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DangerSign-Small-optYOU MAY BE DEALING WITH A HUMAN!!!Seth_twitter

Humans may actually be the most dangerous of all the creatures identified by the Monstrometer.

Humans are a complicated, complicated, COMPLICATED bunch. If you had a nickel for every expert opinion on how to deal with them, you would be so rich that you would never have to deal with them. That’s how complicated humans can be. Even the most benign, garden variety human can be very hazardous to your health and safety at times.

So given that humans are not even my area of expertise – and besides this is kind of a conflict of interest here given that I am a human – what can I add to this research?

Maybe just this one general principle. Never show fear. Because chances are the human is afraid of you too. More afraid than you are. Humans are a notoriously fearful bunch. It’s not entirely our fault. We live short little life spans. We suffer from fang, fur and flight envy, not to mention pitifully limited sensory perceptions. As a result, most humans are painfully aware of their impending death and destruction and this fear is always just under the surface waiting to catch fire. So whatever else you do – and unfortunately I can’t tell you whatever else – but whatever else you do, don’t feed the fear fire. Never show fear.

************************************** IF THE HUMAN IS YOU! *****************************************

Just keep on keeping on!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

398 comments to Humans!!!

  • slade

    i need to know, which would be the most depressing race to live? this can be answered by any one but i NEED the answer from seth


    • scar


      • slade

        uumm…your in all caps…and what i mean is, what race is the most depressing to live and i mean race as in not skin color, i mean witch and dragon and ww and what not…

        • Hail Slade,

          Well it is hard to say but I think that probably zombies have the most depressing life (or unlife in this case).

          I mean it has to be pretty depressing to have everyone be afraid of you and to have bits of you falling off all the time. I guess they don’t think about it that much they seem pretty fixated on eating my brain usually but it sure is depressing to consider becoming one.

          What do you think would be the most depressing?


  • slade

    sorry i havent been on in a while, you know, things to do, places to go…..annoying ex-girlfriends to -ahem- “accidentally” murder…..>XD…..well i would think (like most people) that the vampire would be most depressing, or the draconian, to always be alone and on your own doesnt fit my needs, but i guess that if you add all the powers i mean then EVERYBODY should be afraid of you…heh heh…i dont really think it would effect me because my life is quite depressing already but yeah, dragon and vamps are probably the most depressing

    • Hail Slade,

      Thanks for weighing in & glad to know you are keeping on. Point taken. While zombies in the early stages are pretty depressing, I think it’s true by stage IV most zombies are pretty much over it, due to zero activity in the limbic area of the brain. At that point they may be depressing to the people around them but likely not dealing with many adverse emotions of their own. While draconians, as you say, especially the oldest ones, the full ones, say five hundred years old, live cave-bound lives with only their treasure to comfort them, (some of them.)

      I don’t know about vampires though. They keep on looking good and they seem to have very busy social lives even if it means hanging out in high schools which as we all know can get pretty depressing… oh wait. Yeah. High school. Okay. You win. Vampires must get pretty depressed.

      Hey why are you asking this anyway? Is this part of your personal research? Are you a paranormal psychologist by any chance?


    • Moto16

      Okay slade we vampires are not depressing!! Ya sure we can’t go out in the sun but who cares!!! Das ist nicht güt!! Woops sorry.. When I get angry I start speaking german. 👿

    • Vianna

      Draconians are not depressed not in my case anyway!

  • Phia

    Dear Seth,

    What are some give-aways that somebody is human?

    ~Phia 😉

  • Werewolfsareausome

    Being a human stinks

  • Kindacreepedoutchick

    Well, reading this kinda makes me feel bad for you guys. I mean, constantly being plagued by us… That’s gotta be rough.

    • Helpingfella :D

      You mean like eaten or bitten and became unnormel?

