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Dragons are a very diverse bunch. Researchers around the world have tried to categorize them in many ways, for example by  a) appearance i.e.: color blue, green gold;  b) element ie: wood, fire, earth, metal, water; c) biology/physiology ie: winged vs not-winged, cold vs hot etc. For this reason, researchers today increasingly prefer the term “draconians,” rather than dragons.

Confounding everything is the little known but now indisputable fact that dragons are a kind of therianthrope, who can and do assume human form on occasion. Some say that dragons assume human form every 12 years to welcome the new dragons into the world, an auspicious event happening again in 2012. Others say they can assume human form at will.

In any case and every form however, dragons have some common characteristics that you may be able to exploit.

Take draconian measures of your own to survive!

1. Dragons love to talk. They’re very smart and they like to show it. Try asking them questions, particularly about history or geography. Anything to keep them talking as long as you can.

2. Dragons love treasure. Especially pearls and certain jewels (ty 2 Hannah for the correction). Ancient Chinese people used giant pearls on a stick to lure dragons to do their bidding.

3. Dragons love to sleep. Especially older dragons. They live on average 500 years but approximately 200 years of that time is spent sleeping, most of it in the last hundred years. If you can keep a Draconian talking long enough, eventually he will have to take a nap. At which point you must resist the urge to nap yourself and just GET AWAY.

Breaking Draconian News:

Draconian Civil War May Be Imminent

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

1,231 comments to Draconians

  • DracoMaximus

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get into dragon form I’ve been trying and haven’t had any luck.

    • Fenrir Ulfangr

      temperature has a lot to do with it if its the first time going back and forth to dragon form. Depending on what kind of dragon you are you would need either very hot or very cold temperatures.

      Pain can Also cause a transformation as a defensive response, but I would not advise trying this approach.

    • Fenrir Ulfangr

      temperature has a lot to do with it if its the first time going back and forth to dragon form. Depending on what kind of dragon you are you would need either very hot or very cold temperatures.

      Pain can Also cause a transformation as a defensive response, but I would not advise trying this approach.

  • Marney

    Also last night I discovered I had black scales. Is a Black Dragon dark or shadow or something? I still had a silver blend though.

    • Fenrir Ulfangr

      shadow, they aren’t inherently Dark only shadow. most of them still serve the light, the silver means that you are probabaly a cross between a shadow dragon and a wind dragon. you will be powerful.

      • Marney

        It would make sence I guess. Guess its time then to get into shape lol. Also the other night another draconian somehow was showing me the star systems. I am not sure why I was being shown but when I accepted what I was I was visited in a dream or something (or maybe it was no dream) And was being shown things that I have not been shown in a loong time.

        • Sophie

          Hey, um is this all true? I know some websites are like liers and I just don’t know what to belevie! I do beleve in all of these creatures but am I really a dragon? When I started thinking about these creatures and my whole body started to hurt but it’s mostly my right shoulder? And how do you tell what dragon you are even if you haven’t seen your true form?

      • Draco thunderstorm

        Fenrir I was wound wondering if you could tell me what black and gold scales are because my friend thinks its shadow and elder dragon

    • Brenden

      Hey I have been called 3 things, Draconian, Time traveller and Sasquatch I believe in some supernatural things but if someone could give me an answer to this problem that I believe that would be great

  • Fenrir Ulfangr

    My dragon form is dark saphire blue and silver. I am the first of the Ice dragons.

    • Lilith

      Yeah– but no. 🙄

      • Fenrir Ulfangr

        yes, the name would be Isen, I created many of the creatures that live for water and frost are my domain. As fire and energy are Odin’s, and Earth and Air are Andrastre’s.

      • Honestly, if Fenrir get’s any more for himself, he’s either going to pop, or his head will blot out the sun before he can even eat it. Honestly, I never thought I’d agree with the mother of Demons. But, I think that in this case we both agree. 🙄

    • sophie

      so how do you tell if you are a dracain? I am a witch/dracain but I have never transformed! so I don’t know if you have t wait or what because I really need to transform soon! 😕

      • Marney

        I have no idea. I only know because I was seen by someone. I cannot change willingly yet but my first change happened some years ago. Not sure how you can really tell unless you really know.. other then that I have no idea how you would know. The only one to really know is you.

  • Blade

    I’m a all element dragon but I’m more sea and wind dragoni can make my eyes glow green my scales are sea greenand my wings are black as night with no moon or stars I. Al so part mermaid

  • Blade

    Why am I like this

  • Blade

    Dracomaximus think about your favorite environment and imagine you’re a giant reptile in scales of you’re fav colors

  • Marney

    I was wondering for any black dragon here… Do you know anything about black draconians? a rare human witch friend of mine has seen my draconic form wings tail and all and apparently i have spiked things starting from my left shoulder going down my back. My wings are well big.. and I have an arrowhead shaped tail tip. But anyway what are a black dragons gifts? what is the history of dragons? do we have enemies? are there clans? if i am of a black dragon clan what would the names be? things like that I ust would love to know.. i know next to nothing on my own kind.. so if another dragon could help me that would be great.

