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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Vampires: You May Be Dealing With A Vampire

Probably the biggest threat posed by the preternaturally hot modern Vampires is the threat to your ego.

I’m talking about the damaging cycle of self-doubt you experience trying to date one. Don’t I smell good enough for her? What if she reads my thoughts right now when I’m thinking about picking my nose? Why is she acting like she just wants to just suck me dry? Can’t she see how eternally fascinating I could be?


But hey that’s just me. I’m a man on the rebound so maybe my perspective is a little skewed.  If dating a vampire isn’t YOUR ultimate survival fantasy then you are advised to:

1. Beware their sexy hypnotic gaze – avoid eye contact!

2. Beware their sexy hypnotic bodies – don’t look!

3. Beware their sexy hypnotic voices – don’t listen!

4. Beware their sexy hypnotic marriage proposals. Think of how long FOREVER means to a vampire!

Failed on #1 – 4? CONGRATULATIONS. Lucky! Have fun but please try to recall all those safer sex tips from health class because your Vampire lover’s 19th Century high school curriculum DEFINITELY missed out on that part.


Congratulations! Many consider vampires the penultimate survivors! Eternal life AND good looks – what more could you ask for? Socially acceptable nourishment needs? Look no further! On November 7, a team of scientists led by vampire Dr. Mick Bhatia discovered how to turn skin cells into blood cells just by manipulating a few proteins. No more snacking on squirrels and purse puppies! A fully viable liquid food source for ethical vampires may be mere moments away. (See it here at http://sethonsurvival.com/survival-news/vampire-researchers-make-blood-from-human-skin)

Of course there are still a few things to remain aware of as a vampire. Sunlight for one. The *we sparkle in sunlight!* campaign appears to be flaming out. While the sparklers had a good run, the facts are that while some younger and part vampires do in fact sparkle, the majority of older and full vampires still go up in flames when exposed to direct sunlight without magical or technological intervention. This is about more than sunscreen. If  you’re thinking of going vampire and you don’t have your own Day Walker ring yet, it’s time to invest. Finding a certified Day Walker ring is even more important than finding a vampire willing to change you. Don’t even consider one without the other. Valuable information about these rings is found in the comments below. Meanwhile vampire engineers and architects work overtime to design safer sun-proof vehicles and buildings.

Finally, let’s talk about your vampire thrall. Vampires need to be very careful (and considerate) when they are turning on the thrall power.  I’m not just talking about dating etiquette here. Aiming your hypnotic eye mojo on some poor mortal sucker might seem like a great way to get free blood and donuts but the consequences can be devastating for both parties. Thrall-sick love slaves who are repeatedly denied your dark gift will eventually go insane 99.99% of the time. And who do you think they turn on first? So please. If you can’t control it yet, keep your tractor beam behind protective sunglasses, even at night.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

6,647 comments to Vampires: You May Be Dealing With A Vampire

  • lostwerewolf

    Hi. My friend made a website for all creatures to exist in harmony and to talk to each other. We already have one vampire and she is my friend. Please add to the numbers! Thanks.

  • The King


  • The King

    i heard vamparism can cure any disease even cancer is that true

  • Adisa

    hey seth im a vampire but i dont die in sunlight can you tell me why

    • Hail Adisa,

      Thanks for your SOS report. It’s nice to have a vampire stop by, there has been a shortage of them lately. I should probably tell you that The King is looking for vampire venom. He thinks it will cure diseases or something. Me, I’m not so sure. What do you think? Can you follow this reply to his comment?

      Anyway, back to your question. Why don’t you die in sunlight? Well there are a number of possibilities. One of them being that you aren’t quite a full vampire yet. What percentage are you? Another possibility is that you are wearing some kind of protective amulet for instance one of the so-called daywalker rings. Do you have any exotic jewelry? Possibly something given to you by somebody who loves you?

      Thanks for keeping on keeping on,


  • adisa

    yes i do have a braclet from my grandmother she gave it to me
    before she died

  • Adisa

    I live in Austrailia
    my cousin were wolf but wet along REALLY well and evry time theres a full moon we have a sleep over at my house why do we get along so well?

