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Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf


1. Contrary to popular opinion, werewolves and vampires can be friends under the right circumstances. So ask yourself, are these the right circumstances? If the answer is no and you are a vampire or you are with a vampire? Time to run.

2. Silver. Real silver: bullets and accessories. A silver chain makes a nice belt and werewolf lead. NOTE: if it’s not real silver, it will just turn him green. A green werewolf is even more dangerous than one that is not green.

3. Look werewolf directly in the eye and growl in your best pack-leader voice, “SIT!” WARNING – This tip from Hollywood Dog Trainer Cesar Milan is controversial, indeed completely unsubstantiated. If your voice is not firm enough in the heat of werewolf battle, there is the risk you will just make him madder.

4. Got a muffin on you? Get it out, fast. Nothing makes a werewolf happier than a warm, fluffy muffin. Be prepared, download my proven fluffy anti-lycan muffin recipe.

5. If you have been or suspect that you have been bitten by a werewolf despite taking all precautionary measures, then you need 10 gallons of colloidal silver water *STAT*. I would advise that you make your own, it’s just cheaper. All you need is a battery, silver wire, a piece of real silverware or jewelry, and a gallon of water.

If you don’t have time to make your own colloidal silver water, gather up all the silverware in the house and toss it into a hot tub. Soak your whole body – not just the bite – in the tub for one hour. This should be long enough for the silver ions to penetrate your epidermis.