    • Lilith

      I was once known as Tiamat, Mother of Dragons. I birthed the dragons into existence eons ago, they are my most beloved and stupendous children.
      The black dragons are the fastest of the 7 draconians and tend to have more powerful magical gifts, though this is not always the case. Black dragons are especially skilled at shadow-weaving without fail. Flight(obviously), telepathy, black fire manipulation(fire enhanced with shadow magic), shapechanging, incredible strength and speed, scale manifestation, ice manipulation, etc.
      In time as your shadow magic grows you will learn to use it in new in exciting ways, such as creating constructs out of darkness. Also as you age you’ll get progressively better control over your shapeshifting, some dragons can master it at relatively young ages.
      I’ll go into detail about the rest later, I’m gonna sleep nao

      • Marney

        I do know along time ago I was in a Sumerian group and I was called a child of Tiamat and how rare her children are.. When the coven leader suggested I work with fire, I guess I can use that to my advantage? (with the whole harm non of course) i would love to know more.

        • Lilith

          Yes, I can see the power within you. As a black dragon you would be unaffected by fire, you couldn’t fly into the sun and come out unscathed, but the power is there. There aren’t “clans” of dragons in the traditional sense as my children live so long they don’t breed often and its not uncommon for a dragon to loose a few memories over the millenniums so families are not often something on a dragon’s priority list. A number of my children actually have a problem with hoarding, especially gold.

          • Jerry9012

            Hello mother. I am Jerry, one of the black (Or dark) Dragons on the site.

            • Hail Jerry,

              THanks for your SOS message. Can you tell Marney about the Black Dragon gifts? What they are and how you acquire them?

              Thanks for keeping on,


              • Marney

                Since I am a black myself. I know soon I will be working with fire. I also want to know dragon history.

                • Jerry9012

                  Well, then. I suppose I should help. Marney, Black Dragons have very interesting powers. We are unique amongst the other races, due to our element. We are the Yang to the white dragons Yin.
                  Our powers consist of invisibility, shadow weaving, dark fire, flight (Of course), shadow travelling, and well… Void chipmunks hate me. I don’t know if that’s ALL draconians, or just me. But they seem to hate me anyway. As for draconic history, I am not actually from this dimension. In my dimension, we were born by Jormungander. Not Lilith. So, my Draconic history is a bit different.

                  • Marney

                    ahh makes sence. is it normal for draconians to not have any chakras or chakras that are hard to open? lets just say someone was trying to open and align mine but well mine hardly even opened up..

                    • Agharna Phellan

                      I take back my comment of no intelligence. I’m surprised someone here knows of the Chakra Structure.

          • Marney

            I do often have a bad memory on that half lol. I am not sure where my dragon blood comes from in the family but I have ideas. If I did horde I would lol have a thing for crystals maybe gold. I do not horde anything yet..

          • Marney

            Also ya I have been burned by some fire more then once. usualy from grills and such. Though am exited to do fire magick later.

          • Brad

            Help me find my powers I’ve forgotten everything I’m a hybrid i need help

      • Fenrir Ulfangr

        Yes the first came from you but not the ones that came later, also that’s ironic because 7 is considered the divine number.

      • Assanjin

        mother tiamat, I have a question, I was born into a bloodline of black dragons, my sibblings had black scales, my cousins had black scales and my mother had black scales, but my scales were sapphire blue,my father was the greek titan Typhon, who had an affair with my mother and sort of made me in the process, why are my scales blue and not black like my sibblings and mother?

  • Flare

    Is the monstrometer right? Cause it says that I’m 98% draconian

    • Hail Flare,

      Thanks for you SOS messages. The Monstrometer is correct 99,98% over time used under optimum conditions. These conditions depend on factors like the candour of the user and device hygiene along with other factors like time of day, the number of questions selected in addition to the number of competing pathogens and/or genetic predispositions you may harbour.

      The best way to assess your results over time is to scan often and keep track of your self-scans on the handy pie chart.

      However one clue you could ask yourself today is this. Do you have many baby photos? If so, do any of them depict a sizeable egg of unusual colour?


  • Blade

    I am a darkfire dragon and now I can read minds and see the future perfectly I see that I am the most powerful dragon of all time has been, is ,will be I have been having blackouts and visions HELP ME SETH!!!