      • Helpingfella :D

        yea i am finnaly gonna admin it……………………….I’m human.

        and yes it is hard for us i mean we battle with blood, fur, and more

        Everyday the human race is acting up…. either a human from a bit or scratch that can turn them into a vampire or werewolf
        veryday humans suffer right now the minute your reading this a human is born or killed……. and there killed by ww’s, vamps, witches, zombie, canniable. etc… and you ww’s just eat them i heard a baby got killed and eaten by you guys not good at all i hope your wolf is happy……..sry just a little mad there i am just trying to help my family. And you guys (ww’s) i am trying to teach the value of life that you guys have been given (check it out on the ww page)

        and yea Humans are just like saying you guys (nonhumans) are like colors and the humans are just plain gray.

        • Katie

          Dear helpingfella 😀 I am a werewolf and I feel offended. I just survived rituals and I survived another Halloween and there were zombies and dragons and kitsune and these large other creatures trying to get past us to destroy mankind and this is how you repay us?

        • Midnight wrath

          Listen ….there are some bad werewolfs ill admit but there are protectors as well like me I protect humans every day I put my life indanger for yours you have really inraged me from your comment and some don’t have a choice but to feed off of humans so you need to realize that so e werewolfs are trying to protect you humans from us and others even from each other… 😡 so please reconsider okay

  • pauzzis97

    hey seth ,remember i told you that in my school they didnt let you wear jewelery (day walker locket) , well i went to school today and my teacher told me to take it off , i got so angry and bit her in the neck 😯 😯 😯 my whole class got so scared even my best friend maked me a horrible face !!! 😥 im so sad ! but her blood was delicious !!! 😛

    • Moto16

      I know how u feel man. Try tomatoes they really help me. Suck da juice out!!! :mrgreen:

    • Hail Pauzzis97,

      Thanks for this unflinching confession. Unfortunately I am not the Vampire Pope so I have no way absolution to offer you. Just a few words of belated advice, from Vampire A.A. one of the first vampires on the site. She would say, COULDN’T YOU TRY WEARING THE RING BACKWARDS?? Or on a toe, maybe? Somewhere unseen? I regret that I did not remember her advice until today. Now the only thing left to ask is, how did you clean up the aftermath of this scene? Now that all your classmates saw you vamping out on a teacher? And what happened to the teacher? Were you able to stop yourself killing or worse turning her? Did you seek medical attention and a memory sanitary engineer for the whole classroom?

      This could be very instructive for others Pauzzis. You’re not the only one. It happens.

      Just keep on keeping on!


      • pauzzis97

        well after it happened everybody was in shock and they all ran out of the classroom!
        Then i went to the bathroom for a mop we have there and cleaned the blood.
        My teacher well she’s long gone and i tossed her to the big dumpsters in the back of the school, and that day i found out that i had a power , mind eraser power , it was crazy !!! my whole class went to the principals office to tell on me but i was so mad and in a sec. everybody was on the floor except me and when everybody got up they were like why on earth am i in the principals office ! 😯

        • Mr. Mutt

          You killed a human being! And yet ww are called the monsters. Now does anyone understand why I don’t like vampires? One bite and you guys just completely forget what it’s like to be human. Don’t cross my hunting range or you’ll regret it.
          Mutt Out

  • Hey i’m a demon and I’m having a hard time hiding my horns and people sometimes see my tail so how do I deal with it without killing anymore people because I’ve killed so many I see they’re faces HELP ME PLEASE

    • Hail Argonian,

      Thanks for this heartfelt confession. Sorry to hear about the faces. But you’re not alone. In fact it’s a common problem. Why else does your steak arrive without a head attached to it? Faceless food is just easier to digest. Took a few years for humans to figure that one out. And sometimes as hard as you try to reform, others just stay stuck on the tail. So don’t fall into their trap! That’s the first step. The second step is to invest in a good hat, possibly one with ear flaps and stick with baggy pants -no matter what. Skinny jeans are both dangerous and hideous. (Sin circulation, comprende?) But those are just short term. Any long term solution should involve finding out who has your contract and how you can void it. Are you a first born? Is one of your parents or ancestors a rock star or movie star, a scientist or a mathematician? Or are you? What’s the deal?