6. If you can’t beat them –  survive. When you get out of the tub, contact the other survivors at SOS for more advice. Life as a werewolf can actually be pretty good!

~~~ If  The Werewolf Is YOU! ~~~

As you may already know, current pathogenic research distinguishes acquired lycanthropy or “bitten werewolves” from genetic lycanthropic tendencies. So the first question to ask yourself is, are any of your parents or siblings werewolves?  Has there been a resurgence of ancestral threats i.e.: vampires in your community? There are many genetic werewolves on this site who know more than I do about this. You can read their comments below.

However if this is a bitten case, acquired lycanthropy will generally manifest by the next full moon or within a maximum of 28 days, according to the stages outlined below. Your first transformation is a very dangerous time – most new werewolves will not survive. So don’t be caught unprepared, read the advice and comments below.

In Stage I you will have a cut or wound that won’t heal normally and that you can’t exactly remember how you got it. Anecdotal reports indicate that dousing the wound with a simple colloidal silver solution from a health food store within 24 hours of infection could actually prevent the lycanthropic mutagens from spreading to your stem cells. If 24 hours has passed, you will notice your immune system begins to work overtime. This will look like a very severe cold. Are you suddenly sweaty for no apparent reason? You will spike a unaturally high fever, maybe even over 100 degrees according to some reports. You can try Tylenol but it won’t help this fever. You may vomit. Your friends and family will try to take you to the hospital but this is not advisable as Area 51 has doctors in every one. This stage is said to last for three to five days, depending on the phase of the moon.

In Stage II you will recover from this “cold” very very quickly and the bite mark will heal too. There is debate about whether it heals completely or leaves a telltale scar or “mark.” Maybe it depends to some extent on the size of the bite, this is unknown. If it does leave a mark, this is rumoured to serve as a sign to others re: pack affiliation. During this phase you will be almost supernaturally resistant to the cold, tempted to go outside without a coat or even a shirt. This is also not advisable. Especially if you are a girl. I’m just saying. You may have a sudden and inexplicable urge to run everywhere and yet never tire on arrival. You may try to lift heavy things for no other reason than to see if you can. Your sense of smell and hearing becomes acute – you may find you are able to identify people by odor or the sound of their footsteps even in very crowded rooms. Stage II should last another five days, again depending on the phase of the moon.

Stage III is the stage everyone thinks of when it comes to werewolves. The nails grow. And grow and grow. Did I mention that they grow? The hair grows too. The voice changes to a growl. And then there’s the anger! Being a werewolf is angry business. Even formally good-tempered beings find it impossible to not react when the flow of adrenaline-fueled anger begins coursing through their veins and their human side tries to rationalize it by pinning the reason on somebody else. So it’s very important during stage three to remind yourself that it’s NOT actually that #$%-ing clerk or that *&*^#& teacher or even that little brother – okay maybe it is that little brother – but NO!  It’s just your body adapting to the increased adrenaline load that comes with becoming a werewolf. This stage lasts until the full moon.

Stage IV, full moon fever. Regardless of how you got it, inherited or acquired, the final phase and your first transformation begins the day before the full moon. Don’t remain stuck in denial. Get to work building that secure werewolf crib, complete with silver bars on the windows, a lock on the door and a stash of muffins on the bed. Actually scratch the muffins. I have since learned the muffins work on werewolves in human form. For the full moon, it’s all about the meat! As much as you can fit under the bed. No time to build a crib? There are reports of werewolves renting moving trucks and box cars and driving into the middle of the desert. Of course you’ll need a friend you can trust to lock you in!

And read on! There’s lots more advice, stories and tips below from other werewolves like you!

For more specific info about different kinds of werewolves, visit YourLupineLife.com.

You can also download a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad made especially for werewolves called Lupine Life made by my friends over at YourLupine Life.com, It will help you find out what kind of moon you were born under and what type of werewolf you might be. It also has a handy full moon tracker that let’s you find the phase of the moon for any date over a 200 year range.

Finally if you are interested in werewolves you will want to watch Survivor Louis Pine’s video series chronicalling his Lupine Life: “My Lupine Life” By Louis Pine

 Or for further info, come back to SOS often, as there are often new findings submitted by survivors themselves. Here are a few popular links:

WEREWOLFGIRL describes a potion for non-genetic lycanthroporous transformation.

 WOLF PRINCESS’ crib research links:

 LYCANTHEPROTECTOR describing his three WW forms:

This list in eternal progress… check back often for updates.




by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

40,733 comments to Werewolves: You May Be Dealing With A Werewolf

  • bro

    what do i do my brother is a werewolf

  • A.A

    Hi Seth I just want to say thAt u are right that they attack vampires but I have a friend that’s a werewolf and so far he hasn’t attAcked yet but he really likes me ( as a friend) but should I still be careful?

  • A.A

    Well my friend turns into a werewolf

  • Michaelw0lf

    im a partial werewolf and i dont like your muffins.
    sharp teeth all the way back including the molars,
    constant desire for raw meat,
    lifelong fascination with the full moon,
    a lot of excess body hair,
    unnaturally strong for my size and considering i never excersise,
    unnaturally fast healing,
    oh yeah… i think i qualify as a threat…but your muffins still arent that good

  • A.A

