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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf


1. Contrary to popular opinion, werewolves and vampires can be friends under the right circumstances. So ask yourself, are these the right circumstances? If the answer is no and you are a vampire or you are with a vampire? Time to run.

2. Silver. Real silver: bullets and accessories. A silver chain makes a nice belt and werewolf lead. NOTE: if it’s not real silver, it will just turn him green. A green werewolf is even more dangerous than one that is not green.

3. Look werewolf directly in the eye and growl in your best pack-leader voice, “SIT!” WARNING – This tip from Hollywood Dog Trainer Cesar Milan is controversial, indeed completely unsubstantiated. If your voice is not firm enough in the heat of werewolf battle, there is the risk you will just make him madder.

4. Got a muffin on you? Get it out, fast. Nothing makes a werewolf happier than a warm, fluffy muffin. Be prepared, download my proven fluffy anti-lycan muffin recipe.

5. If you have been or suspect that you have been bitten by a werewolf despite taking all precautionary measures, then you need 10 gallons of colloidal silver water *STAT*. I would advise that you make your own, it’s just cheaper. All you need is a battery, silver wire, a piece of real silverware or jewelry, and a gallon of water.

If you don’t have time to make your own colloidal silver water, gather up all the silverware in the house and toss it into a hot tub. Soak your whole body – not just the bite – in the tub for one hour. This should be long enough for the silver ions to penetrate your epidermis.

6. If you can’t beat them –  survive. When you get out of the tub, contact the other survivors at SOS for more advice. Life as a werewolf can actually be pretty good!

~~~ If  The Werewolf Is YOU! ~~~

As you may already know, current pathogenic research distinguishes acquired lycanthropy or “bitten werewolves” from genetic lycanthropic tendencies. So the first question to ask yourself is, are any of your parents or siblings werewolves?  Has there been a resurgence of ancestral threats i.e.: vampires in your community? There are many genetic werewolves on this site who know more than I do about this. You can read their comments below.

However if this is a bitten case, acquired lycanthropy will generally manifest by the next full moon or within a maximum of 28 days, according to the stages outlined below. Your first transformation is a very dangerous time – most new werewolves will not survive. So don’t be caught unprepared, read the advice and comments below.

In Stage I you will have a cut or wound that won’t heal normally and that you can’t exactly remember how you got it. Anecdotal reports indicate that dousing the wound with a simple colloidal silver solution from a health food store within 24 hours of infection could actually prevent the lycanthropic mutagens from spreading to your stem cells. If 24 hours has passed, you will notice your immune system begins to work overtime. This will look like a very severe cold. Are you suddenly sweaty for no apparent reason? You will spike a unaturally high fever, maybe even over 100 degrees according to some reports. You can try Tylenol but it won’t help this fever. You may vomit. Your friends and family will try to take you to the hospital but this is not advisable as Area 51 has doctors in every one. This stage is said to last for three to five days, depending on the phase of the moon.

In Stage II you will recover from this “cold” very very quickly and the bite mark will heal too. There is debate about whether it heals completely or leaves a telltale scar or “mark.” Maybe it depends to some extent on the size of the bite, this is unknown. If it does leave a mark, this is rumoured to serve as a sign to others re: pack affiliation. During this phase you will be almost supernaturally resistant to the cold, tempted to go outside without a coat or even a shirt. This is also not advisable. Especially if you are a girl. I’m just saying. You may have a sudden and inexplicable urge to run everywhere and yet never tire on arrival. You may try to lift heavy things for no other reason than to see if you can. Your sense of smell and hearing becomes acute – you may find you are able to identify people by odor or the sound of their footsteps even in very crowded rooms. Stage II should last another five days, again depending on the phase of the moon.