      Keep on and let keep on!


      • pauzzis97

        Hey seth you never answered my comment above argonian’s comment ! 😐

        • Hail pauzzis97,

          Sorry about that. I guess I just didn’t See a question there, more of a report.

          I guess what I would say to that is. Wow! That is not really a very good survival tactic. It makes keeping the whole secret identity thing very hard and also makes it tough to use the “but I’m a nice vampire defence.” Maybe I should take that comment down before your vampire hunter friend Hannah sees it.

          Sorry again. Sometimes it gets a little crazy around here and I miss things. I am only human after all. Well 99.98% human…

          Keep on keeping on.


          • pauzzis97

            it’s ok humans miss things , everybody in my family is human except me and julio so you get used to it , and most vamps too 🙂 ! also i been using my power with one of my teachers ! we had to do a project in groups and i was going to pick hannah and dani ( my bff’s ) to be my partners , but my teacher choose me another 2 partners so i used my power and i told her that my partners for the project were hannah and dani ! our project was mystical creatures ( for history ) and we got an A+ because hannah and i knew a lot !

            • Hail pauzzis97,

              Is that Hannah the same Hannah who is also a vampire hunter? or is that another Hannah? If so is she a supernatural creature?

              Is your friend Dani a supernatural creature also?


              • pauzzis97

                yes hannah is the vamp hunter and dani well she is just so normal ! sometimes it freaks me out 😯 hahahaha and one more thing seth , can i be the beauty and relaxation guru of seth on survival ???? please i am in my own site the B&R guru , but nobody visits my site so i might as well post my facials and recipes to your site if that is ok with you???? and i can’t find my daywalker locket any were i look all over my house and nothing !!!! and also i found out that my girly and emotional state is because of the full moon 🙂

  • Seth it’s argonian and there’s another problem I……uh…..sorta killed my host so now those agent guys are on my tail (no pun intended) and it’s hard for a shadow demOn like me to stop killing so what should I do?!

  • vampire girl

    i dont beleve im humans ”yeah i guess i am one” but i have fangs feel ones and feel like a vampire not a human but even vampires were humans

    • Hail vampire girl,

      It’s true and thanks for pointing this out. There are few – if any – sasquatch vampires for instance. (If anyone out there has seen one, please don’t keep it to yourself!) Most vampires are or were human, although the very oldest vampires seem forget it. How long have you been a vampire-human? Human-vampire?

      Keep on keeping on,


  • thezombieduck

    Humans are reaaally annoying the last memory I have of thm is some foolish people stealing my gold (let’s just say I had a nice roast that night

    • Scarly

      Mermonster Nicolas, I haven’t heard from you in a while, have you been swimming the tropical seas? You didn’t run into Medusas children did you? I hear they hide a lot of places. Hope to see you soon!!


  • Metallica Fangirl 13


    • Hey MFG13,

      Werewolfy-shapshiftery-Raveny-type-thingy!!! How are you doing? Haven’t talked to you in a while… well at least as far as I know. Every time I see a raven I was and say, “Hi MFG!” Were any of those you?

      Have you developed any new powers? Perfected any old ones?

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Metallica Fangirl 13

    Yes I think so and I have no new powers and havent got time to perfect old ones
    And…….(drum roll Please)………..I CAN SEE UP UR NOSE SETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scarly

      Oh dear, Seth that’s embarassing. MFG – please don’t look up mine I already hate my nose! Can you actually become a raven? That’s so crazy and cool. Have you read Edgar Allen Poe’s poem about the raven? You can read it here:


      Do you think he wrote it about you?

    • Hey MFG!

      Get outta my nose! Stop looking in there. Nothing good can come of that.

      Although I did lose the key to my bike lock, I thought that I looked everywhere but I will admit that I did not look up my nose. Did you happen to see it up there?

