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I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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DangerSign-Small-optYOU MAY BE DEALING WITH A HUMAN!!!Seth_twitter

Humans may actually be the most dangerous of all the creatures identified by the Monstrometer.

Humans are a complicated, complicated, COMPLICATED bunch. If you had a nickel for every expert opinion on how to deal with them, you would be so rich that you would never have to deal with them. That’s how complicated humans can be. Even the most benign, garden variety human can be very hazardous to your health and safety at times.

So given that humans are not even my area of expertise – and besides this is kind of a conflict of interest here given that I am a human – what can I add to this research?

Maybe just this one general principle. Never show fear. Because chances are the human is afraid of you too. More afraid than you are. Humans are a notoriously fearful bunch. It’s not entirely our fault. We live short little life spans. We suffer from fang, fur and flight envy, not to mention pitifully limited sensory perceptions. As a result, most humans are painfully aware of their impending death and destruction and this fear is always just under the surface waiting to catch fire. So whatever else you do – and unfortunately I can’t tell you whatever else – but whatever else you do, don’t feed the fear fire. Never show fear.

************************************** IF THE HUMAN IS YOU! *****************************************

Just keep on keeping on!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

398 comments to Humans!!!

  • thewerewolf

    hey seth can i eat the guy on the picture? like eat the picture?

  • Wilwolf

    Dude, da guy in da picture is Seth

  • Phoenix Mostroco

    Jah! you cant eat Seth!!! he is cool! and he knows to much about us to be killed! So, no, no eating seth 🙂

  • Shewolf

    I really don’t like u, this would now be the third post telling u to stop. This will be the last one. I am not afraid to kill u, watch it. I’m not kidding drop the crap and get it through your thick ahead that you don’t want to act like an idiot. You will be better off.

  • thewerewolf

    oh crud O.O didnt know that was seth! 🙁

  • P5t5r

    Hey Seth why doesn’t this part of the site have a link over with the other monsters (not ment as an insult)? Also I think Naya is a vampire. I base this theory on the fact that she doesn,t like you poking around in that area and on the kinds of things you said about vampires on your description of them on the vampire page. Secondly I think you should set a leprechaun trap to get your pants back. Finally when are you going to make another episode of Seth on survival ?

    • Hey P5t5r,

      Excellent questions and suggestions.

      Why no link to the humans page? I am going to blame that on Graham being lazy. Guess I better get him to fix that. Thanks for pointing that out.

      You think Naya is a vampire!!! WOW! That would be cool, I mean how terrible. Hope she doesn’t lose control and leave me a drained husk of my former self on the floor. I guess I better check into that. She has been acting a little suspiciously lately, ever since she got back from camp… Hmmm I wonder…

      A Leprechaun trap!!! What a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that? Do you have any Leprechaun trap building suggestions? I sure would like to get those pants back. They were my favourite pair and my Swiss Army Knife was in them.

      When am I going to make another episode? Soon I hope. Really soon. I have been working hard to save up to get a new camera. My old camera suffered some residual damage in the big battle in Episode 5 and so I need a new one now but I am working on it. When I do get another one made I’ll let you know right away. Meanwhile I do have a new update to the Monstrometer coming Really really soon!

      Thanks for the great ideas P5t5r and keep on keeping on.


      • Gabriel castillo

        Hey Seth why don’t you buy that 5th gen nano it has a camra for 90 dollars

        • Thanks Gabriel,

          That’s a pretty good idea. I am going to see if I know anyone who has one and see if I can borrow theirs to try it out before I buy.


          • Enron(Nytmare)

            I can sell u one………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….for free. Built it from hand camera parts+xbox360 wifi systems+5th gen. nano! so wanna buy it?

      • gold moon

        heee i stole ur pants Seth ha ha ha ha but i gave them to my best friend in Ireland who was buried wearing them ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hail gold moon,

          You BURIED my pants? On your best friend? As in, in a coffin? In the ground? Okay well, one quick question uh…. WHY??? And did you at least check the pockets before you buried them because my Swiss army knife was in the right one. Also is your friend still buried? Is he still wearing my pants? Can I have them back? Do I want them back?

