange things happen over time that you could not exsplain? Did a friend or family member tell you? Please let know more details and if you have any questions just ask…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hail Nikky,

      Thanks for this report of your supernatural situation and for checking out survival. As you can see there are a lot of survivors here with many different situations and lots of good advice. Our main rule – actually our only official rule – is no real names, locations or ages, please. It keeps us all safe. You’ll find most beings here are pretty helpful, when they’re not involved in their own epic struggle for survival.

      Bebe is a long-time survivor on the site. Here is a link to her profile, from when she won the survivor of the month prize.

      I hope you’ll tell us more about your strange discovery when it’s safe. How did you clumsily discover you were a witch?

      No matter what, just keep on keep on.


  • nikky

    To all, I discovered it while I was walking down the street to an old hangout of mine, that no one has been to recently, I like to just sit there and think.
    But while I was there I realized I dropped my phone, which has very private and detailed thoughts of mine in it. So I got up looked all round me realized it wasn’t there and started running from the direction I came, and I just thought to myself, if I could just know where it was at, then everything slowed down and my senses heightened, everything was a bit blurry except where my phone was laying.
    I believe I am a witch, but I don’t know yet, I don’t have any signs of anything else, so this is what I think it is to be. If anyone can help tell me if I really am a witch or maybe something different please do.

    • Hail Nikky,

      Thanks for the ongoing details on your supernatural situation. Hopefully some survivors will weigh in here – there are a few good witches/warlocks around here who can ask the right questions.

      Meanwhile, I will say I’m not sure from the description it seems a little inconclusive so far. As you know, witches generally speaking are some combination of family legacy and years of intense training and education. Unlike say vampires, becoming a witch or warlock is not a purely physiological process. That said, sometimes the process of training begins very early. For instance, did you have any strange toys or books as a baby?

      Now, about your description of the incident. I have to say, it sounds a bit like a time manipulation, which could be a sign of many things. Just a guess. Hope some survivors weigh in here…

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • Bebe

        Hello Seth and fellow survivers 🙂 Happy Mabon 🙂 (first day of fall) as of 8:49am is the Autumn Equinox wich divides the day and night equally and as a witch this is a time to celebrate.

        Mabon is a lesser of the Sabbats but an important one. Wiccan witches celebrate this day as harvest day gathering the last of the fruits of the year. The Lord is preparing preparing for his passing at Samhain, and the Lady is beginning to mourn his lose and prepares to go from mother to crone.

        I celebrate like my fellow Wiccans by gathering and driing my herbs,plants, seeds, and pods, offering libations to the earth and to the Lord and Lady. I like to offer them home made bread and wine. This is also the time to change your alter I place a cornucopia and sheaves of wheat and corn as well as change the symbols for this Sabbat.

        On occasion when time is pressed or I’m running low on cash I will say a fast prayer and offer cookies. Remember what’s important in celebrating the Sabbat or any Sabbat is that you are there and acknowledge the importance of the occasion even if it’s only for a few minutes, the Lord and Lady will understand life happends.

        I hope this gives you some insite on what some of us witches are about and our belifes. Happy Mabon everyone and may the Lord and Lady bless you….giggle 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Guys ive got gf that has the same taste in music as me I met her at at one of my mates bands concerts (thiey are kinda famous In most of rhhodha valley in Wales ) And it kinda just clicked many long conversations about pearl jam,nirvana and sound garden on skype

  • Dear Seth,

    Hey, Seth I am new on this site.are there any tips you can give me?

    • Hail CG,

      Thanks for checking into Suvival. Whether or not I or anyone here can help you with any tips depends entirely on your supernatural situation. Please tell us all about it but make sure you aren’t using your real name, location or age. Your survival is very important to us.

      Are you currently experiencing a supernatural crisis?


  • Seth,

    Thank you for the tips.

    P.s I changed my name to coolgirl

  • Seth,

    I do not understand this site.Are these real problems or do people make it up.I am confused.


    • Hail CG,

      Thanks for changing your name. I deleted all previous references to it. SOS is a site to document, celebrate and facilitate your ongoing supernatural survival.

      Many Survivors are brought here by a specific supernatural situation or request for help and stay to help others. The site is 100% run by volunteers, including me with some behind the scenes help from Graham and many of the survivors you see around who keep an eye on things and help out when they can either with advice of their own by contacting me. Sometimes a survivor goes underground for a while and comes back. We try to keep track!

      While I am only human, I am a supernatural suvivologist which means I try to remember and understand it all so that I can help pass on supernatural news and advice to survivors. I agree it’s not always easy but Survival has been.

      Have you been monitoring your own supernatural situation? If not, I strongly urge you to start doing so. There’s a number of fine ways. If you have an iOS device for instance you can download The Monstrometer for free and see what kind of marvellous monstruousness you may be harbouring.

      Whatever you turn out to be, keep on keeping on!


