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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf


1. Contrary to popular opinion, werewolves and vampires can be friends under the right circumstances. So ask yourself, are these the right circumstances? If the answer is no and you are a vampire or you are with a vampire? Time to run.

2. Silver. Real silver: bullets and accessories. A silver chain makes a nice belt and werewolf lead. NOTE: if it’s not real silver, it will just turn him green. A green werewolf is even more dangerous than one that is not green.

3. Look werewolf directly in the eye and growl in your best pack-leader voice, “SIT!” WARNING – This tip from Hollywood Dog Trainer Cesar Milan is controversial, indeed completely unsubstantiated. If your voice is not firm enough in the heat of werewolf battle, there is the risk you will just make him madder.

4. Got a muffin on you? Get it out, fast. Nothing makes a werewolf happier than a warm, fluffy muffin. Be prepared, download my proven fluffy anti-lycan muffin recipe.

5. If you have been or suspect that you have been bitten by a werewolf despite taking all precautionary measures, then you need 10 gallons of colloidal silver water *STAT*. I would advise that you make your own, it’s just cheaper. All you need is a battery, silver wire, a piece of real silverware or jewelry, and a gallon of water.

If you don’t have time to make your own colloidal silver water, gather up all the silverware in the house and toss it into a hot tub. Soak your whole body – not just the bite – in the tub for one hour. This should be long enough for the silver ions to penetrate your epidermis.

6. If you can’t beat them –  survive. When you get out of the tub, contact the other survivors at SOS for more advice. Life as a werewolf can actually be pretty good!

~~~ If  The Werewolf Is YOU! ~~~

As you may already know, current pathogenic research distinguishes acquired lycanthropy or “bitten werewolves” from genetic lycanthropic tendencies. So the first question to ask yourself is, are any of your parents or siblings werewolves?  Has there been a resurgence of ancestral threats i.e.: vampires in your community? There are many genetic werewolves on this site who know more than I do about this. You can read their comments below.

However if this is a bitten case, acquired lycanthropy will generally manifest by the next full moon or within a maximum of 28 days, according to the stages outlined below. Your first transformation is a very dangerous time – most new werewolves will not survive. So don’t be caught unprepared, read the advice and comments below.

In Stage I you will have a cut or wound that won’t heal normally and that you can’t exactly remember how you got it. Anecdotal reports indicate that dousing the wound with a simple colloidal silver solution from a health food store within 24 hours of infection could actually prevent the lycanthropic mutagens from spreading to your stem cells. If 24 hours has passed, you will notice your immune system begins to work overtime. This will look like a very severe cold. Are you suddenly sweaty for no apparent reason? You will spike a unaturally high fever, maybe even over 100 degrees according to some reports. You can try Tylenol but it won’t help this fever. You may vomit. Your friends and family will try to take you to the hospital but this is not advisable as Area 51 has doctors in every one. This stage is said to last for three to five days, depending on the phase of the moon.

In Stage II you will recover from this “cold” very very quickly and the bite mark will heal too. There is debate about whether it heals completely or leaves a telltale scar or “mark.” Maybe it depends to some extent on the size of the bite, this is unknown. If it does leave a mark, this is rumoured to serve as a sign to others re: pack affiliation. During this phase you will be almost supernaturally resistant to the cold, tempted to go outside without a coat or even a shirt. This is also not advisable. Especially if you are a girl. I’m just saying. You may have a sudden and inexplicable urge to run everywhere and yet never tire on arrival. You may try to lift heavy things for no other reason than to see if you can. Your sense of smell and hearing becomes acute – you may find you are able to identify people by odor or the sound of their footsteps even in very crowded rooms. Stage II should last another five days, again depending on the phase of the moon.

Stage III is the stage everyone thinks of when it comes to werewolves. The nails grow. And grow and grow. Did I mention that they grow? The hair grows too. The voice changes to a growl. And then there’s the anger! Being a werewolf is angry business. Even formally good-tempered beings find it impossible to not react when the flow of adrenaline-fueled anger begins coursing through their veins and their human side tries to rationalize it by pinning the reason on somebody else. So it’s very important during stage three to remind yourself that it’s NOT actually that #$%-ing clerk or that *&*^#& teacher or even that little brother – okay maybe it is that little brother – but NO!  It’s just your body adapting to the increased adrenaline load that comes with becoming a werewolf. This stage lasts until the full moon.

Stage IV, full moon fever. Regardless of how you got it, inherited or acquired, the final phase and your first transformation begins the day before the full moon. Don’t remain stuck in denial. Get to work building that secure werewolf crib, complete with silver bars on the windows, a lock on the door and a stash of muffins on the bed. Actually scratch the muffins. I have since learned the muffins work on werewolves in human form. For the full moon, it’s all about the meat! As much as you can fit under the bed. No time to build a crib? There are reports of werewolves renting moving trucks and box cars and driving into the middle of the desert. Of course you’ll need a friend you can trust to lock you in!

And read on! There’s lots more advice, stories and tips below from other werewolves like you!

For more specific info about different kinds of werewolves, visit YourLupineLife.com.

You can also download a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad made especially for werewolves called Lupine Life made by my friends over at YourLupine Life.com, It will help you find out what kind of moon you were born under and what type of werewolf you might be. It also has a handy full moon tracker that let’s you find the phase of the moon for any date over a 200 year range.

Finally if you are interested in werewolves you will want to watch Survivor Louis Pine’s video series chronicalling his Lupine Life: “My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine

 Or for further info, come back to SOS often, as there are often new findings submitted by survivors themselves. Here are a few popular links:

WEREWOLFGIRL describes a potion for non-genetic lycanthroporous transformation.

 WOLF PRINCESS’ crib research links:

 LYCANTHEPROTECTOR describing his three WW forms:

This list in eternal progress… check back often for updates.




by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

40,731 comments to Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf

  • ARC

    … I’m going to find him apologize, your wrong Zyboragon, I’m not jealous… I’m brokenhearted.
    I…I’m losing myself.. Becoming more like £vil ARC…
    Doctor… I’m sorry…
    Silver…I’m sorrier.

    Your right doctor… I’m not better than him… I’m much worse… I’m lower than the rocks from which I was made. I’m going to find him. He can’t destroy me… So I’m clear. But I won’t raise arms. Perhaps he’ll see that I have good intentions.

    I am a fool.. Letting emotions take over.

  • Linda-san

    RAWR!!!! there was muffins at school today. If i had a tail i wouldve wagged it. Before i got some i was like ” MUFFINS!!!!” is that further proof that im a ww?? If so cool.