    Hey Seth! What’s up? Any way… I was watching the football game that the boys in my grade play and I was looking at my werewolf friend and he ran really fast! But there are other werewolfs too. Like my crush and some of my other friends… How many could there be?

    • Hey A.A.,

      I am just really busy working on a big Monstrometer update with Graham.

      Wow! Sounds like you were watching a whole team of werewolves. Werewolves run fast and they like any sports that involve a ball (it is like fetch).

      In regards to how many werewolves there could possibly be the answer is LOTS! It is pretty contagious and there is no known cure at the moment so be careful but I suggest that you should try to scan everyone you suspect. And who should you suspect? Everyone!

      Thanks for writing me. Keep on keeping on.

      Your pal,


  • A.A

    Uh-oh that ain’t good! Should I scan my crush too? He’ll think it’s wired but it’s worth a shot…

    • A crush is the MOST important friend to scan, Survivor A.A. For your sake and his, don’t delay.

      And hey if he turns out to be a werewolf? Could you maybe give the muffins a try and report back? I need some more data to determine if they are no longer effective on all werewolves or just some or just our friend Mr. W0lf!

      Thanks A.A.

  • William

    Dude i read the comments A.A. and michaelwolf wrote , and i interogated myself and im up to 93.4% wat should i do now that the muffins dnt work

    • Well the muffins apparently don’t work on Michaelw0lf – but remember you can never trust monsters themselves to be a reliable source of information. However their calming effects appear to have worked on other werewolves so more testing is required. He MAY be telling the truth or he may just be trying to spread werewolf propaganda.

      The muffins may not work on ALL werewolves but they do work on SOME, it is a clinically proven fact. What remains to be seen is exactly what percentage of werewolves they are effective on. Try some muffins, see how it goes and report back your findings. You will be helping survivors everywhere. Thanks William.


  • A.A

    I interigated myself and yes I’m a vampire so it’s a good idea

  • A.A

    Seth, your right! They were playing football! So I probaly was. That’s freaky.

  • william

    Well im not eating a muffin now but a frosted cupcake with chocalate chunks satesfy me enough. Mabey chocalate muffins should do the trick.

  • A.A

    I love muffins 🙂 but I
    ain’t a werewolf i is a vamp

  • wilwolf

    From now on , I shall be known as wilwolf

  • Vampire A. A.

    Cool I like that name! Wilwolf! That’s cool! Yeah I don’t like releasing my name so Im vampire A. A.

  • Vampire A. A.

    I was standing in line to get in from recess and I was next to FIVE werewolfs!

  • Vampire A. A.

    I didn’t do anything! They are EVERYWHERE!! Almost all my friends that are guys are werewolves! It’s scary!!!

  • wilwolf

    They’re probably planning to get rid of you.

  • Vampire A. A.

    That means my crush/really good friend is trying to get rid of me!!!!!!!! 

  • Wilwolf

    Not necesarly like that , cause werewolves and vampires are enemies . What im saying is that he’s probably nervous and tense around you . Mabey even like you.

  • Vampire A. A.

    I hope he likes me. He sure acts like it.

  • Wilwolf

    cool,anyway i heard this sunday night there will be a fullmoon

  • Vampire A. A.

    Awesomr! Full moons are pretty! Are u gonna transform?

  • Aceevileyes

    Dear Seth , turns out I’m a werewolf. I think that’s real cool but I have a problem, my bff/crush is a vampire and my pack leader says if I get caught sneaking out with him again he’ll kill him. What should I do?

  • Vampire A. A.

    I know I’m not Seth but I do know a bit. Do you go to school? If yes, is he there? I’m a girl to somy perspective is different than a guys. But go with your heart. I’m a vampire and I love a werewolf. So do what you want. See you
    -Vampire A. A.

  • Aceevileyes

    thnx for the help Vampier A.A. i do go to school and him and i are in the same class i really care for and hopfully my Alpha will understand

  • Vampire A. A.

    Yeah. I hope your pack leader understands.

  • Aceevileyes

    Paws crossed lol 🙂

  • Aceevileyes

    Um hey Im kinda a new werewolf and if any one could give ne sum tips that would be gr8 ty btw how do you throw other werewolfs off ur trail cause my alpha is kinda tracking me 2 make sure me and Taylor aren’t seeing eachother anymore ( Tay is the vamp I talked about earlier)

    • Hail Aceevileyes,

      Thanks for writing in. The pack leader problem is a TOUGH one for sure. A experienced werewolf like Wilwolf may have some better ideas but here’s 2 basic pack leader evasionary tactics you can try: 1. Block your smell and 2. Block your thoughts.

      Now blocking your smell is pretty easy. Since you’ll probably take a long shower before meeting your vampire BF anyway, I know I don’t have to tell you THAT one but you may not be aware that a little Spray Nine on your shoes will confuse trackers long enough to make it to your secret rendezvous. Maybe more importantly though, I also recommend borrowing some clothes from a human friend. Make absolutely sure that they have worn them for AT LEAST three hours – hopefully not in gym class – and get it ah right off their body, if you can, and into a plastic bag until right before you go out. Oh – and also make sure they fit because ill-fitting clothes can be a dead giveaway that something is up.

      Now blocking your thoughts, THAT is harder. The alien community leads all research in this area but they have yet to invent an effective thought-blocking helmet despite their best efforts. Their attempts so far have resulted in clunky, frankly somewhat douchey looking headgear that I cannot in good conscience recommend to anyone, let alone a stylish werewolf. So that leaves us with that good old standby – sing the MOST annoying pop song you know, under your breath, over and over. Myself I prefer the Black Eyed Peas “Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night.” It’s painful but it works. Now I recommend an annoying song because these have the infectious quality that will take over your ENTIRE brain for way longer than you would like but if you know a great song by an artist that you like that has this powerful quality, by all means use it and maybe some of the werewolves on the site can recommend their favorite thought-blocking songs. The point is to use this song to cancel out all other thoughts in your mind so when dear Leader checks in? It’s all just, “tonight’s gonna be a good, good niiiiiiiight…” if you see what I mean. Of course you are taking the risk of enraging your Pack Leader anyway, when you infect his mind with your song but… if for true love – a risk worth taking!