  • Evranth(turtleman)

    Im currently sitting down watching highlander all I can say is “there can be only one!” I’ve held a replica of the sword mc leod Christopher lambert uses in that scene almost took someones head of with it I should of yelled those famous lines what “I am your father” “no it can’t be true” f?!k no “there can be only one”then he chops Sean conery’s head off it was made in 1986 so the graphics ain’t great but its a masterpiece. Those about to whatch it I saulte you the plot is about these immortals who batle through the ages and can only be killed by decapitation and it’s by law that when ever two immortals meet they must battle to death by decapitation goddamm best film ever.

    • Hail Evranth,

      Thanks for your review of this landmark depiction of the lives of the immortals. Immortal sports do indeed seem strange and blood. Even the gods and demigods get involved in the game sometimes. But I mean, what’s the reward for this? A trophy? Wouldn’t the winner find it kinda lonely?

      Maybe you can help me understand…


  • Thanks Seth . I was confused but I am fine now.i have a question. What if you are just on here because you want to meet new people?or make new friends.


  • C.G

    But still you do not know my age but it is always hard for me to understand things. I did not get your answer. There are two things I did not get.1.what are supernatural survivals?2.is this stuff real,is it actually happening to people?

    C.G. P.s call me C.G.
    P.p.s my name is now C.G

    • Werewolf13

      Why would one make up all this pain?? It is all too real.

    • Hail C.G.,

      Here are some answers to your questions. I hope they help.

      1) Supernatural Survival is quite simply surviving the supernatural. All kinds of surviving and supernatural are welcome here so it doesn’t matter if you are a human who is trying to deal with their house being haunted or a werewolf worried about your upcoming full moon transformation then this is the place for you to exchange information and share stories and ask questions and just generally keep on keeping on.

      2) The supernatural is a real as I am. I obviously cannot personally vouch for every thing that every survivor posts on the site but I do my best to make sure that the information presented on the site is accurate and as Werewolf13 said, “Why would one make up all this pain?? It is all too real.”

      3) SOS is a great place to make new friends but I strongly recommend that friends that you make online remain online for your own personal protection. Your survival is very important.

      I hope this clears things up for you. Keep on keeping on.


  • imavampireforreal

    seth i am many difrient monsters right now and on.one of them is a witch and i have every potion in the world unlimted yes unlimtled one of them is invisbilty potion and i prank people at my school especly the bullies i put a diper on him and MADE him say *i poo poo in my diper* and then he pulled his pants down to show he had a diper on im funny and he was in the restroom i came visble to him and i said *i have a video of you doing that and i put the diper on you*and i walked away.

  • Persson

    I tested myself 10 times and 8 times I was a witch. Would it still be true? ❓

    • Quintessa

      Most likely you are a witch and that’s very good news in my books . Celebrate and be proud . Witches have wondrous powers as long as its for good.

    • Hail Survivor Persson,

      Welcome to the site and thank you for this self-report.

      It certainly does seem like you are very likely a witch. 8 out of 10. That’s quite a lot. Have you shown any signs of your witchyness? What did you get the other 2 times?

      Keep on keeping on.


      PS: Thanks for lifting that Groundhog Day curse on me.

  • Jane

    U know most witches are humans who kust unl

    • Hail Jane,

      What you say is partially true. Another way to look at it is to say that many witches are humans with magical powers but some witches are also aliens or vampires or even werewolves. But whatever the origin of a witch you can be sure that they all have green skin and big warts and pointy hats and ride brooms… not. Actually I am just puling your leg there. witches are a very diverse group and almost the only thing that they have in common is magical powers.

      To further clarify here on the site, because we only have so many resources, currently sorcerers and wizards and prestidigitators and illusionists and warlocks and several other types of magic users and spell casters are grouped in with witches here on the site.

      Thanks for bringing up this very important topic and giving me the opportunity to get some of these points out for discussion.

      Also may I ask… is the reason that you know so much about witches because you happen to be one yourself?…

      In any case witch or not keep on keeping on.


  • Black fang

    Hi dren is your picture a giant rat or mammoth I can’t tell 😐

  • mary5544

    If any witch knows a spell for banishing ants would u mind casting it on my house

    • Hail Mary5544,

      Thanks for keeping on. Drinking lots of water will help keep your blood lust at bay. About the ants? All I can say is we are looking into it. There may have been a couple of plague angels on the site this week. How many ants are there? And what color are they? Any blessed Borax in the house? If not you might want to get some and get it blessed. Or don’t get it blessed. Either way, Borax could be the key. At least until we find a witch…


  • wolfgirl630

    I’m a witch angel and vampire hybrid but I cant seem to cast spells sometimes could someone please help me I’m a white witch but I have a bad temper on me but I’m a very kind person who is willing to help anyone out if they need it so please help me out. Oh and when will I get my wings or fangs.

  • Hail marry5544! Did your ant problem ever go away? If not try playing a variety of music near them. Perhaps yo should start with something similar to rock, or anything that has a big bass in it. Please inform me if anything happens or not.

