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Kitsune are a type of werefox that originated in Japan. They have both human, fox and hybrid forms. Unlike werewolves their transformations appear to be unconnected to the lunar cycle. A common feature of Kitsune is multiple fox tails, the strongest of kitsune typically nine tails. Several theories exist about how kitsune get their tails, one of which is that they get a tail for every 110 years old they are up to 880 when they get their 9th tail.

If you cut off one of a kitsune’s tails it reduces their power but it also makes them really really angry… at you… not really a good thing so I suggest avoiding that. (Thanks to Survivor Mr. Mutt for that great survival tip)

One thing that makes kitsune very different from werewolves is that while werewolves are humans who turn into wolves, kitsune are foxes that turn in to humans.

According to kitsunologists on this site including The One, the key to identifying a kitsune in human form is understanding that while kitsune can change into almost any human form, they usually always have some detail wrong. Kitsune with nine tails have the least details wrong. So look for the following telltale signs:

  • pointed ears
  • a tail
  • fox like eyes
  • flame red hair.

“Be cautious with kitsune as some are known to posses people and burn down villages,” cautions The One, adding that kitsune can only be killed by blessed bullets, the breaking of their star ball, or the sin of regret. “Which basically means that they can never regret….. ANYTHING.”

So how often do they change and why and how? If you have any additional intel please add it to the database below.

Thanks for keeping on,


The following glossary of Kitsune terms provided by Survivor Silver. (<— Thank You)

Bakemono-Kitsune – a name for a sorcerer or evil fox usually as a Reiko, Kiko or Koryo i.e. some sort of non-physical fox

Genko– black fox, usually seen as a good omen

Kiko – spirit fox, see Reiko

Kitsune – fox, a general term for a fox regardless of the circumstance normally used for ‘good’ and ‘evil’ foxes alike

Koryo – haunting fox, see Reiko

Kuko – air fox, very bad kitsune, considered on the same level as Tengu (Japanese goblins)

Nogitsune – wild fox, used at one time to differ between good and bad foxes. At the time they used ‘kitsune’ to mean a good fox/messenger from Inari and nogitsune as all foxes who did mischief and tricked people. Not really considered evil, more like prankish.

Reiko – ghost fox, perhaps not on the ‘evil’ side but definitely a ‘bad’ fox.

Shakko – red fox, could be considered good or €vil, the same as Kitsune really

Tenko – celestial fox, kitsune which have reached the age of 1,000 years, they are usually said to have 9 tails (and sometimes are said to have golden fur) but they are either considered very €vil such as Tamamo-no-mae or benevolent and wise such as messengers to Inari

Yako/Yakan – fox, see Kitsune

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

217 comments to Kitsune

  • Devorah

    Ok sorry I did not have wifi at the hockey store I told you you’d get caught

  • Scarheart

    I didn’t get caught. I’m in the cave with her. She fell asleep, as soon as she wakes up we’ll continue to move to Canada. I’ll start finding north now.

  • Devorah

    While in Canada you’d better learn to play hockey. I’ve hockey is so big there i should know if you get a chance to watch a hockey game there is one at the Vancouver Canucks stadium the Canucks are playing the San Jose sharks soon. I love all the NHL teams so much I’m just stating the recent games In canada

  • Scarheart

    Devorah…..We were in a bear cave…..I got hurt protecting Amy…….I need help……..

  • Devorah

    Can it wait till after school I’m not a runaway ill be their real quick

  • devorah

    ok good just got out of school

  • Lonewolf

    U guys aren’t in trouble r u I u need help I’m good at covering tracks and finding them 😀

  • WolfGirl?

    Hi, I’m kind of confused? I have Monstrometer on my iPod Touch and it says I’m 66% werewolf, yet my mother is a zombie and my dad is a mermonster. I’m kinda confused since I wasn’t adopted, and my parents are totally different. On a related yet unrelated subject, I don’t act like a werewolf. I haven’t even transformed since I thought I became one when I was 9, I’m 10 now, and I don’t act like one, though I have a lot of hair on my legs and arms and I love blueberry muffins? Help, anyone ❓ ❓ ❓ 😯

    • Assanjin

      Well, mayhaps upward and deeper in the lines of your family history there lay the genes of a lupine that were dormant in the systems of your parents but resurfaced in your generation. If you father or mother alone have the gene then the chance of you being born a lupine is 1 in 4. If both your parents carry the dormant characteristic then your chances become 2 of 4. If one has or had the gene active while other had it dormant then your chances become 3 of 4. If both had it active then your chances become 4 of 4. This is the law of inheritance by Gregor Mendel.

  • WolfGirl?

    I would SERIOUSLY appreciate it if Seth Greening (Lord of everything nerdy or cool!) or anyone who is like me could reply, I’m super confused 😐

  • WolfGirl?

