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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf


1. Contrary to popular opinion, werewolves and vampires can be friends under the right circumstances. So ask yourself, are these the right circumstances? If the answer is no and you are a vampire or you are with a vampire? Time to run.

2. Silver. Real silver: bullets and accessories. A silver chain makes a nice belt and werewolf lead. NOTE: if it’s not real silver, it will just turn him green. A green werewolf is even more dangerous than one that is not green.

3. Look werewolf directly in the eye and growl in your best pack-leader voice, “SIT!” WARNING – This tip from Hollywood Dog Trainer Cesar Milan is controversial, indeed completely unsubstantiated. If your voice is not firm enough in the heat of werewolf battle, there is the risk you will just make him madder.

4. Got a muffin on you? Get it out, fast. Nothing makes a werewolf happier than a warm, fluffy muffin. Be prepared, download my proven fluffy anti-lycan muffin recipe.

5. If you have been or suspect that you have been bitten by a werewolf despite taking all precautionary measures, then you need 10 gallons of colloidal silver water *STAT*. I would advise that you make your own, it’s just cheaper. All you need is a battery, silver wire, a piece of real silverware or jewelry, and a gallon of water.

If you don’t have time to make your own colloidal silver water, gather up all the silverware in the house and toss it into a hot tub. Soak your whole body – not just the bite – in the tub for one hour. This should be long enough for the silver ions to penetrate your epidermis.

6. If you can’t beat them –  survive. When you get out of the tub, contact the other survivors at SOS for more advice. Life as a werewolf can actually be pretty good!

~~~ If  The Werewolf Is YOU! ~~~

As you may already know, current pathogenic research distinguishes acquired lycanthropy or “bitten werewolves” from genetic lycanthropic tendencies. So the first question to ask yourself is, are any of your parents or siblings werewolves?  Has there been a resurgence of ancestral threats i.e.: vampires in your community? There are many genetic werewolves on this site who know more than I do about this. You can read their comments below.

However if this is a bitten case, acquired lycanthropy will generally manifest by the next full moon or within a maximum of 28 days, according to the stages outlined below. Your first transformation is a very dangerous time – most new werewolves will not survive. So don’t be caught unprepared, read the advice and comments below.

In Stage I you will have a cut or wound that won’t heal normally and that you can’t exactly remember how you got it. Anecdotal reports indicate that dousing the wound with a simple colloidal silver solution from a health food store within 24 hours of infection could actually prevent the lycanthropic mutagens from spreading to your stem cells. If 24 hours has passed, you will notice your immune system begins to work overtime. This will look like a very severe cold. Are you suddenly sweaty for no apparent reason? You will spike a unaturally high fever, maybe even over 100 degrees according to some reports. You can try Tylenol but it won’t help this fever. You may vomit. Your friends and family will try to take you to the hospital but this is not advisable as Area 51 has doctors in every one. This stage is said to last for three to five days, depending on the phase of the moon.

In Stage II you will recover from this “cold” very very quickly and the bite mark will heal too. There is debate about whether it heals completely or leaves a telltale scar or “mark.” Maybe it depends to some extent on the size of the bite, this is unknown. If it does leave a mark, this is rumoured to serve as a sign to others re: pack affiliation. During this phase you will be almost supernaturally resistant to the cold, tempted to go outside without a coat or even a shirt. This is also not advisable. Especially if you are a girl. I’m just saying. You may have a sudden and inexplicable urge to run everywhere and yet never tire on arrival. You may try to lift heavy things for no other reason than to see if you can. Your sense of smell and hearing becomes acute – you may find you are able to identify people by odor or the sound of their footsteps even in very crowded rooms. Stage II should last another five days, again depending on the phase of the moon.

Stage III is the stage everyone thinks of when it comes to werewolves. The nails grow. And grow and grow. Did I mention that they grow? The hair grows too. The voice changes to a growl. And then there’s the anger! Being a werewolf is angry business. Even formally good-tempered beings find it impossible to not react when the flow of adrenaline-fueled anger begins coursing through their veins and their human side tries to rationalize it by pinning the reason on somebody else. So it’s very important during stage three to remind yourself that it’s NOT actually that #$%-ing clerk or that *&*^#& teacher or even that little brother – okay maybe it is that little brother – but NO!  It’s just your body adapting to the increased adrenaline load that comes with becoming a werewolf. This stage lasts until the full moon.

