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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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Vampires: You May Be Dealing With A Vampire

Probably the biggest threat posed by the preternaturally hot modern Vampires is the threat to your ego.

I’m talking about the damaging cycle of self-doubt you experience trying to date one. Don’t I smell good enough for her? What if she reads my thoughts right now when I’m thinking about picking my nose? Why is she acting like she just wants to just suck me dry? Can’t she see how eternally fascinating I could be?


But hey that’s just me. I’m a man on the rebound so maybe my perspective is a little skewed.  If dating a vampire isn’t YOUR ultimate survival fantasy then you are advised to:

1. Beware their sexy hypnotic gaze – avoid eye contact!

2. Beware their sexy hypnotic bodies – don’t look!

3. Beware their sexy hypnotic voices – don’t listen!

4. Beware their sexy hypnotic marriage proposals. Think of how long FOREVER means to a vampire!

Failed on #1 – 4? CONGRATULATIONS. Lucky! Have fun but please try to recall all those safer sex tips from health class because your Vampire lover’s 19th Century high school curriculum DEFINITELY missed out on that part.


Congratulations! Many consider vampires the penultimate survivors! Eternal life AND good looks – what more could you ask for? Socially acceptable nourishment needs? Look no further! On November 7, a team of scientists led by vampire Dr. Mick Bhatia discovered how to turn skin cells into blood cells just by manipulating a few proteins. No more snacking on squirrels and purse puppies! A fully viable liquid food source for ethical vampires may be mere moments away. (See it here at http://sethonsurvival.com/survival-news/vampire-researchers-make-blood-from-human-skin)

Of course there are still a few things to remain aware of as a vampire. Sunlight for one. The *we sparkle in sunlight!* campaign appears to be flaming out. While the sparklers had a good run, the facts are that while some younger and part vampires do in fact sparkle, the majority of older and full vampires still go up in flames when exposed to direct sunlight without magical or technological intervention. This is about more than sunscreen. If  you’re thinking of going vampire and you don’t have your own Day Walker ring yet, it’s time to invest. Finding a certified Day Walker ring is even more important than finding a vampire willing to change you. Don’t even consider one without the other. Valuable information about these rings is found in the comments below. Meanwhile vampire engineers and architects work overtime to design safer sun-proof vehicles and buildings.

Finally, let’s talk about your vampire thrall. Vampires need to be very careful (and considerate) when they are turning on the thrall power.  I’m not just talking about dating etiquette here. Aiming your hypnotic eye mojo on some poor mortal sucker might seem like a great way to get free blood and donuts but the consequences can be devastating for both parties. Thrall-sick love slaves who are repeatedly denied your dark gift will eventually go insane 99.99% of the time. And who do you think they turn on first? So please. If you can’t control it yet, keep your tractor beam behind protective sunglasses, even at night.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

6,647 comments to Vampires: You May Be Dealing With A Vampire

  • Pauzzis97

    Hey how is every one going ? i’m fine and grounded 👿 got an F on math !

    • Salvat

      I think the monsters on this site are doing good Pauzzis, The One The Doctor and Zyborg just stopped an apocolypse but Zyborg d/ed in the process, I’m known as Enigma and I’m an old Werewolf friend of Zyborgs.

      An F at math? Im sorry I cant help you I am more of a chemist than a math whiz.

      Great to meetcha!

    • Hail Pauzzis97,

      All of us here at Survival HQ are good, well at least as far as i know.

      Graham and I have been working hard on a new Monstrometer update with new questions and more.

      Sam says “Hi! :)” Not really sure how Naya is, she has been acting kind of strange lately and not always talking to me.

      Sorry to hear that you are grounded. If you need some help with Math let me know, I am pretty good at math and Graham is awesome at it.

      Keep on keeping on.


      • pauzzis97

        WOW ! say hi back to him ! :mrgreen: and yeah math is my worst subject but history and biology they are SO easy i love those subjects and this year my school added a new subject that is my new favorite ! it’s mystical creatures !!!!!! and i just love it because i always get an A because i know almost every thing ! but i didn’t knew that zombies could change they’re shape !

    • mrjaffa

      Hi pauzzis! The doctors locked in a room that noone can get into- or more importantly out of. Like enigma said zyborgs dead 😥 . The doc also transferred all of his power to a boy named. If you want me to, I could help you- last year I got top 2 percent of the state in maths

  • krptu117

    dear survivors
    i have heard of a UV weapon to kill any vampire!!!WATCH OUT!!!!!by the way the government is supposed to be funding it

  • mrjaffa

    hey does anyone have access to some sort of records that might entail things about psychics or witches?

  • mrjaffa

    I had a weird dream that my cousin was werewolf and he was evil. He was trying to force a witch that had gone wick into me. ( a wick witch is a witch that is extremely powerful and wasnt killed properly and is sort of like it has no bones. It can also take control of a body)

  • Seth please give my thanks to Mr Mutt, Arc,and Mrjaffa. I will do the vervain and the holy water .Arc any help to free my sister would be greatly appreciated. I visit her again this saturday 22 Thank you all Bebe

  • Thanks Seth I will keep that in mind.Right now I have a appointment with the G.V.C.C. Gothic Vampire Council of Canada Bebe

    • The One

      Be very careful. Use vervain so they can’t pull any campy mind control tricks. And Canadian vampires? Aye? Yeah I’m terrible.

    • Hail Bebe,

      Thanks for keeping on with your reports. At this point it would be irresponsible of me to not express my concern regarding this appointment with the GVCC. Having recently been bitten by your sister, a new vampire, you must be very careful. Do not go alone! Think about this. Maybe your sister bit you so that you could channel your vamp attraction to find her without help from anyone.

      Well that or she’s a new vampire too hungry to recall that you are her sister and she just wanted to suck you dry…

      Either way, do not go to your meeting alone. When is it?


      • Hi Seth I already went to the G.V.C.C meetig I remember arriving,but I don,t remember how I got home.I,m so thirsty all the time and I have a ring they gave me. My boy friend says I,m acting strangly and won’t come near me. I feel so free I wont to be near pepole lots and lots of wonderful sweet pepole. Every one smells so dam good today so very thirsty . Bebe

        • The One

          God d@mn it! They changed you! Now I’ve got to spend the next decade makeing sure you don’t drain someone! Perfect absolutely perfect. (sigh) you need human blood to complete the transition. Don’t argue because if you don’t you’ll d¡e. Hang on till I get over there. I’ll compel someone to let you have a small drink. Then it’s on to animal blood. Don’t take off that ring EVER. Without that ring you turn into a crispy critter in the sun. Stay away from humans till I get there got it? D@mn irresponsible vamps not teaching a newborn before letting her go!!

          • thanks you guys for freeing Vee. Vee and I are going to the G.V.C.C. We are invited to a all you can eat or drink tourist buffet. Vee and I shared a delicious mailman (burp)I love being a vampire I can’t wait to look up my ex. mmmm I wonder if he tasts as good as he looks.Then we are going to the hospital to join in the chaos to teach those f#@kers what it means to be a monster. Love you all Bebe

            • I am dreadfully sorry and as a new vamp I understand but I can’t let you do that.