    • Zyboragon

      Ah yes, werewolf muffin attacks. I know there was a muffin recipe up a while back… Anyways if you follow it you should have enough evidence to prove your a werewolf.
      Have you scanned yourself?

    • Mr. Mutt

      It’s a sign but no hunter would start attacking you on just the fact you like muffins……. A lot

    • Linda-san

      Ive scanned myself. My stats come out to like 20 for WW.

      • Zyboragon

        Are there are other stats you get?

        • Linda-san

          Yea. Only two others. Vampire and zombie are at the highest stats right now.

          • Zyboragon

            Hmm.. I see..
            We may to study you further to figure things out.
            Tell me, what unnatural behaviors do you have?
            Hopefully not the urge to eat people.

            • Linda-san

              Haha, no. No urges to eat people. I noticed as the full moon comes around im more angry only slightly. Im not so cuddly as i usually am. At the moment peace and quiet is what i want for awhile by my lonesome. Ive been eating straight cooked meat, learned i like my meat rare, not getting enough sleep. I do want my teachers to myseriously diassapear… Other than that no. But then again whatever i do might make sense to me and nonesense to others. You kinda have to know me to figure out if somethings out of ordinary with me…

              • Zyboragon

                I think that’s why your s

                • Linda-san

                  My S? S? Whats an S? Why do i keep typing S? Anyway…

                • Zyboragon

                  I think that’s why your so hard to figure out.

                  Excuse that last bit, i slipped and submitted the comment before finishing.

                  You might be a hybrid, I myself came to this site as a zombie cyborg, things keep moving on, you may become something different or the monstrometer isn’t accurately recording results.

                  Zombie results can be picked up rather easily, have you cleaned your screen to prevent unidentified DNA from tinkering with your results?

                  Be sure to keep us updated on your unusual behaviors so we can figure this out. It’s a pleasure seeing mysterious new monsters join us.

                  • Linda-san

                    It would make sense. My screen is always clean. But i dont remember emerging from a grave? Id believe witampwolf. My dad is fairly mixed. Well im gonna go scan. Theres a girl in my class that bothers me.

                    • Scan on Linda-san! Scan on!

                      Just make sure you wipe after every one. As our friend Zyboragan rightly points out, zombies are the dripppiest DNA droppers and their results can affect everybody.

                      Thanks for keeping on.


              • Hi Linda-San nice to meet my name is Silver and stand on my right is the Doctor and on my Jesie the kitsune, now that the intros are over and done. Curiosity abound over what might happen to you, and if you decide to let your inner monster free congratulate you this is a huge step (alot like getting married) I am the resident Inari (god of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry and worldly success and one of the principal kami of Shinto.) and invisible man, kitsune, vampire, warlock, and original (I say original because I have gained so much power that it makes me like an all powerful being) if you need anything in the form of protection I can have a kitsune there in seconds, wether I know where you are or not.

                • Linda-san

                  Cool. 😮 I can tell im gonna be awesome friends with you.

                • Scarly

                  Where is The Doctor! I miss him!

                  Is he back for good, TK, say hi to him OK?

                  Hi to Jesie too. Also, is it possible to have a kitsune on call? There is some weird stuff happening around here. Tonight at dinner in a restaurant, my glass moved across the table all on its own, and then my movie started playing in reverse. Any thoughts?

                  Your friend,

                  • Yup here Ishi is above your head.
                    The Doctor: greeting scarly. Yes I am most definitely back.
                    Jesie: we gotta stick together on this site. We’re not going anywhere.

                  • Zyboragon

                    Your movie started in reverse? Which movie was it? There might be a reason for it, or perhaps just a funny error. I love watching movies backwards. The audio in reverse is a soothing sound.

                    • Scarly

                      It played in reverse for six minutes. Then I set it forward and it did the same thing, six times. Then it stopped and just played through. What do you think about this?

  • Mr. Mutt

    I must find this pregnant Hybrid….. I must find the one…….. I must find a decent pizza joint……. I’m doomed.

    • Hail Mr. Mutt,

      I’d could tell you the name of my pizza joint – but then I would just have to deliver it and we would both be doomed. Besides I’m on my day off.

      I know! Maybe try asking the pregnant Hybrid. Who should know better than a pregnant monster where to get pizza?

      But if she says X@ $@X00NXX1 {Comment edited here for Seth’s safety} …. don’t listen to her!


      • Mr. Mutt

        I would except she’s been abducted by a dèmon……. at least I’m pretty sure it’s a dèmon. Any other creature leave behind piles of sulfur?

        • mrjaffa

          sounds like a creeper. some !diot sorcerer must have seen it in the game minecraft and made it real. except im not sure how it would abduct her,they have no arms

  • Linda-san

    Does snot apply?? Mucus?? Nyeh??

    • Hail Linda-San

      What are you scanning their noses? If so er, STOP!!!

      (Argh Graham did you accidently release one of the prototypes?)

      You may be dealing with a discarded prototype. We quickly realized that nose scanning was maybe not the best way to go…

      If you have a nose-scanner Monstrometer, I would advocated dumping and re-downloading. Just saying.


  • Ashpaw

    Remember what you are fighting for

  • Mr. Mutt

    Found a nice pizza parlor. Voices are saying some rather disturbing about The One. I’m not quite sure whether I believe them.

  • mrjaffa

    i am sooooooooo bored and im not allowed to play my xbox. ugh.

  • Zyboragon

    Dear Survivors,

    It has come to my attention that “monster hunters” are lurking around once again.
    Be on your guard.

    Dear “Hunters”,

    I know a few of you are lurking around my territory, the old Zyboragon would give you the option to leave but, I know your after the eggs me and VAL have. Be warned, if you make a single step towards our lair I will personally get rid of you. No exceptions! And I’m in a good mood right now, if you enter my lair I’ll be in a bad mood. And do you know how much trouble your in for when you ruin a dragons good mood? I’ll just say that a dragon will be much…much….much more vicious than you can possibly imagine.

    Be warned “hunters”, it is quite easy for you to become the “hunted” in this situation.

