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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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Witches: You May Be Dealing With A Witch

The good news is that if you’re not a king, queen, prince, principal, state official or school administrator, you likely have nothing to fear from witches.

UNLESS – you are destined to become a king, queen, prince, principal, state official or school administrator. In witch case, feel free to fear witches!

But if your destiny does not include any of these professions, you likely have nothing to fear from witches. Janitors for instance, have generally have nothing to fear from witches. In fact, night janitors routinely participate in secret ceremonies designed to summon witches on magic brooms.

If however your career aspirations lean toward the lofty or the official, then turn to the following principals when dealing with witches:

1. Talk about the weather. Witches love a good weather anomaly. If you haven’t seen any – MAKE ONE UP! Amphibian precipitation is a popular one but any one will do.

2. Speak to him in Latin! If possible, make it rhyme. For instance:  ILLIC QUONDOM ERAM A VIR EX NANTUCKETT…(“There once was a man from Nantuckett…”) Guaranteed to slow her down, if not scare her off.

3. Be open-minded. You could learn a lot as a frog or a tree. Some people pay witches a lot of money for this opportunity and you’re getting it for free!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

591 comments to Witches: You May Be Dealing With A Witch

  • guardian R.S.

    hail BenVamped

    please rescan yourself if you get the same result again you must have misread the signs.

    yours the last guardian

  • Scarlett Lupa

    This is what you foolish people say on such matters a shame that you are, to think the future queen of witches and vamps would have to rule on the throne with such subjects……. Ha kidding I love to help any subject who is brave to ask and witch who has questions about castings,spells, magic in general.

  • Kzazrier Vetanari

    Erm… Guys?
    Something… “weird” happened…
    I was in yesterday and visited a school…
    Then a boy ran towards me and…
    …jumped through me.
    The weirder part: he’s not a ghost.
    He might be a mage, though…
    I’m tailing him now.
    He also changed a flower into a pig…
    He needs to be taught something about magic.
    Too bad I’m not that good at it… For some reason, it never ends well when I use it.
    I wonder why that is?
    Anyway, if anyone has some advice… Please, tell me what to do now!
    Hallen’da, Kzazrier Vetanari.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    MAGIC!!!!!! That’s my specialty……sooo what exactly do ya need here?…..spells….potions….enchaments….hand magic….some real serious stuff…..or what come on I need to KNOW!!!!! This my bestest skill…..I can help ya ultimately…..

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      He says he has nearly mastered the art of mana-manipulation… But he wants to learn more spells. I already taught them some Contaalic spells, but I think he’d rather learn some REAL spells. Although Contaalic are, in fact, the first spells to exist, he doesn’t really like them… He doesn’t hate them, he just doesn’t like them. Oh, and he wants to learn some basic runes and something about hand magic.
      Is that enough for you to know? Wait, I’m not done yet… He loves the ghost part of Necromancy. Seriously, he loves every spell that involves ghosts…

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Well……uh…..ok I’ll have to work with what I got now don’t I…..not much but still……do ya know what his rank/level of magic he is there are restrictions and no he can’t learn dark magic or forbidden spells that’s an no no…..oh and what is he and Mage or an witch?…..if he Mage ask him what missiv he’s from…..

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      He’s a mage from…
      Awesome! He’s from the same college I once went to!
      The College of The Blue Blazing Fire-Wolf.
      He’s in his… 3rd year? I can’t tell for sure, I haven’t asked his age yet.
      He studies everything that involves ghosts…
      He found out about some sort of ritual to give him the power to ‘ghostify’ his body. (basically, being able to walk through walls and stuff) He’s a bit above average with his magical skills.
      Oh, wait, he’s in trouble… I told him not to do that to vampires…
      I’ll be right back.

  • new bloud

    Yo can any witches mages wizards give me a spell that will teleport me to whomever i think of? (A rune would be nice) and would i be able to youse it without any training or macikal talent?

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      My brother made you a nice little rune.
      He sent a dwarf to you to deliver it.
      He should arrive about…
      Wait for it…
      Now- wait, not yet…
      I’m so bad at timing…
      He’s taking a long ti-
      Get outside, right now.
      He’s there, witht the rune.
      Just drip one drip of blood on it to activate it.
      Make sure you are actually thinking about someone, or you will be teleported to the middle of the sun…

    • new bloud

      Sorry i had to go to sleep and i didnt see the dwarf mustave left did he leave it in my yard?

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Sorry but magic isn’t able to use without an little practice..l..

  • Magicgirl630

    Plz someone help me i really want to introvert my magic skills because i signed into a covern and ive been practicing magic alot but it doesn’t always work someone plz give me tips plz.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Yah magic 101… Let’s see first off don’t practice like your doing it comes naturally…..second convert your mind into an state where all you feel is this wonderful veil of light (that’s your magic)….third focus your magic to your fingertips and say your spell with your element of course…..