            • The One

              Same here! Now that I’ve finally got my phone back from freaking Ofilia. I told you to stay put. I get to where you should have been nothing. Humans are not for eating!!!! Unless you don’t kll….. But NO you can’t just use them like pieces of meat! They sentient!! Their lives are precious because they are so short! YOU CANT K|LL THEM!!!!!!

            • TempestZyboragon

              No, we did realease Vee however, I’m afraid you two must learn, I’ve used the ARC L4Z0R ( LAZOR) to destroy the underground “hospital”. Lasers have pretty much melted the place. ( no I didn’t kll anyone, ARCs laser can be tuned to prevent damage to biological components)
              Anyways Bebe and Vee, I’m currently flying to you. I’m going to let you choose if you want to be a vampire or a human, now you can either let me help you both or…. I can show you what we do with rogue vampires.

              Choose Wisely:
              (oh and I’m a freaking Angelic-Cyborg-Ghost-Dragon, Resistance is futile).

              • The One

                We won’t kll them even if they don’t agree.

                • TempestZyboragon

                  Sorry Mutt, under heavenly orders to remove threats. If they kll tons of people then I must take them out. I’m dreadfully sorry, but if they continue their ways I will be forced to do so. If I don’t, I get punished and Bebe and Vee will get much worse treatment. So it’s either they turn good or, they get punished by the great spirits. And as for me, I am here so they don’t suffer.

                  • The One

                    The great spirits can bite me! I’m not Mutt! Mutts reforming from saveing your cyborg and all the other monsters! Do you think they can clean up thier act immiediately?!!! They’ve turned thier backs on humanity! It’s going to take time for them to get back from the edge!! I don’t care what anyone says you can’t change overnight! It takes time so BACK OFF.

                    • TempestZyboragon

                      >.> You really are mutts clone, its like you don’t even remember how I approach everything. Resistance is futile yes, but it’s not like I’m going to just point at someone and say “rogue!” and then kll them. No, I try to ease in, all I’m saying is that you will be reformed and you can’t resist, however I am merely implying that if they don’t seem reedemable then I’m not afraid to end them.
                      Excuse me for not explaining in an form easier for you to understand. I am a cyborg still and I can form many possible conclusions to a single situation. Forgive me. Also you are kind of reckless, please consider being less….. Bold. We are both on the same side no? Mutt gets into lots of bad situations because he’s thickheaded. Remember this, patience is the key, to immortality. Actually helps morality. Both good, you’ll find you can approach things in a calm manner.

                    • The One

                      No Mutt would have tried to reason with you. He was born a leader. I was created as a fighter. He let’s loyalty get in the way. He would sacrifice the world to save his friends. I wouldn’t.

                    • TempestZyboragon

                      Ah, well thanks for your input. Always nice to obtain information.

                    • Hey guys Vee and I won,t to be good but we keep hearing Damion’s voice telling us we must feed. Hurry TempestZyborgon we are in hidding, why are we hearing Damion’s he’s suppose to be ash? I dont know if we can resist for much longer. Bebe

                    • The One

                      Freaking Original!!!!!!! Okay this is going to be a spiritual battle. First step: leave this meat suit behind. Step two: get into your head. I’m going in NOW!! to be

              • What the… My hand is GONE??? I can’t see myself in a mirror (duh) I’m just gone. YEEEHHAAA IM BACK!

  • Seth I don’t know were this hospital is, when I wont to visit Vee I call the G.V.C.C. they send me a car. I am blind folded.IT takes about 1 in a half 2 hours to get there. When entering the hospital I,m underground there is no windows in this hospital to look out off. thanks Bebe

  • Mr. Mutt

    Don’t tell me what to do! Some sorta force field around this place. It ain’t breaking from large blasts of phycic energy. Maybe I can sneak in the traditional way. Hehe time to swing things human style!

  • Mr. Mutt

    They just tried to take blood samples. They shot me with some sort of tranquelizer dart. I guess it was a vamp does though cuase I was still plenty awake. I took some blood samples of my own. They’ve now retreated but I’m sure they’ll be back. I wonder how they’re able to block shadow travel? Perhaps they found records from ARC labs? I don’t know. All I can do is ponder these things and wait for a chance.

  • The One

    What’s happening?!!

  • Mr. Mutt

    Yes if you could kindly get me out I would appriciate it. Also One? Could you contact Ofilia? I know you to hate eachother but we could use her to help.

    Mutt Out

  • The One

    What have you people done with Kevin? I swear if you’ve done anything I will rip out yourhjvg OFILIA! No touchy my iPhone! Don’t mind her. Or Kevin that’s just the code name for Mutt. Zip it and that’s an order! I’m second in command! Yeah the army is nomore but I can still kick your butt so shut it! She is such a pain. Anyways where’s Mutt what’s happening?

  • mrjaffa

    Hey zyboragon, while your lazering that place, I’m going to send a bit of healing chi stigmas way, ok?

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    Zybawragawn! Steegmah feehl weerde. Grrrrrrlllll (unknown sound. Please recallibrate and try again later)

  • Mr. Mutt

    Zyboragon you’ve been blasting the shield for a while And I can’t sense any changes. I don’t know what more we can do……

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    You can’t help him. Not now. He’s my pet….. Whether I like it or not…….

    • Mr. Mutt

      Okay I’m fricken tired of this!! I’m going supernova on these $@”?! @sses!!!! ARC as soon as you here it start moveing. Stop Stigma don’t go €vil it will take a bit to reform from this one…… Now!!!!!!!

  • ARC

    Oh no! They’re coming again, freaking pulse waves!

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    You guys are the WORST!

  • The One please stop my head hurts I can’t think it hurts AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • The One please stop my head hurts I can’t think it hurts AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bebe

  • hey Scarly I was just saved by a black ww with a large scar down his/her face,he/she just save me from Vee who is now ash .If you know who it is please give my thanks. Bebe

    • Mr. Mutt

      That sounds like…… Nah, sorry bout Vee…..

    • Scarly

      Bebe, I’m glad you were saved. I’ve been hearing about this werewolf with the scar. Kinda of like Robinhood of the WW world, good deeds all the time but never says much or leaves a name. I really hope you’re OK.

      I’m not sure who Vee is/was? Can you catch me up.

      How’s your head doing? I hear that some green tea ice cream can fix a headache pretty well, though chocolate is a close second.

      • Mr. Mutt

        To spare bebe, Vee was her sister. She burned up. Yeah I’m pretty sure I know the ww. Still up to his old tricks……

      • I’m being tailed by a ww of the same description.

        • Mr. Mutt

          Yeah probably because your a kitsune. Hang on I’ll get him to stop before he trys to rip something out of you. No offense but pricking you with a needle is now akin to shooting at a thermonuclear weapon. Sheash you do real of de@th…..