Stage IV, full moon fever. Regardless of how you got it, inherited or acquired, the final phase and your first transformation begins the day before the full moon. Don’t remain stuck in denial. Get to work building that secure werewolf crib, complete with silver bars on the windows, a lock on the door and a stash of muffins on the bed. Actually scratch the muffins. I have since learned the muffins work on werewolves in human form. For the full moon, it’s all about the meat! As much as you can fit under the bed. No time to build a crib? There are reports of werewolves renting moving trucks and box cars and driving into the middle of the desert. Of course you’ll need a friend you can trust to lock you in!

And read on! There’s lots more advice, stories and tips below from other werewolves like you!

For more specific info about different kinds of werewolves, visit YourLupineLife.com.

You can also download a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad made especially for werewolves called Lupine Life made by my friends over at YourLupine Life.com, It will help you find out what kind of moon you were born under and what type of werewolf you might be. It also has a handy full moon tracker that let’s you find the phase of the moon for any date over a 200 year range.

Finally if you are interested in werewolves you will want to watch Survivor Louis Pine’s video series chronicalling his Lupine Life: “My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine

 Or for further info, come back to SOS often, as there are often new findings submitted by survivors themselves. Here are a few popular links:

WEREWOLFGIRL describes a potion for non-genetic lycanthroporous transformation.

 WOLF PRINCESS’ crib research links:

 LYCANTHEPROTECTOR describing his three WW forms:

This list in eternal progress… check back often for updates.




by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

40,697 comments to Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf

  • Rusty

    Hi. I’m sad cuz I didn’t get to blow stuff up yesterday…I made bombs out of sparklers. I AM CRAZY ON THE 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!! 😈

  • Rusty

    Heh heh, Devorah…. Look at the lunar phase tracker….It looks like my idea for The Silvermoon territorial mark… XD

  • Accalia

    HI!!! I’m starting a pack…swift pack. We only have four right now…Me (bone), Dera (ghost), Sing (hunter), and Strix (wind)

  • lostwerewolf

    For the website, we can talk privately on a website called magicamundus.webs.com
    My friends (who are part of this world) built it and they can help us. There is a vampire on the site, but she is my friend and you must behave. If not, well, the owner of the site might ban you. Just saying. Plus, there are two dragons. So, if i were you, i woul be on my best behavior.

  • Accalia

    Any of you heard of the four quarter curse? Well…it happened to me and a few others…it makes us shift on different moon phases as well as the full moon. I am new moon and a friend is too…it’s sucks. Its a new moon tonight…I think I might full shift. I’m not sure yet…I feel awfully sick.

  • RisingAlpha

    Does anyone have any different ways of becoming a werewolf for example spells rituals or anything if i really am a werewolf it couldn’t hurt to try a few right? Or if I’m not it will hurt lol

  • Chaoswolf

    Hey this is wolf ranger and I’m headed up to Philly for a chaotica meeting and will be out of touch and I can’t sign in right now.

  • Chaoswolf

    As I said I’m headed to Philly and will lose contact, as well as I will serch for camp.

  • lostwerewolf

    magicamundus.webs.com Please join. My friends made this, and it is for all magical creatures to be in one place in harmony. Any fighting reported will result in banning.We only have 7 members, so please join! So far we have 1 werewolf, 1 vampire (my friend), 2 dragons, and 1 unidentified. believers are allowed to join, so bring your friends! friend me, i am Red Werewolf. Thanks!

  • Marney

    well Finaly I found out what clan of Werewolf I am. Since I was born in April I thought I was a wild wolf until recently.. I had recent visions of the underworld.. And this morning for a few momants I was a black wolf now with red eyes.. (in humanoid form though I have the same eyes very dark almost black and eyes tracend as wolf like in both form sometimes.) anyway but I guess when your born does not matter.. So I recently found out my clan is Death/wind Clan..

  • Marney

    so yes I survived the supermoon. I did not change that night but changed well.. recently. I guess being caotica Breed and being of the Death/wind clan (I HOPE to meet others) I hope it does not get too confusing. but knowing the Akasha Aliance I can see why This morning I felt that when I met some others it felt like I was in another dimention.. its just weird.. (I know I am probably not making sence.) Just wanted to report some interesting experiances.

