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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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Hang onto your pants! In these troubled economic times leprechauns have become bolder and leprechaun incidents much more prevalent.

In the event of a leprechaun shake down here’s a list of do’s and don’ts.


  • Tell him the one about the Irishman who goes into the bar.
  • Ask her about her pot of gold.
  • Offer him a beer. Leprechauns have to work hard to stay sober and this white-knuckle sobriety leaves them prone to fits of killing rage.


  • Tell him you have a four leaf clover somewhere – even if you don’t. But do try to have one on you at all times just in case.
  • Throw a old shoe at her.  Leprechauns come from a proud tradition of OCD cordwainers. Confronted with a dirty shoe, the Leprechaun is compelled to fix and/or shine it.
  • Tell him he’s much taller in real life.
  • Look for her rainbow. Once located, you can use it to transport yourself away.**

** Caution: Use as a last resort as there is no way to predict where the rainbow will take you.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

206 comments to Leprechauns: You May Be Dealing With A Leprechaun

  • TempestZyboragon

    That was weird. I just picked up a broadcast when flying past a radio tower.
    I’m assuming it has something to do with leprechauns because it says it in the text.
    Can anyone translate?

  • TempestZyboragon

    Okay I have just had my iPhone taken away from me three times now, and this last time I find this wrote on this page,

    Is é seo an Samuel leipreachán, tá mé ag aingeal chuid sin is féidir liom a ghoid an iPhone dragons go rathúil. Bhí mé díreach chun ligean a fhios agat faoi ionradh leipreachán a tharlaíonn i leith a leanfaidh an chéad chúpla lá. Coinnigh ar do pants. Aheeheeheehee!

    Can anybody please translate this so I can figure out who keeps stealing things from me…. Although from the leprechuan page I can assume what’s causing it.

    • The One

      This is the Samuel leprechaun, I’m a angel so I can steal the dragons iPhone successfully. I just had to let you know about a leprechaun invasion which will occur for the first few days. Keep your pants. Aheeheeheehee!

      The swords an Irish relic. I’m keeping it under heavy guard. Luckily I’m a ww so when I’m in morf wearing pants is kinda impractical. But the rest of the time I need them so that’s going under gaurd to.
      We’re boned

      • Hail The One,

        Thanks for the translation. Do you have any additional knowledge on this Samuel?

        Most leprechauns hole up for the Season of the Witch – at least in the northern hemisphere this is partly as a result of the difficulty they have summoning rainbows, which despite the rumor cannot be literally be crapped. In fact, there’s a substantial amount of energy that goes into solar-powered leprechaun rainbow summoning technology. As a result they tend to migrate to the southern hemisphere this time of year…


        • TempestZyboragon

          Okay so we are dealing with a last minute strike then?

          • TempestZyboragon

            Ah thanks for your wisdom Seth, still I’m confused as to what is going still..

            • Hail TZ,

              Ah me too. Well do you have any idea where your iPhone went during the confiscation episode in question ? Maybe if we knew more about this Samuel Leprechaun and how he got a hold of your phone it would help. Did you see him? How did you get the phone back? Did he leave any other evidence? Leprechauns are notorious for photo bombing maybe there’s something else on the phone….


      • Great an invasion from leprechauns, well thats just great.I just finished dehellhounding my yard. what works on leprechauns? I would hate to wake up and find that theres leprechauns in my yard.

        • Hail Bebe,

          Thanks for keeping on and helping out here on the site. Did the leprechauns show up yesterday? OR did your vampire half keep them away? Did you have a supply of four leaf clovers?

          I look forward to your Nov 30 update.


          • Sorry to take so long to reply. They come in raids I had to put a protection spell around my house to keep them out. My offensive spells are not fast enough to handle so many they make faces at me and keep demanding favors and my shoes. They don’t seem to care about my vampire side or Jerry (ww) who they tease constanly.Ran out of four leaf clovers there still on back order form the warehouse.

            • Hail Bebe,

              Thanks for this important update from the leprechaun cieli front. I feared there would be a clover shortage this time of year. This could explain why they chose an offensive at this time. Did your any of your spells involve a shoe perimeter? If so do you have enough shoes? Also do you have any idea what they are looking for at your place? For instance is there a rainbow above your house?