    • mrjaffa

      and so the monster hunter hunting season begins

    • 🙁 I too am being hunted. Getting death threats now that I’m back, someone keeps sending me notes and stakes with my name on them. I herd some one say sulfur Yeh got lots in my yard all around my aunts place. I inherited this house and estate it’s got lots of caves too. I sleep in the basement away from the sunlight but I can hear movement in the walls. At first I thought it was mice not sure now.I also found large dog foot prints going into the forest around the estate and clumps of hair. sulfur and hair, just great yard work going to be a b#*ch. I hope you eat those hunters.

      • Mr. Mutt

        Sulfur? Gods I’m getting a headache!

      • Hail Bebe,

        Thanks for this puzzling and detailed report. I assume these stakes are made of wood (not meat)? (Too bad!) With your name burned into them?

        The sulfer is also very suspicious and normally an indication of the presence of demons while the paw prints seem to indicate the presence of a werewolf. I hesitate to mention this but last winter there was a couple of demon wolves on these pages… and both of them are back! Now I’m not trying to start a WW fight here because in general I think they both like vampires and seem to be more helpful but I will link them to you here:

        Wolf Princess: http://sethonsurvival.com/?p=605&cpage=65#comment-91379

        Weredude1: (searching)

        What do the notes say? Are there any clues? Now that you have turned full vampire, have you had any contact with your sister?

        Thanks for keeping on with your report.


        • Hi Seth Vee was dusted awhile ago by a unknowen ww he saved me from Vee who was tring to kill me and Scarly has no clue to who he/she is. The notes keep saying I will die for the death of the Morganstien family. As you know that was Vee not so nice fiancee’s family. The stakes are also coated in gold and I think vervain they burn my hand when I tuoch them. Mr Mutt said the footprints and sulfur are from Hellhounds and I shuold run. I’m hidding in the attic right now somethings surrounded the house can’t seem to see it.

          • Mr. Mutt

            D@mn they’ve gone invisible! I’m going to attempt to shadow travel over and get you out but hellhounds can do that to so it’s not as safe as I’d like it to be.

    • Mr. Mutt

      I can sense thier shadows. They’re circleing your lair.

  • DARC

    Hello mutt. 😈

    I am not ARC, I have done what you could not, I defeated him. Here’s the remains of his head.
    Ah.. And I see the great Silver is also here, silver.. Have you met your dark clone? Let me introduce to you… Gold!

    Ah, even better, mrjaffa.. The renowned wizard of the frosted plane?

    And finally, my brother… Zyborg, I see that your doing well, I must thank you… Your ingenious way to save my life.
    Our parents always did like you better, it’s a shame that your car accident had such fatal results. You became a freak, and now look at you, your among your own kind. If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be human, but no, you had to open up that wormhole… You know what happened, we were there, the beginning of our world… The beginning of my clan, the clan that your ifnorant mutt thinks he created? Thats right mutt, your not the original, I’m his number two, and we’ve been keeping tabs on you. Zyborg! Tell me, when people saw you and ran in terror… You enjoyed it didn’t you? You inspire to be feared… Don’t you miss that feeling? Come on… You know you want to rule, not like it matters though, your own genius will be your undoing, after my great transformation, you knew I couldn’t handle the power, and now… You made me perfect, you turned me cyborgic to save me, and save me you did. You thought you defeated me once and for all? No, we have watched you as well, now I have absorbed your clone, now I have become DARC, I am the ghost of your past Zyborg, I’ve grown so strong I can release myself from your cyborgic coils! Now you face the greatest challenge of all, Your dragon essence has made me a dragon, silver’s powers got drained by gold, and I now absorb his powers, and I have the power of hybrids like mutt, and finally, future jaffawizards essence.

    You are now facing the darkest soul ever to walk this earth. I have gained the power of your strongest allies, and you.

    Now is the time… To die.

    • Mr. Mutt

      What the Hell? Who’s this guy? What’s he talking about? I’m the Original Hybrid…… Zyborg who is this clôwn?

      • Zyboragon

        I’m curious myself as to who this is… And why he claims he defeated ARC when ARC still keeps talking on the site…

        Brother? Hmmm….
        Nope, can’t say I have one. Although…..hmm….
        Perhaps I need to find ARC or what may or may not be left of him, if any of this is true.

        Be cautious, we don’t know who this is or what’s going on. I smell ominous winds.

    • mrjaffa

      what do you mean by renowned wizard of the frosted plane? and whats a jaffawizard? so anyway, sun burns out in 11 days, everyone prepared?

      • mrjaffa stay away from him, sounds like he just wont’s your power something about you has him very interested in you. Don’t trust him. Trust your freinds. And yes I’m getting ready for the Eclisp my freind who is a powerful witch has given me a blood replenishing spell, tons of dvd’s and a spare dvd and tv,He has given me a rock that powers any electric devices. Are you ready? lots of room here at the estate,Your wecome to stay , got an xbox.

        • mrjaffa

          i would love to, but i want to stay with my family. thanks anyway, and remember, no matter how cold it gets, we will survive. you know why? everybody together this time,
          WE ARE SURVIVORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • mrjaffa love the new pentagram avitar.It reminds me of my family, unfortunaly my family has disowned me because the incedent with Damion and being a vampire I can still do some magic thanks to the pentagram tattoo I still have 1 brother but he’s an evil witch trap in a crystal.

    • Away yess gold. You don’t have my power btw I’ve still got it all we have been Playing you like a harp hunter I set up the heart beat scam to luor you out and it worked and guess what gold has none of my powers not one hes just my actual brother who got bitten by a vampire and the d€ad golems? Not d€ad just playing a game.

    • Who the hell is this jerk.Darc why don’t you hop a portal and get lost Zyborg is now and forever you freak he saved me and my loyaties are his. I may be a new vampire but I will help with everything I have. Darc just go awayyy!!!!

  • VAL

    ARC? You okay?

    Yes Mr. Mutt, Zyboragon noticed their presence and just took off.
    They’re going to be in for a surprise, Zyboragon is quite sneaky when his ghost side turns him invisible. Moving silently, literally through the trees. He’s got traps set up.
    These hunters are amateurs at best.

    Ooh… ARC? Wait a minute your not ARC! Eek!

  • ARC

    Bad hunter men hit ARC shiny pebble wee! Pop goes weasel!
    ARC go sleep now.

  • Mr. Mutt

    Amateurs at best huh? Try haveing a stake covered in vervain go through your stomachs and tell me that…… It hurrrttss

    • Zyboragon

      Sharp stick mad bad man fist hurt pow duh ha.

    • Ouch! that would hurt. Hope that never happends to me.

