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Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf


1. Contrary to popular opinion, werewolves and vampires can be friends under the right circumstances. So ask yourself, are these the right circumstances? If the answer is no and you are a vampire or you are with a vampire? Time to run.

2. Silver. Real silver: bullets and accessories. A silver chain makes a nice belt and werewolf lead. NOTE: if it’s not real silver, it will just turn him green. A green werewolf is even more dangerous than one that is not green.

3. Look werewolf directly in the eye and growl in your best pack-leader voice, “SIT!” WARNING – This tip from Hollywood Dog Trainer Cesar Milan is controversial, indeed completely unsubstantiated. If your voice is not firm enough in the heat of werewolf battle, there is the risk you will just make him madder.

4. Got a muffin on you? Get it out, fast. Nothing makes a werewolf happier than a warm, fluffy muffin. Be prepared, download my proven fluffy anti-lycan muffin recipe.

5. If you have been or suspect that you have been bitten by a werewolf despite taking all precautionary measures, then you need 10 gallons of colloidal silver water *STAT*. I would advise that you make your own, it’s just cheaper. All you need is a battery, silver wire, a piece of real silverware or jewelry, and a gallon of water.

If you don’t have time to make your own colloidal silver water, gather up all the silverware in the house and toss it into a hot tub. Soak your whole body – not just the bite – in the tub for one hour. This should be long enough for the silver ions to penetrate your epidermis.

6. If you can’t beat them –  survive. When you get out of the tub, contact the other survivors at SOS for more advice. Life as a werewolf can actually be pretty good!

~~~ If  The Werewolf Is YOU! ~~~

As you may already know, current pathogenic research distinguishes acquired lycanthropy or “bitten werewolves” from genetic lycanthropic tendencies. So the first question to ask yourself is, are any of your parents or siblings werewolves?  Has there been a resurgence of ancestral threats i.e.: vampires in your community? There are many genetic werewolves on this site who know more than I do about this. You can read their comments below.

However if this is a bitten case, acquired lycanthropy will generally manifest by the next full moon or within a maximum of 28 days, according to the stages outlined below. Your first transformation is a very dangerous time – most new werewolves will not survive. So don’t be caught unprepared, read the advice and comments below.

In Stage I you will have a cut or wound that won’t heal normally and that you can’t exactly remember how you got it. Anecdotal reports indicate that dousing the wound with a simple colloidal silver solution from a health food store within 24 hours of infection could actually prevent the lycanthropic mutagens from spreading to your stem cells. If 24 hours has passed, you will notice your immune system begins to work overtime. This will look like a very severe cold. Are you suddenly sweaty for no apparent reason? You will spike a unaturally high fever, maybe even over 100 degrees according to some reports. You can try Tylenol but it won’t help this fever. You may vomit. Your friends and family will try to take you to the hospital but this is not advisable as Area 51 has doctors in every one. This stage is said to last for three to five days, depending on the phase of the moon.

In Stage II you will recover from this “cold” very very quickly and the bite mark will heal too. There is debate about whether it heals completely or leaves a telltale scar or “mark.” Maybe it depends to some extent on the size of the bite, this is unknown. If it does leave a mark, this is rumoured to serve as a sign to others re: pack affiliation. During this phase you will be almost supernaturally resistant to the cold, tempted to go outside without a coat or even a shirt. This is also not advisable. Especially if you are a girl. I’m just saying. You may have a sudden and inexplicable urge to run everywhere and yet never tire on arrival. You may try to lift heavy things for no other reason than to see if you can. Your sense of smell and hearing becomes acute – you may find you are able to identify people by odor or the sound of their footsteps even in very crowded rooms. Stage II should last another five days, again depending on the phase of the moon.

Stage III is the stage everyone thinks of when it comes to werewolves. The nails grow. And grow and grow. Did I mention that they grow? The hair grows too. The voice changes to a growl. And then there’s the anger! Being a werewolf is angry business. Even formally good-tempered beings find it impossible to not react when the flow of adrenaline-fueled anger begins coursing through their veins and their human side tries to rationalize it by pinning the reason on somebody else. So it’s very important during stage three to remind yourself that it’s NOT actually that #$%-ing clerk or that *&*^#& teacher or even that little brother – okay maybe it is that little brother – but NO!  It’s just your body adapting to the increased adrenaline load that comes with becoming a werewolf. This stage lasts until the full moon.