    • Hatter MT

      I’m sorry blade but Seth cannot help you at the moment due to a stream of highly needed pages being added to the site and please know that the black outs are common in creatures that carry abilities that don’t belong to their species such as mental bridging and foresight, but do not be alarmed unless it gets dangerous when these blackouts happen, but keep on keeping on because normal is overrated

  • Hidden Wolf

    I was researching some stuff and I came across a website with a bunch of stuff about “guardian dragons”
    Does anyone know about this

  • Hidden wolf

    When I was researching some stuff I found this website with a bunch of references to “guardian dragons” can anyone tell me about them

  • Hidden wolf

    Sorry accidental re-post

  • Hidden wolf

    Well almost same thing 😳

  • Krosis

    Hello all.
    I have recently discovered my own heritage, and that I am from a long line of White Skinned draconians. Someone mentioned that black and white dragons are the Ying and Yang, and I am really interested to learn more on that and my own history, any help is appreciated.

  • Drache morte

    I was once Draconian, formed a band of four we called ourselves guardians, we killed demons because we hated them, I would enjoy the pleasure of devouring their wretched souls. In doing so we protected Puerto Rico from dark forces, but one day Typhon laid siege to my forest, my brothers charged but were slain. I used my might and gained power from the demons I consumed and flamed him with the fury of a thousand Drache. He escaped but I defeated him, after a while I gave up my family’s bloodline to help my blood friend Fenrir in his wars and battles as Eldar and I had retired ever since, I now live human forever until my end of days, and so has ended the bloodline of the black lung Drache. I still miss my wings as mighty as hurricanes and my scales as blue as sapphires. I also miss the title my brothers had given me as strongest among the four, lord of summer they called me, well this lord of summer has had to suffer through a long winter. I was strange among Drache, I cared little for gold or for jewels from the bowels of the earth, due mostly that my gene awakened late into adolescence instead of at birth like my brothers. I still miss them deeply.

  • Wolfkiller

    I am a dragon from the time before time and I will catch every werewolf in the world I will find u

  • Wolfkiller

    I did not say u were a ww

    • Leafpool

      Why are you so adamant against them?

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Hmmm a rogue drake. Should I have them re-educate him?
      Or just tear out his heart and feed it to a wight while he watches.

      • Oh, please do the second one. Show everyone what a cruel, emotionless, evil monster you truly are. I mean really, the Norse had one part about you correct… You were better when you were captive… Beast…

        • Leafpool

          Fenrir, even though I trust most, I do not trust him. He leaves everyone in danger. Do with him as you wish.

          • I’m sorry, I could’ve sworn I heard you say I leave everyone in danger… Which is weird, seeing as I’ve never threatened another survivor with tearing out their heart and feeding it to a wight while he watches. At least not unless they deserved it. Wolfkiller is a new survivor, give him a chance to explain himself before you slay him. But you are the father of the apocalypse, aren’t you Fenrir… Nice to know you still stick to your nature when given the chance.

          • I’m sorry, I could’ve sworn I heard you say I leave everyone in danger… Which is weird, seeing as I’ve never threatened another survivor with tearing out their heart and feeding it to a wight while he watches. At least not unless they deserved it. But you are the father of the apocalypse, aren’t you Fenrir… Nice to know you still stick to your nature when given the chance.

        • Fenrir Iceborn

          He threatened me and my own that makes him my enemy. I am ruthless to my enemies.

          • Assanjin

            If one is taught to be one way, then one cannot be blamed for how they act, they can be taught to be another way but that requires mercy. You who are eldest should listen to the explanations of youth then decide, not the other way around, compassion is the way of the strong. So I place in to a vote that we listen to his reasoning then we decide, change his ways or end his ways. But this I leave to you, world eater.

          • Morgenstern

            No mercy! No forgiveness! War! Destruction! Bad hair days!

  • Jerry9012

    *Yawn* What a nice nap… What did I miss? It feels like a missed a lot, but how would I know?

  • SkyWinged

    My scales are a pale blue fading to white on my back and I have golden chest and under-tail scales and a arrowhead tail. Can you tell me what kind of dragon I am? ❓

  • Letechmon

    I’m kind of new to this monstrometer. I was tested for a draconian, a monster I never even heard of. I went here for research and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I never even knew I was a draconian until I found this app,due to the fact I’ve never seen my true dragon form. Even if I have transformed before, I can’t remember anything before my fifth birthday party. It’s like I deleted the first few years of my life.pls help me! ❓

  • Letechmon

    I am kind of new to this so I think I need some help. I got tested for draconian, a species I didn’t know about until now, a million times! (35 times, to be exact.) so I came on this app to do some research on my true self. I didn’t know until now due to the fact that I forgot everything before my fifth birthday party. So if someone could help me out, that would be great! Thk you! 😉

  • Letechmon

    Sorry accidental repeat!

