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Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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Angels: What if you or somebody you love is an Angel?


Angels, mistaken for paragons of peace and love by confused humans everywhere, have actually been waging a terrible, bloody war with each other for around 4.5 BILLION years. During this time, virtually every angel has been recruited to one side or another thus blurring any distinction between “fallen” or “unfallen” that may have once existed. As a result although some of them may indeed be good or helpful to you,  it’s hard to know which ones. Or why. Worse, sometime around year 1 billion the angels began to forget what the war was even about or how it could be resolved. In this confusion they have widened their war to include a lot of innocent bystanders, especially humans they suspect of being “nephilim,” that is angel-human hybrids.

So, how to survive? Pray? NO! Above all do NOT pray in front of an angel. Angels consider that a HUGE insult, to think that God would listen to you and not to them. Maybe try this instead:

1. Can you play the harp? If not, maybe learn. Fast. Angels are entranced by the sound of harp music. Maybe have some ready on your iPod.

2. Stay in your car. Angels hate cars and driving anywhere.

3. Talk a LOT about your “Great Uncle Gregori.” In fact, create a celestial ringtone for him and arrange for him to “call” you and interrupt.

4. Tell her she’s molting. Angels are very proud of their wings and very conscious of the market value of the feathers which can be used in “magic” pillows and duvets. An angel will do almost anything to avoid leaving feathers behind.

5. Out-imagine him. Angels can “imagine” almost any weapon they want into their hands but it takes a moment. During this time you can sometimes break their concentration by questioning choices like, “Why not eight inch spikes?”  or, “It needs a pattern on the hilt…”


The first thing you need to remember as a part-angel “nephilim” is SECRECY! Until you know who can be trusted with your secret, anything you say or do may draw suspicion and attention that you probably don’t want. Especially in November. Humans all over the world call out the angels for Archangel Day, November 8, unleashing a flurry of global angel activity. So don’t be surprised if one of them attempts to make contact with you during this month so you need to be careful as you begin to discover your angelic abilities. Some of these may include:

1. Communicating with animals.

2. Healing.

3. Understanding and maybe even speaking languages that you have never even studied.

4. Wings that may – or may not! – enable you to fly. Some report these wings appear in shadow long before they actually begin to grow.

5. A powerful imagination and the ability to materialize things from it.

These abilities do not normally emerge all at once and can be trained with the right angel teacher. However beware of the fallen ones who want to recruit you into their angel war. Or worse, eliminate you due to something called the Nephilim Prophesy. The Nephilim Prophesy is rumored to link the life and death of the nephilim to the end of the world which in turn is supposed to theoretically bring on the final stage in the angel’s long war. As nobody has actually SEEN this prophesy, the actual details are a little bit vague but in any case, if you don’t want to be a pawn in cosmic game of chess, then keep your feathers under wraps!

(Apologies to any angel-human experimental hybrids, you so-called “Teraphim.” I know your case is different but I’m running out of room.)

For more information about nephilim, see Chris Nephilim (below). He has been reliable so far and appears entirely neutral.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

1,109 comments to Angels: What if you or somebody you love is an Angel?

  • Light

    Is the ability to use/control a fire/light which can burn away a soul an angel thing or what kind of page should I be looking at? I can sense the souls of things and both bind and unbind a soul from its tethers. I can see into a shadowy realm full of… Hungry shadowy figures. I didn’t investigate long at the time because I was rescuing a soul from joining them. There’s a silvery barrier between this realm and theirs but souls will pass through it. I hadn’t felt the need to go back and besides that there’s also a dark winged figure which seems to be monitoring me. I’ve warded myself as best I can, the fire/light repels it and I burned a symbol (well multiple ones at this point) into my body with it as well which … Appeared from my memory?… And I knew what they did and they felt right. I looked into runes when I remembered them but I can’t find anything like them. The strongest one and the one that feels distinctly mine kind of resembles a crescent-shaped line facing downward across a shape coincidentally similar to the lines in my left palm with a small circle a short ways from the end of the line which extends farthest down. The symbols all have places they belong on my body, that one goes on my left hand, there’s another that goes on my right which has a small half circle with spokes instead of an unadorned full circle, each heel of my foot gets the same half circle cut by a cross, the base of my neck has a downward facing half circle simply bisected by a line and there are many more.
    I can also produce visible light, but I’m not very good at it and it’s only a painfully bright white flash, not very long lasting. I can see IR and UV light. Oh, and I can slow or speed the passage of time but I think it only affects me… then maybe instead I can increase the speed at which I perform tasks. So far I’ve used that mostly to complete schoolwork right before it’s due. The only extremely bad type thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes I accidentally get too immense for my body to contain… Not like astral travel where you disconnect from the body besides for tether but like a larger true self superimposed upon my body’s reality. It seems to be mostly incorporeal though I’ve accidentally knocked things over with it. I can’t exactly tell if I have wings in that form because I’m split between sensing the large self and the standard self but I do have wings of a fashion in astral and I have itching discomfort where they go regularly. (A side note, I also get super duper uncomfortable in Christian church. Idk about other places of worship because I don’t go to those but I get dragged to Christian church and there’s suddenly a lot of… Static, for lack of a better word, but usually I can fill the place with the fire/light and that usually gets rid of it.) Oh, and I use the fire/light by producing it either with my whole body as a pulsing energy or I can focus it by using my right hand, which produces it, and my left hand, which absorbs it, so I make a kind of circuit. I can send it through people and objects and get a sense from them. I can apparently heal soul wounds with it in addition to sensing those wounds. I can also use it to cleanse environments. I say fire/light because it produces light but apparently burns souls, or it can. I’ve only used it to incinerate one thing which tried to possess me and I kind of enjoyed torturing it because I could taste it’s screams and that kind of freaked me out so I haven’t done it again. I think that’s all of the stuff? Oh, and my eyes will turn gold and glow when I use it apparently. Now I think that’s it. If anyone has any ideas/advice id love to hear it.