      Keep on keeping on. Well except don’t keep on looking up my nose.


      • Metallica Fangirl 13

        Scarly:i Cant see ur face therefore i Can not see up ur nose and i dont Think he was writing About me because i was not alive then
        Seth: i am not sure if i did because i was pilling ur leg!!!!

        • Hail MFG,

          In the future it would be great if you are going to pull my leg if you could please concentrate your efforts on my left leg. It’s a little shorter than my right leg and I’d like to even them out a little bit.

          Thanks and keep on keeping on.


          P.S. I’ll let you know when to stop pulling my left leg so it doesn’t get too long and then I have the same problem but the other way. Ok start pulling now.

          • Metallica Fangirl 13

            Omfg Seth!!(laughing so hard)Why so serious?! It’s a figure of speech

            • Hail MFG,

              I totally know that’s a figure of speech but seriously my legs aren’t the same length so I would really like them evened out in a non painful way. Maybe you don’t have this problem (being a shapeshifter) but almost every human has one leg longer than the other. On the other hand it may be an even bigger problem with shapeshifters since you can change the len of your limbs how do you know when they are all the same length? Hard enough with 2 legs it must be tough when shifting into a form with 4 or more legs like a wolf or millipede. How do you manage? Got any tips for the other shifters out there on bilateral symmetry transformation techniques?

              Keep on keeping on.


  • Hey Seth earlier you ask how those agent guys see me and the reason they can is because there using a magic to detect me and the demon council won’t let me tell you any more or else they’ll take my essence

    • Hail Argonian,

      That is very informative information that you have provided there. A51 is using magic to trace supernatural creatures! That is big news.

      Did the agents carry magical devices or were they actually casting spells? The answer to this could be pretty significant.

      Thanks for this info and keep on keeping on.


    • Scarly


      Have you had any trouble with the demon council? Would it be OK for you to tell us if A51 agents are using brightly colored light magic or sticky dark magic? Or neither? If it’s bright magic what colors were around? Blue green? Red? I’m just trying to figure out what to watch for if I see that A51 agent creeping around some more.

      Scarly 😛

  • Rebecca (lil sis)

    Dear Seth i have almost all the results on monstermeter i havent got human 😯 🙄 😳

  • Wolfdemongirl07

    I think I’m a ww please help me

  • Wolfdemongirl07


    • Scarly

      Wolfdemongirl07 Here are the questions I try to ask most new Werewolves:

      1. Can you remember being bitten, or do you think you were born a werewolf?
      2. Have you transformed yet? If not, what other signs do you have (fever, rage, craving rare meat?)
      3. Do you know of any Werewolf packs living near by? If so, maybe you can join them
      4. Do you like muffins?

      T here are lots of WWs kicking around this site – nice to meet you, I look forward to hearing your answers!!!

      scarly (also a ww) 😉

  • The doctor

    Somebody once said seth needed a poem.

    SOS…I got an emergency
    That needs to be met with urgency
    area 51 wants to meet me
    And I don’t think it’s for tea.
    Who do I look for in a hurry?
    Who can warn me when to scurry?
    Seth can
    Now I can get a tan
    Without worry
    Thanks a ton
    For helping me avoid area 51.

    I am not much of a poet but there you go.

    The doctor

  • Shannon

    Humans are mean and are only good for sucky vampires 👿

    • Hail Shannon,

      Er on behalf of humans everywhere my apologies if you have had a disagreeable encounter with a homo sapiens BUT I please don’t lump us all into the same…

      Hey are you a vampire?

      Keep on keeping on!


  • Long Live humans !!! Humans against monsters!!!! All creatures will be destroyed!!!

    • The One

      Looky here human I’ve been protecting your stinking rear ends for awhile so if you don’t want my help I’ll gladly crawl into a whole and let all the godawful hellacious monster at you.

