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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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In response to repeated gentle and polite requests from friend of the site, legendary survivor and Hybrid Mr. Mutt… I present to you… the preliminary page for Hybrids!… Ta da!

Now normally I don’t like to put things up unless I feel I can present the information with some completeness but due to the rarity of Hybrids the extremely small sample sizes (even for supernatural survivology research which is notorious for small sample sizes) have made it extremely challenging to gather sufficient data in a manner that I could feel fairly confident of my results. However the time has now come to reward Mr. Mutt’s patience and just put the page up already!

So for those of you wondering what a Hybrid is first of all I am going to tell you what they are not. They are not hybrids.

Well I mean I guess technically they are in the same sense that all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.

All Hybrids are hybrids but not all hybrids are Hybrids.

Confused? If so you are not alone.

Let me try to explain.

First of all a hybrid monster is a monster that is actually two (or more) types of monster at the same time. Some common examples are werewolf-vampire hybrids (sometimes known as werepyres and/or vampwolves) but they can be just about any combination. Cyborgs for example are sometimes considered hybrids because they are part human and part robot. Zombies however are not considered hybrids in supernatural survivology circles because their human part has been overwhelmed by their zombie part.

On the other hand Hybrids (always with a capital H) are a very specific type of combination. Vampire Werewolf and Angel. Not necessarily in that order. Perhaps Mr. Mutt can let me know some details that will help me put have some more specific info up on this page.

One thing I do know from all the Hybrids I have met they are all universally awesome. What’s that? How many have I met?… Well as far as I know just one, Mr. Mutt. Like I said small sample size. Anyways at various times there have been a lot more or a few more Hybrids kicking around but there have been a number of cataclysmic events that have significantly altered their population. I want to post some links here to those events but I am unsure where they are right now so I’ll put them up as soon as I find them… I know I left them somewhere.

Are you a Hybrid? Do you know a Hybrid? Are you a Hybrid scholar or just a survivor with facts to share or questions to ask? Have you ever seen a flaming flying wolf soaring overhead? Still confused? Think I just put up a page with not enough info on it?

Well if so then let me and the community of survivors know by posting in the comments below.

Also check back later for more information as it becomes available. Right now I have to go take Naya to watch a documentary about some form of gnome or something, I forget what it is called but I heard that there may be some footage of a dragon in it somewhere too so I am excited to go see it. However as excited as I am to go see it I am even more surprised that she suggested that we go see that. Normally she only wants to see “human” movies but it’s in 3D so maybe she likes that. Anyways I have to run so I’ll talk to you later.



by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

756 comments to The Hybrids: They Are Not Just a hybrid!

  • Im back so what did I miss when I wos gone I wat taken in to a alien lab a man there cold him self Alien man do u now him so now I have dna of every monster out there so I am I hybrid now this is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Assanjin

    Well here is a fun fact, draconians are immune to vampire and werewolf bites, so the only way to ever be able to hybridise them is through bloodline progression, meaning they must be will to breed to make offspring or ingest a mixture of their blood directly. I learned this years ago when an old friend named Derek turned and bit me, turns out I was immune but not knowing the reason and then I learned.

    • The Protected

      My friend, who is apparently a draconian, has informed me that the blood of either a dragon, drakon, or draconian is poisonous to all blood-drinking species. The fact is that if a vampire, werewolf or any other tried to bite a species of dragon, they would have passed on within ten seconds. The only exception to this is the time-vampire (when a time traveller is bitten just before a jump, it reacts with the fifth dimension resulting in this) and the Hybrid (see Hybrid page) who will fall grievously Ill for around ten years, and then recover.

      • Assanjin

        True, however you can bite us and not die as long as you don’t ingest our blood directly, it’s indeed very toxic to all beings besides draconian actually, not just vampyric species. But varies by the kin. My blood was never toxic, whenever a vampire was sick in my neighborhood long before I awakened I would feed them three drops of my blood and that would allow them to stop being hungry for a month, it was after the awakeningthat I realised that I could have been feeding them poison but my bloodline was different, half titan so my blood was not only safe for them but actually satisfied their hunger far more. Everyone is a special case, I was and still am immune even after I lost my bloodline trait. So my advice is either a drache drinks a mixture of their blood or the drache gets freaky deaky with them.