    • Good news Marney! Glad to know you survived the Supermoon.

      I’m not sure I understood what you were saying though. Are the Caotica part of the Akasha Alliance? If so, how will they help you through your first transformation? Do you train? Hang out? Eat muffins?

      I hope you will report what is allowed.

      Thanks for keeping on,


  • RisingAlpha

    Wolf ranger is part of the same clan and I very knowledgable about it ask him when he returns from the meeting he is attending

  • Marney

    Any wind/death clan packs or one that will accept that clan? Or ones that will accept a caotica breed?

    • Werewolf13

      I am of the lightning clan but I will happily accept you into my pack, The Wolfblooded! If you have a your lupine life account I can send you an invite so you can fully reach other members or we can just make contact here!

      • Hail Werewolf13,

        Thanks for helping out another survivor, especially a bitten wolf like Marney – you know how confusing that can be.

        Hey! You survived the Survivor of the Month Curse too. Let me ask you then, do you believe in it? Is it a real? How does it work? Is this a Jaffa question?

        Thanks for keeping on out there,


        • Werewolf13

          Ah, the SotM curse… I believe in it. But the real question is not is it real, but WHY is it real? Did you interfere with beings of magic in the past, Seth? Beings that could easily lay a curse upon others?

      • Blaze689

        I’m a Dragon/Lightning Wolf

  • soup4577

    Hi people on here

  • Shadow

    Still need a pack anyone need a member

  • RisingAlpha

    Seth would you mind posting your muffin recipe link I am going to try them tomorrow

  • soup4577

    Is anyone up?

  • Hunter

    Ah, I live for days like these.

  • soup4577

    Why is no one commenting

  • RisingAlpha

    No offense but we have lives outside of the website, and we have more important things to do off of the Internet.

  • Shadow moon

    Hey lost warewolf it mite take me a wiel to get on the site I forgot my passwared and now I forgot my yahoo stuff to get in and is yami me becase my name is Sami did you get it rong I don’t no

  • lostwerewolf

    Shadow wolf, ur not Yami. Yami is the website’s creator. And you can get your password, just click forgot password.

  • Ashpaw

    How is everybody? I’ve been gone longer than I wanted to. Hard to find wifi out here

    • Hail Ashpaw,

      Thanks for stopping by and for your help with a possible bitten wolf report. Nice to know you’re still surviving out there. Are you currently on a hunt or mission or some other pack business?


      • Ashpaw

        Hello, Seth
        I actually haven’t been on a hunt in some time, I found a good clan of werewolves who live like a family and we’ve stayed off the grid for awhile. Nice to be back

  • mary5544

    Hey is it normal to suddenly have piercing pains in your body

  • mary5544

    No just when I walk around and just get up to do something I have piercing pains what is that about

  • the confused one

    Hey- ah hi everyone! I’ve seen a couple of wolves( potential werewolves) around North Carolina in the Hendersonvile area lately. If you know who they are ( there are two) please tell them to be carefull and to not cross the street at twilight. Thank you.

  • the confused one

    Hey Marry, did the ants ever go away?

  • DoubleH

    Dear Seth,
    I have some questions. Everytime I take the
    Test I get either Draconian or Werewolf.
    Some times I can be very irratable. I have
    A VERY scary “roar”. I have bitten thru metal
    Countless times. I howl relentlessly and hurt
    When I touch silver. Why am I, how powerful,
    And dangerous?

  • RisingAlpha

    Tough choices are coming

  • Accalia

    AHHHH its a good day to go hunting in the park!

  • Andrew

    I’m still wondering if I’m a werewolf , whenever i take the test , 95% of te time I get werewolf and on one test I scored 100% , signs ,, I like to bite on things , run and walk fast, always hungry , and I LOVE MEAT rare or medium rare . Oh and I was also born on a full moon , can anybody help me out and I was wondering what kind of werewolves are we talking about like the ones from teen wolf
    Or twilight or something in between ???