              Thanks for keeping on with your reports when you can find the time.


              • Hi Seth this is Jerry Bebe’s bf. Shes not here and my pack have taken care of the pesty leprechauns. What do shoes have to do with keeping leprechauns away.And yes Bebe has more than a zillion shoes tons of shoes and handbags women go figure. Need to find her my pack and I are going into hiding and I need to talk to her.Thanks. Jerry

                • Hail Jerry,

                  Thanks for clarifying that. The link between leprechauns and shoes is ancient and strange. Apparently they have a thing for shoes and pants. A leprechauns first cover job is often shoemaker. Ancients used to put shoes by the bed to keep them away. They are known for putting dance-til-you-drop spells and jump-really-high spells on shoes.

                  Maybe it’s because they are short, they spend more time than the rest of us looking at shoes I don’t know. But well, we all know what happens once a year in February when they steal the pants right off the bodies of subway riders around the world. The pants thing is easier to understand because you can find things in the pockets but the shoes thing is still a bit confusing.

                  What happened to Bebe again? Where is she? Does this have anything to do with Vee and Damion?


      • fenrir9

        Loose a Sword did you little folk?

  • Hey about the leprechaun problem. Just eat them the might taste like rotten monkey but it gets rid of them 😈

  • Queen Luna

    My friends a leprechaun.

    • Hail Queen Luna,

      Sorry to hear about your friend. Er I mean, how interesting. It’s not that I don’t like leprechauns. It’s just that I like my pants. Leprechauns make great friends as long as you hang onto your pants around them. Where was your friend on Sunday January 8 when the leprechauns struck the global transit again?

      Leprechauns shake down subway riders AGAIN

      Have you identified your friend’s rainbow generator? Or stash of gold?


      • Hey I know that guy he owes me money.

        • Hail Bebe,

          Well that is unfortunate as it is likely that he keeps his money in his wallet which he keeps in his pants which are now in the possession of an unknown leprechaun somewhere on the wrong side of a rainbow. Hopefully this does not delay your repayment for too long?


        • Kole

          hahaha that’s the funniest picture I have ever seen! sad, yes, but still funny. I do feel sorry for those poor people too, it’s just funny!

      • The burning jaffa

        i like this photo.

        • Hail The burning jaffa,

          Are you sure that maybe you are not part Leprechaun? Liking this photo could be indicative of having leperchaunish tendencies.

          Maybe you might consider scanning yourself again with the Monstrometer. Once the full moon passes tonight it is the start of the traditional rise in Leprechaun activity which peaks from March 17 to April 1st before starting to trail off again. Hmm… I wonder what Leprechauns do the rest of the year? Any ideas?

          Keep on keeping on.


  • Hail Survivors,

    With St. Patrick’s Day less than 2 weeks away Leprechaun season is heating up. Watch out for little green people (well dressed in green) and hang on to your pants!

    Keep on keeping on.


  • CelebrityResearch

    Hello hello! I’m back guys! And my first subject is… The guy who played mini-me on austin powers! That guy is definetley a leprachaun! I have not only seen him wearing crazy expensive GOLD jewlery, but apparently he also has an EXTREME temper problem! What do you think? Oh and Seth I’m glad to be back!

    • Celebrity Research Survives!

      Hello! Back from your hiatus with another celebrity revelation! Verne Troyer, dangerous leprechaun…? Well ya! How could we have missed this one? Here he is in very suspicious photo….

      Verne Troyer Suspected of Leprechaunery

      I wonder where he was on St. Patrick’s day? Because Zyboragon lost his gold and may have been shrunk by somebody who may or may not have been him. Can somebody get a hold of Mr. Troyer’s press agent to ask what exactly his client was up to on March 17?

      Thanks for the tip. We’re all very glad you are back. After you went Japanese last year, Lycangirl07 helped out in the celebrity department for a while, busting Johnny Depp on an obvious cannibalism charge but since then nothing.

      There’s a few new things around here. Some videos coming up soonish and a new game too. What’s up with you? How have you been surviving on the dangerous celebrity beat?