      • Bebe

        Hi and thanks Scarly.Long story,shot story is Vee was my sister turnd vampire, captured by free masons councal of canada (F.M.C.C.)Imprisoned in hospital, infected me,the gang rescured Vee and me. I was infected transformed itto vampire the Gothic Vampire Councal of Canada (G.V.C.C.)gave me a ring Vee went mad and crazy Hearing deceased loves voice Damion attact and tried to kill me ww save my live by killing Vee and then took off .I will have some green tea, and thanks to Mr Mutt Damions voice is out of my head. Thanks Bebe

      • Bebe

        Scarly thanks but the green tea icecream would make me sick unless it was made of blood. Blood mmmmmmmm Bebe

  • Thanks Mr Mutt. I will miss her. Not sure what to do now, is there a place or school that teaches new vampires how to survive? Glad you survived the hospital.

  • TempestReaper

    Give me your soul Bebe. Mmm your soul, I can taste it from here. Give it to me, no, resist me…. The flavor is much more intoxicating when you resist. 

  • mrjaffa

    its p!ssing down rain

  • Bebe

    Hello Seth/Mr Mutt I am going to a vampire Halloween ball tonight have to dress in victorian dress. A vampire named Ravenclaw (member of the empire) invited me. How he found me not sure? This ball is a Empire of the vampire ball wich was founded in 1835. Every member of the empire has to bring a date as tradition declares this.I will let you know how it goes,it sounds fun. Do You or Mr Mutt know aqnything about the vampire empire?

    • mrjaffa

      I know that they tend to like attacking one of my werewolf friends, he comes to school almost everyday with some injury from them.

    • Zyboragon

      Wait? Ravenclaw is back? I thought I dusted him! Look he is very dangerous, you may be of some use being in there Bebe, if you can get close enough to find out what he’s planning then I might be able to strike first. Me and him fought back in 1824 (time travelers help) our first encounter was actually in England, I was still only a cyborg then, an early cyborg, my face hadn’t fallen off revealing my robotic face yet, it was easy making my way through crowds. I was there in search of an item (different story) when I fond Raven about to feed on a woman in an alley. Quickly I swung my sword and cut off his arm. He fled because I managed to ambush him. (it’s quite a feat to ambush a vamp).
      Our second encounter was in 1830 in a undisclosed location. He had crafted a new hand that looked like a Ravens claw, a reoccurring theme with this lunatic. The empire was only a cult then, so I had no trouble getting to him. ( what I was doing in 1830 is also disclosed information) I defeated him and he dusted, his cult are like animals, I imagine once I took out their leader a new one stepped up. I guess they revived him.

      The empire was originally a cult created to hold a high society of vampires, they though they could recognize themselves as perfect beings. They originally hunted down nobles because they believe that “people that are high class make for a high grade snack”. They later hunted down workers to use as pions. So they thought they were high class vampires, and they thought they could break the rules and do whatever they wanted. All in all, they’re just a bunch of disorganized snobs. Not sure if they’ve changed since 1830 but thats what I do know.

      As for Ravenclaw, I’m sure he’d put you on his good side if you say something like “someone who calls himself Zyborg is hunting me”. I’m sure he’d have you on watch so you could find out more, you might be our “in” on stopping them.

      • Bebe

        first I hope everyone had a great halloween. Zyborg the ball was wonderful and very strange, my date Ravenclaw took me to meet his mother who is queen of the empire.(he is Ravenclaw Jr). I must of looked scared for the queen (Ardeena)told me there was nothing to be afraid of.I told her that I am afraid because I’m being hunted by some guy named Zyborg.At hearing your name she went into a fit of rage and vowed revenge for killing her husband. She and Ravenclaw Jr will protect me for I am needed for there final plan. All the guests were given a gold ring to wear about 60 guests they too are needed.The rest of the night whent well,dancing dinner ect.I tried to take the ring off I can’t.Theres a armed gaurd protecting now always. Ravenclaw Jr is picking me up monday night for a family dinner at the Empire estate. What should I do now? Bebe

        • Zyboragon

          Alright Bebe, sorry its taken me so long to respond I’ve been busy with dark prophecies and what have you.

          They gave you a gold ring you can’t remove? Ah yes, the ring of the Raven. Ravens keeping tabs on you, he heard my name and now they have given an ring made from a very special artifact. Congratulations Bebe, you have just dived into the secrets of the immortals.

          But something doesn’t make sense… If you have an armed guard with you, aren’t you risking your own cover and ours by visiting this site?

          There plan is the grand eclipse maybe you’ve heard about it? Of course! Bebe, find out the secret of the Pool of the Eternals, it keeps these vampires running around through the connection of those rings, if one vampire falls, three vampires with the rings can revitalize the recently redeceased. Its what he was doing back in our first encounters… I guess his cult had more member then I assumed.
          If you can find a way to the Pool of Eternals, you will be dunked into it, this will make your ring activate… If that happens then Ravenclaw will be able to possess you or even steal your form as his new identity. It’s also one of the ways he keeps coming back.
          On the plus side, he cannot dunk you into the pool unless your willing. Use that to your advantage, If you get to the pool learn as much as possible, if I can dispell the curse everyone will be safe from Ravenclaw. Once you’ve learned the secret then you must act like you wish to go through with his menacing plan, at that point you yell my name three times, alright? My ghost powers will allow me to warp right there. And I kind of want to set RC on fire. 

          • They keep me lock up alone in a windowless room with armed guards outside. I’m using my Iphone to contact you don’t know how long my battery will last.I will try to find out more about the pool of the eternals. Bebe

            • The One

              No you are never alone Bebe. Idiot vampires think i’m one of them. But we have a slight problem. The eclipse will bring the vampires and ww great strength. They’ll be able to walk in the daytime because there will be no sun. Also I’ve found something terrifying. They have the original body here.

      • The One

        Ravenclaw….. Now that I think about it Mutt may have mentioned that name….. Something in relation to the original…..

      • Well dinner with Ravenclaw Jr and his mother Ardeena was very strange evryone kept saying how the future will be great when the final plan is done. After dinner Ravenclaw Jr and I were left alone,fortunately he was called away and I was able to look around. I found a secret lab under the estate. They are breeding cyborgs and all the guests that got rings at the ball have there name on about 100 cyborgs,what the hell does that mean? If your going to do something it better be soon. Ravenclaw Jr said I will like the new future and together we can conquer the world. Getting really scared. I even tried to help mrjaffa’s friend they just laugh at me. Zyboragon help!!! Bebe

        • Zyboragon

          Ravenclaw has stepped up his game, he’s creating an army of cyborgs to match my strength, he’s trying to fix a trap, he thinks that I’m going to assume they’re part of his empire and attack them while the real vampires are safe. Worse yet, if he’s breeding cyborgs he must be trying to create something…. Summon me Bebe, call out my name and summon me. I’ll smash a bloody hole in the wall!

          Erg, voices in my head again….. He’s not creating just any form of cyborg… He’s creating a type of self substaining heat producing surrogate vessel. After the eclipse and the world freezes he and his army will still remain…

          I must stop them, granted I’m all for survival.. He’s corrupt!

          • mrjaffa

            Shall I do my chi soldiers technique?