    Either no one comments in a while, or people ignore me. Is it because I’m posting my problems on the Kitsune page, or are people ignoring me. Please help 😳 🙁 😳 😥 😥 😥

  • Blaze689

    I have a friend that is a kitsune she’s a bit of a trouble maker

  • Marney

    I believe now I know what I am indefinitely. I am a Kitsune. since we are shapeshifters it often confused me. But I need help. I was on a Mission from Inari Sama for a long while and am looking for another of Her messengers to help me. Please respond.

    • Hecate

      I can help! Probably…

      • Marney

        to try and make it simple If any Malicious Nogitsune can be tracked down here in the US please help me. I really want to move on I have been on this mission for a couple years now. There are a few Nogiotsune who have possessed certain humans those humans I do not know. they declared war on Myobu and human since 2 kits were killed for their fur. if you know anything please let me know.

  • Fenrir Ulfangr

    Foxes kissed by fire, interesting. So that’s how the beat Kublai Khan’s armada. I knew something about these foxes, what was it, what was it… I can’t remember right now. Hmmm but the number nine suggests a connection to the Vanir.

  • Marney

    but as a Myobu.. Maybe tracking their star balls may help since nothing else is.

  • Assanjin

    Kitsune, the Japanese demon fox, every 1,000 year of life they gain a tail, grabbing one of their tales either curses you to become a kitsune or curses you to be a ghoul. They can actually assume many forms of almost any animal. The only kitsune who has nine tails if known by one of three names kyubbi no youkou, kitsune no youkou or kidami no youkou. Kidami is feared by all Japanese originated creatures and is the mightiest of the bijuu, his greatest battle is when he fought yamata no orochi(snake of eight branches) the fight lasted over 100 years. Kitsune generally have power over a single element, only those with 8 and 9 tales can use all of the elements. They are found in the most remote regions of Japan and can become human permanently by making a human fall in love with them and then taking their soul. Generally speaking these days they inhabit suicide forest at the foot of mount fugi, where they possess people though mind control and lead them to their death. To identify kitsune in human form simply look for pointy ears, fox eyes, a fox tail or dark hands relative to skin color. Kistune that I have met are cunning, mischievous and too smart for their own good. Any other information you require on kitsune just ask and I shall answer.

  • Assanjin

    Kitsune of specific element even when they don’t mean to react to their element, fire is attracted to fire elemental, earth to earth elemental so on and so forth. If fire, flames tend to unnaturally tilt to them, if earth they act almost like a living magnate.

  • Adisa

    i am sorry Seth but this information is wrong Kistunes are beings who change there form into beutiful woman and suck you life out when you sleep

    • Hail Adisa,

      Don’t be sorry I’m a Survivor. My understanding of the being you describe is that it – they – have historically been referred to as succubi not kitsune. Are you reporting a hybridization of these beings? Have you met one? If so please report. This could be groundbreaking information.

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • Marney

        well Kitsune CAN be similar to a Succubus such as well because of minors will not go into details here but they can and do feed from that kind of energy. Though if a kitsune is a Myobu then they usualy would feed from their element if they are around it. but Nogitsune are a bit different. Both Branches are Amoral but Myobu are more protectors while Nogitsune vary but most are well pranksters.

    • Marney

      actually I am kitsune and Seth has most right. There are kitsune from other regions that do do as you described but not all. The Hugin and others from Korea and whatnot are not soo nice but the ones from say japan are usually of 2 branches but the same species. Nogitsune and Myobu. Nogitsune can be the real tricksters. Myobu are guardians.

  • Misty

    Is this site meant to be realistic or no? Because I see a ton of roleplay and whatnot. Even things from TeenWolf being referenced in here. -.- (Nogitsune, really?) If this site is meant to be filled with facts, and real information, I can provide a lot. If anyone is interested in getting (real)facts about things like mermaids, kitsunes, demons, angels, hybrids, etc. then email me at
    mermaidkairi25@yahoo.com (don’t wanna use my real name here or on my email just for privacy purposes)

    • Marney

      acualy in kitsune lore and in the book now I forgot what its called I think fox mystery and humor or something.. There has been mention of Nogitsune meaning wild fox one who does not serve Inari Sama and Myobu ones who serve Inari. Myobu are guardians nogitsune are the tricksters. Thats what i know anyway.

  • SpiritOfFlame

    So, I’m currently a druid, but occasionally I change into a three-tailed blue fox, and I can’t control it. Does this mean I’ve subconsciously suppressed some of my attributes? I would like the general public’s opinion on this.

  • Marney

    I would if possible like to speak to an experienced Kitsune. I need some help in many matters.

