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Oh those very, very scary therianthropes! Should they have their own category? After all, werewolves technically are shape shifters as are draconians, druids and some accomplished witches or sorcerers as well. Granted nobody else transforms into inanimate objects like tables and helicopters and flowers and spoons like a shifter. Those shiftless shifters can’t even pick a state of matter!  So why should we bother?

In a word: QUEST. On the site. The mysterious commenter. Every few months a mysterious post appears by a certain commenter named QUEST describing acts of incredible mayhem and a sign left in the wake of it that reads,  “Shifterz were here.”

Judging by the signs, there may be more shape-shifters than every before. They could be all around you right now. Or possibly you ARE one… do you find it hard to maintain a molecular structure? Then vote for the shifters!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

349 comments to Shapeshifters

  • Night_Life

    Ok every one I am not a werewolf yet I’m not a shape shifter and I have no clue what I am to be honest and at my first shift someone tried to kill me!!!! Please help on telling me what I am, please I really need help. All help wanted and I’m begging. Please help!!!!

  • Earl

    I think shapeshifters are very cool, imagine how useful the ability would be, getting away and avoiding detection, blending in.
    I think it would be cool to switch forms so easily.

    • Hail Earl,

      I agree shapeshifters are very cool. It would indeed be a very useful to have that ability to change into anything. I mean just think about how awesome it would be to never be stuck without a can opener ever again.

      But what about the implications of something going wrong. I mean it would be bad to get stuck as a wolf for the rest of your life but what about getting stuck as a toaster forever? Or a vacuum cleaner? That would suck.

      If you were a shapeshifter what would you most want to be able to turn into?


      • Earl

        That’s a difficult question to answer, if I was able to shift, would I be accepted? People don’t like what they don’t understand, every form has its own variation of enemies, I believe that no matter which form you can choose, you’ll always regret your choice later. The fact that I like shapeshifters is solely based on the ability to not be stuck in one form. I’d like to shift so I’d have no real form.

  • Change

    I hate humans.All they manage to do is take and hurt anything that isn’t like them whether it’s animals shapeshifters or even each other. I am a shapeshifter who has been forced to live like a human for 13 years and for a while I didn’t even know I was not human. But over the years I have been able to piece it all together on my own. Of course I was able to do this because Im much stronger than any other shapeshifter.sure i can turn into things but I can turn PARTS of me into other things as well in my case usually weapons. I can’t stand what humans are doing to this world they’re hurting it, polluting it, killing off various species and just have no decency what so ever! What’s even more crappy is that somehow humans are capable of doing this while being complete weaklings! And someday they will pay for what they did to my friends, family, and all the other creatures that have suffered at the hands of mandkind…The age of the humans will come to an end soon..

    • Zyboragon

      As is life, all species meet their end, it’s a cycle that has occurred many times, luckily, dragons such as myself have no desire to be a “superior” species.
      Humans are primitive, however I also believe that if directed they can change, it’s a matter of perspective, but I agree with you.

    • Alex

      This caught my attention. Most of them are heartless b@stards, but that isn’t a reason to go around k1lling them.

    • Ice

      Humans are able to conquer because they are insanely clever, and outnumber the other species with equal brain power 4000-1. Humans will end themselves it is no concern of ours to bring about said end, I actually believe in the protection of humans, not only because they are a valuable resource for us vampirific species but because only a few of them are as ēvil as you describe them to be. They can grow, they are only in there infanthood. They will learn.

  • Change

    And by the way I don’t want to be a superior species what I want is justice! You surprise me zyboragon, your a draconian, a %$^&ing dragon! The humans considered your kind monsters when in reality your kind is wise and even caring at times! If it were up to me I would make your race the dominant species even if my race is at war with yours! Still I wouldn’t have expected that you, a draconian of all people would consider giving the human race a chance to change..I only want the humans to die to save the earth and to avenge all of my loved ones who were slain by them.. They can’t hurt this planet anymore, I won’t let them! And no one can stop me!

  • Change

    Of course they do, I kill not debate and I wouldn’t bE making insults if I were you because all I need to do is drive a wooden stake through you and you be dead. Besides, if I wanted to kill you right now you’d be powerless to stop me. Anyway injury you could give me would regenerate and I’d wind up stronger, and you would be more even more screwed so I suggest you don’t piss me off, because if humans can kill you than I could kill you and anyone else you could hide behind.When I want someone dead I kill them every time and your not getting on my good side very well.