            • Hail Mr. Jaffa & Zyboragon,

              Thanks for keeping on with Bebe during this terrifying incident. What is your chi soldier’s technique? Can it stop a bloodletting? Let’s hope Bebe can summon you Zyboragon before the eclipse. Er, speaking of which, how much time do we have? Do you think this is about a) the (partial) solar eclipse Nov 25 or the complete lunar eclipse Dec 10?


              • mrjaffa

                My chi soldiers technique makes golem-like soldier out of my chi, and beats up the bad guys. It also seems to be extremely śtupid when I’m not directly controlling

          • Zyboragon still don’t know any secret of the pool. However I know what they are planning to do with the water and my blood they are going to use my blood as a base to thin out the eternal water and feed it to the cyborgs who will resemble the Empire vampire members. The new empire members who were at the ball are to asume the idenities of high ranking members of each race and take control. They drain my blood with an Iv, I am to be the sacrifice on the Eclipse. When I call you be ready for Ravenclaw he awaits you and plans on trapping you in the pool of Eternals, he also has a secret weapon stolen from the fairies that will freeze anything. ZYBORAGON,ZYBORAGON,ZYBORAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!

            • mrjaffa

              Sending chi soldiers!

            • Zyboragon

              Ravenclaw thought I was still a cyborg! He didn’t plan on me being a dragon! Also I’m a metal dragon! 😀 Fairies don’t like iron, can’t touch it, they’re weapons are the same, not to mention I’m a ghost? When Ravenclaw dropped that cage I just passed right through it, hahaha! Get down or get burned!

              • mrjaffa

                I have an extremely important question! Is my chi soldier visible? Or are people just going flying off at random directions, or is it not there at all?

              • Bebe I hope that hurt! I hate spies! Zyboragon you may have escaped my sons trap. But he will win and he will destroy you.And when I am Queen of the world no one will be safe. Hoping you die soon Queen Ardeea.

                • mrjaffa

                  Leave bebe alone! And what do you have against my friend Jacob!

                  • Thanks mrjaffa and send your chi fighters to destroy Ardeena the cow. Mabe they can also resuce The One from the dungeon befor Ravenclaw and his fu@#ing followers do something to him. What the hell is that noise? Sounds like a war just broke lose.

                • Hail Survivors,

                  Distressing turns of events here on the vampires page. Bebe on the trail of Vee her MIA new-vamp sister turned by a bad BF, has been kidnapped, bitten and bled for a nefarious plot now appears to be comotose taken over by Queen Ardeena…

                  At this point everybody may need a good dreamcation! Where’s a dreamwalking druid when you need one?

                  Thanks for keeping on keeping on,


              • Zyboragon if you can find Bebe let her know she will need a new Iphone I think I’ll keep this one.Queen Ardeena

                • Zyboragon

                  Nice try, in angelic so let me just materialize that iPhone out of your stubby fat fingers you cow! The less we hear from you the better. As for Bebe, I got her smell.

                  • Thanks to Zyboragon for returning my Iphone and fully charged it has your scent,does that mean your here on the estate? Not sure what happened’ I’m floating on some kind of raft ,It’s so dark I can only see as far as my phone can Illuminate . I think I’m floating on the pool of Eternals. Ouch my head hurts and I’m getting very thirsty. Gotta rescue The One I here some whispering about him being a prisoner.

                    • The One

                      Rescue me? I’m exactly where I want to be. Hi Bebe, nice raft. Yeah I’d say your floating on the of Eternals. We can’t stop this apocolypse but we can attempt to reduce the damage.

                    • Zyboragon

                      Bebe, you may not realize this but I’m flying closeby.
                      Stay still.

                    • The One

                      So I finally get to meet the famous Zyboragon? Greetings, I am the one you call the Original. I have been poseing as your friend for quite some time. Also your other friend my NON MALFUNCTIONING creation Mutt is almost completely under my control. Soon the end will come and you will all perish. Tata!

                    • WHY? Hmmm? Why am I always right? I told you they were all st|_|pid but does anybody listen no! Grrr okay that’s it Im calling you out original I Wang a. Fight original to original. Mano e Mano eye to eye come on!

                    • Zyboragon

                      I’ve known about your presence the entire time original, I have seen the end of days with my very own eyes.
                      There is little time to explain original, there’s something we both want, you need me just as much as I need you. You have tried many times to accquire access to the seal, the only one who could bend the seals essence is VAL, and the only way to find her is through ARC. The only way you can get to ARC is through me.

                      Try as you might, I’ve seen all your efforts fail. I’m giving you a chance, the only way you’ll ever get want you want is to give me the arifact I seek. Oh and dragon instincts tell me whats real and what’s fake.

                      Try to win, your weak. That’s why your viruses spread, you have safety in numbers. Original is just another form of supposed “noble” status. As soon as danger lurks you send an army to do what you cannot. Also, I had extra garlicky pizza for dinner! Garlic breathe!
                      It’s destroying your armies of darkness like Ash’s Boomstick.
                      The next time you want to try and fool me…. Make sure I don’t have a tracer on you and have watched all your movements.

                    • The One

                      Do not test me you p@thetic excuse for a dragon. I am far older and stronger than you can imagine. Not even the god of the sea could destroy me. Do not lie. You’ve had no Idea I was still alive. There is no tracer. Do not challenge me because I will literally tear you to shreds. I have fought legions of Angels werewolves AND dragons. I do not d!e. So next time you go challengeing something way out of your leage think: do I really want wake up someday with all my blood drained? Because that’s what will happen.

                    • Oh ok so Im not a threat a? I can just be ignored like I’m some kind of animal or something! Well ok I guess that means that I get first hit.

                    • The One

                      Kitsune are animals. They deserve as much respect as werewolves.

                    • Zyboragon

                      The only one lying is you. You think your strong? You don’t know me at all! And if you remember a while back, when mutt and ARC were in that hospital, you told me what you fight for. And do you remember my reply? I went through the heavens, I was shown things that would explode a fragile little mind such as yours.
                      And yes there was a tracer! 🙂
                      Since you talked big about challenge, come at me! Least you be afraid. Like a coward you will try to avoid me at all costs. Your puny strength won’t pierce the metal that is my skin.
                      Now how should I finish you? I’m pointing towards decapitation.

                • The One

                  Well unfortunately my cover was just blown and I’m now in a dugeon. Wonderful.

                  • Zyboragon

                    Great, I’m going to have to duplicate myself.
                    Zyboragon: Testing Please Respond.
                    Zyborgaon: check.
                    Zyborgaon: Fine…..lazy mother***************.

                  • Here I come! I hope this works! The one you should see a glowy portally thingy step into it. If you don’t see it just run at the wall in front of you.

                    • The One

                      thanks but if I wanted out I’d shadow travel. I can go anywhere I want in this castle and out of it because these newbies haven’t figured out how to prevent it. I’m in the perfect possision to spy. Plus I want to know why they have the originals body here.