Stage III is the stage everyone thinks of when it comes to werewolves. The nails grow. And grow and grow. Did I mention that they grow? The hair grows too. The voice changes to a growl. And then there’s the anger! Being a werewolf is angry business. Even formally good-tempered beings find it impossible to not react when the flow of adrenaline-fueled anger begins coursing through their veins and their human side tries to rationalize it by pinning the reason on somebody else. So it’s very important during stage three to remind yourself that it’s NOT actually that #$%-ing clerk or that *&*^#& teacher or even that little brother – okay maybe it is that little brother – but NO!  It’s just your body adapting to the increased adrenaline load that comes with becoming a werewolf. This stage lasts until the full moon.

Stage IV, full moon fever. Regardless of how you got it, inherited or acquired, the final phase and your first transformation begins the day before the full moon. Don’t remain stuck in denial. Get to work building that secure werewolf crib, complete with silver bars on the windows, a lock on the door and a stash of muffins on the bed. Actually scratch the muffins. I have since learned the muffins work on werewolves in human form. For the full moon, it’s all about the meat! As much as you can fit under the bed. No time to build a crib? There are reports of werewolves renting moving trucks and box cars and driving into the middle of the desert. Of course you’ll need a friend you can trust to lock you in!

And read on! There’s lots more advice, stories and tips below from other werewolves like you!

For more specific info about different kinds of werewolves, visit YourLupineLife.com.

You can also download a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad made especially for werewolves called Lupine Life made by my friends over at YourLupine Life.com, It will help you find out what kind of moon you were born under and what type of werewolf you might be. It also has a handy full moon tracker that let’s you find the phase of the moon for any date over a 200 year range.

Finally if you are interested in werewolves you will want to watch Survivor Louis Pine’s video series chronicalling his Lupine Life: “My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine

 Or for further info, come back to SOS often, as there are often new findings submitted by survivors themselves. Here are a few popular links:

WEREWOLFGIRL describes a potion for non-genetic lycanthroporous transformation.

 WOLF PRINCESS’ crib research links:

 LYCANTHEPROTECTOR describing his three WW forms:

This list in eternal progress… check back often for updates.




by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

40,697 comments to Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf

  • werewolf girl

    Hey seth is it possible to turn in your wolf form while your sleeping cuz I think I did

  • Wicked Moon

    Yes it is possible

  • Fenrir Iceborn

    Souls their what’s for dinner. 😈


  • Canis inviktus

    Hello I have been showing a lot of signs for being a werewolf but I am not 14-16 which I heard was your first transformation. I am one of those people that needs to know everything about themselves so if anybody could give me some advice on how to find out, that would be great. (Sorry if my wording is a bit weird I wasn’t sure how to word everything)

  • Canis Inviktus

    Hello I know for a fact I am not a human and I think I’m a werewolf could anyone help me with just figuring out what I am? Because this has really been bothering me lately?

  • Canis Inviktus

    I’m somewhat new to the site so I’m not quite sure how to do that

  • Son of Night

    Oh the irony I got all but one. Oh well I’m not the only one hunting them my death will only serve to unite the rest. Finish them my siblings.

    –Chaos Alpha/Son of Night

  • Flare

    Hey guys I’m not sure if I’m going to transform but the full moon is coming tonight and I have my own bedroom separated from my house so I think I will be fine. How do u know if ur going to transform? I need answers!

  • Spirit wolf

    Hey guys I am in ripley WV is anyone around there a wherewolf I could talk to??

  • Canis Invictum

    hey guys i got some family history with being a lesser known clan called metal. tonight is my moon if I am. Good luck for tonight everyone

  • Velanko

    Almost forgot. New Zeland got hit hard. Some portal opened and spilled possibly hundreds of morphs into the surface. This was a few days ago and hatter has the data I colected from my source. Blinding blue light zombie like screaming huge thunderstorm out of nowhere. Like shakes the homes foundation strong.