          Thanks in advance for your reply,


      • Sam

        thewerewolf tried eat you!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i know you’re crazy busy, but i have been wondering about this whole “who am i” business. i find it hard to sleep at night trying to figure it all out. my life is like a set of pentominoes. looks can be deceiving. you cant be fooled at first glance. try every solution.
    also, i am trying to think of a new online name on this site. anybody have any ideas?

    • Hey Anonymous,

      Re: the question of your identity. I am sorry that the answers that you seek have not been easily or quickly forthcoming. Your answers will come eventually my friend, and when they do the will have been worth the wait.

      Just like pentominoes eventually you will be able to solve your life. Actually that gives me an idea… Perhaps pentominoes are actually a divinatory aide? What do you think? Can pentominoes be used to tell the future? Maybe by scattering a handful of them, kinda like casting runes. Can you give that a try?


      P.S. Re your handle… I like Anonymous! 🙂

  • Hannah

    hey seth um you know me im the oe who told you to read the cirque du freak series any way can you help me. i want to become a were or a vamp so how can i find them

  • Anonymous

    thanks seth. u rock!

    and maybe if you randomly pick a piece, the letter that it is is the letter your future starts with. what do you think?

    thanks again seth. as u say, keep on keepin on!

    • Hail Anonymous,

      That seems like that might work. Have you tried it out yet?


    • Phia

      What are pentominoes?

      PS I know it probably sounds stupid and I’m probably the only one who doesn’t know this. But maybe somebody else did but I didn’t read it. But its like midnight now so no commenting on how I’m probably being/sounding realty stupid right now.

      PPS that last PS sounded stupid. Again, do not comment on that

  • Time o Stigma

    The worst part about humans is that it feels unnatural killing your former species…. Also picking which part to eat first….. Errrrrr I mean they have such short lives you kind of feel bad for them……. Their delicious mortal body…… Full of flesh and blood….. Errrr, I think I should stop talking of the matter.

  • Chris (Nephilim)

    Hey guys im a nephilim

  • P5t5r

    Attention Survivers Seth hasn’t left a comment all weekend do you think he is Okay?

    • Thanks for the concern P5t5r but fear not, I still live. Had a busy weekend delivering pizza and eluding A51 agents. Plus on Fiday I got food poisoning or was maybe was poisoned in an attempted assassination attempt and projectile vomited 9 times. That was not fun. On top of that I then had to clean up the bathroom in Survival HQ because, little known fact, puke attracts zombies.

      Gonna try to catch up with everything that has happened here on the site in the last couple of days but it may take a bit as it was a busy time apparently so thanks in advace for your patience and in the meantime keep on keeping on.


      • P5t5r

        Hope your feeling better Seth . It’s good to hear from you.
        P.S. How come Graham has never made a comment on the site?

        • Thanks P5t5r, I am feeling quite a bit better but I must say puking is not my favourite physiological process.

          In regards to your other question that is a very good point. Why has Graham never made a comment on the site. I do generally keep him quite busy with maintaining the web servers here in Survival HQ and also coding for the Monstrometer updates but he should really stop being so lazy. As soon as he gets back from the lab with the biochemical analysis of my vomit I am going to harass him mercilessly until he does. Sam and Naya have commented after all.


    • gold moon

      no ithink he is dead

      • you THINK he is dead. But you’re not sure? And you BURIED him anyway?

        Is this some kind of weird leprechaun game?

        Are you sure you’re not a fairy?

        (Actually scratch that, I just realized of course you are – leprechauns are a kind of faerie folk afterall. But are you sure you’re only 1/4 leprechaun?)