  • Marney

    Are there any Kitsune active here still? I shifted a few weeks ago but I only remember vauge things like being in some building fighting against something. How I suspect i am a kitsune is I slightly remember a wolf I guess i was helping and I changed again to i guess a Kitsune and he kept saying but your a Kit not a wolf or something like that… anyone know anything?

  • Marney

    can a Kitsune make it so they can blend all their tails and make it one tail? not a permanent thing but depending on a situation?

    • Ravenwillow

      Yes. My tenko gardian, a nine-tailed fox, occasionally merges her tails til she has 3…I’m not sure why she does, but she can. She also has the ability to change her size, where normally she stands at about hip height, she often goes to about a foot tall. I feel it’s mostly for convenience, but she can be a bit of a mystery.

  • Marney

    also I think there are at least 13 clans of kitsune connected to Elements I am still not sure what mine is but I can take some guesses but need help from an experienced kitsune. I am also a Myobu or guardian kitsune I feel. I also have five tails. I am not sure how powerful five tails are. I am hoping someone that is a Kitsune can help me out.

  • Assanjin

    Yes a kitsune can be a druid of sorts. With discipline and mastery a kitsune is a formidable force of nature. But thrir power rises with age so at first with one ot two tails a kitsune will not have much more ability than great speed and agility, basic fox fire abilities and shapeshifting at this point for them is very half assed.

    • Marney

      what about one with five tails? I have five tails but not sure how much i can do with five tails.

      • Assanjin

        Well depending upon your training and dedication you can summon great winds by striking your tails. Shapeshift very well, though your tail and ears shall still be available as well as your fox eyes and whiskers.You may also turn invisible but all this depends on how much you have trained on mastering these. At six tails you gain greater size, greater mastery over elements, near perfect shapeshifting and your howl can make even the most blood thirsty of oni tremble. Each tail you gain multiplies the power and caoability of these aforementioned gifts.

        • Marney

          thats very interesting. How do you know all this? I have no one to train me but I think i will at least try. How can one find out what element they are connected to? I have been trying to find mine for a while.

          • Marney

            and *shutters* oni I know Oni can drain a kitsune into a darn husk is why i shutter when hearing about it.

          • Assanjin

            Well I am the last living member of a Draconian bloodline which I lost a while ago. This rendered me mortal though I retained my knowledge of the Dracunabis Anti Malefactum also known as my families “Draconic abyss against evil” It possesses great knowledge on many if not all creatures that dwell in the realms of men and beyond. My bloodline kin were very connected to the flow of time, we could see as far back as its beginning and as far ahead as its end. For this we were known as the guardians of time’s gate. But now I am the last living individual and the secrets die with me. I am cut off from the kel or elder’s knowledge. I trained with my brothers but they have long since been slain. We resided on the border between the finite and the endless, the mortal and the eternal.

            • Assanjin

              I could once devour demon and oni alike in the thousands like mere appetizers. Though left human I still possess great and mighty strength, my eyes still see through guises and illusions and my tongue still can speak the old tongue of my fallen kin. My appetite is still quite an issue though. However my strength has bern waining recently and I am not even able to stand anymore.

            • Marney

              ahh I see. How can I find out what my element is? and you seem interesting.

              • Assanjin

                The same way the young ones would find their voice. You place one of each element around you in a circle. Meassure your breathing. At first you may feel uncomfortable. But in a while you should notice that one bowl yields more to your command than the others. This requires full concentration in silence. To the most gifted finding the element the command took mere moments, to some mere days, to others months and to some years. Only one kitsune took centuries to find his element, for his sheer power broke all the bowls and he could not restrain his might. Overtime of much meditation he learned he could command all of the elements at a whim by showing restraint. But something more interesting happened, by the time he was done he grew nine tails andhe became one of the mighty tailed beasts of Japan. His name, Youko no kitsune. The mightiest of all kitsune, he is also the oldest living. Ge slumbers at the foot of mount Fuji in a place now known as the sea of trees. Each tail can crush a mountain, his jaws may devour even Susano. This method is how our young find their voice and your kin find their element.

  • Marney

    I have a strong feeling I am Forest Kitsune basicly of the Earth Element. I also felt very connected to the forest. Someone also sugested Air since I have a connection to wind as well. Should I try what i feel connected to the Most first? and what can an earth or Forest kitsune do?

  • Marney

    also a while back when I was living with a human who is VERY aware.. (though she feels ALL kitsune are well evil…) She always says how I am *Pure* the only *pure* Kitsune would be celestial but I could be wrong. I do serve under Inari Sama… so i am a Myobu at least i hope I still am..