  • Sarah

    I’m a fire Dragon, does that come with any special powers. I just found out that in a Dragon, and I’m XXXXXXXXXX. Will that affect anything?

    Edited by Seth: For your safety please do not post your email, age, birthday (or year of birth), full real name or location (country or state is okay but city or town is too specific) on the site. Your survival is important!

    • Assanjin

      Drache of the element of fire have the strongest breath of them all. Not to mention immunity to all heat such as fire and magma. They can super heat their skin to over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit when threatened. In the mating season their saliva becomes a boiling, sticky stone like ressin that they use to make small island to hide the eggs away in. Their scales are as tough as diamonds and are covered from head to toe in them except for in the area of the chest. These are not very well know shape shifters in the drache world only being able to turn into human form and back and nothing else. Not to mention they have fiery tempers, easily offended, angered and antagonized one must be very careful when dealing with the Drache Empyro.

  • Morgenstern

    *I smile as I sip from a glass of wine, that I stole from Liliths cabinet. I watch from the glass palace as a fragment of one planets shattered moon hurtles towards the planet below. At the last moment it’s trajectory changes and it brushes the outer atmosphere. Lilith is protecting her little creation from utter destruction. Unfortunately it has her distracted enough that I was able to pass into her realm undetected. But I do not need the element of suprise so I wait for her to notice and confront me. After all, I have all the time left in this world.*

  • Death

    I am new and need help it says draconian on the monstrometer and I haven’t noticed much but sharp teeth and sometimes these weird things stick out of my back like as if they are wings and I’m more than that but let’s ignore that!!!!

  • AP

    This page was once home to some of the most prominent draconian survivors. Now look at it.

  • AP

    -he grinned-
    Actually I was told you had the Sling of David and the Crown of Thorns.

  • Letechmon

    Wow. Just. Wow. This forum has transformed from a thing of awesomeness into a place of flirting. I’m fine with the roleplay *wink,wink*, but come on guys…. 😕 🙁

  • Letechmon ( the tech man)

    Psyc! Lol! 😆

  • Letechmon ( the tech man)

    Anyways, I don’t know why the conversation above involves biblical relics. It’s a strange topic, especially when you consider that this page was made for draconians. Stranger still, is that I’m the only one who has made a comment since about the end of 2015. #assumptionisnotaccurate.

  • Starflight

    Hi so I’m new to this site and I’m sorta panicking right now. I have been (to my knowledge) a draconian since I was five and I haven’t transformed since then, but just last week I did and my friend told me about this site could you tell me anything about deep blue and black scaled dragons?

    • Hail Starflight,

      Thanks for your SOS message and welcome to the site. The taxonomy of Draconians is not one of my prime areas of expertise at this time so hopefully one of the other Draconians will chime in but in general draconianism is an inherited condition so you should poke around your family tree, stat! Do u posses any inherited objects? I would advise you to inspect any and all as soon as possible for insignea and other telling clues.

      Keep on keeping on,


      • Starflight

        Thank you for the advice. I would try anything at this moment 🙂

        • Shadowdragon

          I dont know much about the answer to your question. Since i kind of found out i may be draconian a few years ago As well. Though the monstrometer says im more likely to be werewolf i doubt it at this point unless i may be hybrid. Im not sure any more. I transformed for the first time last year.

          • Hail Shadowdragon,

            Thanks for keeping on out there and congrats on your successful supernatural transformation. Am I to understand from your name that you are a kind of shadow dragon? If so how does this work exactly? Is it similar to the shadowy Fallens who check into SOS periodically? Or is it to be shadow born is somehow different?

            Persistere persistense,

            • Shadowdragon

              I never saw fallens posts. Or maybe i have . Really i used this name because of a differnt meaning . Shadow would represent a shadow of obes former self in the way my username is. Because the truth is i dont know much about before this like im missing something from my full self. But i am a dark dragon not a shadow dragon.

  • Raidho

    Hail seth , i need to talk to you directly .

    • Hail RH,

      Thanks for keeping on. What you propose is not safe for either of us but if you do need to private message me please email me seth@sethonsurvival.com and maybe let me know to look for it as I receive a lot of email and sometimes takes me a few days to get back to anyone.

      Survivally Yours,
      Your Survive Ally

  • Meppity

    I have seen that I’m draconian but I have absolutely no signs! What do I do?

  • Catveena

    Hi Seth I never knew that dragons are Draconians . I have a question that maybe you or Mr Zyboragon can answer. If Draconians can change into a human and Mr Zyboragon has that metal arm can the metal arm change into a human metal arm ?

    • Zyboragon

      Well, I’m entirely metal actually, and I have long lost my ability to change into human form.