  • MoonLightGirl

    Can any of you werewolfs turn me does anybody live in Freeport :mrgreen:

    • powerwolf345

      i dont but i can tell you a werewolf potion to trun you or i can tell you another way to turn int a werewolf but the other way is calling the devil and you dont want that

      • Velanko

        You know a recipe to make WW? I’m very interested in that. Equivalent exchange dictates I will give you my resipe for cureing it. We exchange potions and how to use them word for word ect. sound good? 🙂
        We should use email or kik
        Kik name: Keergen^ Guardian
        Email: damyou117@hotmail.com

  • Scarlett Lupa

    A message for RavenClaw…i know you’ll read this jerk:YOU!!!!! YOU MADE ME HEAR THE MOST HORRID STORY WITH MY LITTLE PONIES!!!! I’M SCAR FOR LIFE WITH NIGHTMARES ABOUT RAINBOW DASH AND PINKY PIE!!!! AND NOW I KNOW WHY I’M NICKNAMED SCARS….meanie…I’m going to hate for at least a day…

  • Okhem

    I’ve been on here previously, talked back and forth with Hatter quite a while now. I’m pretty sure I’m a werewolf. I know a bit of info, like Fenrir, the werewolf Clans, etc. But, what I really need to know us any shifting information, wolf informatiob( about your wolf form), and maybe help confirming I’m a werewolf.

  • Velanko

    Hey guys I’m back. I drifted through the links wile my foot was in a cast (long rather ember easing story) found the potion I’ll try. Along with the spell useing fairy dust. In the meen time if anyone knows a way to help coax a first turn out of a deathly calm borderline phycotic hunter clan WW or same with harvest clan pleas tell me. I’d rather pop before getting deployed to Africa to fight Ebola.

  • Colton h

    I am a werewolf by genes I woke up in the forest yesterday I was with a girl she called her self Loraine

  • Colton h

    I was so scared that I ran home by scent

  • Colton h

    Seth I need you to talk to hunter he has done somthing to make his ice go boom

  • Colton h

    Be carefully with me when I’m angry I will kill

  • Velanko

    So I think it worked. Or I’m going to die lol. Did the spell but moments after, I spilled the fairy dust and had the bright idea to blow it out of the cup holder. 1.5 oz to the face later.
    Now I’m suddenly hungry disoriented cold sweat adrenalin rush and have a migraine.

    Disclaimer: before you use any fairy dust know it’s harder to get off than glitter!!!!

  • Colton h

    I’m going to go off tonight

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Hey random people…I haven’t been on fors awhile …how’s it going?

  • The Frozen Wolf

    Hi everyone 🙂 I know of a few werewolves, legends (like Fenris, etc) and a couple other things. I also tried to study werewolves and learn as much as I could . but I don’t know that much. And I’m starting to think I’m a werewolf. is there anyone who could email me? you could either teach me or help me figure what I am, or both 🙄 I really hope someone can help!