        • Hail Bebe under the Ravenclaw Castle losing blood as we speak…

          Thanks for keeping on with this terrifrying tale. Anybody have any tips for how to NOT give blood??? What are they using to take it? Can you tie a knot in the line somewhere? Are you able to speak? Can you warn them of some terrible blood-born disease? Who is taking the blood?

          Also, I know this isn’t your number one priority at this time but did you find out anything more about your sister at the ball?


  • Zyboragon

    There is a way to prevent the eclipse, it will knock the lunar cycle out of whack though, then we still have to deal with the sun burning out… I don’t think we have a great chance after that…

    At most all I could do is throw flammable objects toward the sun… But if an object moves any closer it’s sure to be consumed before it even gets close.

    It might be that the sun is burning out because there’s no enough oxygen around it to keep it ablaze.

  • Lief

    85% vampire. I am strangely proud of this.

  • Hey you guys. Zyboragon ,The One,and Time Kitsum this is not the time to fight each other lets just get through this you can kill each other if we survive. Bebe

  • Oh crap Ravenclaw has come for me.Hey let me go you fu@#ing son of a b#@ch.No no stop that it hurts. I don’t wont to go with you.Ouch R.C just injected me with something. Can,t see to weak to move. Oh god he’s feeding off me!!!

    • mrjaffa

      Raaaaavenclaaaaaaw! You filthy pig! I’ve had enough out comes the best spell in my grimoire

    • mrjaffa

      4 elemental dragons show your might
      Go now and win this fight
      Water, earth, air and fire
      I bid you now fight this cheat and liar
      Follow my instructions, they are clear
      The end of this fool is getting quite near

      • Zyboragon

        Mrjaffa, we need to establish a rule that you can’t cast spells when I’m entering combat, you just made it start raining clots of mud.

        • Zyboragon

          Okay now it’s raining burritos, are you casting when your hungry?

        • mrjaffa

          Uh why am i so terrible at magic! I’m sad now. Sorry.

          • Actually that spell you just cast wasn’t one for dragon surprisingly. I don’t have that great a hold on magic so you’ll have to do this for me. Say in latin
            “4 of earths greatest powers,
            4 dragons show your might
            Go now and win and bring us light
            Water, earth, air, and fire
            I bid you now fight this cheat and liar
            Follow my instructions, they are clear
            The end of this fool is getting quite near”
            See you were close just a few word changes and that aught to do it.

  • The One

    Go ahead p@thetic one. My skin is like iron which no sword tooth or claw can pierce. And if you think you can burn me think again. As for this hospital you speak of I don’t know what your talking about. I was reborn only a few days ago. You name the time and place. Meanwhile Mutt as you call him will be attackeing my other FAILED creation stigma. So dragon. Prepare to meet your doom.

    • Zyboragon

      It’s on now! Let’s finish this. (oh amd by the way, iron isn’t really that strong).
      Your facing an opponent you can’t even touch original scum.

      I’m ready, you?

      • The One

        I h@te all these advancements in science!! Fine my skin is like diamonds. Yes I’m ready are prepared to meet an untimely end?

        • Zyboragon

          Um, I can cut diamonds. Try again? By the way, even though I hate you and everything you stand for… Nice cloak.

          • The One

            Thank you now….. Wait….. Is it raining blood? Ugh A negative sorcere could you make it rain o positive or something a little more expensive? Oh right D!e!!!!!!

            • Zyboragon

              Huh? What? Oh we’re fighting?
              Why is it raining blood? It’s not even a finer quality. >.€
              Smells awful. And the red stains are ruining the cloak I was going to loot after defeating the original. Erg.

              • The One

                Pfft I have a tailor idi0t. And whose the one being blasted by my mental attackes? By the way did I mention that I can shape shift? Into an even bigger dragon? There’s a reason they called me Dracula.

                • Zyboragon

                  Your mental attacks are useless, I’m a dragon, we are known for our sharp intellect and cunning.
                  Your also a fool, don’t you know that size doesn’t matter?
                  Anyways while you busy trying to be a show-off I had my duplicate steal the seal from right under your very nose. Your very ugly.
                  As for your tailor, I think he’s one of the guys I set on fire so… You don’t have a tailor.

                  And yes, we have the real seal. Dragons are very good with treasure.
                  We can spot fakes.
                  Your outwitted, outmatched and have lost the seal.
                  Congratulations! Your no longer a threat in my eyes.

                • The One hurry up and destroy Zyborg already. I have a Eclipes party to attend and I don’t wont to be late. Would you like to come watch the sacrafice I promise you will be very interested. Any one looking for the seal will find it on the sacrafices neck. Ha ha ha poor Bebe this should be fun. I just know it’s going to be very painful. Tee hee hee. Queen Ardeena

                  • Zyboragon

                    >.> I never rescued the Bebe on the raft. Your clones don’t have the same scent.
                    But sun bomb detonators have no scent. Just like how your coven has no vampires left.
                    You know something funny about Ravenclaw? If your vampire instinct detect “special” compounds then you would notice something quite different here. I don’t have time to deal with cows like you. Your sacrifice is out safely. Now then, I hate you talking, I’m going to steal that iPhone from you again.

                    • Thanks Zyboragon for rescuing me,and once again returning my Iphone. I hope you kill that cow.I’m going on vacation now I need to rest and think about the future.

                  • mrjaffa

                    Dragons, Dragons of the night save my friend
                    Fight till the end

    • mrjaffa

      Let’s see how you gou go against 5 dragons dickw@d!

  • Zyboragon

    Of course this happens! I have Mr. Coward to deal with and then Ravenclaw shows up!
    Erg… If only ARC was still around.
    Zyborgaon: You still have me helping you!
    Zyboragon: I’d rather have a blind, three-legged turtle helping me.
    Zyborgaon: That could be arranged. Also do you want me to pickup lunch and spit in your food?
    Zyboragon: I don’t eat. Now focus, what would you rather do? Stall the original or help Bebe?
    Zyborgaon: I’d rather get you a blind, three-legged turtle.
    Zyboragon: Fine, as always… Zyboragon to the rescue!
    Zyborgaon: Here turtley turtles!

    • Doragon go find the clone and possess it then go find bebe the clone is the one looking for turtles.

      • Zyboragon

        Bebe’s fine. There are many secrets I have kept because I knew pretty early that the original was lying dormant.
        I prepared a cause. Ravenclaw is not what he seems. Having Bebe give the message that “Zyborgs hunting them” to the queen. This was our form of signal. Now I have the seal…. Only VAL can bend its essence to prevent the eclipse.

        Find a way to prevent the sun from burning out yet?

        • Yes but I not going to tell you what. The eclipse will still still happen but will pass by just like all the rest only I need to know down time days month year ANYTHING! For this to work.

        • Zyboragon you fool. What was on the raft was not the real Bebe hahaha. Lets just say theres more than one Bebe, some are desgned to entrap, others are to infiltrate and destroy those with a noble heart. Tee hee hee. Oh by the way this fat cow as you have so wittyitly discribed knows were my son RC has the real Bebe.Feeding off her is just the begining, sacraficing her at the Eclipse will be the highlight of the event.Ha ha ha. Always hoping you die painfuly Queen Ardeena.