  • adisa fabiano

    Hey seth its me again
    when will i become a Full vampire i just want to know so i can prepere my self PS CAN YOU ANSER ALL MY COMMENTS and you are smart. 🙂

  • Mervampire

    The meter said I was a mermaid but also said I was a vampire. Why? And also, my friend is a ghost, but she can’t even walk through walls. Write back soon, PLEASE!

  • adisa fabiano

    seth can you anser me

  • adisa fabiano

    hey seth i need you to anser this SOS is there anything I can use to not die in sun so and in a way that nobody

  • lostwerewolf

    Please join magicamundus.com. It is for everyone and anyone part of this world or believes.

  • adisa fabiano

    Hey Seth you have got to anser me or else i will burn to death
    is there anything i can use that will protect me from sunlight and so that no suspects im a vampire please anser me
    i dont want to burn from adisa PS:if you ont anser me i will come back as a ghost and haunt you until the ghost adventures crew come

    • Rainstorm

      SPF 1000! Asked a vampire.. Right before it almost bit my face off… About that, how do you get rid of vampires trying to steal a cure to vampirism? I have this thing, I can either get rid of werewolfism or Mermaidism, see I like both? Well, they want that cure, they want to be human, and I don’t think they are going to give up until I get bit or until they get that cure. HELP. They are the fanged and furious!

  • adisa fabiano

    hey seth please dont take me the wrong way but im XX so when will i become a full vampire.
    PS: your website is a information scource for me and my cousins investigation

    {Edited by Seth. Remember for your safety no real names, locations or ages should be revealed on the site. Your survival is my survival.}

    • Hail AF,

      Thanks for keeping on and for hiding your real name, location and age on this site and others. Can you tell us anything about the investigation you are conducting with your cousin?


  • adisa fabiano

    Well we are trying to get information about Water fairys. Because we both find these creatures fasainating
    And last years topic was were-wolfs But that investigation was really easy thanks to to your app we found out that me and her found out that my cousin was a genitick were wolf and I was a genitick vampire so that leads to this year and thanks to you your site is helping us conduct the investigation.

  • adisa fabiano

    Lost were wolf
    I am sorry but every time I search your site on chrome the computer says site does not exist

  • anna

    is my diabetes helpful to my vampirism in some way? my diabetes requires that I check to make sure my blood sugar isn’t too high or too low. I’m not sure how it can tell me if I need to drink blood or can stay away from blood for a while. also does being a hybrid vampire somehow affect my ability to walk around in daylight? I have a suspicion I am a hybrid vampire.

    • marney

      Some friends from here and another group has helped me figure out I am a Werepyer or whatever the name. But I can walk in daylight but I can get migrains aftter a while. and the heat and such don’t help. My eyes can be light sensative but I still usualy have to go out for something or another.

  • Adisa

    ever since i put on this ring that looked like the VERY rare day walker ring it was gold and had a ruby in the middle for the crest i took it off and im still sick can you tell me why

  • Angel

    Lol I have like 10 day walker rings. And a really pretty necklace one…. And no i am not selling them. They have been in my family for years! and btw my name may be Angel, but that doesn’t mean I am one.

  • Cole

    Hey Seth, I’m fairly positive I’m a vampire, but Im not entirely sure, and tips to help me see if I really am one?

    • Cole

      And if am am a vampire ((Which i am now almost positive am am because my skin gets paler by the day)) i would have to be genetic. Also my ancestors come from Transylvania and te areas surrounding… 😕

  • Savanna

    A couple years ago, I made a friend. She was alone and that’s why. A couple months past and we were besties, and she told me something. She said she was a vampire. She also bit my wrist and said i was now too…

    I’m not sure if she was lying or not because it hurt like h*ll….
    and the next year she said she was a wolverine……

    • Marney

      I highly dought she was a real vampire. a bite alone does not do anything instead maybe a bad infection if she was human. maybe she is a wolverine therian but I am not sure… but a vampire.. no..