    • Mishael

      A kitsune we I’m a phalantien we are similar to your species but were demons from the neather world I’m the last of my kind we were slayn by mortals hands we feast on souls and the suffering of others to survive and even human flesh and blood. That is why I have a burning hatred for mortals while all demons eat souls we craved them and could never stop eating them we loved to torture and capture mortals since we fed on their suffering to survive we were deemed the most powerful and evil race that existed one phalantien could all the gods and their entire army. The gods could not kill us so they broght nine magical Knights forth that had unimaginable power because it came from their wretched hearts. Nine warriors facing down the enitre dark elf army and their phalantien leaders. And they threw down our empire I was the last one found as a baby Odin thought I did not deserve to die took me in later banishing me again to earth where I was abused by a cruel human family until I finally found out what I was I could take know more I flayed them alive after many hours of torture I know what mortals fear they fear monsters so I shall become on I killed and destroyed the dark elves worship me as their god then later the Knights started to become more corrupt and abuse their power they had in their city’s when they herd their was another phalantien they fought me but they under estimated my power and cruelty and my burning hatred for mortals. I killed them all and was no longer phalantien I became a dark God of the dark elves I am Belial the eternal horror. You kitsune transform into a fox phalantiens including me are linked to ravens I can become a raven or an entire flock if I wish I can control them and speak to them they are my spy’s in the mortal realm sorry for such a long post I want mortals and other races to remember us.

  • Marney

    BUT my fur is not all white. I am akin to a red fox. but I do have some just alittle bit of a silver color.

    • Ravenwillow

      Kitsu, my kitsune gardian, is of golden fur with black paws, tail tips, and other markings…and if you look carefully, she looks like she has stars in her fur. Though she guards me, I know very little about her…

      • Marney

        Like her I am a Myobu but I do not guard any specific person.

        • Ravenwillow

          I’m aware its not often a kitsune bonds with a specific person…normally a person has to capture the orb they gaurd…am I correct?

          • Mishael

            Ravenwillow how long until the end time I’m going to help you and Fenrir fight Cromh my dark elves will fight by your side and so will I I’m sorry for what i did to humans all these years me and my dark elves want redemption and to kill some demons I can’t wait to get to bloodshed when does it start I’m sorry Ravenwillow I really am for my burning hatered to humans I have already informed Fenrir about my surrender and to join my armies to the lights and help you defeat the darkness. I refuse to leave our realm svarthlfeim me and my dark elves will make our last stand here but we need aid please send help and quickly you are all free to join us I don’t expect mortals to forgive me after what I did but I need help please your all free to join us fight Cromh his armies are marching to us to bring the end ragnarok i now learned that revenge will not bring me my life back only affect the furture so I’ve decided to help you all I’m not doing it for the mortals who I hate or any of you I’m downing it for Odin he was their when I had no one and I betrayed him now I shall redeem myself if I go I’ll take as many of them as I can with me now it’s time for some bloodshed.

  • Marney

    I reopened to the fact that I am a Kitsune shapeshifter. taking on more then one form. Many Weres seen through my Illusion and that opened me up alot more. Also how the heck do i change my Avatar? I forgot how.

  • Marney

    never mind figured it out. Anyway Are there other Kitsune here?

  • Marney

    And Air so far seems to be my strongest Element besides earth. Yet supposibly Air or Wind Kitsune are said to be all evil yet i am a Myobu. So how is it many say we are evil?

  • Marney

    I don’t think all the time but doing that to a kitsune is wrong in all ways to me.

  • Ravenwillow

    You should probably get some sleep… But when you wake, I would indeed like more information…

  • wisheshewasakitsune

    wow…80% of what I know about kitsunes comes from this comment section…also seth…earlier I saw you going on a little about kitsunes being really bad and dangerous…also whats the monstrometer, anyway, not ALL kitsune are bad. some cut bragging people down to size and others…treat them nice and they’ll treat YOU nice…..and also with money. the first person to say this shockingly was a guy who only thinks hes PART kitsune if a kitsune at all, and not an actual, full, kitsune… why? also yes I think I might be part kitsune

  • wisheshewasakitsune

    seth, if you met a NICE kitsune, and it became your friend… what is the first thing you would do with him/her? excluding everything monstrometer related.

  • wisheshewasakitsune

    by the way I spent my entire schoolday online taking kitsune related quizzes and found out I would be a dark kitsune, and also have a 57% chance(as in… a higher chance than it not being true) of being a kitsune in the first place.

  • Marney

    are there any Kitsune legit kitsune (Werefoxes) around here? I do not run into much of my kind anymore. I received many answers 3 days ago during a deep meditation and things happened I did not expect. I am just feeling alone because there are not many i can talk to.. So if your a real legit Kitsune please let me know..

  • wolf

    i’m taking a head count to see how many people still visit this site so if you could, could you please reply

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