Stage IV, full moon fever. Regardless of how you got it, inherited or acquired, the final phase and your first transformation begins the day before the full moon. Don’t remain stuck in denial. Get to work building that secure werewolf crib, complete with silver bars on the windows, a lock on the door and a stash of muffins on the bed. Actually scratch the muffins. I have since learned the muffins work on werewolves in human form. For the full moon, it’s all about the meat! As much as you can fit under the bed. No time to build a crib? There are reports of werewolves renting moving trucks and box cars and driving into the middle of the desert. Of course you’ll need a friend you can trust to lock you in!

And read on! There’s lots more advice, stories and tips below from other werewolves like you!

For more specific info about different kinds of werewolves, visit YourLupineLife.com.

You can also download a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad made especially for werewolves called Lupine Life made by my friends over at YourLupine Life.com, It will help you find out what kind of moon you were born under and what type of werewolf you might be. It also has a handy full moon tracker that let’s you find the phase of the moon for any date over a 200 year range.

Finally if you are interested in werewolves you will want to watch Survivor Louis Pine’s video series chronicalling his Lupine Life: “My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine

 Or for further info, come back to SOS often, as there are often new findings submitted by survivors themselves. Here are a few popular links:

WEREWOLFGIRL describes a potion for non-genetic lycanthroporous transformation.

 WOLF PRINCESS’ crib research links:

 LYCANTHEPROTECTOR describing his three WW forms:

This list in eternal progress… check back often for updates.




by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

40,733 comments to Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf

  • Werewolf13

    Ok I really need to ask about this. For some reason I have not only been phasing on the nights of full moon but the night before it starts. Why is this? If I can’t find a solution I’m going to end up transforming soon tonight and I really need a night of rest. If you can help that’s great. Iv already been feeling full moon fever…

    • Hail WW13,

      If you are still able to read this, thanks for your SOS message. Although it’s not unusual for werewolves to be affected within a 48 hour window around the full moon, it is strange for a change of habits to follow a rash of A-51 activity on the site. I’m currently looking into the situation but can you give us more information? Are you still on the road? Have you noticed anything – or anyone – different in your environment?


      • Werewolf13

        Well I am back now from an extremly long night. While I was in the woods I ran into a person. This person was terribly afraid so they pulled out a small block of FAKE silver. They threw it at me and I turned complete green wolf. Everything around me melted into a sickly, bright, lime color. For the rest of the night that was all I could see and I was unable to control my own actions. The last thing I remembered before I went basically insane was the persons scent, they weren’t human.

  • Moon Song

    Pretty much carrying over a complaint from the last page… Why is there no originality in this world anymore? At least AE hasn’t gotten out of the Netherworld yet, else we’d all be in trouble.

  • Sally H

    😐 I’m a little concerned, I’ve had all these symtoms so far even the fact that I have a feverish “cold” right now it just, what actually is the transformation, like will I actually look like a full out werewolf? And I don’t remember ever getting bitten , just all I know is that I’ve loved wolves all my life, I’ve always had the best hearing and vision, and sometimes when I was little on full moons I would go outside at night and howl at the moon with the other dogs and feel at home. Plus I remember having these weird dreams the night before a full moon, where I was running through the woods. Im sure none of the rest of my family are werewolves and I haven’t even gone through the transformation that I know of, what do I do, what does this mean Seth?

    (ps lately my nails are super long and my hair is growing really fast too :???:/

  • redman2234

    I allwes thout ww tranesedformed the day befor on and after the full moon ❓

    • Werewolf13

      Werewolves change the day full moon starts, the highest point of full moon, and the day after that. For some odd reason I have been phasing the day before it even starts as well as all the others.


    Hey everyone! My mom is finally starting to trust me again! She let me have my I pod back and it’s not even been 9 days!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!! So I’m back if anyone wants to talk :mrgreen:


    See y’all in a couple of days 🙁

  • Katie

    Sorry if I misspell a lot of things, It’s th e ful moon and I can’t breath, I’m having horrible chest pain nd I’m dizzy, I have full mon Fevr. Can u help me? And I tried seeing if silver woud help, but now I have a rash, my hands and arms are reaLY hary it’s embarrassing. I only have 4 hours until I shift. And I feel high, and I’m outside ad I can’t stop staring and howling at the full moon. I’m locked out of my wolf crib due to a friens so um desperate now, I think. Autocorrt is reaLY helping a lilltle bit. Lol. BUT PLEASE REPLY WITH IN 3 HOURS BEFORE I RAGE. oh one more thing, Tormented every and each full moon,
    You are full of dispair,
    You are hopeless and alone,
    Burdened with an unbreakable curse,
    You are a lost soul who is only looking for true happiness
    The acrid air leaves a question in the haze,
    When will you rage? I wrote it too. Any good? PLEASE HELP MY LYCANTHROPY BEFORE I SHIFT

    • Hail Katie,

      Thanks for keeping on. If in fact you are keeping on. Sorry to hear about the silver rash and being locked out of your crib. Do you have a designated keeper you can contact? Or is it too late? Are you paws already transformed and that’s why you can’t get inside?