  • Assanjin

    Another interesting fact is that any human can hybridise animals of any kind in a lab, it’s a wonder what they can do with test tubes and lasers. The process functions by inverting the genes of one animal into the ovary of another, combining the DNA and making a living breathing….and probably messed up abomination. Or if they are closely enough related, at least for a moment ( lupine in human form to vampires) they can simply do it the good old messy way. This is how chimera can be created, plus one day it is hoped that they’ll be able to build any kind of creature by tweaking the DNA they put into the recipe, so a three headed lion bear wolf with giant claws and red eyes is not so insure after all.

  • So I froze my self to my bed when I was sleeping so my computer froze so I can freeze stuff so yay.

  • Ice

    *memories flicker through my head, a woman laughing, smiling, the feeling of love… I growl angrily and hit my head trying to clear it* why do I torment myself? Why do I look back at these memories. I should leave the past in the past… *i sigh heavily and then turn my head to see Mutt emerge from the shadows. I growl* you need to leave. Your time here is over. Go back to your past. Enjoy it. Protect the innocent, defeat darkness, become legendary. *I look at the ground* and leave me be. *Mutts eyes narrow as he surveys me. “You look familiar… But I’m certain I’ve never met you before.”* *I laugh bitterly* don’t worry you will. *he continues to watch me “that person in your memories… Was she important to you?”* no. Yes… No longer she no longer has any meaning to me, other then pain. Now leave. *he turns and then frowns. “I am going to stay awhile longer, but I won’t bother you any more. I’m sorry. By the way I never got your name.” I smirk* Ice. You can call me Ice.

  • I’m half werewolf half vampire half ghost my friend calls me an omega hybrid I don’t know why but I start getting outta control the my vampire writes weird symbols so I get my friend to translate it

  • Hybreeeedzzzzzz vampwolfghost yall I’m stuck in human form for the next 3 ice moons fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu >:(

  • Mr. Mutt

    *I fall to the ground as the portal closes. The last thing I see in the void is Morgenstern hurling a spear towards Lilith* gone… Two of my sons…gone…. *I reach out into the continuum but feel a hollow emptiness. The only minds inside our mine and Cortez’s. On the very edge I can sense the Hybrids who broke away from the continuum long ago, but otherwise… It’s empty* I have failed. My sons murdered in foreign dimensions and my race inslaves to my mortal enemies…. I should have listened to Ice. He told me when I first came to this time to leave. I should have listened… I should have left. *I look at my claw, stained red with Liliths blood* it’s time for me to go.

    • Sa' lome

      Sa’ lome’s eyes go wide as she notices Mutt’s claw. She wastes no time, stomping on the ground, a fist of rubble and gravel erupting and punching Mutt to the ground. Sa’ lome produced a pair of scissors and clipped the tip of Mutt’s claw, smiling grimly. She made a mad dash for the east, a screaming portal to inferno opening up in her path. She jumped through.
      Cortez gave a few quick punches to the fist of Earth and reduced it to dirt and dust. “Dad!”
      And Elizabeth stood motionless, not paying attention to anything of note, simply staring blankly at the air.

      • Mr. Mutt

        *I fall out of the dirt fist coughing and choking* and then that happened. *I glare around* someday I hop that accursed secratary knows what it’s like to be old… *I look at Cortez and smile tenderly* Son, you have done so much for me, I’m sorry for the disdain I showed you in the past… And I’m sorry for what I must do now. *I extend my arm to show a simple watch, I begin adjusting the knobs setting dates and times* I cannot stay here anymore. This future is dark, and I do not have the power to face it anymore. But to quote the famous human general Mcarthy, “I shall return.” *I look up at Cortez with a sad look on my face. I press a dark gemstone into his hands* it may be only minutes, or days until you see me again my son, but for me it will be years and years. This object is enchanted with certain protections. It will protect you from harm even when your mind is addled or you’re unconscious. Stay safe. *I tap the face of my watch and disappear*