      • Mr. Mutt

        Yeah it did hurt…. A dog living in a cave that leaves behind sulfur?! Bebe GET OUT OF THERE!!!!! It’s a hellhound!!! Don’t look at it more than three times or you dîe!!! Run!

        • A Hellhound! Is there any way to get rid of them I’m in my basement I keep hearing noises in the walls and there getting louder. I’m going upstairs to the attic.Can’t go out side something has surrounded the house.

          • Mr. Mutt

            You can close your eyes and start randomly shooting a shotgun…. Probably not a good idea. Ummm okay salt make a circle of salt (make sure your in it. Should slow it down…. Until it knockes something over and breaks the circle. Iron get an iron poker and stab I’m not absolutely sure that will kîll it but it’s worth a shot. Worse comes to worse try to compel it to go away. Have you figured out how to do that yet? Just try not to look at it directly! Put on some glasses or something!

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    I leave for a day and everything goes to he11. *sigh*, I feel like I’m in the waking dead.

    • ARC

      What do you mean? What’s going on?

      • LOLstigmaLOL

        I’m not too sure. All I saw was the name DARC. I knew something was up when I heard this name.

        • Mr. Mutt

          Good to know your alive I was wondering what happened to you. Zyboragon, do you think witth all of this messing with time we created a parrallell universe?

          • Zyboragon

            I honestly don’t know… I don’t think that anything that really happened would be powerful enough to create another universe, not even another world.
            If this was true, The only way it would do something like this would be to even out the unbalance of our universe. Really the only thing that was effected was my existance, I doubt I’m that I’m that important that the universe would create another whole universe to balance out the difference between me and the plane of existance.
            No, I honestly don’t think that happened.

            • Mr. Mutt

              He singled me out and claimed he kîlled ARC. He said I was not the Original Hybrid. WHAT THE HELLS GOING ON!!

              • What the heck? Zyboragon I think something’s wrong everybody I want you to meet resistance fighter silver and his brother Gold. Silver is an invisible man (only) with a pet kitsune and Gold is a hybrid

                R Silver: is this the resistance site for this era?
                R Gold: it seems so brother my machine seems to have brought us to a time before you lost your power.
                R silver: I see… Is that an iPod?
                R Gold: amazing may I see it?
                Me: sure
                (talk-text transmission ended.)

  • Zyboragon

    ARC! Do you anything about this? What is up with DARC? What is wrong with you? Why are you talking so weird?

    • mrjaffa

      hey zyborg, remember you said, if ARC starts referring to himself as DARC wed have trouble? yeah.

      • Zyboragon

        Yes but the thing that is most questionable is that ARC is not calling himself DARC, and DARC is also saying that he has destroyed ARC…. There is something highly questionable.

        • mrjaffa

          also zyborg, why did he call me the renowned wizard of the frozen plane? Im not really renowned. Im going to school camp soon, and my ww friend wont be their to protect me from hunters, so i gotta start practicing the chi knives and chi sword techniques.

          • Zyboragon

            Frozen plane, after the eclipse… I told you this before, you become incredibly powerful when the world freezes, I guess you beck renowned.
            Also, nice gravatar. VAL’s currently I’m control of mine so…. Yeah…

  • Wolf Princess

    Seth and others- I don’t know if you remember me or the A51 werewolf abductions. But A51 is coming back and they’re stronger than ever. I just escaped from their labs, where I had been in a cage and being tested on and evaluated. I don’t know how long I was there- but you all have to be careful. The A51 workers were being trained and they’re all monsters. And they are STRONG. How do I get this collar off, by the way? It’s made of mixed metals. So beware. ~Wolf Princess~

    • Welcome Back Wolf Princess!

      Thanks for checking in! I’m very happy to know that you are still keeping on out there! Thanks for the warning about A51. I’m very relieved to know of your escape.

      I hesitate to bring this up but at last report you were concerned about becoming a demon wolf… is there anything new on that front? It could be related to the collar. Stigma is the expert on the collar removal but unfortunately Stigma has been chimera-ed and may not give a straight answer. If I recall correctly you need a witch. There’s one witch on the site right now – a vamp-witch named Bebe. There’s a link to her here:



      • Mr. Mutt

        Um no at this point I say,” although I hate to dispute a point with Seth I don’t think that’s quite true.” Vamps can certainly use magic but they dont thier own chi. Also witches are sor of guardians of nature and Vamps are abominations against it. Could be wrong but that’s how it was explained to me

        I tried to post this to the vamp page my iPod just kept blacking out. Also I think that Bebe might be being stalked by a hellhound.

      • mrjaffa

        also id like to point out that theirs 2 witches,bebe and myself

      • Wolf Princess

        The demon wolf thing was linked to the old collar. When they took it off, my transformations went back to normal. But now I have this new one… I’m worried as to what it might do to me. Do you have any guesses about what may happen? And I’ll be sure to check with a witch about collar removal. ~Wolf Princess~

      • Wolf Princess

        SETH. No… The demon wolf thing was not linked to the collar. I just transformed into a demon wolf and fought off all the A51 workers. So I guess the demon wolf thing is permanent. Yay for DemonWolves!

    • Welcome back Wolf Princess,I wish I could remove that collar for you but as a vampire witch I’m not sure if I can. Do you how to get rid of Hellhounds? Bebe

      • Wolf Princess

        Thanks Bebe. Hellhounds are easy. Try stabbing them with any sort of celestial bronze weaponry. That will get rid of any attacking Hounds. To keep them away try sprinkling powdered celestial bronze around your location. The celestial bronze will cause the Hellhounds to either brust into flame or erupt into a cloud of smoke. That will kill them. Hope I could help. ~Wolf Princess~

  • ARC

    This is weird… In order to find the square root of x you have to consider first that it’s a variable. Then moving onto the w, you find the surfex is one, one = a, and according to regulatory theory you get two answers as f’s one L, an e, and an s.

    In binary order you rearrange them according to decimal codes.

    So for computers…. In order to find the square root of X you must find w, a, f, f, l, e, s….
    So the square root of x equals waffles?
    Unless I’m wrong and I don’t lose my horselegs….

    • The One

      Do you think I’m going to fall for the “I want to join you” trick ARC? Sorry you already pulled that one with Mutt and I’m not half as dūmb as he was.