  • The One

    I don’t know what your talking about. You keep on talking about a seal but I don’t have one. On the solstice a half angels life force will be connected to the sun. When I kll him the sun will go out and the world will be left to my children. You lose 

    • I NEVER lose. I know of this force and I can make things right at the time. Summer solstice 💡 the book mentioned… Ahaha here it is the Greeks just gave me the answer one that they used for years under the cover of darkness and partying oh this is priceless hhahahahahahaha

      • The One

        Oh you have the book? Then it may intrest you to know it was my brother who wrote most of it. The Original witch. But answer me this kitsune: how does it feel to have your own shadow shoot you with a blessed bullet? Attack Mutt

        • How does it feel to know that you brotherhelped me defeat mutt and get rid of my shadow? Hmmm? And the book told me this already he also you and your brother were worst enemies which I can back up having watched your entire life in execrated form (I’m a time traveller) oh and also how does it feel to know that you are so st|_|pid that you didn’t realize that I don’t have to worry about anything a regular kitsune does becuase I am the ultimate hybrid I am kitsune master, time, inari, vampire, and the original invisible man. 😈

          • The One

            Vampire? Then if you really have watched all of my life you will know that I control vampires. You will bow to my will. And I see you didn’t kll Mutt. Bad mistake. Mutt kll Stigma.

            • Zyboragon

              Using the seal, I call upon thee ARC.
              ARC bring us VAL.
              For the moon will be invisible during the eclipse, sunlight will travel past. The world will see that.

              As for you controlling the kitsune? Even though he has vampire in him… Quick sun bomb!

              Did you feel that? I’ve got your scent. I’m going to finish you off. No sword, tooth or claw eh?
              How about sun bombs? Stakes? Ensealment spells that prevent you from moving so I can store you in an unbreakable box until you starve?
              Perhaps some garlic? Holy water? Cruifixs? Perhaps a Metallica performance?

              Or is that you still think only werewolves can stop you? Either way I got it all.
              Hahahaha. Face me worm. You’ve attempted to trap me several times. Now let’s see if you can withstand the full force of my attack!
              Let me tell you how this plays out, I’ve seen your fall. We’re really close to it.
              After you I will take down your cow queen.
              The knowledge of the heavens have shown me your defeat.
              And do you know who SURVIVES the wraith of this storm? I’ve only seen myself and a few other monsters. After the sun burns out your entire race of vampire gets destroyed second in line. Having first been rid of humans.
              Then as the dark freeze continues, your kind starves, no humans, no animals.
              Unless you attempted to drink the blood of the zombies of course, but that doesn’t do you any good now does it?
              Zombies live longer, they cannibalize any remains brains. So tell me, instead of being a prick you should start caring about the sun burning out on Nov. 25th at 14:54.

              • The One

                The sun burns me but won’t kll me. Stakes flatten against me and I never said werewolves were a threat. They’re to stupid. As for your accusations that is not true. Dragons and all other supernatural creatures will survive. We will feed off of them. Even if they fade we will still survive. The sun holds our curse once it is gone we will be the immortals we were meant to be. No need of blood or sun rings. No more calling us abominations against nature. We will control nature. Hit me with your best shot dragon. You will not survive MY storm.


              • The One

                No one. Your createing a paradox.

                • Scarly

                  I miss The Doctor. I keep expecting him to pop into our timeline.

                  • Zyboragon

                    Scarly, the doctor is back, he’s been commenting on the werewolf page. Lots of crazy things have happened.
                    How have you been Scarly?
                    I’m a daddy dragon now.

                    • Scarly

                      He’s back! I haven’t seen him, but I have been gone for a few days.

                      You’re a daddy dragon?! How did that happen! So much happens when I go away, I can’t believe it. I would like to hear the story.

                      I am pretty good. All the cyborgs left when I disabled my wifi, which is why I was gone for a few days, so it feels pretty quiet around here. I did eat a three year old jaffa cake, which seems to have enhanced my hearing. Mr. Jaffa is advising me on the WW page about what to do.

                      Congrats on the new dragon stats dont forget to tell me th storrry!

        • mrjaffa

          But.. What? I thought the book was written by one of my ancestors. Does this mean we are related?

          • The One

            Yes but that means you d!e slowly. My dearest brother put the curse of the sun apon me. He d!ed in angony

            • mrjaffa

              Why will I die slowly? I’m not hurting anyone here. There must be some of the old one in there. The real one. Not some big meanie who follows only what a guy that he’s always hated orders him to do.

              • The One

                The One? I see stup|tity is an imheritade trait. I drained the one and through his body into the sea to show posideon who he was messing with. I have and always will be the Original.

  • mrjaffa

    Zyborg, how come my spells never work properly?

  • mrjaffa

    any updates on the sun-burns-out-and-everyone-d!es-a-slow-painful-de@th situation? and also zyborg how come you said to me “you have no idea how powerful you become after the freeze”

  • Enigma

    I think he said it because you have no idea how powerful you become after the freeze but Zyboragons not here right now he said he needed to find someone…..

    • mrjaffa

      i know that, but does that mean i will survive?

      • Enigma

        From what he told me noone survives I think it means that you discover more about your powers during the time of the freeze. Perhaps you just learn what you can really accomplish.

        Zyborg used to tell me that when life throws its end at you then you use your abilities to the extreme. When it comes to survival you have to be more persistent and then you you do things you never thought possible. After that you learn that you can do more, if we do survive the great freeze then I suspect everyone’s abilities being better.

  • mrjaffa

    Ok then. I think now would be a good time for me to start practicing heating my chi and fire bending and to stock up on tea. I know my mother will be among the first to go, she has really low cold tolerance.

  • Zyboragon

    Mutt I fond a unidentified signal transmitting to you, I’m picking it up via my tracer.

    Here’s the transmission, I’ve cleared it from viruses.

    Mutt debemos prepararnos para luchar contra la invasión de los pollos de super mega. El pollo grande!

  • Oh no! Not El Pollo Grande!! Watch out Mutt, you don’t want to accidentally run into El Pollo Grande in a dark alley.

    Thanks for the alert Zyboragon!

    Stay alert and keep on keeping on.


    • If you can zyboragon plz send him this

      1 (2 a 3 libras) de pollo entero, cortado en trozos 1 cucharadita de sal 1 / 4 cucharadita de pimienta negro 1 / 4 cucharadita de ajo en polvo 1 / 4 cucharadita de pimentón 1 / 4 cucharadita de tomillo seco 1 / 2 taza de queso parmesano rallado 1 cucharada de perejil fresco picado 1 / 2 taza de miga de pan sazonada seca 1 / 4 taza de mantequilla derretida 1 / 2 taza de vino blanco seco Instrucciones Medida de sal y pimienta, ajo en polvo, el pimentón, el tomillo, el queso parmesano, el perejil y el pan rallado en una bolsa. Agite las piezas de pollo en una bolsa hasta que esté bien cubierto. Engrase ligeramente una asadera, y disponer de pollo en la sartén. Espolvorear con mantequilla o margarina derretida. Hornee, sin tapar, a 350 grados F (175 grados C) durante 45 minutos. Retire del horno y verter el vino sobre todo. Cubrir y hornear otros 15 minutos.