  • Hail Wolfgirl630, That is an interesting mix you’ve got there but rest assured, your wings and/ or fangs should come out soon. Don’t be disappointed if they don’t though, remember these things take time. Why I myself am only just starting to grow my wings. They are there but I can just barely feel them. Don’t worry and keep on keeping on!

  • Gabriella Tschudy

    Hi my mom was a witch so I’m second generation and I am in a kinda stuck where I can banish teachers tamper with the weather and sometimes even feel like I am being watched and I kinda doubt this site and I have power and my birthday is coming up on the next super moon August 19 and I am worried I will have too much power I can’t handle. I don’t wanna give up my power I’m just in need of advice an proof that you Seth are legit in believing the dark side of the bright side .

  • Gabriella Tschudy

    And I tested myself on the monstrometer and got witch 16 times so am I a witch??

  • GabriellaTheWitch

    Dear Seth,
    I am new to the site and tested myself on your app and got Witch 16 times and found out my mom has practiced witchcraft before and when I was born so I have witch blood running through my veins and is proudly third generation and is worried for my birthday on that moon is the next super moon August XX. And need help with my powers like my mood changes the weather like I said in my email I have experienced some prophetic dreams about my friends and have almost made a teacher disappear .

    {Edited by Seth: For your safety please don’t post personal information like you age, full real name, birthday or address. Your survival is important.}

  • TheNewfoundWitch

    I am a full blooded one hundred percent witch. But can’t control my powers very well and my birthday is the next super moon in August and I am scared because of all the energy it will release ad I found that I am a witch because of my mothers practice of witchcraft when I was born and I can make the weather change on my mood and I need help and I tested myself I got witch 16 out of 1 times. I don’t know how comments submit but I think I posted under different names and saying the same thing.
    Hail witches

  • TheNewfoundWitch

    I posted bout 5 times

  • TheNewfoundWitch

    I’m scared because of my newfound power and I’m only XXX and I am experiencing extreme power during the months since. And my mother is a witch and I just found out . My birthday is on the next super moon August XX. Seth can you help me? I can change the weather by mood and I almost made a teacher disappear .

    {Edited by Seth: For your safety please don’t post personal information like you age, full real name, birthday or address. Your survival is important.}

    • Hail NewfoundWitch,

      A belated thanks for your SOS report. I hope that you survived the super moon. There are several witches around here who pop in from time to time with great tips. Do you know what Jaffa cakes are?
      I hear they help.

      But seriously. You ALMOST made your teacher disappear? How do you almost do that? What happened?

      I’m going to need some details here.

      Thanks for keeping on.


  • Sssssssseeeeeeettttttttttthhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TheNewFoundWitch needs some serious help here! I know you’ve been busy but come on! This witch needs help and are you just gonna leave her stranded all alone with no one there beside her? I think not dear sir, but seriously Seth can you get her some answers please?

    • Hail Confused,

      Thanks for keeping on and helping out around here while I was sweating it out in the belly of a lake monster. I’m sorry but there’s only two ways out of that situation and both of them take a little time. And no I’m not going to tell you which exit I finally took.

      The main thing is I’m back. Thanks for keeping an eye on things around here. Survival depends on helpy people like you!


  • Stratboy90

    i have nothing to fear from witches,Wild werewolf 99.2%

    • Hail Stratboy90,

      Congrats on being a wilder. If I may ask though, does this mean you started out life as a wolf and then became a human-werewolf? How much of the time are you currently human?


  • Kzazrier Vetanari

    ‘No one can ever know it. (28)’
    This is just a warning…
    Do not look for the signs, the signs will look for you.
    Do not hate the Cycle, the Cycle will hate you.
    Do not stop the Cycle, the Cycle will stop you…
    Survive the Cycle,

    • Hail Kzaz the Sentinel,

      Thanks for keeping on with your 32 clues. Does this have anything to do with upcoming the solar reversal?

      Glad to know the signs will look for me, that way I won’t miss them. But just in case I’ll post them in This Week In Survival on Friday.


      • Sentinel

        Starting Communication protocol X…
        The Cycle clues have been found.
        Do not worry about the Solar Reversal, since that is just a joke from the Contali you call ‘sun’.
        Also, you were refering to Kzazrier Vetanari. However, I am Sentinel, Kzazrier is the mind of the body I am using now. Kzazrier’s mind is disabled at the moment, but if you want to know my name, it would be Sentinel E.1
        The E stands for Earth, and the .1 for number one. I am the first Sentinel on Earth.
        Also, Mirth, a planet that looks a lot like Earth, has had Cycles for a long time, so you should not worry about the extinction of humanity.
        Survive the Cycle,

  • The Reaper

    To all you witches out there Ahem. Girl look at that froggy, Ah, girl look at that froggy, ah, he’s hexy and you know it!

  • BenVamped

    Dear Seth,
    I am starting to believe i am draconian, however my monstermeter results say i am a vampire. Please help!

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