      • LOLstigmaLOL

        half of x is equal to y divided by the square root of w. y is equal to X times w’s square root. so, w is equal to both y divided by w’s square root, and x multiplied by w’s square root?
        need help on algebra. sorry. ——> Stigma = 13-year-old taking algebra! and failing with like a C+<———–

  • Wolf Princess

    Guys. There’s a load of monsters from A51 about to attack me. They’re circling around my house and trying to get me back to A51. I need help or advice quick. ~Wolf Princess~

    • The One

      Mr. Mutt: Ofilia go help her will you?
      Ofilia: why can’t you?!
      Mr. Mutt: because I’m going to find that traitorous little idgît and teach him not to go around stakeing people!
      Ofilia: fine I’ll help wolf princess but you so owe me a Chicago style pizza. And a movie
      Mr. Mutt: ahhhgg fine….
      Ofilia: wow she does have a lot of monsters here…. Diîeeeeee!!

      • R silver: time to show these monster what the redline resistance is capable of. Come on gold
        R gold: most definelty now if we could get ophilia not to k|ll us we would be good. Silver my friend would you mind removing you clothes and getting the wolf princess out of there I’m sure me and ophilia can fi|ht these monsters and this historic version of you could help to.
        Silver: who me what do you want me to do?
        R gold: get the kitsune we are going to have some fun.

        • The One

          O F I L I A!!!! Get it right for crying out loud!!! And what happened to you? You look different.

          • R Silver: Hmm oh time travel ophilia btw, is that how you say it btw? I can’t remember after the Russians took over computers vanished for the most part.
            Silver: ofilia meet the future version of me and my brother gold. R stands for resistance btw now the powers are invisibility and limited time control for silver and gold is what’s left of the hybrid kind of.
            R silver: you know I think I prefer ophilia it’s such a s€xy name but then since this is the resistance site in the past I guess you don’t do s€xy oh Seth your gonna wanna up your security because in the future your website is used to track most of us monsters down. Nothing to big just I don’t know password protection or something or make the email thing optional so in the future they can’t track from email but I guess since computer have mostly vanished it doesn’t matter. Never mind.

            • The One

              I don’t care if your the last Hybrids from your time period, call me s€xy again and I will rip you apart. And it’s OFILIA for crying out loud!!! I don’t care if you like ophilia better it’s just plain dūmb!!!

              • R silver: limited time control means I can slow you enough for me to get away s€xy, NO ONE tells me what to do unless I find their orders sound I have a right to at least that.
                R gold: calm down please silver she is only a hybrid but she’s important she and mutt get married remember?
                R silver: I thought it was with the one.
                R gold: no becuase they create that race of super beings that almost won the war. But thanks to that no good stinking hitler jr. Stigmas chimeraness made the ultimate soldier.
                R silver: oh yes I remember.
                Silver: this is painful I need to talk to the Doc.
                R silver: wait the doctor is a|ive!? How’s Jesie? All I can remember is how good her k|ss was.
                Silver: what the &$@# you kissed her?
                R silver: yup and soon so will you.
                Silver: oh cr/-\p the doc is going to be p|ssed of.

    • R silver: time to show these monster what the redline resistance is capable of. Come on gold
      R gold: most definelty now if we could get ophilia not to kill us we would be good. Silver my friend would you mind removing you clothes and getting the wolf princess out of there I’m sure me and ophilia can fight these monsters and this historic version of you could help to.
      Silver: who me what do you want me to do?
      R gold: get the kitsune we are going to have some fun.

    • WhiteWolf (Alex)

      Okay, I can help you, “they” cant seem to work it out.

  • Wolf Princess

    Everyone- I am a demon wolf. The collar had nothing to do with it. Am I the first of the DemonWolf kind?

  • Wolf Princess

    Thanks for helping me get rid of the monsters. No sarcasm intended. I am very thankful.

  • The One how could you!!! I’m calling Zyborg he’ll kill you.

    • Zyboragon

      I’m sorry, I’m afraid I won’t be doing that… You see, I’m in a really tough spot here… I’m sorry, I wouldn’t be helping scum like the one unless I didn’t have a choice…
      I’m… Going to have to do something… The only way anyone is going to survive is if I do this… And I fear if I don’t it’s over…
      But last time I nearly poisoned the earths water supply…

      Look, I need someone who can kll me…. As soon as I turn I’ll need someone ready to kll me… I’m currently deforming myself into my plain cyborg self.
      Once I perform the hack I’ll remember something… Follow me, before I can perform it… Destroy me.

      I fear that if this is not done…. My existance will cause the complete destruction of our universe.
      When I turn I’ll be £vil Zyborg, for you see… Without £vil Zyborg the timeframe got screwed up… As a result.. £vil clones are taking the original beings place. The universe is unbalanced… This is the way it’s trying to correct itself… For you see, it’s supposed to be me, VAL and our hatchlings to be stuck on a planet of £vil clones. This is what Time kitsune was talking about, £vil Seth destroys real Seth and then they use this site to hunt the remaining numbers….

      This is the only way there will be a positive result.

      So now.. I need someone on here… Willing to destroy… £vil me.

  • mrjaffa

    so im going to school camp tomorrow. you reckon i should look out for hunters? probably. I wont be able to post for a few days.

  • Wolf Princess

    I’m worried about going to school today; I don’t wanna leave my house because there might still be A51 monsters trying to attack me. I’m panicking a little.

  • DARC

    😈 Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are, it is time for last of light, I’ll make sure you dìe tonight.

    I shall have my vengeance. You will each get what’s coming to you, even you, “the one”. I know what your planning. I’m the one who holds all the cards here, if you wish for success you should regroup with your hero friends. Your all going to be destroyed anyways, why not put up a resistance so your fragile planet can last slightly longer.

    Oh wait, your a traitor to your own! Well, looks like your doomed. 😈

    • The One

      And just why would I need thier help to take you down DARC? Your nothing more than a way for the universe to correct itself. I however have been around a lot longer. Let’s see how you like it when I form a bubble of phycic energy in you chest and expand it.

      • DARC

        Your powers are worthless, you think I’m the universe correcting itself? Ha, no.
        I’m immune to anything you do, for you see… I’m am your creator, and you… You became sentiment. Mutts DNA made you that way.

        You won’t be defeating me, and also… I’ve been around since the beginning. You are outmatched. There is not a single thing in all the infinity amount of universes.

        If you really want to fight me, I’ll bring you here.

        I will refrain from telling anyone where I am, I need this location.

        • The One

          Well Mutt you plan to get me on with DARC failed hörribly.
          Me: no duh One
          The One: wait zyborg…. It’s a trap!!! Silver stop!!!