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • Assanjin

        Wow, if I had dwarfism and was accused of being a leprechaun by a complete stranger I would A) be absolutely pissed
        B) be absolutely nervous( if I was an actual leprechaun)
        C) jack his pants and run off with his valuables ( if B applies)

  • CelebrityResearch

    Lol yeah i forgot the whole moto16 and the japanese stuff! And I’m glad to know someone took over while i was gone! I think Albert Einstein was an alien but I’m not sure yet because “Nein sprechen sie Deutch” I don’t speak very good german!

  • CelebrityResearch

    I haven’t seen any pictures of his feet so I can’t tell! But the demigod thing might be correct!

  • Kingpin

    Full blooded leprican trying to set record strate not all of us are short not all of us Steal pants 3 kinds of leprican us,native Irish,black Irish . I am a recod keeper fore a Amal group of natives pants contain sweat that contains energy so we use the energy to help whit the changing of coal to gold based on the law of equivelunt extange after that the pants are useless to us so depending on wich kind of the wee folk you are dealing whit we despose of thim in a way that marks them so they don’t get harvested a second time

    • Hail Kingpin,

      Thanks for this informative and unexpected response! So are you telling me you are native leprechuan? And that leprechauns do not steal pants for the gold but for the spirit?

      Can you tell us more about the first humans who stole your metaphorical pants first?

      This is indeed news to me.

      Please note that Zyboragan has a question too. (I think the comments were broken so you may have missed it.)

      Z. is on the lookout for a leprechaun named Samuel. Do you know him?


  • Kingpin

    Full blooded leprican trying to set record strate not all of us are short not all of us Steal pants 3 kinds of leprican us,native Irish,black Irish . I am a recod keeper fore a Amal group of natives pants contain sweat that contains energy so we use the energy to help whit the changing of coal to gold based on the law of equivelunt extange after that the pants are useless to us so depending on wich kind of the wee folk you are dealing whit we despose of thim in a way that marks them so they don’t get harvested a second time

  • Kingpin

    Small not amall

  • Kingpin

    Ps humans metiforicly speaking stole our pants first just to hard to destinguish between human and huminoid

    • Zyboragon

      Hail Kingpin, if I may ask what you mean by humans metaphorically stealing your pants first? Did the humans find s
      P.S You wouldn’t happen to know a leprechaun named Samuel would you?

    • Zyboragon

      Hail Kingpin, if I may ask what you mean by humans metaphorically stealing your pants first? Did the humans find some sort of magic in the pants or were they just stylish? Thanks for weighing on this topic.
      P.S You wouldn’t happen to know a leprechaun named Samuel would you?

  • quinlan


  • Earl

    I think I got mugged by a leprechaun named Samuel, I’m not having the best of luck these days.

    • Hail Earl,

      Not another Samuel sighting. This is not good news. Did you get away with your pants or at least your dignity? Did he leave behind any clues this time re: his pot of gold? Anything at all?


  • Evranth(turtleman)

    I think i may be part leprechaun as ive always been considered small and I’m half-Irish.

  • Athena

    Do anyone knows if leprachauns like or hate vampire? One has been trying to kill me, and I am a demivampire.

    • Hail Athena,

      A big belated thanks for your SOS message. In general I think leprechauns are pretty wary of all other beings on the planet – although strangely enough I have heard they sometimes hang with Bigfoot. Certainly I think it take a crazy leprechaun to challenge a vampire. Maybe the answer lies in your demigod side. What do you know about that? What exactly makes you think a leprechaun is trying to kill you?

      As luck would have it, midnighwrath’s sister is a leprechaun. I will link your question and see if there is more information.

      Thanks for keeping on,


    • fenrir9

      I don’t think leprechauns like them but they don’t hate them.
      As a general rule basically all the Fae dislike Vampyr, especially a good portion of the Tuatha De Danu

  • midnightwrath

    Hey my sister Is a leprechaun what can I do bevause I’m a werewolf

    • Hail Midnightwrath,

      First, if your sister is a leprechaun, do NOT eat her. Or bite her. Wereprechauns or leprewere’s are not the happiest hybrids on the site. Understandeably. Imagine an angry poodle who can ride on a rainbow. That’s what you get. It’s not good.