        • Metallica fangirl 13

          no seth it’s not a trick his mom buried him alive bacause he had no way of comunicating like the guy in “tommy got his gun” (the cant talk,or see and he doesn’t have arms or legs all he can do is think and hear)*combusts into tears for feeling bad for the poor guy*http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM8bTdBs-cw

  • Gabriel castillo

    Hope so he’s the ground camander for the invasion I’m the air and space camander and demons and angels will be in teams

  • Gabriel castillo

    Seth how do you fell flying a attack choler armed with 100 missles and 5 linked heavy machine guns :3

  • Gabriel castillo


  • Gabriel castillo

    What vehicle do you want Seth any one a farrari to a attack chopper and what wepen load out do you want

  • Time o Stigma

    OMG I just realized. How do we know your human seth? And you say trust anything BUT the actual thing, so I’m worried you might be misleading us., but I hope your not. I want to go along with my life knowing I can trust one single human. I have a fear of humans now that I think of it…………

    • Hey where’s that fear eating guy when you really need him? Sounds like *somebody* needs a fear excision!

      Seriously though Stigma, thanks for your unbridled skepticism. Fear of humans is neither uncommon nor completely unwarranted. I certainly can’t talk you out of it.

      But maybe P5t5r can, (below). I draw you attention in particular to his fourth sentence, “Assuming all humans are not trustworthy would be stereotyping,” and “If he’s not human he doesn’t know it after all if he knew he wasn’t human he would tell us.” See? Me, human – as far as me know. And I SHOULD know because I scan myself daily. In the morning before breakfast. What’s not to trust?

      And if you can’t trust that? Trust in my trusty credo, which is this – your survival is my survival!


      • Enron(Nytmare)

        As i commented on “Others” page, I eat the broadcasted fear aura.

        • Enron(Nytmare)

          BTW I used to be Valkoor Ghostshade, but I evovled to Nytmare about 1 week ago.

          • Hail Enron(Nytmare),

            I have been wondering about this for a while so I just thought I’d ask. Do you have any idea what triggered your evolution? Was it sudden or did it take a while? Were you expecting it or did it come as a surprise to you?

            Thanks and keep on keeping on.


            • Enron(Nytmare)

              Actually, it was known to me that I was going to evolve.

              • So were you like told by someone that you were going to evolve and if so by whom?

                Or did you just sort of “know” that you were going to evolve?

                Or is it more a case of, “Hmm I am sprouting giant black wings and emanating shadow and feasting on fear much more than normal… I suspect I shall soon evolve.”?

                Inquiring minds want to know.


  • P5t5r

    If Seth was intent on hurting us he would pretend he was one of us so we would trust him more. After all if he wanted to hurt us he would risk us suspecting something by saying he was human. And so if he’s not human he doesn’t know it after all if he knew he wasn’t human he would tell us. Assuming all humans are not trust worthy would be stereotyping. It would be as bad as saying all werewolves are untrust worthy or all vampires are untrustworthy or eventhat all cyborgs are untrustworthy. After all there are good werewolves and bad ones why can’t there be good humans and bad ones?
    Κρατήστε την τήρηση επί του

  • P5t5r

    All species have the potential for good and evil. Humans for example have guys like Greg Mortenson and guys like Adof Hitler.

  • Gabriel castillo

    Good point no helicopter till were confirmed

  • Chris (Nephilim)

    Hi guys. Anything goin on

  • Shadow wolf

    I completely agree to the whole humans being dangerous. Being a new werewolf surrounded by easily scared humans is not easy.

    • Hail Shadow Wolf,

      I suggest that the converse is also true. Being a new human surrounded by easily scared werewolves is not easy either. Just saying…

      Anyways I hope that we can all try to not automatically be fearful of things that are different from us and learn to accept that the things that make each other unique are what makes the world special. There are enough threats in the world without being frightened of your neighbors…

      Well unless your neighbors want to eat you.


  • Gabriel castillo

    Seth do you respond tell me what happens usall stuff or some thing more sinister EVERYONE try to find him scent blood type favorite stuff we need to find him because of the possible assasanition

  • P5t5r

    I hope he’s okay lot’s of people do want him dead

  • P5t5r

    He still hasn’t given you advice on how to be a vampire. I have two questions he hasn’t answered either. Or what if it’s even worse what if someone has captured Seth and now posts messages on the site pretending to be Seth . That sounds just like area 51.