  • Colton h

    I’m a guy and I can track you by scent you probably think I’m bluffing but I had to track a werewolf last night to save my brothers life

  • powerwolf345

    Ok sure frozen wolf just tell me and I tell you if you are a werewolf of not

    • The Frozen Wolf

      I do really like meat, I have an odd craving for raw meat. I also really love winter (beyond words!) but when winter comes, I just get so excited. This winter, I think that maybe (if I’m a werewolf) the supermoon awakened something because when I’m in the cold and winter i get thise strange feeling inside (it’s hard to explain, it’s sorta like a inner urge or strong feeling in my bones). I really like the cold. I’m also obsessed with wolves, so much that I even try to adapt my lifestyle to think more like one (this happens mpre unconcsioucly than it does consciously, the changes seem to happen before i notice, but they’re not huge). I also sometimes blabber a language even I do not understand (someone mentioned Elder Lycanic on YLL clans post, i think, and some pf those words sound like the ones i spoke). I also have sharp eyesight in the dark, I have an okay sense of smell. Often, I smell the weather in the air (or sometimes I can smell the seasons) before they/it happens. Sometimes I’ve even sensed stuff before it happens, or predicted what happens. I also have rapid hair growth, a huge appettite, and a love for the outdoors. I have pretty good hearing, but I’m also practising it to tune it up a bit. Also I have an urge for stalking and killing animals by myself with my bare hands. I have a strong “prey drive” as I call it, but it could be aqcuired as I do hunt. Sometimes around full moons I will get restless, almost energetic too. Lately though somehow that ceased, although I do notice the moon’s phase. I’ve also had dreams. I once dreamt I was a wolf (maybe astral shifting?) and I ran around for quite a while. Also once when I was sleeping outside I dreamt of wolf-human things… Not really werewolves, more like an in-between figure, and they were reaching for me when I woke up. Also, My friend says I whimper in my sleep like a dog. I’ve always had a longing to become an animal, I’m pretty social too, but somehow that longing set me apart. I also had a dream too, the “Truth about Sam”, out of the Linger, Shiver, Forever series, but then somehow that went to werewolves- the real kind from what I can collect. I have howled before, I get strong urges to after dark. Also I don’t know my biological father and my mother has always kept it secret. My grandma and grandpa are seperated but I never ask any questions about my family’s history, which I don’t know much about. My grandma saw me a lot when I was little, I would stay at her house a LOT. Sometimes I wonder if maybe my mom was a werewolf but then learned to control it. But idk. My grandpa lives out in the country, feeds deer, and has a couple of huskies. I don’t know much else And I haven’t explained very well, so you can ask any questions you want. Anything to help. Sometimes, I feel (like inside) as if I’m a werewolf. Sometimes I just wish I could be a wolf instead. In the past year, my obsession with wolves has grown so strong that I could easily imagine as if I was one. I’ve also had a couple odd things I should explain. One is one morning After first learning about werewolves, and trying to trigger a mental shift (i knew about mental shifts for a while) I fell asleep. In the morning there was tiny black hairs in my bed (?). Sometimes I’ll get this strong gripping (or something like that) in my body as if something is like clenching (it doesn’t hurt, it’s like an urgeful gripping). I don’t have any scars that I know of. Any questions you can go ahead and ask. Like I said, I don’t really explain things the best.

      • Hatter MT

        Well one way or another you have lycanthopy. But please know that lycanthropy is also the name of a mental disorder that causes people to believe that they can/do turn into a wolf or wolfman hybrid.

  • Colton h

    Power wolf you have no idea what I am and when you will meet me

  • Colton h

    I woke in my barn last night I look at the floor and saw the dead body of a dear I need help

  • Starlet

    Hey guys, I was told I was a werewolf, but I don’t believe it. Can y’all help me out?

  • Alucard T.

    Happy samhain everyone. Yes I know im either a day late or three days early.

  • Gabrielle5917

    IM BAAAAAACK! 🙂 Just in time for Halloween! I survived my wizardry apprenticeship! Wooop

    • Gabriella5917

      I swear I lost a small bit of sanity during training.. Meh.
      Werewolf hospital nearly caught on fire.. 😮 Let’s have a little wander through the site…

    • Hail Gabriella,

      Welcome back and congrats on your continued survival. Have you any harrowing tales from your training to tell? Do you have your Halloween survival preparations in place?

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • Gabriella5917

        Let’s say a few squirrels has turned Blue and Red and I can finally use my singing spells without failure. Learnt Latin due to *EHEM* and you should look to sky this Halloween 🙂

  • Gabriella5917

    Wait.. What happens to the survivor of the month.. 😐
    Man, it’s still affected by that competition..

  • Colton hall

    My dad is all ready suspitios of the trail of blood I can’t do cameras he’ll question me and he will think I’m insane

  • Fenrir Iceborn

    Another Samain, another year, hope you all survive. Keep inside unless you have to go out for tomorow night the dead wake and the fae hunt across the earth.

    • Alucard T.