    • Hail Catveena,

      Thanks for keeping on. Here is a page where you can read more about Zyboragon.

      I can see that Z himself has answered your question so I won’t weigh in except to say that yes, draconians can and do change into dragons. My current understanding is they generally start out life in dragon form after hatching and remain so, growing ever bigger, until they achieve full dragon size, following which they may transform into a human form under specific circumstances. It is thought they can and do learn to switch back and forth throughout their lives however as they age many of them choose to spend more and more time in dragon form toward the end of their lives. The reasons for this remain somewhat mysterious. Some think it’s because old draconians just get crusty and prefer the ability to shred and flame anyone who gets on their nerves but others think maybe their human forms age at a different rate and that this may be a life extension tactic.


      • Blackviolet365

        Um actually I was born human and I just recently started turning into a dragon and I can already change at will I age at the normal human rate and I have imprinted like a werewolf on another draconian like me AND on a human so Seth pls help

        • Assanjin

          Over time you will find that your human forms aging process will continue as normal on the outside but on the inside your organs will remain young. Every 100 years or so you shed your entire skin like a snake and revert back to the appearance of your younger self. You can live to be thousands of years old and still be young.

  • Blackviolet365

    SOS I’m a darkfire dragon and I’m trapped in the woods by hunters and I’m in my human form HELP ME PLS SETH OR ANYONE ELSE

  • Wolf/Dragon

    I am part draconian part wolf. I believe in peace between all monsters. Anyone willing to fight for peace, join me. My friend is a witch, we already are working out peace. It can happen. JOIN ME 💡

  • Assanjin

    Okay, I will set a few things straight. Most Drache do enjoy shiny things, such as pearls and jewels but we are not compelled to seek them out and enslaved to them. Secondly the oldest Drache to have ever lived was Karnengard of the Black Fire who made it to the age of 8,927. Most Drache age very slowly and yes we can assume human form at will. Actually our mating rituals are strange in that manner, if we fornicate in human form, the female gives birth instead of lays an egg and the child is rendered unable to transform until late adolescence and ages quickly like a human for those formative years and once they begin the first change they are likely to enter a panic and go on a rampage. Our shifting process involves a reconstruction of internal organs and bone structures as well as muscle density, nerve rewiring and extreme change of size and anatomy, when we do this we can change our genders, I had to find this out the hard way. We can also halt the shift at any point in stages giving us great control over bodily attributes such as scales and wings. Every member of my family couldn’t resist Almonds and Blueberries and in some temples they offered these things to entice us to come forth and be appeased in ancient days. We are weak only to the metal Adamantine, no other kind of weapon can even pierce our hide. If we are angered or offended, stand your ground, do not run, if you run you are as good as dead. The older we get, the more powerful we become, growing in size, scale density, capabilities and intellect. Also the duller the color, the older we are, young Drache are bright and colorful, while elders are more even toned and grey, very dull colors and little to no patterns.

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Remind me my friend is there any particular difference between your species of Dragon and the Drakhar I’m familiar with.
      Also Although Nidhogr was elder like me he was also a Dragonlord and lived for a considerably long amount of time.

      What you said seems mostly the same as other shape shifting creatures Dragons are ancient though and very knowledgeable. Still Drache I’ve known almost no creatures with the ability to change gender that weren’t more comfortable in one form over the other. Usually a shapeshifter picks one and sticks with it.

      • Assanjin

        The reason we can change genders is because of how we shift. Our human bodies are like dolls of clay for us, we can mold them, change them. In the same functions with our true forms, when we transform it is like molding clay where we focus on the organs and reshape them. All creatures have X and Y chromosomes, but my kind have both regardless of being male or female. It is like a dormant switch in our DNA. My species is the Black Lung Drache, known for ebony black scales, we are a very ancient breed though not many of us left, when my brothers died I was the last and for a time we technically went extinct when I lost my bloodline trait. The ancient Drakhar of olden days were much more clumsy and not as maneuverable, the had bulky dinosaur/crocodile like bodies, while my species has bulky but more salamander like bodies, giving us greater flexibility, maneuverability in both land, sea and sky. If you put it into relative terms Drache are the oldest species of shifter, older than the Lupine and older than the faefolken by far. We were the first semimortal creatures upon the earth that took to imitating human beings in their shape and taught them speech. There are many subspecies but we are categorized by rank, not by species.

        1. Wyrm-the dragon rats, smallest dragons, don’t have fire breath or much intellect yet.
        2. Wyvernas- The plague lizards, have decent fire breath, easily distracted by shiny things, basic speech capabilities. Human speech is guttural in sound.
        3. Ocaus- Sea dwellers, giant in size, live in water bodies. Live a very long time, can breath underwater.
        4. Yamani-Moving mountains, these are the drache most prominently featured in legends. Enormous, intelligent, their fire breath is hot enough to melt through Titanium in seconds. As intelligent as high level humans.
        4.Longuda- Rain bringers, manipulate weather, highly respected, third in rank, Fly by manipulating the air and extending their scales outward to ride the current. God level intellect.