    • TempestZyboragon

      Okay, this is the kind of post that pisses me off.
      Here all of us are trying to save your race and yet you have the nerve to post something like this?

      Your obviously mislead on what this site is! This is about surviving, all races and species surviving.
      I didn’t just travel from this universe to protect the keys to the void and come back to get elimated by my own friend and then get revived again, just so I could deal with your ignorant post.

      Seth himself knows, its monsters like us that help your world.
      Our survival is his survival, his survival is our survival.
      Oh and if your still making comments like this I’ll just take some monsters back to the realm I was in, and then we’ll see how a fragile human can handle fighting the creatures of the void.

      You have been warned. Do not test me.
      Also it’s just going to be alittle hard for your race to survive without monsters, and if you want a war, you’ll have to deal with me, A giant metal angelic cyborg ghost dragon that can summon storms.
      Not to mention the fact that cyborgs are monsters and it’s because of them you humans even have the technology that you do.

      When you post a message like this, its not only unamusing, inconsiderate, ignorant, absurd, selfish, demeaning, and just plain rude, but it’s also ridiculus.
      Seth is a human on this site, and he’ll be coming onto the site. He won’t like your post.

      Next time think before you post.

    • Hail Gabriel Van Helsing,

      I did not survive watching TZ travel from this universe to protect the keys to the void and come back to get eliminated by his own friend and then get revived again just he could deal with anti-monster rhetoric…

      Human to human, I have to tell you, this is not the best move. What has something soured you on the marvelous among us? What’s you’re story? Are you sure that you are 100% human? Have you scanned yourself? And BTW – you remind me of somebody from a long time ago… have I met you before?


  • Z-Man

    I never thought I’d end up joining this page, but I’m no longer an angelic cyborg ghost dragon anymore… I am a human again. Been far too long since I’ve felt so helpless. I feel so weak. The only thing I can take joy in is the fact that I have hair to comb.
    You’d be amazed at how much I’ve missed the feel of combing my hair.
    I can’t believe it.

    • Hail the Z-Man,

      Hooray for human hairz LOL 🙂 Seriously hair is very important to human survival. It is highly conducive to evolutionary dating endeavors and moderately protective – if not actually the source of mythological super strength. So don’t comb it too hard.

      Okay but what’s the deal here? How did you get your humanity back?

      Keep on grooming on.

      (Er except maybe lay off the combing. It does fall out you know.)


    • Mr. Mutt

      Your one word answers really are annoying you know. Nothing at all?

      • The doctor

        Are you st|_|pid? He said NOPE!!!
        Hey do want kitsune protection?

        • Mr. Mutt

          So is that how’s it’s going to be Doc? I brought you back to LIFE you little INGRATE !!! I’m possitively shakeing! The god of foxes and rice is after me oooo. What you going to do? Throw rice at me? Use a few parlor tricks? I give you this warning Doctor STAND DOWN or feel my WRATH! Do you realize what a battle between gods would do to the planet?

      • Z-Man

        Tell me mutt, is it my one word answers that annoy you, or is it just that they are to show defiance?
        One word answers: short, simple, and to the point. Who could possibly hate one worded answers?

        • Mr. Mutt

          Someone who liked to have interesting conversation 🙄

          • Z-Man

            Interesting conversation?
            All you’ve done is rant about having power, yeah hearing that over and over.

            • Mr. Mutt

              Your right….. Ahgha excuse me for mentioning the power one more time. The energy you gave me to keep from explodeing isn’t going to last for more than a few seconds. I’m sorry about all the thongs I’ve done. I’ve been a royal pain and now it’schatching up to me……. Before I d¡e I just want to apologize and say how sorry I am for this meeeeesss. I’m going to cross intooo the blood and that way limit there damage toooo earthy. I’m sorrrrrryyyyyyy

  • The doctor

    Who want to come with me and the doc to get mutt out of whatever power trip he is on?