      Good luck Aceevileyes, with your forbidden love. Keep on keeping on!


      PS – As Wilwolf and A.A. pointed out above some muffins wouldn’t hurt either!

  • Vampire A. A.

    Uhhhhhhhh, I have to say that you should ask Seth. Yeah I don’t really know. I’m a vampire well half vampire but ask Seth. He may know.

  • Wilwolf

    Aceevileyes , I read your comments , and I want to help you out , have you tried those fluufy muffins that Seth created to keep them from attacking , if your alpha catches you , use atleast 10 , or 20 muffins to keep him occupied.

  • Vampire A. A.

    Wilwolfs idea will probaly work. Like 99.99% gonna work.

  • Vampire A. A.

    Another really anoying song is “party in the USA ” by Miley Cyrus it’s the worst song ever!!!

  • Wolf king

    Hey Seth i am an 98.46 percent werewolf and I can talk to my dog and she actually listens to me. When I go to sleep I imagine running through woods and in the morning I have woken up with leaves all over me. So should I keep away from people? And my girlfriend realy likes me and shows she might be a werewolf too but I’m not sure and I haven’t been able to test her. Ohh and all you other werewolfs I can change physical strength and mind so watchout!

    • Hail Wolf King… the leaves are a dead giveaway for sure! Thanks for pointing that out. I don’t know that you need to stay away from people entirely, but you might want to carry a light set of extra clothing until you learn to control your transformations. Waking up with leaves all over you is one thing, finding yourself suddenly naked in the mall is another!


  • Aceevileyes

    thanx seth it worked gr8 my alpha is completly clueless and now has the song poker face stuck in his head lol anyway u justamde my life a heck of alot easier thanx and i’ll keep u posted
    sincerly, aceevileyes
    btw i luv the muffins 🙂

  • Werewolf king

    Hey Seth my sister is a werewolf. What should I do?

  • Vampire A. A.

    Dear wolf king,
    My question to you is Do you transform? And Do you go to school?
    And this question you don’t have to answer but do you not like vampires? Cuz I know most werewolves don’t.
    But if you answer the first two questions (the last one is optional) it may be easier for Seth. But Seth probaly won’t need it I just wanna help him cuz he’s busy so ttyl.
    -Vampire A. A.

  • Werewolf king

    Vampire a.a yes I do transform in my sleep I go to school. The last one is that I do like vampires because I am a different kind of wolf.

  • Werewolf king

    Hey Seth my brother is a demon and he a ts strange so what should I do to protect myself.

    • Hail Werewolf King. You do have a problem there… in werewolf vs demon warfare I wouldn’t want to lay bets on either side…

      The problem with demons is you can’t get away from them, even with your enhanced werewolf speed, changing location usually doesn’t help. As a general rule one has to persuade a demon to leave you of its own free well. Your first line of defense is – I’m serious about this – boredom. You have to bore the demon away. If you must talk to him at all, talk to him really, really slow. Since they feed off your emotion – don’t show any. Engage in the dullest activities you can think of that WON’T put you to sleep. Very important that. DON’T go to sleep, under any circumstances. Clean your room, rearrange your sock drawer, play a really, really old video game – for me this means Super Bag Man. If your demon is still around? Maybe time to try creating a vortex – but first things first. Above all DO NOT EVER try to “cast” the demon out yourself with the help of any untested voodoo mumbo jumbo!

      Good luck with your demon, King. Keep us posted.


  • Demon Guardian

    No one answer wolf kings post demons prefer privacy so they can kill possess or anything else in secrecy. I am a demon and I don’t tell people what i do or what I actually look like unless they post under demons I just happen to chance sharing but post to me demons can get lonely. Plus demons make organizations like packs but we are much more powerful. If u wish to speak with me about anything I post here and on demons. Sleep knowing you may be possesed! If not your freind your insight Demon Guardian,

  • Wilwolf

    since ima werewolf too, i like tthis one vampire in my school and i gave her a gift for valentiness day last friday, ohyea , my little bro is a demon too, he sometimes shakes his body like he just got possed. im thinking he’s acting crazy again but not like this . Seth man what can i do .

  • Demon Guardian

    Ya well since being a demon anything you want to no or talk about I’m open to.

  • Werewolf king

    hey wilwolf my brother moves and acts seance too. And do all you other werewolfs on this site wanna be a pack?

  • Demon Guardian

    Plus demons don’t act possessed like ever!!!!! All we do is kept to us unless we tell.

  • Demon Guardian

    Hey guys me again demons don’t act possessed at all they possess.

  • Demon Guardian

    Huhhhh so lonely without other demons or monster freinds.

  • Werewolf king

    demon dude get off this page it’s for werewolfs and vamps only.

  • Demon Guardian

    I’m not full demon I’m part demon werewolve and human.

  • Demon Guardian

    Oooand a little leprechaun

  • Wilwolf

    Hey demon guardian , do all demons have big brothers that are werewolves , and do they shake their body like being possed and come up with a lame excuss

  • Vampire A. A.

    Hey demon guardian,
    do you know who I am?
    Almost all demons know me and i’m haunted by them so I want to make sure that there’s at least one that won’t try to kill me.

    • Half Breed

      Hi you don’t know me but you might be shocked at how the site has changed. This place is awesome but not much of an info site any more.

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