  • Count Drakula

    Why is there such a shortage of pureblood vampires, but such a large amount of werewolves and hybrids… i mean us vamps get a little lonely… I mean a good long talk with another genetic is hard to come by these days…

  • Bella wolf 388

    Help my bro is the vamp from hell!!!!

  • Bella wolf 388

    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  • mysterygirl8888

    Ok I’m so confused. It says I’m a zombie, werewolf, leprechaun, witch, ghost, vampire, angel, and mermonster. So am I all? What else am I? I’m so confused by all this 🙁

  • mysterygirl8888

    I’ve heard of commelons. What they are is all supernatural creatures into one person. It looks like i could possibly be that If they exist. And I also have a friend (and my locker neighbor at school) told me she is a wereworlf witch and a vampire and that I’d be perfect as a vampire since I’m pail and love the tast of blood already (yes I know I’m weird but I’m actually very popular at school) idk what to say to her about it. She told me not to tell anyone. Apparently she was stalking me at my house a few times when she was a vampire. She also did it to see if I’m ok but also because she wanted blood or something. Me and my friends were outside at midnight and we were going around the block and we felt like something was following us. She told me the next day it was her and her clan. Idk if I should be happy she’s following me or to bee scares

  • lostwerewolf

    Sorry Adisa fabiano, it’s magica.mundus.webs.com please join we have so many ww’s and I’d like more than one vamp. Thank you for joining! And for anyone else, we have Iron Man! He is from another dimension and I keep creeping him out. HEHEHE

  • mysterygirl8888

    I’m sooooo happy! I’m texting my real life friend who is a vampire\werewolf\witch and were going to meet up tonight! I can’t wait to see her! It’s full moon tonight!!! 😀

  • werevamp01

    If there are any real vamps out there willing to turn someone please tell me what its like and what I have to do thnx

  • lostwerewolf

    magicamundus.webs.com PLEASE JOIN!!! We need more vamps all verbal hostilities will result in banishment thank you PLEASE JOIN!

  • Vamp/angel

    Um Seth I think I am a vampire/angel time travaler hibred cause I have all the angel,vampire and time traveler cararistics I don’t know what to think. I know this doesn’t concern this concept but I keep seeing idly shaped ghosts and faces evil or angry faces.

  • Vampire princess

    Uh Seth um I got all characteristics of a vampire and I was even one for halloween also I got 99% forty times on your game please help

  • Ash

    Is it possible to be a werewolf/vampire hybrid? I’m a werewolf, however, one of my closest companions is a vampire. I have been feeling odd after she convinced me to drink something of hers, her eyes are really captivating…anyways, is it possible that she could have done something to me?

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Depends on what kind of werewolf/vampire you are…
      If you’re bitten (aka, Lycanthropic), it won’t be possible.
      But if you were born a werewolf, it might be possible…
      With the moon far away, not full, it could be possible…
      So, if you don’t want to be a vampire, try to convince someone in a hospital to give you some blood. That should clean your blood.
      Or maybe she’s a cursed one?
      If so, she won’t have the Vampire Virus but the Vampire Curse, which means she isn’t able to spread her Vampirism through bite.
      So, are you ever bitten by a werewolf?

  • Ash

    I was born with the gene, but it didn’t pop up till my friend who is one accidentally bit me when we were play fighting.

    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      Hm… You may be a werewolf/vampire hybrid…
      Try to see if you are immune to sunlight.
      Just make sure to be able to jump in a shadow when you feel pain…

      • Ash

        Well I mean, the sun doesn’t hurt me right away,however, I do feel weak and groggy in it. A while back I got blood poisoning from staying in the sun for too long. It was painful.
        Does craving rare/raw meat and/or blood mean that I could have vampire in me as well?