        • Lilith

          “Damn it!” Sa’ lome sat in the middle of a circle carved into the ground of a huge ebony mansion, the main hall of Lilith’s fortess in the city of Dis. In the direct center of the circle layed a single drop of, now dried, blood of Lilith. She could not form any connection to Lilith through her alchemy, she thought and remembered how curses and spells slinged by enemies had simply slid off Lilith in the past, perhaps that
          might have something to do with it. Sa’ lome put her fingers to her her chin and thought, fire and lightning called up by enemies had damaged her, but no direct manipulations had ever seemed to take affect.
          “Let us in @$#%€!” Screamed some demons as they banged on the door to Lilith’s hall. In her absence, a power vaccumm had opened up and competitors had arrived on the scene to claim her place as one of the Nine Princes of Inferno. Belial was the leader in the crusade for Lilith’s title, but none had yet to breach the fortress. Sa’ lome listened as they continued to shout profanity. She snorted, humans elevated to demon-hood, but they were always the most restrained the most controlled and that’s Lilith liked them. Then there were those malevolent spirits who simply fit the bill, they made up the bulk of Hell’s Legions. Then there were the Fallen, the other Eight Princes, the movers and shakers of Inferno, the least numerous and most powerful of Hell’s denizens. Though it is rumored Beelzebub was simply an old god who had changed with Christianity’s rejection of paganism.
          “My dear,” called a sultry voice to Sa’ lome. “What are you doing?” Sa’ lome
          Turned to see Lilith, her white almost silver-sheened skin gist emoji in the fire that lot the hall alight. Her white hair cut short and tied in a black ribbon. She wore a white bikini, and a luxurious coat of Morgenstern’s fur. Sa’ lome stared at her, mouth agape.
          “M-m’lady,” she stammered. “How?”
          “Oh I couldn’t survive two hybrid explosions at once,” she said stroking the coat. “Perhaps not even one, but at the last minute I tore the souls out of Morgenstern and wrapped them around me like a shield. It was a risky plot but it worked.” She took a shot of bourbon from the glass she held. “Then the cycle glided right over me, and here I am. I decided to keep this as a souvenir.” She looked around the infernal palace. “I’m going to be making some changes around here. Call up Cortez, and fetch me the shade. She there Sa’ lome a sack that contained the Original’s ashes. “And store those away.”

  • Time borg

    I am a cyborg from 1888 I was made in a lab and I can shape shift I was the cause of war war 2

  • Nightshade

    *I get up grogily* wha-whe- *I look around and see that I’m surrounded by others of my kind, but something is wrong. We are all gained to the ground with cold iron. I try to shadow travel and nothing happens* what happened? *I here a soft laugh from behind me and see Susan sitting a few feet behind me* “what do you remember little sister?” *I try to think* I remember being in innocence, I remember the sky turning white… I remember watching the moons explode… And then nothing. Where are we? *Susan smiles bitterly* “can’t you feel it? We’re in the underworld. We are being sold as slaves to the highest bidder. Basically we’re boned”.

    • Haley

      *Haley appears seemingly from nowhere then precedes to fall flat on her face beside Nightshade. Looking somewhat shaken precedes to inspect the bonds that hold her in place. Suddenly she smiles and pulls a small bottle out of her back pocket* Okay, Nightshade right? I need you to hold extremely still. If you move a millimeter your going to lose your hands, got it? * receiving no confirmation other than a blank stare and stunned silence Haley shrugs* I’ll take it as a yes *Haley pours a minuscule amount onto the bonds and they glow bright red for a moment then slowly begin to dissolve*

  • Wolviana

    Is it possible for me to be a ghost/wind clan hybrid

  • Catveena

    Hybrids must be rare everywhere I’ve only encountered ones here.
    Why are they so rare?

    • Zyboragon

      Imagine a stack of blocks, the more blocks you pile on, the more likely it is to start collasping.
      Only a few stacks can remain balanced and stable.

      • Catveena

        sssssooooooooo the more hybrids more Chaos and disturbance. Would mutants be a form of hybrid? Thanks for answering Mr Zyboragon.

  • I interrogated myself on seths app and I was 50% werewolf so I did it again and I was also part angel

  • allie

    hi u wanted to know more facts for different Hybrids, well i am one a vampire-witch Hybrid, the vampire-witch can actuly control which side of their species they are at that moment, and we don’t have to drink blood for a long time so we don’t have to worry about attacking people, at least this is how it is for me.

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