        5. Dracunabis- Dragon of the crops, forest elders, manipulate the seasons, make plants grow plentifully. God level intellect, can change sizes and camouflage to appear like wood or like water.

        6.Celestia- Stagazer, only 2 Drache have ever reached this rank, the first is Shien Long, and J’azaar. Knowledge of the foundations of the universe, Primordial level power, Elder god level intellect. Their size is akin to planets, they need neither air, nor water nor food to live, they wander the empty void of space and as their name suggests gaze upon stars from afar.

        • Fenrir Iceborn

          Not exactly like crocodiles or dinosaurs more like a winged serpent with legs. At least Nidhog’s brood was serpentine, as were the Frost Dragons that allied themselves with me. So your human form is more of a highly advanced glamour than a true physical shape. Hmmm so your shapeshifting abilities are more like the fae than werewolves.

          Eldar like me are as old if not older than your kind.

          Have you heard of any of the Elder Dragons awakening lately. Things are speeding up and I have to think they’ll come out of hibernation soon.

          • Assanjin

            No, our change is physical, it is no illusion, we are too large in nature to hide behind mer illusion like the fae. We just have much greater control than the lupine over centuries of adaptation and practice. The Yamani are the great firedrakes featured in many legends, they look like crocodile bodies with extremely long necks and legs. so yes sort of serpent like but very reminiscent of the dinosaurs. And I said semi-mortal creatures, Eldar do not count as such. Our shifting capabilities are more advanced than the lupine, but not as varied as the fae, with enough practice I would have been able to shape shift into quite literally anything if I understood its anatomy fully, heck I would eventually have been able to imitate an Eldar in size and anatomy. Our human forms are just that, completely human, other than a few discrepancies in the interior organs (we all have 2 stomachs regardless of what form we take on) we at that point in time are no different than any human. It takes conscious effort to change and grow, so we do not accidentally burp fire when eating at the dinner table of spew smoke from our nostrils. We are the oldest mortal breed of shifter, we live very long but we can die from old age, that is what I consider mortal. Sure we are not the mightiest kin in the cosmos but all agree, we are formidable when we want to be.

            • Fenrir Iceborn

              I tried to send a reply before, but it seems that didn’t go through.

              Basically, an Eldar’s physical form is indistinguishable from a normal creatures of whatever species it looks like unless the eldar has modified themself to get something specific. Like my wolf form being able to speak with a human sounding voice.

              So any news of the elder Dragons they should be beginning to awaken soon. Are you willing to help me break the spells that bind me and/or find my sword?

              • Assanjin

                The Elders will only awaken when they are summoned by a Drache of the old way. The way to summon them is lost to the Frost Dragons. The Elders were placed in a deep slumber, by the curse of one older than they, Cromh himself saw fit to see to it that they slumber ever after and you know as well as I that his eye is not something that is easily undone. Only a Drache with as much power as him can undo what was done, a Drache who knows the old way. Your bindings are simple to destroy and remove, black fire. Black fire destroys everything that touches it, even Primoridials, spirits and gods cannot survive the flame, it burns everything, physical, spiritual or mental until it is nothing but ash or void. If Sleipnir is touched by the all destroying flame, its bindings will come undone and you will be free in your full and temible form. Though be wary, if you are not careful the flame will even make you ash if you do not know how to put it out.

                • Fenrir Iceborn

                  I cannot wield power enough to make Darkfire, and it’s a Dark thing the only way for me to create it would mean giving in to the enemy. Perhaps someone could steal a coal from one of the the Darkfire braziers in the Black citadel.

                  I’ve acted to awaken the Elder Dragons, and various other creatures. I’ve been sending out pulses of my power through the earth. Right now they’re like a whisper, but as I grow stronger they’ll build to a howl.

                  • Assanjin

                    It is not a cursed fire!!!!!! It is not impure!!!!! I have had enough with so many being foolish and assuming that just because it is black it is evil. Even Cromh Cruach cannot touch the flame without dying and neither can you. It doesn’t even come from the black citadel. It comes from the feather of a black phoenix, which are rare, but not evil or dark. Their feathers when lit aflame become black fire. It is rather simple, you see the world too much as merely black and white old one. Crouch is not the first evil, nor will he be the last and neither is the world as simple as that, good and evil is subjective, open to perspective, an evil to you, a good to them, an evil to them, a good to you. There is power, there is action, there is choice.

                    • Fenrir Iceborn

                      Oh that black fire…

                      I remember now, I still don’t have access to it and will have to find another way though.