          Me: what are you??? Oh &,)&); he’s right zigs a trap DARCs trap!!!!!

          • Zyborg

            I almost forgot how good it felt to longer hold all those emotions.
            DARC! Brother! I have been released! Not even Silver and his posse stood a chance.
            It is time, the eclipse will bring forth the darkest of days. Why must prepare DARC… Now if you’ll excuse I’m going to warp on out of here.

            • Mr. Mutt

              Okay people new plan: find the Nephilim who’s life will be connected to the suns on the eclipse and kîll him before the eclipse. It’s more dirastic than I wanted to get but really it’s our only choice now.

              • Glad your alive!!! Where to start looking? And why are we killing this Nephilim?

              • Sorry forgot one. How is he connected to the sun?

                • Mr. Mutt

                  Really long time ago the angels started fighting. Little after the Nephilim prophecy was made. Then everyone forgot what it said. When the Original Vampire was in Greece he asked the Oracle about it. She told him that after he succesfully created a hybrid then an eclipse would come and during it an half angels life would be connected to the sun. It may be the Nephilim prophecy or it could be a flûke do I know? No

        • mrjaffa

          DARC! you made an extreme grammatical mistake. i`m means i am, so just said i am am your creator.

          • DARC

            Yes, I suppose it’s my mistake when your stupid technology tries to correct and finish sentences for me.

          • DARC

            That’s not that extreme, same point is still applied, and it wasn’t me so much as it was your foul technologies autocorrect!

            • Mr. Mutt

              Well I’m glad it annoyed you!

              • Zyboragon

                I tried saying this earlier, but DARC thought he could block me from my own iPhone, I’m a freaking ACHD! You can’t program MY stuff.

                Also thanks for your help Silver, I didn’t hurt any of you did I?
                Thanks to our plan I know where DARC is AND what he’s planning.

                Let’s take him out, I think we can stop the eclipse too!!!
                Also ARC and the one, that was a good play trying to trick each other, helped me get close to DARC….
                I tried to strike him… He’s strong, and fast. But he’s a coward (go figure).

                • Mr. Mutt

                  Ofilia: whaa?
                  The One: honestly, what’s to not understand?
                  Ofilia: bite me!
                  The One: is that an order?
                  Me: quit it both of you we need to help Zyborg
                  The One: fine let’s go
                  Ofilia: if I see that R Silver I’m going to Shotgun him.
                  Me: no shotgunning!!!
                  Ofilia: not even a little?
                  The One/Me: NO!!!

                  • R silver: I’m impervious to bullets anyway baby glad to know your thinking of me.
                    R gold: calm down ofilia remember he doesn’t know how to act around girl by the way they did get you in the future you were hitler the 5th little playmate mutt was dead.

                    • Mr. Mutt

                      All: BITE US!!!!!
                      The One: Ofilias a jerk but she wouldn’t do that!
                      Mr. Mutt: I agree!! Except for the jerk part.
                      Ofilia: thinking of you with you head on a pole r silver.

                  • Answer me this ophilia how do you stop yourself? They have perfected a small transistor that can control anything even a hard headed hybrid. How do you think felt when my wife was taken from me? She had the strongest will I had ever seen she could melt a man just by looking at him but they turned her into a breeder do you know how that feels? To walk by a camp and see some b/-\st/-\re doing that to her? And she has no choice? The Germans and the Russian control EVERYTHING the resistance is the only one willing to stand up to them but the resistance is mostly dead. There’s nothing in my future after they take over hunters work over time to catch us I’m sorry ophilia but the future is pretty bleak. You will be happy to know you are a very good informant. The one is the general of the Vegas resistance.

      • I hate to agree with you. But in this case I hope you kill Darc. Then you and Arc can clean the mess you guys made back at my place. Theres Mr Mutts blood everywere.

  • Wolfdemongirl07

    Hey I’m back 😆

  • Ofilia

    Ofilia: they’ve all gone of the deep end
    Mr. Mutt: no duh
    Ofilia: so does that mean we’re the only sane ones?
    Mr. Mutt: a thouroly deppressing thought but possibly.
    Ofilia: we should go find Bebe.
    Mr. Mutt: we should try to stop DARC.
    Ofilia: fine I’ll find Bebe!
    Mr. Mutt: agreed.

    • Silver: anything I can do to help you madam ofilia
      R silver: man he is so much more chivalrous then I remember s€xy? Take him I don’t want to be any where near this over powered sap.
      R gold: my lady please would you except his proposal to help? I’m sure I could convince my accoiate here to stop calling you that. You see we don’t see very many females in our time your all in br€€ding camps

      • Ofilia

        Wowwowowoh WHAT camps?!!!?!? They’ll never take me alive!!!!!

        • Ofilia thanks for finding me, got a little lost when my spell was doubled back at me . Zyborgs powers out match mine. As for those camps you never ever wont to go there I’v herd that nightmares are a blessing but these camps… Can’t say anymore to horrible. So what do we do now?

    • mrjaffa

      im perfectly sane. im going to school cam now. if i dont come back, the hunters caught me.

  • Linda-san

    Teeth started hurting. Dont know why as soon as i walked into the school cafeteria. Wanted to attack people but fortunantly i have a better self control than that. Answers to why i was doing that??

  • WhiteWolf (Alex)

    Oh yeah jaffa have u played skyrim yet? U should 😛

    • Zyboragon

      I want this “skyrim”.

      Too bad some crazy fat guy came into my dungeon wearing a full suit of armor, wielding a lord of the rings collectible sword and a garbage can lid.

      He stole my xbox 360. Before leaving he yelled “I have obtained the dragons chest”! I don’t think he understands that I’m a techno dragon not a treasure guarding dragon with a whole bunch of goblins that do my bidding.
      Gruld: how may I serve you today master?
      Zyboragon: bring me and VAL some dinner.
      And stop interfering with my iPhones signals! You could’ve ruined…
      I’m not that kind of dragon! Maybe he was dropped on his head? I mean… Who just charges into a dragons lair with stupid junk and steals an Xbox without first questioning why a dragon even has an Xbox???

    • mrjaffa

      its amazing, i got it the day it came out

  • Wolf Princess

    Ugh… The A51 workers came after me at school! It’s this collar. It must have a tracking device in it! I need to get it off now. Stigma, Bebe, anyone… please help this poor, innocent demon wolf.