  • krptu117

    my girlfriend dumped me. 🙁 i dont understand humans at all.she told me she was not a vampire also(but she may be trying to lye to me. 🙁

    • Hail krptu117,

      Sorry to hear that. Who does understand females, human, vampire or otherwise? I certainly don’t, just ask Naya… actually maybe don’t ask her. I am probably already in trouble about something anyways and that would just remind her to be mad at me. You are just going to have to take my word for it.

      Anyways take heart, there are lots of other females of all sorts of species that would love to hook up with a guy like you and you are still young you have lots of time to love again.

      Keep on keeping on and remember that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.


      P.S. Did you ever get a chance to scan her with the Monstrometer?

  • Seth I need help ur app says I’m a werewolf but I don’t recall ever being a wolf and now I have been getting strange cuts but I don’t have any strange birthmarks but I also love muffins. Help!!!!!!

    • Hail Werewolfs Rule121,

      Welcome to the site. Thanks for writing in. In answer to your question the Monstrometer while not 100% accurate is generally very accurate at diagnosing supernatural conditions. To make sure that you get the most accurate results possible it is advisable to set the number of questions to 25 (the maximum) and before you scan make sure that your device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) is very clean to avoid any potential contamination during the biometric data collection phase.

      That said judging by your symptoms a diagnosis of werewolf certainly seems logical. Many times the stress and pain and trauma of transforming is so intense that your psychological defence mechanisms kick in to prevent your brain from imploding and so the memories of transformations are often suppressed.

      Do your cuts heal quickly? Have you been bitten lately? Ever wake up with dirt or sand in your bed? Ever wake up somewhere other than your bed? Have you always loved muffins or is that a more recently acquired taste?

      Thanks again for writing in and keep on keeping on.


  • Thx for the advice Seth the cuts do heal and I have always loved muffins

    • Hail WWRule121,

      Well muffin love is a strong indicator of lycanthropic tendencies. There’s no denser source of calories and yumminess for the inner werewolf – so I’m told anyway. As for the super healing cuts, did they leave a distinctive scar? On what part of your body? Can you recall when you got them?

      Yours in survival,


  • i really dont like humans they try to destroy us(sorry to all u humans)

    • Hail Rome,

      Well I know how you feel what with almost all humans being afraid of supernatural beings things often get out of hand but please note that not all humans are out to destroy you, only some.

      Some others though, not naming names (*** –> ME!!! < --***), are actually actively seeking ways to protect supernatural beings and humanity, ensure their mutual survival and to foster peace and understanding between all the different kinds of beings.

      So my point is please do not paint all humans with the same brush. Besides being inaccurate that would not be very hygienic. Well I guess you could wash the brush in between but that would still just make it hygienic but still wrong.

      Hope no humans have done you wrong lately.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Zyboragon

    This is a warning from A51 Agent Drosser, this site is being monitored thanks to the security privileges available on the device which was pulled from this “survivor”.
    He smells bad.
    Nothing to see here, move along.

  • quinlan

    Calling all survivors! Urgent message; the Angel page will be updated with prophecys and urgent info! Go visit the angel page now!

  • vampwolf78

    Hey Seth, is it possible to be a vampwolf where you were a werewolf but then you got bit while in human form giving you both strengths and weaknesses from both ❓

  • Vampwolf78

    I think it’s happened to me, cause I used to be a werewolf and then after a transformation one night a woke up with two bite marks on my neck and now whenever I change I’m a lot more powerful

    • The Master

      Well, use that for the greater good….

    • Hail Vampwolf78,

      It is indeed possible. For centuries many believed that werewolf and vampire kind did not only not get along with each other but were mutually exclusive but modern supernatural survivology holds that not only is it possible for there to be vampire werewolf mixtures but that it is in fact becoming more common all the time. Not only that but because werewolves and vampires gain and loose strength as polar opposites during the lunar cycle it tends to moderate a werevamp crosses power level. As the full moon recedes and the werewolf power wanes the vampire power increases. After the new moon has passed the opposite occurs as the werewolf side strengthens and the vampire part weakens.