      Someone who knows the holiday’s true name. Blessed samhain to you as well Winter Wolf.

      • Fenrir Iceborn

        Hah that’s a first usually Vampyr want to kill me for Morrigan and her Dark One.

        • Alucard T.

          I’m a Tepes, I follow no god.

          • Velanko

            That’s probobly the best place to be so long as you can hold off the enemy lines solo. I used to follow the council of elders then we had a bit of a breakup that’s why their used to be a “great one” key word used too.
            Anyway I set up our data bace in a subatomic drive linked to the guard via quantum physics. Set three basic laws never yup the balence never do enough to prove your existence and never perpousfuly open a weak point. Called it the codex and Iv folowed it since.
            Best part about being a nutral third party is you can look at all fields of play and find the common ground that they all share. The nephalim thaught they had nutral ground but found out too late it was feral. As punishment the survivors where locked in a position of power.
            I’m not to sure fenris beef with Morgan but I do know I’m two caws away from shooting Morgan’s crows out of my yard. They’ve gotten better but I don’t enjoy being moneterd 24/7 it almost killed me every time.
            Scared kids with a horse skull mask and a fake zombie I made called him ZOMBOB. Saw no activity out of the ordinary and things have calmed down across the bord seems like the vale breaking is getting farther away damn.
            Last thing: I’ll be shipping out for the military in a bit not going to say what where and when till its confirmed and signed. Gonna blank out for a while to avoid leading them here later yall.

            • Alucard T.

              Who ever said I was alone? If the need arises I shall do as my grandfather did and raise an army to lead against the coming storm.

              • Velanko

                Wow somone actualy listened to the rambling of a dotering old man.
                It was ment as a metaphor or symly which ever fits.

                Prometheus let your bro have a little fun as a wise man once said
                “The cries of a mad man fall on deph ears”

              • Hail Alucard T.

                Thanks for you SOS messages. What exactly is a Tepes? And how exactly do you intend to raise this army? And what do you intend to do with them in the long haul? Important questions to consider before raising them. Oh and if you do intend to pull some neanderthals from the stone age ahead in time, you may be interested in our latest research… coming soon. Like in the next few hours or a few thousand years ago whichever comes first.


          • Fenrir Iceborn

            She is the progenitor of the Vampyr but also the source of the corruption that afflicts them. The darkness that eats away at the soul and mind.

  • Leaf the Gentle

    I am a new werewolf (bitten) and I am a hybrid of bone and wild. I think I may turn into a werewolf soon, and, I dunno what to do to not hurt my relatives or friends nearby ( I’m afraid I will harm or accidentally kill someone ehen I turn into a werewolf). How do I tell when I’m about to change, will it hurt? I think I’m coming down with the werewolf fever, and I have a longing to be outside in the cold, how can you tell if. Ur coming down with werewolf fever? Someone plz let me in ur Wolfpack. 😥

  • Colton hall

    This was no prank I swear It getting worse I can feel it getting worse but I feel stronger each day

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Take it’s strength and use it to strengthen yourself. you are the wolf, it is you. To parts of one whole, one doesn’t exist without the other.

  • Colton hall

    You were bitten you are in his pack he will want you to hunt with Kim you must hunt with him or he will kill you and no it will not hurt it will feel like you are being tubed all over and I have been one sence birth Are you up in alaska

  • Leaf the Gentle

    I am new to this site, just found out that I was bitten, quite awhile ago. Seth, can you tell me when my first transformation will be? I also need to know if it is weird to dream of transforming into a werewolf. I have this necklace that helps with my hunger, and if I’m hungry, I get a little crazy. Plz tell if my first transformation will be painful, I have asthma, and I need a pack I can join when my first transformation is. My sight, smell, hearing, and taste have been peaking, and I am wanting to be I the cold all the time, I’m feeling like I am suffocating I the cold. Someone tell me if it is weird to wake up in the woods- in an unfamiliar place- and sell my way home, I’m noting he range of my first transformation yet, and I’m wondering if I could be “changing” prematurely, thanks,
    Leaf the Gentle

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Let me guess the symbol on the necklace a sort of triple spiral?