  • Scarlett Lupa

    That’s all….your welcome..

  • MadSparkles

    Seth, I seriously advise you to re-do this page. ANYONE can learn magick and become a witch, not kidding. Evrything living (or usualy somewhat living) has magick in them. Including you Seth, just some people choose to use it or it comes to them easier. There is also that problem where some folks can’t see magick on this realm… Anyway, witches are your everyday people (most of the time) who are like average humans. In fact I know a lot of average human witches! Witches can also be MALE.
    If you want to know more I will be glad to tell you more.

    • Msurprise

      Can you give me some super easy spells like
      Changeling the color of something
      Thank you

      • Agent RB

        She’s not going to respond that comment was from a yea ago, I don’t think she’ll see it, but you may want to ask that question on a more recent comment, mabey try fenrir or velanko…


      • Mad.Sparkles

        …. Well, sadly to say I am one of those who can’t see the effects of magick in this realm, so no. How do i use magick? I sense the power and energy from it. Even if it is cloaked, i have become very good at finding things when i want too. I cant float, and to my knowledge i cant change my skin color. Maybe i can do the last one actually, but i cant see it.

        Why don’t you make up your own spell? Or ask someone with the sight? Usually those who dont live in crowded areas can see magick.
        A lot of the legends have a theory that the reason people cant see magick is because of the human mind thoughts, there mind is like a fog, and with so many of their minds thinking, ‘magick isnt real’ magick cant be seen.
        I think i explained that correctly…

        • Hecate

          You can’t see magic? 😥
          I’m so sorry I wish I knew how to give you the sight 😕

          • Mad.Sparkles

            Well, as said in the theory above, humans are kind of creating their own mist, but it effects the people near them. I find living out of town has helped improve my magick, but I still can’t see it unless I am about to die or in a very dangerous situation. Even then I only saw a hand as a warning…
            And that is why I hate demons.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Ha actually not everybody has magick espesicially humans the only way they could learn magick is some real intense long term medeatation which would allow them to access their central point to the center core of magick deep inside them. That’s how there are witches,Druids,and mages it also how some people are natural born to magick flowing in their veins…..and everybody knows males can be witches as well….you see I’m the future queen of witches, vamps,and possibly in some sort of way maybe wolves(long story don’t wanna tell it)….that’s how I known about this stuff cause to me it was nothing but an every day thing….normal you could say….plus the earth plane is really hard to do spells and such since the earth plane doesn’t have magick only bits…..

    • fenrir9

      The Earth will have plenty again before long the Carnyx have been sounded the forest goes to war all of Vanirheim soon shall be here.
      As to Magic I invented ice and water (yes all living things you are welcome) I am highly skilled in Elemental magic, Sorcery, Runic magic (I invented one of the laguages of power), and I warp reality simply by my presence. Once I walked out after a rain storm and all the water within ten feet of me turned to ice. So I may be of help to some of you

  • MadSparkles

    You would be surprised at how many people will say, “males can’t be witches! Only females duhhh!” Or maybe that is only where I live?

  • fenrir9

    All life has the potential to acess the power I’ve seen animals do it various times. Most people can learn magic although it goes a lot faster (but is a whole lot more dangerous) if they are awakened by an Eldar

  • Nightshade

    Scarlett…I find myself yet again coming to you for help and knowledge…I seek, this time, teachings in magic…for I’ve already seen symptoms of a magic ability within myself…if you will allow it…I’d like to test myself through teachings…I come to you because I find you knowledgeable, trust worthy, and this just happens to be your strong suit…

    Message me back when you have your answer…plz…

  • Shawnda D

    I could be a witch among other things, I’ve got a best friend who is a lycan, I also am part angel demon and demi god my family comes from 1500 Ireland :mrgreen:

  • All ya bicker too much! Being a witch is about improving life for better. Magick is a force already in nature anyone can acsess it if they want. Being a witch is NOT about being better than everyone!!! So please. Stop. Blessed be!

  • Fenrir Ulfangr

    Ahhh magic I love it

  • blackwolf7

    help this evil witch wants to curse me. because i am a werwolf

  • Mad.Sparkles

    Soooo. Hi people…
    Anyone know how to remove dragon curses, demon blood, and possibly doom magick? No I did not start doing doom magick on purpose, I don’t like doing magick that is so deadly. Well I kinda do, but apparently I kill some of my friends in the future so it needs to go.

    • Wanderer

      Er… if you still need help… you can do a cleanse? That should work for the demon blood. Water (holy if you feel like) boiled under a full moon, add salt (I advise rock salt and definitely not sea salt unless you’re sure the demon gets no power from the sea), and then wash in that, wherever the blood was at the least. You can add sage if you feel like. The other option is to kill the demon, good luck.