    ~Wolf Princess~

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    I love the pleasant form of ki11ing…….. you lock your jaws around their neck and……. snap…… HAHAHAHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

  • Biohazard {Autumn Lupin}

    uhm.. does anybody know if bronze will effect a werewolves immune system? and how does a girl with only one arm working at the moment get a bronze arrow head out of her arm?

    and can i get this answer A.S.A.P please? i cant feel my arm, and that’s obviously not good.


    • Wolf Princess

      Bronze shouldnt have any effect on you or any werewolves unless it was somehow poisoned. I suggest you seek medical help as soon as possible.
      ~Wolf Princess~

    • Don’t pull it out it will cause more damage I’m on my way over to help remove it. Soak it in salt if theres any poison the salt will help to draw it out. Be there soon. Bebe

      • Biohazard {Autumn Lupin}

        i had already known not to pull it out, but thanks alot for reminding me. i would have totally forgotten. but i had learned that lesson a while ago; pulling the arrow head out the first time accidently tore one of my mussels.
        and can the salt thing help with extracting wolf’s bane from the blood stream? the arrow head was apparently coated with the stuff
        thanks again.

        • Yes salt will draw wlofbane out salt has bin used for countless years befor doctors came along. Now hold still I’ll have to make a cut to remove it safely.(slice tug ) there that should do it your going to feel very light headed theres not enough wolfbane to do any permament damage but your going to have a life long scar Bebe

    • WhiteWolf (Alex)

      I can help, ive been practicing white magic 😉

  • Biohazard {Autumn Lupin}

    that would help alot! thanks!! 😀

  • Mr. Mutt

    Good god!! will people PLEASE stop hijaking my head!! Ok new plan…… I don’t have one.

    • Oh!!! Thats just great!!!(sigh)now what??? Ok pepole we have to figure this out. Mabe my evil brother has an idea. I just can’t remember wich crsytal cave he’s trapped in. Mmmmmmmmm

  • Wolf Princess

    Just to let the curious know, if my avatar changes from my wolf one to the SoS-based black one, it’s because I’m bouncing back and forth from posting on my computer and posting on my Kindle.
    ~Wolf Princess~

  • Wolf Princess

    Bebe… Someone… I need help… Got attacked… Lost blood… Can’t… see… straight… *collapses*

  • Wolf Princess

    Time Kistune, you said you wanted to talk? Let’s start a new reply-based conversation here, ok? 🙂
    ~Wolf Princess~

  • Wolf Princess

    Why do some of my comments say “Your comment is awaiting moderation”? 😮
    ~Wolf Princess~

    • WhiteWolf (Alex)

      Some words like 3vil and d.ie automatticly put comments on moderation

    • Hail Wolf Princess,

      In order to protect all of the survivors that use the site Graham and I installed an artificial intelligence that oversees comments while I am busy doing other things like helping survivors, updating the Monstrometer, looking after Sam, conducting supernatural research and delivering pizzas. Sometimes if it can’t figure out if a comment is ok or not it asks me to look at it so then I have to get to a computer and check it out and approve it or not.

      There are only two problems with the system:

      1) I am sometimes not able to check all the comments that need checking fast enough


      2) I am afraid that the artificial intelligence will someday take over the world and destroy life as we know it.

      Keep on keeping on asking questions.


  • Wolf Princess

    *sigh* I’m alone forever…

  • Wolf Princess

    *howls* Join me, my fellow wolves, for tonight we howl as one.

  • Wolf Princess

    Time Kitsune, we need to talk.

  • Wolf Princess

    Bebe, if you didn’t see, I said… “’ll have to say any kind of meaty ice cream works for me. I’ll be over shortly, ok? Leaving now.” But you prob saw it.

  • Wolf Princess

    Is it weird/bad that in my human form, I’m a vegetarian?

  • Wolf Princess

    “(Zap ping) Welcome to the dungon.I hope you and Bebe enjoy your stay.Bebe can’t answer right now she’s a little bit out of it.As you might guess I’m her brother Spark .All I need now is one more female to complete the eclips spell.Oh don’t tuoch the bars there silver coated with wolhbane and vervain.When Bebe wakes up tell her I said hi.” What eclipse spell? What is this? Where’s Bebe?? *growls and shifts into my wolf form*

    • ARC

      Bum da da dum! ARC to the rescue!

    • Spark: Good morning Bebe and wolf princess.I hope your stay has bin plesant. Right now I need Bebe I have some experiments and a little torture for her. Bebe: What I’m your sister you can’t. Spark: Of course I can your not my sister anymore your a bloody vampire and I need you as bait to trap another. Ha ha ha ha This is for the eclips once the world is frozen I’ll be ruler. This Darc guy sounds interesting he should keep your freinds busy. Bebe: you F#@king bastard. Wolf Princess I sorry. Spark: Blah blah blah get over it. Torture time he he he.

      • DARC

        You are wrong about that, I am not here for that purpose.

        Bebe and wolf princess will be fine won’t they?
        Yes they will, your a fool that can NOT spell very well.
        So here’s how it’s going to go down “Spark”, your going to turn them over, and your going to stop this eclipse. Oh what’s that? Your not even able to summon an eclipse?
        Haha, I can smell your stink.
        Now then, we all have your scent, ( by we, I mean ARC, Zyboragon, Val and me).
        You cannot take on the wraith of our team.

        ARC: the stall worked, I have him on radar.
        Zyboragon: My thoughts exactly.
        VAL: Don’t forget to bring vitamins.
        Zyboragon: Yes dear.
        ARC: Haha, whipped.
        Zyboragon: You know I can still destroy you ARC.
        ARC: Worth it.
        DARC: Approaching target now.
        ALL: For Survival!

        • Spark: what you think you can stop me. Nice try! Bebe did not tell you I’m the most powerful warlock ever. It was my family that inprison me in that crystal cave. Let this be a lesson to all don’t trust anyone. As for my spelling who cares once I take over the world no one will care,as for the Wolf princess and Bebe well the princess is fine Bebe has bin entertaining me with her screams.I love torturing. You can try to stop me and you will fail.Well back to my dear desgusting sister. Later losers

          • DARC

            You honestly think you will be ruler? Please, your not anywhere near even a good warlock, look at how low his aura is, you can’t hide supernatural magic, you have about as much as a crazed fortune teller.
            Zyboragon: That’s true, creating an eclipse would mean you need more power, that’s why your having to “feed” of Bebe’s powers. I have more magic in my toe than you have combined with Bebe’s power.
            ARC: Not to mention your increase in blood pressure, the scanner tells us your bluffing.