      This is sooooo taste and with a chicken that big I can have a lot of it.

      • mrjaffa

        silver is that recipe safe for humans/witches? just wondering, i might ask my mum to cook it

        • Oh yeah it was my late mothers favorite recipe I would be honored if you would try it (this message brought to you by inter-time messangers please read and have a nice day.)

          • mrjaffa

            and i would be honored to try it, now to come up for an excuse as to where it came from. (i have not told my parents about the site, or my witchiness.)

            • Hi mrjaffa I’m back. My mother and grandmother and her’s are 8th genarations of witches. I think that it would be ok that you tell your parents that you are a witch. Witches nowadays are a main stream religon. Wiccan and pagan are earth base religons that are respected. I think they would be proud. My freind is helping me to telaport the souvenir I got you. It’s a ring given to me by the king of the kingdom of sleep.He said it should help you focus more on your spells. Bebe

              • mrjaffa

                thanks bebe,i look forward to receiving it. i think my mother would be proud, but not my dad. he doesnt believe in magic, psychic ability or the supernatural.

                • We are telaporting it now. Hope you get it.Your dad does not have to believe in it he just has to respect that you at least have a religon, mabe down load some info on what you believe in and let him read it. If he has an open mind he might learn something if not just know that lots of pepole including myself are in the same boat and that there are support groups on line and in most cities,well any way I believe in you keep on being positive. Bebe

  • Hi Mr Mutt. Can a vampire also be a witch? Bebe

    • Hail Bebe,

      Well I’m not Mr. Mutt BUT imho the answer to your question is YES. While vampire is a biological state of being that requires a physical transformation, witch – or warlock – is believed to be largely a learned or enculturated state. While some of the factors that enable a particular being or family to become a great witch could be partly genetic, the fact remains that most witching is learned. Why else would there be so many schools for them?

      And now at this point I think Mr. Mutt might ask – are you telling us that you are also a witch?


      • Yes Seth I am I’m a 9th generation witch I was sick for awhile so I could not do magic. But now that I’m a vampire-witch I’m healthy still trying to merge the two together.Don’t won’t to relese anything bad so I’m starting from basics again.Bebe

        • Mr. Mutt

          A vampire who is also a witch? This should not be 😕

          • I know weird right.Mabe it has something to do with my great,great,great,grandmother she married a vampire and thanks to the union spell and a freindly ghost they had 8 kids. Can’t explain it? Don’t really know.

            • Hail Bebe,

              Thanks for keeping on and for disclosing the details of this. Sounds like a very friendly ghost indeed!

              I know that you are currently indisposed but I have confidence that the other Survivors will help you overcome. If so, when you are back, I wonder if you would be willing to assist Mr. Justin who believes that he may be dealing with a witchy issue but he isn’t sure.

              A link to his comment here:


          • mrjaffa

            im part vamp to (on account of me being related to the original witch, who is the original vamps brother) and im a witch. ive actually nearly completely my vamp side though, but i still have fangs.

  • Zyboragon

    Hail Bebe,

    I’m glad that your trip went well. While you were gone I was visiting the realm of non-existance. (Silver brought me back)

    Anyways welcome back.

    • Thanks I missed you too.Glad siver brought you back sounds like a rough,boring place to be.Very happy to be back.

      • Hail Bebe,

        Welcome back. How was your hiatus? Glad you survived it.

        Keep on keeping on.


        • Hi Seth I doing great. I’m going to the vampire charity ball with my new boyfreind (Jerry),so excited.

        • Hi Seth can a vampire/witch and a ww live together with out killing each other?

          • Hail Bebe,

            WW – Vampire romance is among the top ten issues here on the site. Because I read your other comments I know this has to do with your personal situation with the new WW BF. Werewolves and vampires often pair up for various reasons:

            1. They understand a lot about it each other.
            2. They have compatible eating habits
            3. They are tough enough to survive each other.

            However there are some definite issues. For one thing, vampires live forever and WWs while they live longer than humans, do not. Plus, when a WW dates a vamp, there is usually a meddlesome pack who tends to try and break it up. The vampires are usually a lot cooler about it but even there, vampire families can object to these relationships.
            There’s also the question of the beach. Even a vampire with the best daywalker ring is not going to love surfing. Just a simple fact. So it depends how flexible your WW can be.

            At this point I have to bring up the example of Stigma’s mom and dad. As you may remember, Stigma’s mom was a vampire/witch and his dad a WW. Stigma’s mom was using her witchy ways to prevent both Stigma and his dad from transforming. Eventually his dad discovered it and well, let me try to find the story and I’ll link it here.

            Okay I found the story. I had to search pretty hard. It’s not exactly as I remember it but I hope in the next month that Graham will fix the site so that you can have your own profiles and histories up. Anyway, the sad story of Stigma’s mom and dad is here. It’s one of my favorites. I hope you like it too:


            Understand I’m not saying this WILL happen to you. But those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it…

            [searching for link…]

  • Lief

    So… I’m apparently 98.35% vampire… Is this real? And if so, where can I find a daywalker ring? Because the sun doesn’t bother me at all…

    • Wow your really lucky, I have to keep my ring on at all times If I take it off and go in the sun I’m toast.I got mine from the G.V.C.C (Gothic vampire council of Canada) I would stay away from this group they only give something for something. As a vampire/witch I could make you one but it takes a long time to manufacture. 98.35% vampire be careful if you die you will turn into a full 100% vampire. So the question is do you wait till your old and die or die when your young. I would rather die young and be a young vampire than an old one.You might wont to ask Mr Mutt he’s bin a vampire way longer than I. Bebe

      • Mr. Mutt

        Not exactly vampire but many of the conditions apply. If day wait until you in your twenties before going vamp. Then when you get to be a hundred you Xsan drive and all that good stuff. A lot better than being teenage forever. Sigh

    • Hail Lief,

      Thanks for your honest self-report. Vampires here report that Daywalker rings are usually crafted by witches and sold in very mysterious ways at open fairs and markets around the world, often at intersections that have 3 corners. (This explains why Bebe knows how to make them; she’s part witch.) Problem is, witches are pretty elusive. Sometimes they arrange to meet you or you hear about their sale and they disappear before you can get the goods.

      As you may know from reading Bebe’s posts here on the site, you can definitely trust that her knowledge and her rings will be is effective – but you might also be a bit careful because Bebe kind of got dragged into the whole vampire business as a result of a careless vampire-dating sister. No offense Bebe!! I’m just saying take some caution. Otherwise maybe she can direct you to a witches’ store or fair near you.

      And as always, keep on keeping on.