      Dragon curses… kinda tough, you have to appease it somehow. Do you know how you got the curse? If the effects are really bad… you might be able to try a dragon ward. You need some kind of gold jewelry (necklaces and gold as pure as possible work best) and then I advise blood magick turning the gold into the vessel acted upon by the curse. Gold/gems take dragon magicks best but I advise gold because gems have temperments and I don’t know enough about those to advise you. Again, you could kill the dragon, but sometimes they take precautions for that and the curse could remain.

      Doom magick… whoo boy. Not at all my area. Maybe ward as much as you possibly can. Wards and runes are my go-to though so idk. If you cast the doom magick you should still be able to just burn its base like normal? You would know more than I would. If it’s a ritual there should still be a counter, unless you made it up in which case… no idea. All of the stuff I do is instinct aside from the few things I’ve picked up from other people. You can thank them for the demon blood and dragon’s curse advise.

  • I think i am a cross between an angel and a vampyre but also i think a sorceress. The reason i think this is because another sorceress told me i was part Merlin.
    Please help.!!!!!!

  • Rusty

    I have some…interesting…information about my family involving witches if anyone wants to hear it…

    • Hail Rusty,

      Before I admit to wanting to hear it, define interesting….

      Interesting as in purported Chinese curse may-you-live-in-interesting-times interesting? Or like your basic transit trip talk level interesting?

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • My grandmother is 100% witch! I scanned her and she was a threat, and when I gave her the test it said she was 100% witch! She’s alway acted strange but that’s probably normal for a 61 year old grandma. She is my dads mom, not my moms mom by the way. I’m going to follow the witch tips and see if I can learn more…….

        • Beast

          Hi I’m new to this site can someone please tell me what to do I don’t think I’m human I have a very odd connection to snakes and I can get angry very easily I feel like I can control snakes and dogs always bark and start acting weird and aggressive around me I don’t really like dogs but someone please help me.

          • werewolf girl

            at first i thought you were a werewolf but your not cuz you have strong connections to snakes and now idk what you are

            • Beast

              I have no idea what I am I love blood and human flesh though but I can also hypnotize people once when I was holding a dangerous snake that’s supposed to be aggressive it was very calm around me and coiled around my hand and looked at me with its eyes staring into mine and when my brother tried to take it off it became aggressive again I’m really scared I also have a very hypnotic and seductive gaze.

              • Ravenwillow

                You sound like a vampire, but I’m not sure where the snakes come into play…I need to do some more research on the subject before I can suggest anything with any confidence in my words…

                • Beast

                  Actually I think I’m a werewolf because every time I look at at a picture of a wolf I feel like it’s staring into my soul not just that I have long hair and nails that grow pretty fast I think I’m a frost wolf to be exact dogs are always vicious to me well just male dogs we have a male dog he always acts weird around me and tires to bite me I think I’m a genetic werewolf my mom is 100% vampire for sure and my dad well not sure I have had dreams of a vampiric demonic werewolf rather large bigger than most werewolves it was white it had blood red eyes and was covered in blood staining it’s Snow White fur and had really sharp pearl white teeth do you think it could be my wolf form also it was surrounded by snakes and snow stained with blood and from its mouth dripped blood what are your thoughts on this Ravenwillow.

                  • Ravenwillow

                    It’s a probability…if your mom’s a vampire then you’d be a half breed…half vampire, half werewolf…I suppose…

                    • Beast

                      So what should I do when the full moon comes or when my bloodthirst kicks in.

                    • Ravenwillow

                      Full moon- containment crib…bloodthirst:-(not a vampire expert) bite the insides of your mouth and drink the blood…should stem the cravings…eat more meat (beef can be slightly bloody) if the werewolf thing starts causing problems…work on controlling your urges any anger…self control excersizes…

                    • Beast

                      When I spent the night at my grandmothers house the maid that worked in my grandmothers once told me that she woke up at night when she heard howling she said she it was coming from the garden so she went to the garden to check what was howling she said when she went there and she saw a white wolf very large almost as big as a pickup truck and she said it was eating a cat and not just eating it was sucking its blood and breaking its bones in its mouth she was frozen with fear she said she felt its blood red eyes felt like it could see her blood pumping through her veins and could hear her heart beat and the moon was blood red she said it came to her and tried to swallow her hole but then there was another howl and the wolf climbed over the wall and left but I was missing from my room when this happened and most of the furniture and picture were broken and scratched and there was blood everywhere when this happened also she is a witch because she has a lot of connections to the supernatural what are your thoughts on this Ravenwillow.

        • Hail Bella,

          Many thanks for your SOS message and congratulations if you have survived the dark season. 100% is a very rare and definitive result indeed – and yes quite normal… For a witch!!! I hope you spent as much time as possible with her during the festive season as it seems apparent to me you will need to learn her ways.