  • Adisa


    • Kzazrier Vetanari

      To survive a zombie apocalypse, eh?
      Well, for starters, there are more kinds of zombie infections…
      But let’s limit that to the only zombie infection that is able to stand a chance on Earth, the virus.
      The virus creates mindless zombies, though it does get smarter and stronger every infection.
      It spreads with blood-to-blood contact, saliva-to-blood contact, saliva-to-saliva contact and blood-to-saliva contact. And sometimes they can spread to with their claws too, but that is very rare to happen.
      Right, let’s go to the useful stuff to know…
      As a werewolf, don’t use your wolf powers to attack, but to run away. Sure, you can kill some zombies, just don’t use your mouth. EXCEPT if you’re bitten. If you’re bitten, the virus will try to attach itself to the Lycanthropic-bacteria, but the bacteria will resist. Sometimes it will even kill itself, just to stop the infection.
      So, try not to get bitten by a zombie or bite a zombie, even when you’re bitten by a werewolf. There still is a chance that it will kill you. Those are the extra rules for werewolves…
      Let’s go on to the vampires.
      If you’re bitten by one, you have nothing to fear. Seriously, nothing at all.
      The Vampirism-Virus will immediatelly kill the zombie virus.
      You shouldn’t be afraid of them, you can even use them to get blood. However, it won’t be enough to survive. You can use them to get some blood when you’re really thirsty, but later you’ll need human blood. Zombie blood just doesn’t have that what human blood has.
      So, help the humans and use your powers to kill some zombies. Try not to get killed by them. Being immune isn’t the same as being immortal…
      However, if you aren’t bitten but cursed or born, you’ll have to be more carefull. You’re still close to immune, but there is a chance you will get infected. So, don’t drink zombie blood…
      Any questions?

      • The Horseman

        Necromancy is a type of magic that creates zombies on earth Ventanari, however it is not going to make you a zombie or give you virus beyond the normal germs and diseases inside a human mouth.

        • Kzazrier Vetanari

          Necromancy is the magical study on the death… And the zombie-virus is everywhere in the zombie. So, don’t eat a zombie… Necromancy doesn’t really make a zombie-infection, but a zombie. Just a zombie. Unable to infect. If someone is very good at necromancy, that person might be able to create The Curse… So, I don’t really count Necromancy Zombies as real zombies… Except for The Curse…

  • lostwerewolf

    Please join add to the numbers no violence please

  • FullMoonMagician

    Hey it’s me again! I think I’ve been getting followed by vampires because I was in Outback Steakhouse today and I was repeatedly intensively uncomfortable-ized and she’s either an alien or vampire…Seth help

  • Count Drakula

    So… Whats with the shortage of vamps. and other people wondering about them on this page? it gets lonely out here. Being one of the only genetics here…

  • Shadow rise wolf

    Hey Seth

    My friend is a vamp, but I’m a werewolf and
    I’m afraid that wil get in the way, there’s a full
    Moon tomorrow and I’m going to her house on
    The same day. I’m afraid I might hurt her ;(

    Shadow rise wolf

  • Kurogane

    I’m a werewolf but my gf is a vamp.

  • fenrir9

    One I’m curious as to how that works kurogane
    But, more importantly, two it doesn’t look like any of Morrigan’s crows are on here so for now they are safe. Any now dark vampyr wishing to contact me (and perhaps seek mercy) here I am

  • IsraelScialabba

    I was told that i am the son of Geae and in the book series Marked It is said that you are Geae so if that is true and i a vampire,demigod werewold hybrid then??

  • Explostevio

    What do I do if there is a blood drive at my school?

  • john divight

    I drank the sap of the tree of life of an oak and after a time four years ago I became a vampire and die from suffocation by the sun.

    I am a Vampire Original.

    I ran a summer risk entering a very small tent and doing a lot heat and blocking my, then every time grew worse, I stopped breathing and heart and you know also other things that stand in our body when it air you breathe, also was losing control and I felt dizzy but in a way that his head was going to plummet, so I step on the head or salts or die there, and I caught her die because if I had touched the concept that had to die, and I ignored and die. After two or three hours I woke up and did not know what had happened (never know anything until you find out what happened to you on time or health issues), and I found out because my need began smelled blood and blood everywhere, the first time was half waking one night.