            VAL: You should’ve ate more vegetables.
            Zyboragon, ARC, DARC: Agreed.
            DARC: Did you know I’m right behind you “warlock”.
            ARC: Take a look at this, Bebe’s anger is causing her to unleash a powerful energy. Zyboragon, you can still granted wishes with this energy right?
            Zyboragon: Yeah, Bebe can make a wish that I can grant…
            DARC: Haha. Look at his magical barriers, I can just poke them to destroy them.
            ARC: Nice, shall we neutralize the target? Or just perform a temporary stunning?
            Zyboragon: I don’t care.
            VAL: Look at how adorable he is, fighting for fear life. It’s so cute how useless he is.
            Zyboragon: Haha, let’s get this over with.
            ARC: Let the “spark” fly.
            ALL: Oh that was a good one.

            • I wwishh my evvil bbbrrother wass ddestroyyed aannd the hellhhounnds gone. To weak to mmove llost to mmucch bllloood.

            • Mmmuust ssave wwolf pprinccessss! Sssppark’ss ssppelll gonne wwroong thhe ecclipps wwill bbe 2x wworsse noww…

              • Mr. Mutt

                Yboragon it’s a trap! I’ve been trying to get into this house for hours but this warlock is blocking my power!! Don’t underestimate him!! But nice distaction I just managed to get in. Now I’ll let oeGjdjfrugeug (Transmition Lost)

                • Spark: Welcome Mr Mutt you can join the Wolf Princess in the dungon. As for Bebe your wish will never come true. Ah Val just the female to complete the spell thanks for comming. I may not be able to make an eclips but since there one comming up shortly I don’t have to.Well I’m bored Bebe still needs more torture and I’ll torture the Wolf Princess next. Mr Mutt you can have whats left of Bebe hahahahahahahahahah

                  • Zyboragon

                    We have the spellbook.
                    We can stop the eclipse. I don’t underestimate, I get exact results.
                    Spark is weak, DARC is out, VAL left and is completely safe. ARC is immune to magic. We’re good and busting into the room where sparks in right now.

              • DARC

                Yes! I have accomplished my goal!
                Zyboragon: Yeah, about that…
                DARC: What?
                Zyboragon: You see… When we said we were going to stop this guy and get that Eclipse Spellbook… We weren’t going to give it to you.
                DARC: I figured as much. Look! A tiger!
                Zyboragon: Not falling for that.
                ARC: Where?
                VAL: Hey kitty kitty!
                ARC: Oh now I see it.
                Zyboragon: Um, we’re still dealing with DARC here.
                VAL: Sorry, it’s just… What a pretty little tiger!
                DARC: Yes, yes it is. A pretty tiger filled with nitroglycerin!
                Zyboragon: Gee, I wasn’t expecting that. >.>
                ARC: Yay!
                VAL: Hey I need a vitamin.
                ARC: In my bag.
                DARC: …, Something should be happening now…
                Zyboragon: Your a terrible Villian.
                DARC: I’m better than you! An eclipse, an invisible flying tower, an army to do my bidding. What did you have? A bottle of poison?
                Zyboragon: It proves that I’m smarter than you, I could wipe out this planet with a single vial of toxic liquid. You needed an unnatural occurrence brought on by a spell that you barely started to cast before some little jerk stole it from you.
                ARC: Tiger passed out.
                VAL: No pulse.
                ARC: Tiger died.
                Zyboragon: Time to take out DARC then.
                ARC: I smell anthrax.
                VAL: No! Not on my vitamins!
                Zyboragon: It’s not anthrax, it’s just a foul chemical.
                VAL: Awww look! Lab rats!
                ARC: I wonder what happens if I give this little rat one of these now chemically modified vitamins…
                Zyboragon: Clone!
                Zyborgaon: Yes?
                Zyboragon: Take a vitamin.
                Zyborgaon: Mommy told me not to accept candy from strangers!
                Zyboragon: What?
                ARC: Look! The rat is growing.
                VAL: Look! It’s not growing! It’s just becoming a wererat.
                Zyboragon: Hey look! Vampire bats.
                ARC: That’s just their name Zyboragon. Not
                Zyboragon: No, look. Vampire bats.
                ARC: Oh. How original.
                VAL: DARC out?
                Zyboragon: Yes.
                VAL: Home?
                Zyboragon: Yes, I don’t trust Seth alone with our eggs. Last time he was sitting on top of them and clucking.
                ARC: Did you record that?
                Enigma: Hey guys!
                Zyboragon: Yes.
                ARC: Hey Enigma welcome back, awesome.
                VAL: So he clucks the rythem for wheelchair werewolf?
                Enigma: Wait, what’s going on?

  • mrjaffa is a descentdent of the orginal vamp and witch
    ps his my bff

  • mrjaffa

    so i am back from the camp, i had lots of fun, what happened while i was away

    • ARC

      Zyboragon used a sneaky tactic to make himself turn into £vil Zyborg, he asked a group to try and defeat him, they failed, Zyborg found DARC, DARC found out he wasn’t really £vil and ran off, but not before Zyboragon found out the next step of his plan, I haven’t really figured out what’s going on with silver, Bebe got surrounded by hellhounds, wolf princess went to join her and now Bebe’s never before now known brother zap or zing or something, ( didn’t really read ) decided to betray them and has something to do with th eclipse,
      In my spare time I’ve been tracking down something important. I have found a tablet that has something written on it,
      Ο άνεμος επιδιώκει σας προς τα κάτω.\u000aΔεν μπορείτε να διαφύγουν.

      I can’t translate it because I’m a golem instead of a cyborg.
      The tablet was found inside DARCs sanctum, he must have fled because we know he was here.
      Mrjaffa, could you do me a favor, I’m unable to locate any secret passageways here, if there are any, then one little opening could allow a small draft to come through, if you could color a wind draft that’d be nice,
      I’m not sure but I think I hear howling, this chamber messes with my senses though, so I can’t be sure.

      I can’t wait to punch DARC in the face!
      ARC vs DARC.

    • Hi mrjaffa! How was camp? Did you have fun? Welcome back Tee hee Bebe

  • Linda-san

    One word contest go!!! First word that pops in your head: waffle

  • Wolf Princess

    I’m trapped here by Spark.. I don’t know where I am, where Bebe is, or what he’s going to do to me. I just know I need to get out. Now.
    ~Wolf Princess~

  • Wolf Princess

    It’s Wolf Princess. I’m on yet another computer. Is everyone ok? Bebe?

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