          Long may you keep on keeping on,


  • Marney

    I am a Born Witch i am not sure how just yet. I am seeking other Witches.

  • Can someone please help me i am a vampire a full one no cross and i want to have some training with magic because my third eye i think is my strongest. If you live in IN then good.

  • Mind magic like PK and the third eye to be opened.things like that also mind control.please and thank you.

  • Please and thank you. If you know that type of magic.

  • Also could anyone mostly Scarlett Lupa if shes reading this PLEASE help. Mostly anyone. And does anyone know a love spell that actualy works?

    • Marney

      I would not ever ever use love spells because they can ALWAYS backfire since you cannot make someone love you. There are spells to keep a relationship going (you still have to work on that yourself as well) and maybe others but love spells to make a person love you NEVER do that. I am a Witch and I know and believe in Karma and things you send out will come back. Never intervene in free will.

  • I also forgot to mention i can help to its just the things i need help with im weaker at.

  • Thank you Marney but i would like to know something that would give me telekenesis because i am a vampire and it is very embarrassing that i dont have it in my group of other fledglings yet i know the cure for many things and is like an Eldar them selves so please help.

    • Marney

      i do not think there is anything that can give telekinesis. it is something one is usually born with or can be developed if you know someone in person that can help with psychic development because humans can develop it as well. And all vampires are different just like humans. not all have the same ability.

    • Hail Calista,

      Thanks for your SOS messages. I just want to endorse Marney’s advice here. It’s true that vampires are all different and one of the main reasons there are so many schools devoted exclusively to their education. Cyborgs, for instance, or zombies for that matter, don’t have half as many academic institutions as vampires. It’s possible your innate abilities will take you elsewhere or that you will have to learn the skills that will enable you to take your place among your kind. This doesn’t mean they will be any less powerful in the end and in some cases, could mean more powerful.


  • Thank you Seth. Although i do need much help for the vampire part. What do training fangs look like and what vampire school could i go to im in 6 th grade human school. And i need at least that much help. So please hep and THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!

  • Hi i need some magic help can someone give me a spell or incantation for powers like Elsa from the Disney movie frozen

  • I know that might be childish but i really want some so that I can impress a really cute guy i like. That or telekenesis. Thanks.

    • Arcadia Iceleaf

      Magic should not be used on trivial, personal gain. True magic…. true magic is sharing, bending an intertwined connection between you and the elements. Benevolent magic is selfless.

    • Arcadia Iceleaf

      You must not use it to impress others. In fact, if you do, he is not worthy of you. Be yourself.

    • Hail Elincor,

      This is good advice from Arcadia here. Using magic to impress a love interest never comes without a price. If anyone on the site offers to help you out with this, please keep this warning in mind. And I’m not talking about the trouble you get into when you try to get a hair from his head and a thread from his sock to put into the juju bag you must bury on the full moon or anything. I’m talking about the real price that your sorcerer will exact from you when the magic has been made.


  • Hey everyone, umm I am a little new to this stuff and i have some, different, powers that i can not control and i need help. Please and thank you.

  • My powers include : seeing inside everything and if i focus on a certain thing a pop up screen appers in my head. I can also see and kinda control electricity , and see things through others eyes. I can also gain paranormal powers if i will it enough. I need help. And that is just a small fraction of the things i can do.

    • werewolf girl

      Were you born with these powers or you got it from a spell

    • Hail Starr,

      Thanks for your SOS message. These symptoms do sound supernaturally suspicious but let me ask you… Have you ever accidentally cut yourself and discovered anything inorganic? What you describe could also indicate a cyborg or alien tendency.

      Keep on keeping on,


    • Raidho

      sounds like you’ve opened your Celestial eye

    • Assanjin

      It sounds much like the “Way of Will”. A mighty ability to be had.

      • Fenrir Iceborn

        The Will and the Word?

        • Assanjin

          No, The Way of Will. When one’s mind is so strong that it exerts an effect on matter and energy. This ability grows with the person’s will and concentration and also shirnks with the lack of them. I remember one Drache who possessed this long ago, he could make mountains crumble by just looking at them. It’s basically the same ability as that jackass from the Matrix but not as pretentious.

  • No I did not get these from a spell and no i dont have anything unusual about my blood. And what are your Celestial Eye and the “Way of the Will”? I need help controling those powers mostly above the others. Please and thatnk you

    • Assanjin

      They rise and fall with one’s concentration. Mastery also rises and falls with one’s level of concentration. Find a way to increase your concentration and willpower and the Way of Will shall obey you.

  • Catveena

    *looks around nervously * witches good or bad are unnatural and should be treated with extreme caution. Especially if there going for the Harry Potter look. Lol
    But seriously be very cautious there tricky . Yup even the good ones . Lol

  • Ravenwillow

    Well…I wouldn’t consider myself to be tricky…so not all witches…

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