      • Yes and thank you Seth. I do know a witch that will sell rings but she’s very secretive and hard to find, plus the rings are very expensive. If buying on the black market warning many are fake and have time limits. You would hate to be shopping for newt eyes and then burst into flames. N offense taken Vee’s in a better place now. Bebe

  • Hi Seth Can I have a new avatar with red hair,fangs,long silver nails and a winning smile.Thanks Bebe

  • Cinder

    sorry for not being on in a wile. i don’t have much time to write this so sorry for spelling mistakes. good news and bad news, good news is there are no new Zombie threats, the pact with the wolves id great. still a shortege of blood, no other Vampires threatening my territory. I updated CJ’s Chip, he isn’t to wonky now but he does have his days.
    Bad news- A51 has renewed their efferts to capture us, with whole new weapons, plans and well, whole new everything. they still keep their data on there iphones. more bad news is the Cabal, you may have read about them in a few books and it turns out they are real.

    can someone please give me the short version of whats going on right now? it would save me the trouble of reading the last 6 pages.

    • Hail Cinder,

      Welcome back!!! Glad to see that you are still keeping on.

      The Cabal and A51 after you! That’s not good. A51 has been busy attacking the site lately but Graham and I have managed to keep it up in spite of their cyber attacks. So far it has mostly just been a nuisance but I am prepared for a bigger attack. Do you have any info about the Cabal’s tactics and strategy that you can share with us?

      In terms of an update I am not really sure where to even start there is soooo much new going on. 6 pages only covers the Vampires page there might have been 20 pages of new stuff over on the Werewolves page: http://sethonsurvival.com/?p=605 plus comments around a bunch of other pages and lots of news over on the Survival Blog: http://sethonsurvival.com/

      I’ll try to figure out a way to fill you in on what’s currently happening.

      Here are some links to some things that might interest you:

      Bebe (a vampire) is being attacked by Leprechauns: http://sethonsurvival.com/?p=624&cpage=2#comment-94262

      there is a new page for Kitsune: http://sethonsurvival.com/?p=2605

      Wolf Princess is develping mysterious headaches: http://sethonsurvival.com/?p=605&cpage=69#comment-94690

      and make sure that you don’t pet Zyborg but Time Kitsure likes a good scratch behind the ears.

      … more info to come.

      Keep on keeping on.


      • Hi seth I’ve bin feeling funny since the eclipse I can’t sleep and I am having headaches and horrible visions I’m craving blood more and my vampire side is making me more aggressive and very thirsty is this normal?

  • Zyborg where are you? I need your help somethings happening to me I can’t think right I’m starting to see 6 more Bebe’s whats happening? Hey get away from me.(ouch thud)…

  • mrjaffa

    Ugggghhhhh. I can feel my vamp side coming out :/ I need help, my fangs are getting bigger. Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh…… OK, lights off, everything’s alright, my relation to the originals will stop the sun from k!lling me.

  • I’m going to the (GVCC) New Years Eve Ball with my new boyfreind Domanic he’s a 600 year old vampire. We met at the witches fair 3 weeks ago he’s amazing the amount of knowledge and power he posseses. The balls at his Estate. Vampires from around the world will be there I wonder if Mr Mutt will be there? Domanic has a very special surprise for me to be presented at the ball. Domanic said that I will be the first vampire hybred to attend I’m so excited.

    • I need suggestions. I am required to go to the kitsune ball tonight except if I do the kitsune might d|e. Oh and I’m supposed to take a date. My l|fe is officially over.

      • Your lifes not over the miliary has fire proof band-aids that you can wrap around your body and besides I’m sure your fellow brethren will be proud to have you attend after all you’ve done anyone would be proud of you. Your freinds are. As for a date well can’t help you there . But Happy New Year!

    • Mr. Mutt

      I’ll be makeing a short appearance nothing more. Many a vampire frown apon me for slaying the Original.. Also Hybrids and Vamps…… They think we’re to grudgy and we think there to snooty (Vampires on the site excluded of course). So yes don’t expect me to hang around but I will be gathering some Info while there so you may see me.

      • Thats ok even if they don’t resect you I do you helped me many times and I an thrilled that your comming. Don’t forget to R.S.V.P and they will need your middle finger ring size. Every one gets a ring as a gift from Dominic. I can’t wait to see this surprise that he is presenting to me. See you there. 🙂

      • Oh the ball starts at 6pm dinner is at 6:30, the presentation is at 8 can’t wait. Gotta go and start to get ready.

        • I’ll be there behind the scenes my brother gold was invited and I’m coming to make sure he’s alright if you need help I’ll be there. But trust me your gonna wanna become invisible if I have to show up.

          • Thanks but I think I’ll be fine after all it’s a dance with an award presatation. What could happen , I do feel better now that you gold and Mr Mutt being there. Well see you there.

  • ARC

    Smith here.
    ARC isn’t saying anything, the communicator I have installed into ARCs remains, have just suffered a powerful shock. ARC has had it’s parts removed and brought here for testing. Very poetic, suffered the fate that his role model “Number Johnny Five” managed to avoid.
    Zanthre has been frozen, chopped up and melted.
    VAL has been depleted of energy to create ray guns. She decided to stab herself until she bled to death.
    Enigma has been stuffed, a nice decoration in the lobby.
    And finally, Zyboragon, you’ll never hear from him again.
    No, A51 doesn’t care about your party, however the rings… Needless to say, we don’t want you wearing those. Take into consideration that we care for our planet, we don’t want it destroyed ( not so anti survival now, are we “SETH”)?
    Take into consideration, you don’t know what the rings are, you don’t know where they come from, you don’t know what they will do to seven hundred vampires, do you?

    This will be the last communication you’ll ever receive, from Zyboragons group or A51.
    Goodbye “Survivors”.

    Communicator will self destruct, in 3, 2, 1

  • mrjaffa

    Yo wAAAaaaaaaaasup?

  • Bebe: Wow Dominic I’v never seen so many vampires before in one place where are we sitting?
    Dominic: Well beautiful we are sitting up at the main table. I am the founder of G.V.C.C. and you are the guest of honor.
    Bebe: why is every one staring at us?
    Dominic: Because you a vampire/witch the first one to attend and my date.
    Bebe: Wow look at all that blood!
    Dominic: Don’t worry its from willing donors. Please relax my sweet and enjoy dinner.
    Bebe:Thank you. These rings are very nice but why is mine differant from the others?
    Dominic: Yours is differant because it’s your engagement ring and your wearing that tiara because your Princess Bebe.
    Bebe:WHAT!!! PRINCESS,ENGAGEMENT RING…Hey stop it are you trying to bite me…Ouch let gggooo!!

    • Mr. Mutt

      Excuse me but I believe that you should BACK OFF. Unless of course you want my Hybrids to start biteing your guests?

      • Dominic: Sorry but its tradition. I believe you know my sister you dated her decades ago.
        Bebe:Mr Mutt lets get out of here, I feeling funny and I wont to go home.
        Dominic: You are home and together we will enslave the humanity and restore order.

        • Mr. Mutt

          I’m takeing bebe to her actual home. And as for conquering humanity you should know I will appose you while I still have breath in my body.

          • Dominic: Me what makes you think this is my idea? Theres 700 other vampires who wouldb like to see humanity put to order. We will stop all wars and no human would ever go hungry is that not better.

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