    • Hail P5t5r,

      Have I managed to answer your questions that I previously missed? I tried to go back and find them all. If not please let me know so I can answer them. Thanks.


  • Hail Survivors,

    Thank you for your concern for my continued survival. I am currently still keeping on keeping on but for the past several days I have been on the run for my life. I suspect that my pursuers may be A51 agents and so I have been reluctant to log in until I could do so at a secure location.

    I can’t stay online long in case they are trying to track me I don’t want to compromise your security as well as mine. I will be back on again soon though, as soon as I can establish a new safe house so that I can re-route my net connection through various servers, switches, relays and satellites so that I can be online long enough to hopefully be able to answer all or at least most of your questions then.

    It is bad enough to be chased all weekend by A51 agents trying to kill me or worse but to top it all off I was supposed to have a couple of shifts delivering pizza this weekend and so now not only are there lots of hungry survivors waiting for pizzas that never arrived but I am probably going to have to find a new job…

    Thanks for keeping on with me.


  • Shadow wolf

    Goodto see that you’re still alive. If ur in the valley area in California I could help.

  • Chris (Nephilim)

    Dont say were u are number1 shadow wolf and seth try and stay alive just tell me what they looked like and they should be gone tommorow…(bang bang) crud theyre comin (bang) their in o no help please i cant last much longer hiyyah die!!!! Gotta run more are comin good thing i have a lightning rune grraaa! See ya soon gotta run theyre here too.

  • Shadow wolf

    I’ll remember that. Hope u all stay safe.

  • Gabriel castillo

    I was under cover In the a51 so I a shapeshited to human and got some imfromation want to know?

  • Gabriel castillo

    Thereworking on a a Tao cannon attack chopers armed with 200 missiles and farrairis with missle cannons controlled by a back seat driver weapon load outs have p90 with armor percing bullets or anti personel bullets

  • Chris (Nephilim)

    I lost em for now choppers wow not good.

  • Shadow wolf

    Are they after werewolves at all? I’m freaked out as it is. See the werewolves page and you’ll understand.

  • Chris (Nephilim)

    I think they are

  • Shadow wolf

    Ugh!! Where is A51 anyway?

    • A51 has a famous base in Nevada but it is not the only base and their agents are everywhere.


      • Anthron

        Actually, I love in a little town on northern NV and end up visiting area 51 quite often. If anyone is ever in need of rescue just get in touch.

        • Hail Anthron,

          That is a great offer. Thank you. I’ll be sure to let you know the next time some one is in trouble with A51. The base in NV is just their HQ though they have additional bases all over the place so they might not be taken to the HQ but rather a field base so we’ll have to confirm that before we send you into harm’s way.


  • Chris (Nephilim)

    Ya one just looked in my window.

  • P5t5r

    Hey Seth when and how did you realize that monsters exist? Also when are you going to put a picture on the time traveler page for the time traveler, what’s the status on the camera and when is the new monstrometer expected to be out?

    • Hail P5t5r,

      Quick update!

      Monsters? Long story short – science classes! My physics teacher, Mr. Njaa. He showed us how real researchers around the world are actually conducting actual research into supernatural phenomenon including monsters, all the time. It made me want to learn all that I can. How about you? When did you first learn?

      Picture? Time Traveller pic going up later today but if you want to see it sooner check out my answer to question #4.

      Camera? Still working on it. I am just on a quick break from delivering pizza.

      When is the new Monstrometer out? How about… NOW!

      Thanks and keep on keeping on. Be back later.


    • Hail P5t5r,

      I finally have gotten the Time Traveller picture up. Since you asked I just thought that I’d let you know that. What do you think?

      Hope you are enjoying the new Monstrometer update. Graham and I are already quite far along with some new features that I think will make Monstrometer 1.5 the most exciting update since Monstrometer 1.1!