  • Turtleman

    I woul say that a vampire or any other species of supenatrul beings are prmitve as we’ve been around long after the first human also they adapt constantly

  • Change

    And if your a vampire why would you want to keep humans alive? Vampires are supposed to suck the life out of humans not protect them, and not to mention, sure humans are good to each other sometimes, but to us they treat us like we all need to be killed, even though some of us do have to be killed they end up killing those of us who are innocent as well. Humans are even hunting some of us for power, money or even sport! If they would just take care of the earth we on and try to accept us and kill the ones that ARE dangerous, I would be all for protecting them.

  • Turtleman

    m8 do u know WHY

  • Turtleman

    iN OrDEr TO SurVIvE *insane twisted laughter*

  • Change

    Yeah I know why but lets see how you see it. You got me interested.

  • Turtleman

    ThOSe lAst tWo coMMEnts were in reply to change having a Go AT HuMAns

  • Turtleman

    Well most of us would be nothing if there were no humans I wouldn’t exist for example I’m not a genetic vamp and the first vampires would have to feed there’d be no werewolves, u get me?

  • Change

    Why would humans do these things anyway? Don’t they understand that just like them, we have good and bad individuals in our different species. And yet they kill anything that might seem like a threat to them without even trying to think it through. How are they smart enough to make so many inventions if they can’t even figure out who they should be after?!

  • Change

    Hey, humans are can’t adapt like we can I’m sure they’d figure something out

    • Zyboragon

      Humans are adaptive, and they can be pushed to do the right thing, the power of religion, unproven but spoken, can make a human change his/her entire idealism.
      As Ice stated, humans will destroy themselves, but they are also a precious species, one that needs to be cared for, there are several humans that have devoted their entire being to help other species.

      All in all, I favor the humans, and planning to harm them makes you seem more like the monster they might claim you to be. We aren’t monsters here, we are unique beings, we are unique for not being human, wanting to harm humans is a human characteristic.
      It’s funny how you call yourself Change yet have such primitive ideals.

  • Turtleman

    How do u thiNK TheVE lastEd so lONg *weird chuckle*

  • Alex

    You know what?
    Random post time.
    Reply with the saddest thing you’ve seen in a while.

  • Zyboragon

    Hmm, being away for so long, I almost missed having my comments modded.
    🙂 It’s good to be back!

  • Turtleman

    Humans are vital to the presevation of vamprism and there are hardly any proper survivours I’m a vampire so I didnt survive if we were all human we would be survivours but no

    • Zyboragon

      Not true, survival applies to anyone or anything willing to fight to continue, the survival of a creature can be applied as the continuing struggle to exist.

      We are all survivors here.

  • Koro

    The past few days I’ve been on this site by the name “change”. And as it has been stated earlier I have been led to believe that humans are the real monsters. But I’ve learned that humans are nothing like what I thought they were like because one human had just saved my life. I have also learned that the ones who were really responsible for my family’s death was other shapeshifters! They had used human tactics to kill my family without shifting so I would think that humans were evil. But now I know the truth and now I know what I need to do-protect the human race at all costs. I have also entered the site with my real name -koro. I know I can’t undo the deaths I’ve caused, and for that I can only apologize. But to make up for that, I’ve come across valuable information about the evil shapeshifters’ plans and if any information is needed I would be happy to oblige. Now that I know the truth about the humans, Im making sure mankind doesn’t go anywhere. And I know one thing for sure: i was born to do this.

  • Bebe

    Hellow !!! Vampire/witch/dragon hybred hear…I survived…. 🙂

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    I see koro is rocking the boat. Oh, Koro. Humans are needed to sustain life for all. Food source… >:3

  • Evranth

    Koro in reply to you prev comment I would want to keep the hunans alive becouse not only are they my food sorce but the fact that I was human atleast a week ago

  • Bebe

    You should all be ashamed of your selves…humans are much more than food there here for a reason…All vampires can live with out harming humans there are blood banks and animals and blood substitutes….There are some very good humans that help our kind Seth for one and we as monsters should strive to get along with them….For the survival of all….. 😐

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    Agreed. They only hurt us because they don’t understand us and they think we’re all bad. Do you really want to prove their suspicions by kiIIing them?