      Has your condition progressed? Does sunlight bother you now? We look forward to an update on your condition.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Akantha

    The master I just wanted you to know Mutt has a habit if resurrecting himself.

  • Zyboragon

    It would be interesting if there were survival checks on this site, it would not only boost some activity but also keep it known amongst ourselves if everyone is still present.

    • mrjaffa

      yeah that would be quite cool, btw Z how hard do you think it would be to try to make a wing like the angel ones out of D3?

    • Hail Z,

      A survival check hey? Your ideas intrigue me… can you explain to me more about how you see those working? If I can (or maybe more correctly if I can talk Graham into it) I would like to explore the possibility of implementing something like this. It certainly sounds very appropriate.

      What did you have in mind?


  • vampwolf78

    Seth, I’m starting to get used to it but when I turn I still sometimes loose control, and sunlight doesn’t really hurt me it just gets really annoying and starts to sting a little bit if I stay in it to long

  • Wereboy

    Help! I’m being hunted by fur chasers! (if you don’t know what they are just tell me) and these agents!(if you know who there are tell me) I’m a pure blood and I don’t know what to do about this! Please help me! Seth, anybody!, Help!

    • Wereboy

      Please answer my question and ASAP!

    • Raven

      Hello Wereboy. Welcome to the site. Ive had many experiences with hunters and furs but Id turn wolf and @ttack them. If not, fond a nice hollow.tree to hide in. Agan, if not, just call your friend or your pack or someone who you can trust or has been threw. This before. Your friend Raven

      • Wereboy

        Thanks raven I have the perfect tree and I could try to go werewolf on
        Them. I’ll inform you on what’s going on.

      • Hail Raven,

        Thanks for helping out a fellow survivor here. Wereboy if you’re still keeping on out there, let us know how goes the battle when it’s safe. The Blue Moon is coming. I wonder if the fur chasers will be out in looking for blue pelts?


  • Armoured Elementalist

    Ah, humans. Such simple, yet such complex creatures. Brings me back to the days they first existed. The world was much easier back then.

  • imavampireforreal

    humans…discrase! they dont even drink blood! 👿

  • wolf guy

    hail survivors i have recently became a werewolf and im a werewolf hunter too and the reason im on the human page is because i want to ask you humans if i should continue to hunt werewolves or not and maybe even because ill heal faster hunt vampires too and ive asked werewolves and they said stop hunting werewolves because well thier werewolves and they dont want me to kill them

  • firefang

    Stop hunting werewolves how would u like to be hunted for ur pelt like the ww like me that r being hunted 👿

  • werewolfgirl

    seth have you ever scaned your self to see if you are a werewolf

    • Vampgirl

      My step sis is a human and I am a vamp i don’t want to hurt her how do I do that Seth?

    • Hail WWgirl,

      Thanks for asking this important question. Although I never post my results, I do scan myself on a weekly basis, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for best results. Over the years, I have, like everyone else does, experienced certain un-named supernatural anomalies in my test results. But in order to maintain my objectivity as a survivologist, I have to remain vigilant against expressing my supernatural side in any one direction. Therefore I follow a strict regimen to restore my human status to approximately 99.98% on a regular basis. Not that I wouldn’t LIKE to become a werewolf or a vampire -who wouldn’t? (Not a cannibal though. I’ve never been tempted by that one. I don’t care how many Cannibal Cruise Ship vacations they take.)

      Point is, for my work I have to remain objective. Which is how I study the remedies that I promote – I test them all rigorously.

      Thanks for the howling good question, to use a LycantheProtector expression.


  • werewolfgirl

    i feel like hunting a vampire in my werewolf form

  • werewolfgirl

    you are half vampire and half werewolf vampwolf78

  • DoctorWho?