      What kind of WW are you? Can you signal the others somehow? I would advise you to run into the woods but with the Fairy Fire flaming in there it might not be safe for all werewolves….

      I have posted your dilemma to This Week In Survival.


      • Katie

        It’s not to late yet that is I have until midnight. That’s only 2 hours away. 🙁 my nails are beyond long, they r like claws. I’m a hunter werewolf. I might be able to try howling, I got my wolfy voice and tail already and I’m slowly going through a change. My vision is a bit back, and my rash is starting to go away, but it’s still all over my hands and arms. And yes the woods are not safe now. AT ALL I just almost got killed. As for my crib, now Is the time I should’ve had a window, so I could break in and unlock it somehow. IMMA try howling to the hunters to see if they respond somehow, oh dear god, I’m getting furry, thanks Seth for replying.
        Well that’s all for now, please reply. IM GETTING EARS OH MY GOD help me

    • Devorah

      Seth I have to go to a hockey game tonight and I’m really mad because the coach put me on a different team from my friends and I’m really mad

  • Sally H

    Seth, this is important to me can you please reply or give me mor advice?

  • Sally H

    Ok Seth, I know Im being a little pushy (sorry from full moon fever) but its close to midnight and I’m not prepared and my window won’t lock because it’s stuck and other than that it would be easy to break out of the house and I have a huge window in my room that has no blinds and the full moon is right outside it and oh my gosh, I cant stop staring at it and I’m freaking and I have no support none of my other friends are here, let alone werewolves too, HELP ME IM GOING OUT OF CONTROL, plea seth ple helq mucghcsghv. ……,…,,..

    • Hail Sally H.

      Thanks for your patience on this full moon. Judging from your comment, I’m going to guess this may be too late. As you know, most werewolves who transform unexpectedly will not survive their first moon. Let alone a Bone Moon when all those zombies zombi-ing around. At this point what is left to say except, I hope you survive somehow. It’s unlikely, but still please accept my sincerest survival wishes. I can only hope that whoever bit you – if in fact you are a bitten werewolf – plans on stopping by to help you. Or if you are a genetic werewolf, let’s hope there’s a family member out there waiting to step up and help out.

      This is an excellent lesson in:

      1. Seeking help BEFORE the full moon.
      2. Keeping your blinds shut on the full moon and
      3. Keeping a muffin reserve in your bedroom, just in case, no matter what kind of being you be.

      If you do survive Sally H. please let us know how you did it – but please remember no real names, ages or locations.


    • Midnight wrath

      Hey didd you survive because I hope you did and if u need help ill be here:)

  • Midnight wrath

    Katie I will try to help ill try to find you I’m a brown wolf chocolate but anyways run as far. Away from the people you care about and go deeper into the forest okay then try to find a place to make yourself stay and I can’t help with the rash though bit ill try to find u okay

    • Midnight wrath

      Katie do you see me?

      • Katie

        I saw u! U were like dancing tho. I really don’t remember much AT ALL. Except you. Gotta survive another night of the full moon. I’m fine now I think, except for this howling issue.

      • Katie

        Hey everyone!!! As for my phasing, it wasn’t horrible, I guess, but it was pretty intense!!!!
        I couldn’t breath and I had bad chest pain, and I was really dizzy! I tried seeing if silver jewelry would help (real silver) but I got a horrible itchy rash! I was really hairy too! I’m still locked out of my crib though!! And I was going through a very slow painfull change!! I lost my vision a bit too!! But I ran into the deeper parts of the forest and saw midnight wrath!! She took me on a long run in the forest! Who knows where she took me!?!?! I woke up by a creek but I still was a wolf and I changed back as soon as I got in the sunlight!!! I ran back in my house and here I am!! I’m fine I think!!! But remember there are 3 nights of the full moon, and tonight’s the second!

  • Werewolf13

    What the heck? I am in pure pain like I’m going to phase but I just… Can’t. What’s going on???