    • Bebe

      I agree and disargee not every human thinks we are bad ………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • Jaffassassin

    *Jaffa flashes across the bedroom, mantis-men falling one by one.* Guys, the mantis people have made an attempt to take over the giant castle im staying in. Any help would be much appreciated. *Jaffas sword breaks, and jaffa backflips onto the bed. He starts chanting and red tattoos spread across his skin.*

  • Bebe

    Hey everyone it’s almost that time again…September 22 is the first day of fall…(Mabon) I’ll be posting a little summery of what Mabon is and how I celabrate it …on the witches page… 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😆 🙂

    • Hail Bebe,

      I think I missed your Mabon update. I’ll go look for it now so I can link it. Hopefully you did survive….

      Ah found it here! Apologies for not linking it to This Week In Survival. Big oversight. In my defense I was pretty excited about the Ghost Conference. But no excuses – I will link now.

      Thanks for keeping on.


  • Prince of Dragons

    How are you all enjoying your festering, rotting remains of what you call life? I’m dëäd.

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    Would anyone wish to DlE?!

  • LOLstigmaLOL

    I can feel it. My endorphines rushing. Pushing me to kiII, kiII, kiII!!!! I can’t Have enough. I hunger for your SOULS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zyboragon

      It’s probably not a good thing that i decided to use my chocolate scented soul wash..

    • Jaffassassin

      My soul is so fragmented from stup1d things I did with magic that it would probably taste terrible.

      • LOLstigmaLOL

        I do not care for taste!!! (though it would make it more enjoyable) I must break this unsatiable apetite that has beseiged me!!!! I find that drinking up the SOULS of my adversaries quite, how you say, FILLING.

        • Jaffassassin

          *Jaffa draws a sword* Take your best shot.

          • LOLstigmaLOL

            Why do I even have to give it a shot when it’s ALREADY DONE?! 😈

            • Jaffassassin

              Really? that’s strange, I didn’t feel a thing. I feel fine. My turn. *Jaffa runs at you, jumps and slices you*

              • LOLstigmaLOL

                *I scream as the blade slices down my head, separating my arm from my body and it falls to the floor in a fountain of blood. For a moment, I just scream and writhe in pain, but within the second, you realize the charade and “I” turn out to be an illusion, onset by the betraying thoughts of your imagination. You hear a sinister giggle* oh, no, no, Jaffa. It’s never your turn. *you feel both excruciating pain and numbness as I connect a palm with the back of your head. Before you can move, I grab your arm and torque it into an odd angle and sweep your feet, making you lose the thread of balance you have left, and I use my other foot to slam down onto your gut* NEVER.

                • Ice

                  I’m suddenly really glad I don’t have a soul.

                • Jaffassassin

                  *My eyes start to burn red and red tattoos spread down my neck. Flame burns across my body, and with a massive explosion you go flying off of me. Two fireballs fly out of my hand as i punch the air.

                  • LOLstigmaLOL

                    * I flip backwards and land suprisingly softly, my clawed feet dragging against the floor. With a smile, I easily somersault over your attacks feeling the warmth whiz past me and crash into some obscure place. Back on my feet on the other side, I sprint towards you, pressing my knees onto the floor and laying my upper body backwards so I am able to dodge your fireballs. Not wasting any momentum, I spring up from the position and feet first tackle into you, using your chest as a rebound plate to launch myself backwards, breaking your ribs in the process, panding, and skidding to a stop in a lunge position* what did I say? NEVER.

                    • Jaffassassin

                      * wheezing breathing* I… Will… Not…. D1e. *I raise my hands and 4 imps appear around me. *my eyes start to glow a bright red* Through the power of the morrigan… I will…. Stop you…

            • Alex

              Just take mine :/.
              I don’t need anything anymore

              • Zyboragon

                Think positive, while it’s true that you cannot remove the scars of the past, they can still be bandaged and healed, the bigger the wound, the longer it takes to heal.

  • Jaffassassin

    Guys, its official. The mantis-men have taken over the giants kingdom. All the Giant leaders are gone, and their villages are being destroyed as i speak. Im going to organise a task force to take them down. if anyone wants to help, speak now, because all i have are farmers who want to help their country.