  • johndivight

    Hello, i can ask one question?

    I’ve never turned a human into a vampire, and not as do-it.

    beyond my question, I do not know if I am a vampire, because this question and is, if I am. I am an Original vampire.

    but I want to know how to convert a human into a vampire.

    for my show retractable fangs or not, is a bit difficult because I can not control my animal instincts in me.
    therefore I have not become one yet, and I would like to learn a little more life and on this question. I just wish and sorry if I do wrong or annoying, let me know how to turn a human into a vampire.

    I was converted as in the previous post, by drinking blood and dying tree time after the sun.
    and was dead for two or three hours and came back to life.

    therefore, I you can answer my question, please? To exchange I would be fine with human blood and will die after human, and animal blood have you prepared?

  • johndivight

    Hello , I remember a fact that I still remember step today.

    It was in a wooden house was only one room to eat . before we slept in trees , plus there was only darkness and passed it through the way .
    I remember one night when a beautiful woman , I became a vampire . She was a woman who knew a lot about the truth and had much wisdom .
    I at that time I cared and I loved to learn and know . to my knowledge was good.
    thought this girl named Lilith .
    and were in the beginning of time . lilith showed me all the truths of the universe and how to activate my blood and make unimaginable abilities . also remember as we hid in the bushes and we used to hunt a lot and she loved me too. she taught me many things and I do not know what my end because I cared to know much more . knowledge for me was a council of elders , the biggest advice you could give to a human.
    she taught me to live life and enjoy with the most you could live ,
    but every thing he learned what had to learn only the time that happened, and what I had to do is live fun and do not know anything that could parender of life, every thing I teach life and herself.
    I am now in a new body. but even with previous memories from when I was with my name cain , as assembleas we had to do to establish an order of the people. there in the dark always had to have an order to all things. and I liked to wait each time I had to go and so it could read the future.
    I only remember a few few memories . because before anything bad happens , like humans kill me , did not know how because I was the balance of immortality and life, I was the new world that should be born and remain free in this world , I could not die ; I did not know how to kill me, because I was a first generation original vampire . Lilith was the first of the first generation of vampires and that was stronger than me .
    she came to the first with a dark vortex in a dimension of numbers , we when we sleep , no sleep but we see in our eyes , we see numbers .

    I was cain , I am a new being coming from Cain . My old name is cain , and they just had to move him back to earth.

    this is not whether it should explain it but I can not be suspected or can lead me to the area 51 . I am an original vampire , cain the beginning of an era of darkness .
    I would like to explain this, but I have known for many years that if I have learned , is that if you do not ignore , talk again and see how differently now if you talk.

    a greeting, goodbye.

    I like to give my explanations or data.

  • Diana Eleanora

    Hi, just used Monstrometer, I am 72% vampire. I checked it a lot, and got vampire 14 times. I think that I inherited vampirism. My grandmother likes really salty foods and my mom… well, I don’t know. Since this summer I’ve paid a lot of attention to people’s canine teeth to see if they are sharp and pointy like fangs, and the other night I bit my lip by accident and sucked on the blood. My friend is a Sasquatch/Vampire which makes sense because she is really really pale and sunburns easily (I would, too, if I didn’t wear so much sunscreen) and she climbs like a monkey and loves to hike and loves nature. I am a little shy but I am a nice person so plz talk to me!

  • T wolf

    I’m a werewolf I was born how can I control my powers ps I don’t know why people think being a werewolf is a curse it’s awesome in my opinion

  • Werepire

    I know it’s hard do believe Seth but I’m draconian vampire and werewolf what do I do does my werewolf take the others away or can I take them away.

    • Fenrir Ulfangr

      Werewolfism and Vampirism should cancel out. Emphasis on should because there are known hybrids, but they are usually the result of union between Shadow-Hounds and Vampyr

  • Lady Black-Blood

    Hay. Where can I get a Day Walking ring?

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