  • LycanTheProtector

    Hay survivors, just checking in because I read how everyone is phaseing, to be quite honest mine are going well as usual. (Rustpelt & Devorah) I delivered the flowers to both of your houses so hopefully it will get to Rustpelt one way or another!(been delivering them for 3 days now)
    Keep on keeping on my fellow werewolf survivors!
    P.S. if any one is wondering about my Poe problem it is starting to get under control!

    • Devorah

      Please give me the specific location where you put them and was my scent really fresh lycan cause I’m with my dad

      • LycanTheProtector

        Hay Devorah! I put been putting yours under your nightstand and rustpelts’s under his dresser (or is it the other way around?) anyways, ya your scent was fresh especially due to the moon becomeing full very soon. And I did see the dad he looked between the age of 35-45 in my opinion anyways, just an FYI.
        Your fellow survivor,
        P.S. hope you two find them soon!!

      • LycanTheProtector

        Finally finished cleansing all of the Poe’s in town, thanks to the energy boost from the moon. (Rustpelt and Devorah) congrats on making SOTM, Devorah! And if you two are not receiving the flowers we have a problem, Devorah can’t deliver them for me and mine are not getting there…..hmmm troubleing……and Rustpelt you are werewolf if I am correct, is you eat the petal of the flower it will forbid you to transform into your werewolf(24 hrs., but if I am wrong and you are human you will be a werewolf for 24 hrs.

  • The Ouroboros Eternal

    So interesting, to hear the stories of one’s phasing, especially when one tries to be a big shot about it.

  • Loki

    Seth a few months ago my mom gave me some real silver ear rings for my birthday and she’s wondering why I haven’t worn them yet. She knows I like them because I have a gold pair that’s very similar to them that I wear all the time but they look odd with some outfits so she got me the silver ones. What do I do??

    • Werewolf13

      Tell her you are allergic to silver. If she asks for proof just hold the earrings in one hand for a second and show her how red your skin gets. It’s not exactly lying.

      • Devorah

        I like werewolf 13 idea I own a silver necklace but now I don’t where I just don’t like it and I’ve been getting faster and stronger last night at my game a guy who is huge faced me and I won no problem and I almost scored

      • Hail Werewolf13,

        Good idea. DId you ever have to take your own advice? This sounds a bit like something that maybe comes from personal experience…


        • Werewolf13

          During a gym class at school I was having a pretty bad reaction to silver. Someone then asked me what was wrong with me. Mitsuzo came out and told them I was allergic. It was a pretty smart thing to say so I thought it could work here as well.

    • Hail Loki,

      I think WW13 has some pretty great advice for you. Just make sure you don’t hold onto them for too long. You might want to practice in private before the actual “show” sort of a rehearsal.

      Let us know how that works out.


  • redman2234

    Hey fellow survivers I hope you guys are all right I’ve been reading the comments and I see alots hapiong I wish I could help but all I can do is cast good luck spells and hope everyones allright and lycan I’m glad that your poe problem is under controle you all are in my spells

  • firefang

    Devorah new Area 51 update they are frantic for ur power I still don’t know what but I’m guessing its important for them

  • Devorah

    Anything else you can tell me at all a clue maybe a quote of something you heard them say

  • Devorah

    Have you or not 😯

  • Midnight wrath

    Guys it just snowed like15ft of snow god I’m going to hate running in the snow tonight!

  • redman2234

    Why do they want devorah and why is he so Importent? ❓

  • Devorah

    Apparently I have a important undeveloped skill they want and chad used to bully me and firefang thinks he is my assasin I really want to know what they want with me

  • Devorah

    I have a undeveloped Skill they want and chad was thought by firefang to be my assasin

  • Sally H

    Thanks for replying seth I’d like you to do that with all my questions, and i respect the fact that you couldn’t reply as soon as I might have wanted, but hey, I mean, you do have a life too, so that’s ok!:)
    Umm, my teqniqe for getting through the night, umm last nought is a little hard to remember, oh yeah, I breathed deep as ever and thought of everything that calmed me down, I listened to the rain ( it was raining) and sat in the corner of my bedroom and imagined the forest, my home, I saw very familiar wolves in my dreams, almost too familiar for my taste but, it calmed me down, so I guess my advice would be to imagine whatever calmes you down, and I guess sit inan I closed tight space (unless your claustrophobic) and sit in total darkness as far away from view of the full moon as possible.