    • Hail Andrew,

      Thanks for the SOS message. Do you remember being bitten at all? If so your life could be in immediate danger, as the werewolf who bit you is very likely coming to finish you off. Or introduce you to his/her pack. One of the two. However, if you are a genetic werewolf, things are different. Either way, to know what kind of werewolf you will become, the werewolves at yourlupinelife.com have a diagnostic device for exactly this. I helped them build it but I can’t guarantee it’s accuracy as I am not a werewolf myself, I can’t exactly be part of their operation. Me, I only divide werewolf into two kinds:

      1. Those who want to eat me and
      2. Those who want to eat Graham.

      I prefer the second kind.

      Okay that was a joke. You say you talk to your dog, does he talk back? That’s a big sign of something too. Maybe just that your dog is awesome but maybe more.

      Anyway, if you do go visit the werewolves at yourlupinelife.com and figure out what kind of werewolf you are, I hope you’ll report back but you should know that I can’t guarantee your survival there. Lots of werewolves visit and never come back.


  • Andrew

    How do I know if I’m a werewolf , I’ve taken the test and I’m getting werewolf every time , I love meat rare or medium rare , pretty fast ,strong when I need to be , and sometimes when I play with my dogs I sometimes bite them like out of nowhere , help??

  • mary5544

    I am going to lose it my hearing and smell has increased and it driving me nuts 👿

  • mary5544

    How can u tell when your about to transform

  • mary5544

    Oh and by the way if anyone of u guys are in the forest by my house u better run away form there or tell me your there

  • Andrew

    I’ve taken this test and I got werewolf 99.96% and 100 % that’s my highest score and on that lupine life I’m a bone wolf and my moon is the bone moon so will I transform on that moon and if I’m not a werewolf can ANYBODY give me the bite or can you at least prove that you are a werewolf like we can video chat or something , places I need answers , I love meat rare or medium rare , pretty fast , strong when I’m angry , and I also like biting on stuff and sometimes when I play with my dogs i bite them like out of nowhere , HELP!! Oh an also when William transform and what would I look like ,, something from teenwolf or something from twilight , CANAMYBODY HELP ME!! ??

  • Vianna

    Ok! Now that I’ve gotten my email worked out, my picture will have changed. And I’m dumb because I realize I didn’t get the SOTM thing because of the email, I forgot one of the numbers. Every time. I say hello from New Zealand!

  • Viper617

    Seth I’d like to ask you something do you really believe in this stuff or is it just a game to you?

    • Hail Viper617,

      Thanks for your question and for checking out SOS. Like you, I’m on a never-ending quest to decide what’s true or not and what’s merely truer-than-true in the worlds around us. Sure, sometimes I get it 99.98% right and sometimes I don’t, but Survival is never about knowing stuff 100%. It’s about trying to know the unknown stuff but also to un-know some of the known stuff. Because there’s only one thing I know 100% and it’s this – thinking you know stuff 100% is more dangerous than any vampire or zombie or shark you will ever fight.

      (Oh no now I’m in trouble…)

      I hope that answers your excellent question. But don’t take my word for it, keep on keeping on and decide for yourself!


  • Viper617

    Seth I’d like to ask you something do you really believe in this stuff or is it just a game to you

  • Viper617

    Andrew calm down don’t worry

  • The Beast

    i dont have AIDS, turns out i was just really really sick. i am now healthy and can conitue my work im back

    • Hail The Beast,

      Glad to hear of your ongoing survival, thanks for checking in. Is this about your lycanthropy cure? Don’t tell me you were experimenting on yourself? Never experiment on yourself! How many times do I have to repeat that on the site.

      That said, what can you tell us about it?


  • Andrew

    Dear Seth I have done what you have said , but I wasn’t bitten and i don’t know if I’m genetic or not how will I know? Oh and on the lupine app I got bone storm wolf and it says moon is February and August

  • Blaze689

    Seth is it possible to not have werewolf parents but be a genetic werewolf

    • Hail Blaze,

      Thanks for your SOS report and congrats on being a Dragon Lightning wolf. It is indeed possible to be a genetic werewolf even though your parents aren’t werewolves. It could have been your one of your grandparents or even your great grandparents. Any bitten wolf who survives to reproduce can also pass it on. At one point, some scientists thought we may have ALL inherited lycanthropy, in the junk DNA we don’t use, but only some of us would express it in our lifetimes and although that theory has been discredited, it is true that you may have inherited lycanthropy genes and not express them in your lifetime, just pass them on to your kids. What will trigger your lycanthropy genes is still somewhat of a mystery. Only one thing for sure that I’ve learned from the lupine lifers is that a vampire moving next door will likely trigger it.