                      I’m neither good nor evil Drache, I simply am. I exist, life giver and death bringer. But I swore an oath to one more powerful than I and I will honor it. It’s not that I see all things as Black and White, I simply feel that some things are worth extra effort, worth pain, worth suffering because they are better.

                • Fenrir Iceborn

                  The eyes of the Dark One. Yes. His symbol is that blasted eye. I’ve felt it upon me before, yes his magic is very difficult to counteract. Partially because he’s wielding his own power the power of the Void from which he formed.
                  I’ll find a way to break the curse believe me. It will be done.

                  • Elynie

                    Fenrir you know that you once had a child Brigantia carried the baby until she was captured and brought to Malkin tower before the witch king Morzeldol, they tortured her Morzeldol ripped the baby out of her stomach and ate it. Mother Malkin twisted her memories so she’d forever be a broken she’ll of her former self why do you think she is so twisted the only memory she has left is of Morzeldol ripping out the baby form her stomach your baby. I’m sorry about your babies death it was a girl. We must take the fight to him.

                    • Fenrir Iceborn

                      There were three others before that one who lived. And four more the second time we returned. And two the time I advised the Great Khan.
                      We have had many children.

                      She doesn’t remember right now. Hasn’t been awakened since returning. And if she did she would want vengeance. She would not break but swell with power like a storm in her anger and passion.

                      I intend to help you as soon as you free me. I know you have to power to begin it.

                    • Elynie

                      I’m sure she would want vengeance. Unfortunately Fenrir the others they don’t agree they say you are too dangerous they say you are a threat unless the whole council agrees in not allowed to set you free unless you talk to them and shall we say persuade them.

                    • Fenrir Iceborn

                      I would if I could, they’ve shielded themselves and the council chamber from me. And I haven’t the means to travel so far in person.

                      They do realize that I’ll eventually get free with or without their help right? It was foreseen. Free or not, I will do all I can to prevent the fall of Earth to the Dark.

                    • Elynie

                      That’s why I can free you and give you all of your powers back, you will be at full strength, but it is only temporary. It will give you enough time to travel there and I will accompany you there and aid you when you speak. I know you are all powerful but brute force will only make them want to see you in chains again. Don’t make them think you are dangerous show them you have changed, they refuse to believe Morzeldol is in power again they deny his even existence thinking it only an old legend they don’t know who I really am but now is a time to tell them Elynie has returned. The amulet is all the proof we need… Prepare to feel freedom but remember we don’t have much time.

                    • Fenrir Iceborn

                      You haven’t broken through yet, but I do feel stronger. I should be able to project myself there and address their council.
                      I am not all-powerful I simply have a dramatically larger grasp of Magic than a mortal. I’m quite capable of subtlety and discretion when required. I have no desire to see this world devastated by Another War of Power. But war is coming whether we want it or not, and the council will want it’s best soldiers in the fight when it finally happens.

                    • Hatter MT

                      Well the bad news is that the magyk used to keep me healthy is going away so if we are going to be doing anything that should probably involve my nephew Noah then we have to do it right now or in that timeframe. The good news is I have a soft pretzel and I love soft pretzels

              • Assanjin

                And I have shown you the answer to free yourself but alas even I cannot summon black fire from my maw. I am sure you know where it comes from but I only know how to put it out,

                • Ravenwillow

                  Perhaps this knowledge can be of use…my icefire, as Fenrir calls it…it bears the impurities of black flame…I always attributed it to my demonic blood…but now I’m curious to know more…

                  Also…I have a long history with all of the Draconic lines…is there anyway I might be able to help???

                  • Assanjin

                    No Ravenwillow, it must be black flame, there can be no substitute. Black flame is in no way “impure” as you describe it, it simply burns so hot it draws in all light around it making it appear black. It doesn’t come from a Drache, even our kin’s nigh impenetrable scales can withstand the ebony fire for very long. As such, not even the mightiest of our kind can breathe out the black flame. What taints your frost flame is simply Youki energy, the energy inherent to demonic blood, I have it too, a lot of it, experiments went wrong a couple months back, turned half demon, activated the bloodline of my father Typhon. A lot of things happened in the three years I have been gone. To free the elders does not matter if you are in relation to all the Dracheblud, what matters is if you are one of the old ways, lost to basically all except for the Guardians of Seasons, Jormungaand the world serpent and Ernaqith the sea dweller.

                    • Fenrir Iceborn

                      Fenris Wolf-father remembers the old ways. I was there when they weren’t so old. All hope is not gone yet, from the ashes a flame has woken.

                      Drache, the Ice Dragons of the North stir an entire brood is awakening. And My kin Jourmungandr has spawned elvers for the first time in millennia great eel-like sea serpents.