    Oh and Seth, I have a question yet to be answered none other than ledgends, isit possible at all to be a werewolf by birth and if so how would you tell and how would you tell if none of your family are werewolves?

  • Sally H

    Thanks for replying seth I’d like you to do that with all my questions, and i respect the fact that you couldn’t reply as soon as I might have wanted, because, hey, I mean, you do have a life too, so that’s ok!:)
    Umm, my teqniqe for getting through the night, umm last night is a little hard to remember, oh yeah, I breathed deep as ever and thought of everything that calmed me down, I listened to the rain ( it was raining) and sat in the corner of my bedroom and imagined the forest, my home, I saw very familiar wolves in my dreams, almost too familiar for my taste but, it calmed me down, so I guess my advice would be to imagine whatever calmes you down, and I guess sit in an inclosed tight space (unless your claustrophobic) and sit in total darkness as far away from view of the full moon as possible.
    Oh and Seth, I have a question yet to be answered none other than ledgends, is it possible at all to be a werewolf by birth and if so how would you tell and how would you tell if none of your family are werewolves?

  • redman2234

    Wait a51 was closed down years ago how could they be hear maby its a diff orgenashion

  • Sometimes i can’t wait until i transform. I havnt changed yet tho. I am a frost wolf which is so cool! So my full moon isn’t until november i think. 😀

  • Gabriella5917

    😐 A werewolf was shot by a arrow a few days ago… hope my team got there quick enough…

  • Livingwithawolf

    I dont know if thats the only time i can change. Thats just what my lupine life said my full moon was “the frost moon”.

  • Were girl

    Well I think I am a werewolf but i never transformed or started stage 1 what should I do

  • Weregirl

    Hay Seth I think I am a werewolf but I never transformed or started stage 1what should I do

  • redman2234

    Okay it seems like werewolves go thou pain when they transeform whice I mean breaking the laws of phisics biolagy is painful but it seems that they blow it out of porshion with it

  • CyborgBeastCop

    Somebody help me here… there are Void Chipmunks and zombies attempting to kill me as we type!

  • Alex

    I’m feeling really depressed.
    Therefore, song. Make more depression.
    All around me are familiar faces
    Worn out places, worn out faces
    Bright and early for the daily races
    Going nowhere, going nowhere

    Their tears are filling up their glasses
    No expression, no expression
    Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow
    No tomorrow, no tomorrow

    And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad
    The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had
    I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles its a very, very
    Mad world, mad world

    Children waiting for the day they feel good
    Happy birthday, happy birthday
    And I feel the way that every child should
    Sit and listen, sit and listen

    Went to school and I was very nervous
    No one knew me, no one knew me
    Hello teacher tell me, what’s my lesson?
    Look right through me, look right through me

    And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad
    The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had
    I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take
    When people run in circles its a very, very
    Mad world, mad world, enlarging your world
    Mad world

  • Wolf 916


    I am starting to write a little handbook for werewolves. Being one myself, I am thinking that most of the information in it will be correct. If I hit a part where I don’t know the answers yet, could I get the answers from you?

    • Hail Wolf 916,

      We you can certainly ask nut I might not know the answer. While I do know a lot about werewolves and the supernatural I certainly don’t know everything and many things that are accepted as “facts” are really only theories or are just one possible answer and there are actually other answers to the same question that could also be considered factually correct.

      So when you have a question ask away and If I can’t help you maybe some of the other werewolves or other survivors on the site will be able to jump in and help you out.

      When you get some or all of it ready I would love to read it.

      Keep on keeping on.


      P.S. Welcome to the site

  • redman2234

    Wow its remarkabil what you can learn about wherwolves while talking to one

  • redman2234

    But in all honasty id say magic is beter than lycanthoyrb for 1 thing and its that’s you don’t pick when you turn plus 2 days ever month and that can really mess up your schuel but ya other than that it sounds cool to be like a ameraca wherewolf in london

  • Seth please please please answer i have not been bit i did a werewolf spell 3 days before the full moon and on the night of the full moon i was really not well and i even vomited even though im no been bit and no one is a werewolf in my family would i still have all the syptoms and on stage 1 would that be possible please answer and thank u

    • Hail DishonoredWolf,

      I would say that that was indeed possible. You may have just eaten a mouldy muffin but it certainly could be the signs of early stage lycanthropy. There is more than one way to become a werewolf and being a genetic werewolf or getting bitten are just the most common.