      So that was the long answer. Short answer – too late- you may have to dig further back than mom or dad. Know anything about your grandpas or grandmas?


      • Blaze689

        My friend is a vampire I scanned her and I have quarter shifted once on the bus home from ski club my friend quarter shifted into tiger that night also

    • chaoswolf

      Yes but as I have said befor most likely it skipped generations there are very few fist wolves now.

  • Blaze689

    My grandpas and grandmas are not wolves neither are my great or great great grand parents but maby my great great great grand parents are wolves

  • WW?

    Hey. Seth you’ve heard me before on Survival Videos. I do believe I am a werewolf, yes, but I do know one thing… When I watched vid 12 on Louis Pine’s videos I got this odd, tingling feeling, watching him transform. I believe I’m a genetic werewolf, but I don’t think my mum is and my bio dad left me at birth. I was born 3 days from a full moon and just wanted to comment here in case people ‘read’ this place more, after all it’s the werewolf page. I don’t know of any scars or genetics however one thing in particular is I have this gut feeling. Will I know it in my gut? I feel this odd closeness to werewolves and get very restless around full moons, and I am very drawn to the moon. Even when the moon is at it’s first quarter, or crescent (aka not full) I can see the outline of it, as if it were full although it isn’t. Is there any way I can figure this out? My grandmother is coming tomorrow, I will update you of what she says. Also if anyone wants to read my earlier comment that is WW?, it’s on Survival Videos.
    MY questions:
    Do you think I could be a werewolf?
    What do werewolves look like? (wolf-man or a ‘normal’ looking wolf?)
    Is it true werewolves are bloodthirsty killers?
    I have no crib, what if I am a ww, what do I do?
    Hopefully you can help. I put it down here (my same question) because I figured werewolf questions should probably be on the werewolf page!

    • WW?

      Oh and another added thing.
      I love meat rare, raw if I can get it
      I like to chew on things
      I want to howl WITH other animals
      This was an experiment- I was yipping and yowling like a lost pup. My dog howled, then I heard a wolf reply to me 10 min later (I kept yipping)
      I was 5 yards from what I think was a ghost/spirit wolf (was baitin’ coyotes in), shorter (than a coyote’s) ears, grey coat, stocky build, twice the size of a coyote
      I can growl, learned all by myself
      I’ve experienced wolf-outs (urges to mark territory, howl, etc)
      Yes, I have anger management problems, and I get stronger and braver when angry
      My athletic abilities have improved, I’m nervous I might transform soon as I’m coming out of puberty, but not quite a teenager
      I was born in October, day before halloween, three to five days from a full moon (if I said exact day’s it would give away my accurate b-day)
      ❗ Read this and the above comment, then reply please 😉 ❗

      • WW?

        Ah, I managed to get back on. This may help you even further.
        I asked my grandma- here it is. (G=grandma M=me)
        M: Are there any of our ancestors who acted strangely under the full moon?
        G: No, except your crazy grandma. (no sarcasm, face unreadable)
        M: Really!? No, seriously.
        G:Not that I know of. (ends discussion not meeting gaze)
        M: Do you believe in werewolves?
        G: (disgusted-like look on face, unreadable again) No. Why? Do you? (turns to suspicion- no surprise read)
        M: Err, no. (and yes, I know in my heart and my head, I truly believe in werewolves. If I am one, secrecy is my key to survival, so I lied therefore, to be cautious)
        G: (relief) Oh, good. —- (quickly changes subject)

        Do you think she might be trying to hide from her werewolf side?
        🙄 Sorry for all of these comments, hopefully you can make sense of them. Sorry again, but just updating. Remember my questions as well… Please. 😆

      • Hail WW?

        Thanks for your SOS reports. Much appreciated. Tell me, did the wolf answer you back? If so did you understand?