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Gabriel Castillo

    Seth are you k I hear a medium build man in his twenties light skin color in trouble for revealing CIA secrets blond or light haird is that you arrested in erupt plese reply

    • Hail Gabriel,

      Thanks for your concern. I heard about that. That Assange fellow and I are often mistaken for each other due to our ability to terrify world governments with our devotion to the truth and our stylish mode of dress but to the best of my knowledge that person was not me. I have not been arrested… so far… this month…


  • Sam

    Dear Seth,

    Are there any movie stars or celebs that aren’t human?

  • darkwolf

    SETH during the next full moon i will come and bite you as werewolf form BEWARE!!

    • Hail Darkwolf,

      Uh thanks for the offer – you know I’m lychen you lychanthropes but I’m not sure that Naya will like it. Although it might increase my typing speed… hm…

      Well does it hurt? The transformation? I read somewhere it’s like the feeling of losing a baby tooth but like X 206 which is the number of bones in the human body that must be re-shaped. Is that how it feels to you?


  • darkwolf

    after the first three times itll hurt but for others it might not hurt at all or itll hurt like crap

    • Hail Darkwolf,

      Oh very interesting. So some werewolves hurt every time they transform and others don’t hurt at all.

      Are there some werewolves who hurt when they transform sometimes but not others? Or is it just you either hurt or do not? Which kind are you?

      Thanks for the info and keep on keeping on.


  • slade

    hello again seth, for the third and most likely last time i ask a question today (lol), i was wondering, if a…say, vampire were to save a werewolf for example, would that vampire be hated by other vampires, and im asking this question 1: to be refered to all races, and 2: on the human link because i didnt know where to put it


    • Hail Slade,

      Well there are indeed vamps who would be mad at a vamp who saved a werewolf but there are also many who would be glad that they had acted so heroically. Just like some humans some monsters are able to rise above petty interspecies rivalries and see that everyone deserves a chance so generally speaking generalizations are always always wrong.

      is this a hypothetical question or did you recently save someone (or get saved)?

      Thanks for writing on the humans page. It sometimes gets a bit lonely here 🙂

      Keep on keeping on.


  • slade

    thanks and you’re welcome, and, no i didnt get saved and niehter did i save someone, i was just wondering if i became a vampire for instance, i didnt want an army of vampires on my trail because i saved an enemy and they think i was a trator to they’re kind, but if i were to become a non human i probably would be…heh heh…

    • Hail Slade,

      Good thinking. It is definitely good to plan ahead. Be prepared, that’s what I always say sometimes.

      How do you know for sure that you are not already non-human? Do you have (or have access to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? If so you should get the Monstrometer app (it’s free on the iTunes app store) and scan yourself to see if you are in fact human or something else.

      You can get it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monstrometer/id335896676?mt=8

      While you are at it I highly recommend scanning pretty much everyone you know to see if the people you think are human really are.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • slade

    but i thought you werent supposed to scan friends? lol, well i dont have an iphone but my friend does and ill get her to scan me, hopefully i pop up as draconian because i love and worship dragons. and also, what would you think if someone were to end the angle war(s)? and i agree with p5t5r that naya might in fact be a vampire, seeing as all the odds point against her…you might want to scan her…

  • Hedgehog 911

    I love the app im a angel i think I was not sopose to tell you that because the summery said it was a secret

  • darkwolf

    when is the next full moon ive only bitten one person so far(cousin wesley)and i want to bite somone else maybe i might bite seth.

    • Hail darkwolf,

      Must I refer you to the discussion at the top of the page about not killing Seth… same thing goes for biting… no biting Seth.

      Thanks for the offer though.

      To help keep track of the next full moon easier try using the Lycanthropy Lunar Phase Tracker in the sidebar, It does not give a count down but it does give you a pretty good idea of where we are at in the lunar cycle.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • LOLStigmaLOL

    *****************************************IF THE HUMAN IS YOU!********************************************
    Just keep on keeping on!

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