      Most of these signs are normal. Although it could just be extreme sleepwalking, there have been cases. The signs precede a shift. Diminishing once control is attained.

  • Leaf the Gentle

    Not in the cold in the heat.

  • Leaf the Gentle

    No, I don’t know what pack he is in. Though he visits me to hunt often, and we go hunting, he looks like a mix of wild and bone, his name is Siren.

  • Colt s

    So I’m a werewolf are any of you wolfs as we’ll or are you just prancing cause I’m no prankster

  • Theitus

    And when the peak was reached, no more could they climb, it was and is their maximum apex. So was at it was when Samson ended no more could the veil break, it was and is it’s maximum parting, now to await the passing of seasons again until the others will show themselves to man again, for not all in that eve was disguise and what was found their in truly terrifying to the sons of men. As they scratch and tear from the beyond, he will come to find what was lost and learn the deepest knowing of the lost unknown.

    • Protheus

      Theitus, you are not supposed to be out, think of the consequences brother.

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      I know you!!! Serpent!
      But you are wrong the first veil is torn already and what is beyond it weeps into this world. The next shall fall soon.
      I know your old names. You and your brother, I will call your true names…
      But not here before the mortals I’m not that cruel.

      • Theitus

        Calls me demon but is no saint, devours worlds oh how quaint. Me and my brothers last taught the little dragon you called brother, but I spoke plainly of the veil that tears on Samhain and no other. Theitus, Protheus, Epitheus, we have seen your jaw stretch in the void from earth to sky before but little known that Andraste would know little grace had it not been our semblance of knowledge and do your accusation is out of place.

      • Theitus

        Call me serpent all you wish, you cruel? Oh how drove. Tis you the liar, say my true name if you may show it, but you are wrong none the less for you do not know it. Power you hath none tiny mortal, sheep in wolf’s clothing. You are in reality tiny, worthy of loathing. Be cruel all you want for they are just words. With many a quaint flirt and flutter your threats fly away like idle birds. The Fenrir I knew in the long ages past was slain, and the thought I look upon in disdain. You are his replacement, so remember this please, you are the one who sought to mess with me. But in the end come Odin, Andraste or you alike, you are all but a breeze in the valley of fading.

        • Protheus

          Brother that is enough you are not meant to be outside let alone antagonize anyone. Please just go back to rest.

        • Assanjin

          Master Demetheus, master Prometheus *bows in respect* what brings you away from the mountains you call home? Fenrir!!!!!!!! Why are you picking fights with my old teachers and friends!!!!!!!! Masters of thought what has brought you out from the mound of forgotten knowledge and into the realm of mortals? Which reminds me how is master Epimetheus?

          • Theitus

            Drache my old favorite student, the matter I have come for is urgent and prudent, I heard whispers of what has plagued you so and now I have come to give thee respite. Respite of the forgotten misted woe. You are broken and incomplete, but fear not for the answer does meet. For your years of action and service to mankind without cost or tole I have come to give thee back your soul, though only your soul for the bloodline has been lost for you have more than earned your existence no matter the cost. And so I destroyed the remaining of the seven. I give thee back your essence.

          • Janus

            You look to the past, you look to the future you see the present as constant, yet you show no respect to choice? Epimetheus is still in the mountains lock in chain, Prometheus the wiser is better of brain, demetheus known to naught but the true, he is the master wait for you. Choice beckons you assanjin

            • Assanjin

              What little you knew, supposing to know. All three were my masters long ago in the days and ages, in present past and future they dwell but joy was given to look again upon my masters’ faces. Prometheus the before thought, Epimetheus the after thought and Demetheus the all thought. In the mount lost to the ages, birth place of the seven sages. And there they stood, knew not I what they could. The threads though invisible did indeed unwind, Hatter all three helped me master the mind.