      I also saw your follow up comment about the strange mark. Can you describe it more? How big is it? What shape is it?

      Have you had any further symptoms? Have you tried the Monstrometer?

      Keep on keeping on.


  • firefang

    Hey not all werewolves are normal I’m a wiz-wolf

  • redman2234

    Okay but still even ‘speachle’ werewolves have a moon they turn on and what if somethings hapoing that night it well still screw you over no matter what type of werewolve you are

  • Joseph L

    I have a large predicament, Seth, Wrath person I need help! I’m catholic so my religion doesn’t believe in werewolves but I do! I don’t know if I’m a werewolf ether, I haven’t had a transformation, but I love wolves and my mom said I once ran outside when I was 5 to meet some Husky Wolf hybreds. Please help I have all the things a genetic werewolf needs but I don’t know for sure due to my catholic faith. Oh and I am NOT giving up my faith no sir!

    • Werewolf13

      Hello! It’s wonderful to meet you call me WW13! So what sort of symptoms do you have? You stated you could be a genetic wolf, Which one of your parents shows werewolf-like behavior? Were you perhaps bitten by one of these husky wolf hybrids? You could be a bitten wolf.

      ( By the way, no real names,ages,or locations on the site. Your survival is very important to us.)

      • Verspille

        My symtomes are, nails and hair growing VERY fast, love muffins, love for woles an desipise vampires My Mom who has a medium amount of hair and is very Italian and Is very much like a wolf as she feeds us and talks about them a lot and how she likes them, I am mostly like my mom as I look very Italian and have a lot d unwanted hair. But I haven’t transform! Not to what I remember, I have never woken up in the forest and I have not been bitten by those dogs I used to hang with.

    • Hail Verspille (Survivor Joseph),

      I am not an expert in this but I don’t feel like you need to choose between werewolves and your faith. Lycanthropy the condition that causes someone to transform into a werewolf affects the DNA of the werewolf. It is not something that makes you inherently evil or an abomination or anything else. In fact some of the nicest people I know are werewolves. I am pretty sure that you can be a werewolf and a catholic at the same time. You just have to take precautions so that you don’t break any commandments while transformed and work hard at learning to control your actions while transformed to prevent and accidental eating of people and such.

      Your symptoms certainly seem to point towards werewolf but until you transform you can never really be 100% sure and first transformations are a bit unreliable in their timing but once they start well that’s a different story… Another thing to keep in mind is that the pain of transforming into a werewolf is so intense that many werewolves brains block out the memory of the transformation entirely to protect themselves from the trauma. So it is possible to have transformed into a werewolf and have no memory of it.

      Werewolf 13 is right, your survival is very important to us. That is a big rule here on the site. No full names ages or locations or other personal info. That is a good rule for this site and everywhere online.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Verspilleus

    I’m the same person, but no one I know believes in werewolf a ether and I haven’t transformed yet! Please I really hope ima genetic werewolf and want to transform and “feel the forest as people say” please I need help… 😥

  • redman2234

    Ya it would be awesome to be a ww to

  • LycanTheProtector

    Finally it’s the full moons peak and I’m having a wolf of a time! Phasing is going well as usual, and if anything goes wrong I always have my Lycanthropous Flowers! Happy Hunting my brothers and sisters XD!

  • redman2234

    I tbout the peak was on the 25th or are you talking about a diffrent moon phase?

  • Verspille

    Whhhhhat the full moon isn’t tonight! Well in the northern hemisphere it isn’t, but I just realized something! The night of the full moon a few days ago I had stomach cramps and muscle cramps all night an O woke up not hungry and very hyper! Does this mean I transformed but just don’t remember? I don’t remember waking up naked but maybe while I was transforming back I didn’t remember that…Is this true? Is there other Lycans out there who can help me? Not just over the Internet also?

    • Werewolf13

      I know it’s pretty rare, but you could be a mental shifter. A mental shifter has all the symptoms of a normal were but they don’t turn. On nights of full moon they stay human but take on the mindset of a wolf. I used to be like that.

  • Seth i have this little mark on my stomach and it looks like a very quickly healed cut i dont remeber when i got it or how i got it what could it mean

  • Devorah

    Hey possibilities did it work

  • redman2234

    I wonder I there a any wws in my state?

  • Verspille

    Nvm I did transform my brother taped it with his phone and showed me, do yea it hurt…a lot… And I didn’t see any other werewolves, anyone in my state?

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