    Hi. I have recently downloaded the monstrometer and when I scan my self it cones up as threat detected, but when I interrogate myself it says I’m human. I’ve cleaned my device and taken it out of its case while scanning. In quite confused.

    • Hail Doctor Who?,

      Well I am not that surprised that it says threat detected and you are a human because humans are one of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy. However I AM surprised that you are a human and commenting here on the site. We sure don’t get many humans round these parts.

      Have you turned up the Monstrometer’s sensitivity in regards to the number of questions that you get asked during the interrogation? 25 questions is what I recommend for the best results.

      That said welcome to the site. Always exciting to meet a fellow survivor.

      Keep on keeping on!!


  • Wizard Overlord

    😉 Hi guys I’m lucky that I’m human but I still hybrid part dragon part human it all good but I was wondering how to change into dragon form? If any has the answer please reply P.S Seth if you see this just give me a 😉

    • Hail WO,

      Welcome to the site 😉 !

      For dragon advice I would probably recommend asking Zyboragon. He is kind of the resident dragon here and he may have some good advice for you. He usually does when he is not sleeping.

      Here is a link to where you can find him on the draconians page: http://sethonsurvival.com/monstrometer/draconians/comment-page-6#comment-274362

      Keep on keeping on.


      • Zyboragon

        Actually, I’m a page roamer Seth. 😛
        Hail Wizard Overlord, changing into a dragon is no easy task, learning to control that aspect requires dedication, I first recommend meditation, through the use of this method you should encounter the dragon side of you, it will take a while, but the more you practice this skill the more often you’ll encounter your dragon aspect. Keep your mind focused and do not back down.

        Hopefully this will be helpful, best of luck.

    • Hail Wizard Overlord,

      A belated 😉 to you on the Dragon Moon.

      A spell to change into Dragon form? Excellent question. The answer? Er…. I would have to ask Zyboragon or one of the other draconians around here.

      Please stand by. Figuratively speaking. Otherwise your feet will get sore at the rate I’m going.

      Thanks for keeping on.


  • Doctor Who?

    Thanks for the advice, also if you happen to see a strange blue police box tell me. I tend to go on this site because in a strong believer in aliens and time lords. If you don’t know what I mean by time lords you can look it up. I know Doctor Who is just a tv show, but what if he’s been disguised as actors and he has a fog watch?(timelords have fog watches to hold memory’s and if they disguised it holds the memories and all of that stuff but once opened he/she will gain back there memories) well sorry for ranting in about this but I hope you find this a bit interesting.

  • Vianna

    I bet he would be different, you know how dramatic humans are.

  • IX_Rep

    Chaos: Hi Seth. I need some advice. Me and my ‘family’ are hybreds and are being hunted down by a group that calls itself HHH (Human Helpers for Humanity). They haven’t found our base because of Mother Hen’s protection spells, but they find us when we leave to get food/water/clothes/etc. To give you an idea about how bad it is: there were 14 of us, now there is only 6 of us including our pet Hellhound, Andrastae. I know us Psychos don’t have the best reputation, but we’re mostly harmless and I don’t know why these humans are hunting us. We’ve only ever killed those trying to kill us! Does anyone know about HHH? We’d like to talk to the leader. Any other advice is welcome as well.

    • Hail IX_Rep,

      Thanks for this report. It’s generally hard to drum up help for psychos around here but I’ve posted your survival situation in This Week In Survival. No power tools if anyone stops by, awright?

      If you want my preliminary opinion on the situation, it’s this. Any group that calls itself Human Helpers for Humanity sounds immediately suspect in my book. See, the thing about humans is, most of us are a pretty anthropocentric bunch. We just assume that everyone knows we are human because what else would we be? So do you know who I suspect? I don’t want to point any fingers here but you should know that the single biggest threat to a psycho is in fact another psycho. Could this HHH group actually be a cover?

      Thanks for keeping on. No power tools.


  • Wolfmaster186

    Being a werewolf is fun. 😉

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