              • Protheus

                By the power of three we give the choice to thee, Drache we risk danger coming here in your hour of need, so make the choice wisely fruit of our knowledge’s seed.

                • Theitus

                  Indeed little one, you were the greatest student we ever trained, you were the only one to pass the test of the five illusions, so now with little confusion beings such as you should not have to die in vain, and this is no lie.

                  • Epitheus

                    Little did it show, how little did the mad one know. Counts me the youngest as no more than a fool, yet learned I more than most can count, hard earned lesson mound. The most cruel teacher, hath no feature as I am the after thought, the toughest but surest way to learn is through the consequences of our actions. This us true for any creed and any faction. Now the three are here, though nothing to fear as long as none interfere in our mission.

                  • Assanjin

                    I accept, thank you masters for helping me when no one else could. Not demons, drache, lupine or even gods could help me yet you not only offered to help, you even came all this way despite the risks. *bows in respect*

              • Hatter MT

                Uhm… That was janus roman God of choice

                • Assanjin

                  Um, how about no Hatter, you’re not doing the same trick that Lilith does to become Cortez, same image as you, ergo it was you, it was not Janus different image different email, same image same email.

                  • Hatter/Janus

                    Different people technically, same email. Hatter and Janus are to put it best to sides of the same coin. And mr. Mutt and morgenstern are the same side of two different coins

                  • Lilith

                    It’s not a trick at all, it’s pretty straight forward.

                    • Assanjin

                      I always thought Cortez was a running joke, you can’t really blame me after all I see you change names to mess with people all the time. To put it bluntly no more coins, I like it when people are straight forward with me, no complicated separate personalities, or over the top drama, I like being treated well in one on one, just talk to me, all four of you is it so hard to just have a heart to heart conversation. That is all I ask, my mother used to say it’s rude to talk about someone behind their back, I would say it’s more rude to talk to a person by ignoring him, in the same way I just find a normal conversation will do. No more *appears behind Assanjin* or *summons a fiery hell gate full of demon kittens playing guitars with their tongues riding a rainbow of Hitler leprechauns* though that last one would be awesome I don’t like talking in that fashion you guys. Cordially,

  • Scarlett Lupa

    It’s a full moon tonight…get ready to hear howling…

    • Hail Scarlett Lupa,

      Thanks for checking in on the full moon and congrats on your continued survival out there in the wild. I’m working on some time travel tips and a full moon plan for the site…. Graham and I are still undecided on whether or not to SoTm or HoF. Any suggestions?

      Long may you keep on keeping on,


      • Scarlett Lupa

        Hey Seth welcomes….ya know your little motto there “keep on keeping on”? Well it is in a song…it was in a country song and also some jazz guy has a song with that motto as the title…a little fact there….and about the other thing I was actually thinking about interviewing some actual ww and some of the people of cefiro(a little documentation on supernatural creatures. Knowledge is good to have in the future)so I’ll get back to that…sometimes curiousity makes you do some incredible things in life…

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Why has everything gotten so complicated? If only it was simple…

    If only if only the woodpecker sighs
    If the bark on the trees were as soft as the sky
    If only if only the wood pecker sighs

  • So I think I’m in the werewolf fever I have all the simtoms of the fever not sure what to do I was genetically wolfified if that’s even a word but havering troble keeping out of the cold and keeping from howling

  • Rusty


  • The Frozen Wolf

    I didn’t shift last night tho I think I will soon. I had cramps last night ans felt feverish at times but only for a moment per time. Also strange marks appeared on my knee tho I don’t think I was ever bitten.

  • Colt s

    Hey guys I’m still hear just read the comments seems like power wolf and Colton had a bad talk

  • Leaf The Gentle

    Can someone help me with getting over to ur lupain life plz?

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