  • Wolf Princess

    Hello, everyone.

  • Beast Girl

    Hey Seth, I’m sorry I’m asking this question yet again, but can you or someone please tell me the website where you can change your avatar? Thanks! 😛

  • Beast Girl

    Testing, testing…

  • Beast Girl

    Hey, Seth. 🙂 I know I haven’t been on here in a lifetime. O_o How is it all going? Any interesting news? And hi to all whom I chatted with. 🙂 Thanks for the link Seth, lol but I was just reading my old comments and found the website. ^_^

    My new avatar is supposed to be what I will look like when I turned into a wolf. I know that I said that if turned into a wolf, I will always be white, but I’m thinking about a change in that haha. This color is pretty. 🙂 Perhaps I can change into both? (I know this is so not important. XD)

    I’ve been in a wolfy mood lately, so I’m turning into a wolf a lot when it comes to protecting myself, family and friends, and of course for fun, and been “studying” about them.

    I’ve also been interested in the Werewolf lately. I would like to know more about them if possible. Do they change form ONLY when they are angry (I think not) or when there is a full moon? (I guess what I’m looking for is maybe the “most original” qualities of werewolf transforming.) Do all werewolves have very high body temperatures? (Like in The Twilight Saga.) How did the werewolf first become who he is? And, if you possibly know, who was the first werewolf?

    Thanks for replying to this if you do Seth or anybody. 🙂

    Stay strong,

    Beast Girl

  • Beast Girl

    Also, I would like to know if anyone knows about Feral Heart. 🙂

  • Tori

    Does anyone else know of any coyote shape-shifters? I need to know I’m not the only one who converses with one regularly!

  • CyborgBeastCop

    Does a werewolf with two cybernetic arms count as a shapeshifter?

    • Zyboragon

      Only if it can change to another form. Cyborgic werewolves are fairly common, I don’t think they count as shapeshifters though.

    • Hail CyborgBeastCop,

      I would agree with Zyboragon on this diagnosis. Shapeshifters generally need to be able to assume multiple forms to meet the strict definition although some presumed single form shifters later go on to further unlock their powers and were in fact always shifters they just didn’t know how to assume more than one form.

      How did you acquire your lycanthropy? DId your cyborg arms precede this? Or did they come later?

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Archaea Venomtongue

    Anyone else here? Important message from your local therian – therians are not shapeshifters.. Will someone please help me explain this to Seth if you’ve been seeing my other posts on various pages?

    • Hail Archaea,

      Thanks for your SOS message. If I see Seth I will convey this message but what will I tell him when he points out that THERIANTHROPES are the very definition of shifters? And that you yourself post on the shifter page?

      I know that him. That’s what he’s going to say…


  • Curio

    Awareness how sweet of you Seth. Thank you for mentioning me on the first post. Your so nice.

    • Hail Curio,

      Welcome to the site. Nice avatar.

      So what’s your deal? You can turn into anything? Can you adjust your mass and size as well? How long have you had these abilities? Are you originally from Earth or are you a “visitor”?


  • Israel

    I need help i am being watch to the point where i am not sleeping at night because the monsters what are camping out on the hill side infront of my house might attack while i sleep (and trust me hight is not a problem for them)I have about five or six different waepons bu against about 15-20 monsters im screwd so I will need renforcemnts to survive the attack this message goes out to ww,vamps,demigods,cyborgs,demons and shapshifters. but know this if any of you try to harm me on purpiss i will wound you.not fataly but enough to get the message. if you are willing to join me reply ASAP

  • Flame

    Hi everyone.
    My name is Flame. And I am a rare type of shifter as my uncle calls us, but by your defanition of a shifter i would see you don’t know about our kind.
    And actually the note above does not suprise me much.
    Alot of shifters like us have gone Darkashift due to humans and demon coming after us so long. And that is not including the destruction of our habitats by humans as well.

  • Flame

    Hi everyone.
    My name is Flame. And I am a rare type of shifter as my uncle calls us, but by your defanition of a shifter i
    would see you don’t know about our kind.
    And actually the note above does not suprise me much.
    Alot of shifters like us have gone Darkashift due to humans
    and demon coming after us so long. And that is not including
    the destruction of our habitats by humans as well.

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