      Second, follow her. Does she have a pot of gold? Is she tracking the dragons? I would like to know.

      Third, Athena above has a question. She thinks a leprechaun may be trying to kill her. Any advice you can offer offer Athena, please click here to reply.

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • Midnight wrath

        Ok so she doesn’t hav e a pot of gold,she doesn’t go after dragons but she is sneaky and if a Lep. Is trying to kill you then bribe them with gold but if that doesn’t work then kill it before it kills you!

    • Have you ever tried putting up a camera in her room?If you hide it really, really good and she finds it on the spot then she is a lep.if she don’t find it just watch her for a while.and I know what it feels like to be stuck with someone you don’t trust….. 😉

  • Quintessa

    -Sigh- Dated one once man he was greedy.

  • Midnight wrath

    So my sister doesn’t know what to do but she wants to do a quest but we don’t know what to do

  • Rainbow Glider

    Help I need a quest and I can’t go anywhere,I need your help Seth what should a lepercaun do what are my powers? I am a lepercaun but I need help!

    • Hail Rainbow Glider!

      Welcome to the site! We don’t get a lot of Leprechauns here on the site and when we do they usually steal my pants. (See episode 5 of the Zombie Month Videos http://sethonsurvival.com/survival-videos/zombie-month-2)

      One of the first things that a leprechaun needs to do is learn to cast a rainbow. I have heard that there are many ways that they do this but they are all just rumours. On theory is that they trap a rainbow in a glass bottle and then release it when they need to. Other reports suggest that they build a sort of magic rainbow gun that shoots out rainbows.

      So probably the first step to figuring out how to do this is to figure out what method you are supposed to do. Problem is I (nor any other supernatural survivologist) has ever been able to get a leprechaun to tell. Hopefully you can figure it out and then tell me. Currently Leprechaun season is on the upswing with your powers peaking on March 17th and then staying strong until after April 1st.

      Exciting to have a Leprechaun on the site.

      Keep on keeping on.


      P.S. Do you know what happened to my pants?

  • Rainbow Glider

    I need help now Seth!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there such thing as a VAMPIRE-WEREWOLF DRAGON? 🙄

    • Werewolf13

      Actually yes! There are many different types of hybrids in the world. (Not to be confused with Hybrids)

    • Knewwolf

      Before my pack was attacked and I became a hirewolf, as that is what my pack called them, I had a pack member named Verik who was bitten by both a vampire and a werewolf at a young age, trying to stop both his parents from fighting. It later turned out he had distinct dragon ancestors in his fathers side, which probably accounted for the werepyres skilled usage of fire. He was killed in a battle with the Vampires, unfortunately. He was a good wolf.

  • Rainbow Glider

    Thank you Seth! So I get my powers on march 17? And will I go any where? 😆

  • Rainbow Glider

    🙄 😮 😉 😐 :mrgreen:

  • wolfgirl630

    I’m part angel witch and vampire so far but the spells that I cast don’t always work and it makes me upset because I believe in magic I mean the real magic I’m good at protection charms but I get so upset when they don’t work and when will I get my wings I love flying as long as it’s not on a huge plane I like flying solo. Please someone help me out.

  • Bella wolf 388

    My leprechaun is haunting me!!!! 🙁 last
    Week I did a manga drawing and now it’s
    A leprechaun! 😡 I also wake up in green :mrgreen: !
    I also checked my leprechaun trap and this is what I saw:
    Nice roi cynning ond rwy’n gwybod Lego pan fyddaf
    Yn ei weld! Fy enui David ond rich edrych yn hurt yn
    Eich pj yn!! Ha ha. I only have a imagernary leprechaun called David!!!

  • Bella wolf 388

    Wait on my leprechaun trap it says on one
    Bed Samuel and on the next David! 😳
    Seth I need your advice my little (baby) sister
    Has been bitten and now she is turning green
    And the only word she can say is gold in a Irish

    • Hail Bella Wolf,

      Thanks for your SOS updates which I have linked to This Week In Survival. Me, I know little of werewolf rituals, on the rumours which as you and I both know might be lies. For instance, I heard that some clans use vampires in their transformation rituals.

      More importantly, how did you build that leprechaun trap? Where did the leprechaun go?


