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On this one I must defer to the authority of resident druid, Belladonna Asphodel Jade Nightshade.  I hope that I get this right because I hate getting killed in my sleep not to mention kicked out of inner circles – especially before my amulet hardens. But what I understand here about druids is this:

  1. Some or all of them are also aliens i.e.: from another planet.
  2. They can communicate with all of the animals and transform into them.
  3. Their blood in pure form should be green chlorophyll however if they are not living in their natural environment, in a traditional way, then this may be changing, turning blue possibly becoming human.
  4. They can bend all of the elements.
  5. They practice oneiromancy (i.e.: unconscious communication using dreams) and somatomancy (i.e.: spells that involve the body).

So far, druids like Ms. Jade Nightshade seem reasonably harmless, so I don’t want to imply anything here but they do seem to be involved in a number of dangerous interplanetary offensives against the shadows so…

Ask me again next week, if I survive the weekend!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

344 comments to Druids

  • Nightshade

    omg! LIGHT BULB! maybe my large group of friends that so conveniently are either supernatural or have something to offer…we have much potential and have (whether consciously or subconsciously)been training and becoming stronger. maybe…just maybe…could it??? what do u think?

  • Nightshade

    new page! weeeee! lol…derp 😉

  • Fenrir Ulfangr

    Almost all the druids that remain now serve me in the cause of vengence on the dark.

    The Wild Hunt shall soon ride forth,
    to drive the Dark out of the North

  • Assanjin

    Once long ago, when the hauls of many army’s over the course of centuries invaded the Emerald Isle, many druids turned themselves into many an assortment of creatures to repel the invaders, they stayed in these forms so long that they stayed that way, their descendants in today’s age are now know as the faerie folk of Ireland. This is how the first far came to be.

  • SpiritOfFlame

    Hello any and all! I haven’t been on this website in at least a year and I left because there wasn’t a druid page, but finally we have one. I plan to be a long remaining resident.

  • Tenebrous

    Do the Druids still try to fight my people in the astral? If so any continued attempts at war are futile, show reason, there’s no need for further conflict when it threatens balance, we have no quarrel with any of the Druids.

  • AP

    Ah the Druids, a most interesting group, if a bit too pagan.

  • Marney

    how would I beable to tell if i am a Druid? is it just a practice or is Druids today a Hidden species? My Magick is elemental based in most cases… I have a connection to animals ect. I would like to speak to an experienced Druid. Maybe this is why I often feel.. different..

    • Haley

      Okay, I seriously can NOT be the only person wondering why they ^ are something completely different, what, every other day now?

    • Hail Marney,

      According to comments by the esteemed Belladonna Asphodel Jade Nightshade, Druids are descendants of the citizens of the dimensional kingdom of Druidia which is in fact a more perfect replica of Earth. Although Belladonna has since returned to her own dimension after an enforced stay in our own you can still read her description of the Druidic dimension here. If you are a displaced citizen of the Druidic dimension, it may be possible may have experienced a dimensional shift that brought you here. Or like Belladonna, you may have been imprisoned here for protection – or punishment.

      In any event, long may you keep on keeping on,


  • Marney

    maybe because I am trying to learn and find myself? is that so darn bad?

  • Marney

    if you don’t like it then don’t read and comment simple as that.

  • Catveena

    Druids should be avoided there tricky and dangerous.

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