        Are you a lone werewolf or part of a pack? Do you mark your territory with a symbol?

        As for your questions, I will try to answer them as best I can but as you know, I’m only the 7th most respected lycanthropologist on the Internet….

        1. I think that werewolves all look different at different times and different moon phases, both in human and in werewolf form, depending what kind of werewolf you are and how long you’ve been a werewolf. For instance, my understanding is that new wolves usually go full wolf right away while older wolves who can control their transformations use a variety of techniques to choose a state somewhere in between.

        2. I think it is absolutely true that some werewolves are bloodthirsty killers much of the time and most werewolves are bloodthirsty killers some of the time. However this doesn’t always mean they will attack you. A fight is always a big risk for a werewolf. Not so much a risk that they will get hurt, but a risk that they will accidentally let you leave and then end up being responsible for you on the next full moon when you turn werewolf. Werewolves hate nothing more than being hunted by an angry werewolves they created by accident.

        3. You have no crib what do you do? Well get one, asap. Do you have a pack? Do they have a facility?

        Until you get this together WW, I have to strongly advise you to invest in some silver constraints – arm bands, shoe laces or piercings that kind of thing. Yes it will hurt but it will also prevent you from wolfing out before you’re ready.


        • WW?

          No the wolf (I believe you’re talking about the spirit wolf, correct?) did not speak, I don’t remember much although it was three years ago, which is odd as I have a very good memory. I think the wolf turned and ran, and I looked for it, (standing up and looking around, not moving) however it may have vanished on the spot. The same thing happened from a distance with a wolf. The spirit wolf I saw from a distance definitely vanished into thin air.
          Or are you talking about the wolf I heard howling, when I was yipping and yelping. (in my second comment, above the spirit wolf sentence) If so, I did not understand but I felt chills, and then became encouraged to begin to live with wild wolves. (Yes, I had the crazy Idea I could live with wild wolves. Wierd, right?) I guessed, or should I say, somewhere, somehow, knew that the howl was a warning howl, to warn me that it was the wolf’s territory and to back off. I felt it, somehow I knew, it was a warning howl. I tried yipping more but it did not reply.
          As to Seth’s second question, I am not part of a pack, but I have felt urges to find one, which makes me believe even more I may be a werewolf. I would love to be part of a pack, but currently I am a lone self-suspected werewolf.
          And, Seth, your third and last question (at least I think it was the last). I mark my territory, well, when I have my wolf-outs ((now this might sound odd but if I am a werewolf, how can I help it) I mark it by the wolf means; urination. I don’t think I use symbols but I know in my wolf-outs I have urges (rather odd ones) to urinate on obvious things (boulders, natural spots that stand out) to mark my territory. Anyhow, yes, I do make random markings sometimes but not specifically to mark my territory, that I know of.
          As for getting a crib. ANY IDEAS? We live in a rural area, so there are grain sheds, but would it be okay if I transformed outside? I’d rather not be contained as there is a cougar right by our house and a few coyotes. However if transformations (outside, wether accidental or expected, as I can’t at will I don’t think, not yet) are needed to be in a crib, is there any way I can secretly make/obtain one, without my parents knowing? I don’t think they’re werewolves.Is there perhaps, some way, I could fix up a grain shed with an excuse, like say ‘I want a little shed-stall thing for my horse’ that I could still use safely. And another thing, know where I could get silver constraints? I don’t know of any, however do werewolves fear silver that much that their wolf side can be contained by silver piercings!? (oh yea, piercings are out of my list, I hate earrings and etc)
          I have thee more questions as well.
          Do werewolves, in wolf form, have super strength? If not, would our tack shed be a suitable crib?
          Is the ‘mate’ thing true, like the werewolf mates in novels… Or not?
          And last thing last, of course… Is there any way I could find out about my bio dad without asking my mom?

          You know,I guess that was like five questions. Oh well. Thanks a lot Seth for helping, try to reply soon because.. well I kind of need it. Don’t feel rushed though, just reply when you have time. Yes, this was long I know, and I’m making it longer so bye for now.

  • AngelWolf

    Hi guys are there any Singing werewolves? if
    so could we create a pack?

  • Blaze689

    Hi Werewolf 13

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