                    • Assanjin

                      Then you have your armies Fenrumahu. I do not belong to the ways of the Drache anymore, not since the betrayal of Dark Gods and my vengeance upon them by eating all 9. At best to them I appear a halfbreed. But I do wonder who is the enemy this time around, more gods for me to devour, or more demons for me to consume perhaps? As it stands I appropriated your mythological place as a god eater which I find quite funny.

                    • Fenrir Iceborn

                      Welcome to the club. Five have the title God eater including me you make six.

                    • Assanjin

                      The Sagely Sixth
                      The Ferocious Fifth
                      The Far-Sighted Fourth
                      The Terrifying Third
                      The Sinister Second
                      The Fearless First

                      Deities far and wide, feeble and strong cower at their appetites. For loathe and behold the six god eaters. hahahahahahahahahahaha

          • Elynie

            Morzeldol looks some what like what you just described Fenrir in his true form he has bird like feet with incredibly sharp talons he vaguely resembles a dragon though much more horrifying with a horrifying bird and snake like snout. It has very long white hair on its head that sways when it flies this hair is always there in all of his forms, it has violet eyes that can make and army go mad and hack at each other with slits for pupils like a snake. With sharp venomous teeth and very
            large wings covered in metallic scales. The most dangerous part is the long skeletal like tail it looks metal and metallic but it’s not, it’s very sharp at the end and could impale ten men at once or break through a castle wall. He can also breath dark fire in this form and command air as well as fire. What kind of beast is it exactly what kind of beast is he exactly he is somewhat a dark Fae or demon.

            • Fenrir Iceborn

              Sounds similar to a Dark Dragon, the corrupted version of a Dragon. Or perhaps some sort of serpent daemon.
              Hard to say exactly since its probably unique to him and only loosely based of any one creature. He may have just taken on the traits of creatures he say as strong.

              • Hatter MT

                I would have said it looks like a cross between a high born Guardian and Zyboragon. Though odds are that would piss off Zyboragon and I am DEFINITELY not fireproof. Any way you slice it you have to remember that my hat billows poisonous gas now and odds are all you need in order to defeat this great evil we face is of course for him to try and use my hat himself which might work properly or it could possibly billow the poison gas and then destroy him. Jury is still out on that one but it might just work. *flickers between existing and not existing at a visible rate* sh*t I forgot about me being magic and as a result as magic disappears so do I

            • Assanjin

              That sounds like a Cockatrice, a birdlike species of Drache that have hypnotic eyes, iron feathers and a “lightning bolt” for a tail. They are rare and funny looking members of my kin. Their eyes are said to drive men mad or turn them to stone from how piercing they are. They are also known as Basilisks.

  • Bluestar

    hey guys is it true that those born in the dragon year of the chinese zodiac get a bit of draconic qualities even if theyre not a draconian AT ALL (at least i dont think i am i think im a genetic WW need to be tested)

  • Tatiana Green

    Hey! I love shiny things and I love to share my knowledge! Pretty sure I didn’t hatch from an egg tho. My dad was there when I was born. I’ve always wanted to fly like a bird or dragon. I’m not much for sleeping all the time. But I love watching fire and swimming, especially underwater. My friend thinks I’m at least part dragon. Im pretty sure my parents are 99.9999999% human at the least. Then again, maybe the gene skipped over a few generations.

  • Claudia_hunter

    Hello Glaciem it is I the one who sat next to you in the library today. My name is officially Claudia Hunter

  • Marney

    Now I know for sure I am a dragon. Many said Dragons are natural Shapeshifters. That is me. Among other things. as a dragon i am black scaled with a purple Sheen. i thought I would linked to Angels such as Seraphim because of this but maybe maybe not. My Strongest Element is Earth and Air. So i know my *breath weapon* is not fire. my husband said it would be akin to Acid. Anyway Legit dragons are free to contact me if they please i would love to meat others.

  • drenfro2

    what is a draconians are they like weredragons?

  • drenfro2

    I want to be a draconian

  • Son of ?

    who wants some blood

  • Marney

    heya all looking to talk to other dragons again. I have learned through much work i am a chaos dragon. my scales can change colors and i can shapeshift to other forms. But all and all i am a dragon. I it seems can use more then one element. earth air fire water ect. I am still learning though but it explains so much confusion explains all my shapeshifting and now I know what i am. My scales work similar to a chameleon blending to the environment and my mood. I have learned much over time and would love to meet other legit Dragons. My default scale color is a steel grey almost black and with a purple sheen.

  • Jazz19

    Hi I’m not 100% sure if this info is real but I’ve been getting a hard scale shaped scab on my hand and I’m wondering if it is a scab or the start of a scale? Plz answer

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