  • Bella wolf 388

    Well I still have him in my head but I don’t know
    All I know is he is pure evil and my trap! I found
    Some boxes in what they call a haunted attic
    And decorated it and nothing was same again!
    Look on the werewolf or the others page and you will
    See what I mean. I’m living in a mad house!! 😯

  • Bella wolf 388

    SETH!!!!! HOW COULD YOU!!!!

  • Bella wolf 388

    Hi Seth,
    Thanks for when I was scared and needed help
    You broadcast me like I am a crazy person.
    Thanks for ruining my life! 😥

  • Bella wolf 388

    Soz Seth I just had a little rage there

  • Luckily my ipad is always nearby plus i think im a werewolf and would a leprechaun ne afraid of a werewolf i havent been pantsed or anything stolen but im not a boy either

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I know all I want about those ” leprechauns” besides I don’t think that’s are biggest problem…..ha biggest problem cause leprechauns are small……yeah not the best one to think of jokes especially since I’m been doing so much stuff lately I’m over the edge and I’m about to tip over one way or the other…..

  • Bella wolf 388

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  • fenrir9

    The Tautha De Danu serve me ya little Leprechauns you know what that means

  • lonewolf2468

    hey seth, I am new here and I am reserching supernatrual stuff as unfortuantly I am not! Any tips on how to find the real facts?

    wolfy over and out!

    • Hail lonewolf2468,

      Thanks for checking into survival. If you have a general question you can post it here. There are lots of super and supernatural survivors who check in regularly and are qualified to answer your questions. There are also a number of supernatural survivologists who collaborate with my own research. If you are a werewolf or suspect that you are a werewolf, there are hundreds of other werewolves at yourlupinelife.com but it depends on….wait a minute here…


      Is that you?


  • Msurprise

    Hey it says I am 91.86 percent lepercon and I have no idea what to do
    I am worried

  • Msurprise

    Come on I am not that bad I only be very mean to people I hate ( I have a bad temper ,very bad)

  • Msurprise

    But on the other hand I am very nice to people I think that are nice

  • Msurprise

    Oh also Seth I have been seeing shadows since I was born can you give me some tips about them

    • Hail Msurprise,

      Thanks for your SOS messages – even if you may be a leprechaun. Do you see your own shadow? Because if you DON’T see your own shadow when others around you do see them, this is sometimes a sign that you don’t have a shadow. Being shadowless is a very bad sign. You don’t want to be shadowless. Ghosts and demon-sold beings are said to be shadowless. Although on the lighter side, sometimes angels are also said to be shadowless.

      That said, seeing shadows nobody else can see is sometimes a sign of half-demon heritage and other even stranger things. Is there any particular time, place or circumstances in which you normal see these shadows?

      Thanks for keeping on,


  • Siodhachan

    Ri owareyethen? Anywho, I am a Leprachaun. Come ta give ye good luck in exchange for som advioce. I can’t wai ta tolk ta ye.

  • Assanjin

    The leprechaun is a faefolk in other words they’re Irish faeries. They’re trouble making little bastards I’ll tell you that. They tend to stay near rural constructs, such as remote bridges and old houses in the country side. They mostly play innocent pranks but are prone to act like a weeee pain in the arse when they’re drunk. They have quite a bit of magical power, able to make plants grow, hypnotism, animation and even shape changing sometimes. If you encounter one offer it potatoes, many of them love potatoes. They are the most famous kind of fae but one of the weakest. And which reminds me, don’t ever ask.them that if you cut them open if they’ll spill out lucky charms, it’s funny for you but racist to them. So avoid that otherwise you’ll get hourglasses, rainbows and tasty red balloons where the sun seldom shines.

    • Hail Assanjin,

      Thanks for the intel. I never tried potatoes but that could explain why you see french fries near their cursed pocket-picking couches and chairs, not to mention their fake wish fountains. I will look for that next time I go to sit on or near one.

      Long may you keep on keeping on,


  • Anonymous Angel

    I tested my brother, he’s a Leprechaun with 76.23% certainly.

  • Catveena

    Leprechauns I know there never to be trusted lol
    My human is from Ireland and has gone on for days about treacherous leprechauns lol

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