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Patryn sigil magic. Haven’t seen or heard of anyone using that in ages.
      I would speak with thee. I may have knowledge you desire.

      • Light

        Speak on this thread or is there a better page to move to? I’m not a witch but I guess runes/sigils are a little witchy. Up to you. (also I made an account so if anything changed that’s probably why, it’s still me)

        How many ages? The memories I have associated with the sigils are pretty much all from a warzone… Aside from the ones I mentioned which are my personal wards and markers. The wartime sigils are even more archaic but not really complex. I didn’t want to share those because I didn’t want anyone hurting themselves using them. The war was crazy… so many different kinds of beings, most of them just blurs and dark shapes. It’s actually one memory that seems to be from two perspectives at once which contributes to the confusion. Most of them are like that.

        Is everything else related to the sigils? All of it started before the memories containing them were even triggered. I also didn’t actually… do anything to start this.

        • Fenrir Iceborn

          If you wish, we can talk more privately on MyLupineLife, the link is on this website somewhere. I have an account there under the name Icefang.
          First off you aren’t crazy, just so don’t think that. Second I think I know what’s happening to you.
          you don’t need to be a witch to work magic, you simply has to know what to do. If I remember correctly the symbols you described haven’t been used in centuries if not millennia.
          A long time for humans, not as long for one like me, and you if I’m right.

        • Fenrir Iceborn

          The war runes were chaotic violent, yes.
          But there is another symbol I’m curious about, have you ever glimpsed three vertical lines, parallel to each other, the middle one would be the longest. It’s usually in a Dark Blue color.

          That’s my personal sigil you see and I want to determine if we met.

          • Light

            I cannot figure out how to find you on Lupine Life but I made an account over there, also Light since it was free.

            Did the lines all start along the same place horizontally with the shorter two about the same length? Most of the memories are very fuzzy still and that’s one of them but the symbol is relatively clear except without color.

            I would love to know what’s happening more clearly. I know very little besides what I’ve experienced.

            • Fenrir Iceborn

              The shorter two are about the same length, but the longer one starts before the other two and ends after them.

              It’s a lot to explain I’ll try to find that account. The memories are yours though, well sort of.

    • Fellow light

      Can you contact me I’m also Nephilim

  • Laura :)

    Hi. I’m a new angel. (Sort of) I’m actually a hybrid of angle, draconian,mermaid, and werewolf. My parents are hybrids as well. My mom is a werewolf, draconian, and mermaid hybrid. My dad is a werewolf, and angel hybrid. Anyway, Seth, I was wondering what this means for me. I’m mostly angel. Some questions I have are; Will I get wings? If so, at what age will I get them? Will I develop any other “special abilities?” What should I do? Sry for all of the questions, I’m just a bit confused. Thank you!

  • Laura :)

    I had a dream of my wings starting to form. Does this mean anything? Also, is anybody there?

  • Laura :)

    Hi again. I’m very sorry if I’m starting to get annoying. I just really need help. More weird stuff has been happening to me. Anyone, please reply!

  • Laura :)

    Ok. Thanks go letting me know.

    • Professor Paradox

      You are welcome my dear. Oh and about your inquiry I spoke to Hatter and apparently all angelic type beings get wings but sometimes it is more metaphorical than literal. Sorry if that isn’t helpful but I’m not a Monster therapist or something like he is so anything I say is conjecture and thus not really helpful at all.

  • Laura :)

    Sorry I meant for not go.

  • Laura :)

    Thanks anyway Professor Paradox, and sorry that I’m getting back to you so late 🙂

  • Marney

    Can Angels shapeshift into other forms? if so it explains alot. I know in christian/hebrew text supposibly they can.

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      Yes, their capable of taking many forms, depending on what type of angel they are.

      Fallen angels/Daemons are even more capable of changing shape. And since you don’t seem a heavenly messenger your likely one of the fallen.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I’ve recently turned to the Wiccan religion who knew? And I’ve got an story about my origins for you. In the past few years I’ve been doing a secret research projoct about my orgins and I found out a lot. For starters I’ve realized I’m an hybrid of two races. An angelic race(fallen one, ah when angels fall in love with someone different to their race they become fallen angels due to some ancient law and whatnot he’s not bad or anything just unlucky) from my fathers side(long story on how we met and a weird one at that) and an descendant of the goddess Hecate which happens to my mother(I’ve never met her I’ve only heard about her from my father). Although there’s this rumor going around about something from Gaia I have not the not the slightest clue what that’s all about -shrugs-. I particularly do not care for rumors. Now I have psychic abilities such as powerful lucid dreams(sometimes they predict the future sadly I don’t realize it till it happens I know that sucks), premonitions, mind reading, and last the ability to feel and manipulate the emotions in a room. Through the past few years I’ve been working hard on improving my talents(with little progress even my teacher says he’s never seen anyone that has so much potential and can’t even use it correctly t-t). And then I have elemental abilities which is just the ability to manipulate wind(that was a gift from my mother although not very helpful since I have little control thanks mom -.-). I have this one friend who is an medium and almost immediately when we first met my vibes were picked out and he immediately labeled me angel. So no matter how secret the race is suppose to be it’s not that hidden to the outside world. My aura is considerably strong. As for speaking unknow languages my teacher made an inquiry that I could possibly possess that ability but in all honestly the forgotten language is just pretty runes. Not even the elders of the council use them anymore. So it futile to know it. I have no wings due to me just being a halfbreed. That’s why I was given the ability to manipulate wind ha ha ha it was kinda like compensation ha ha ha. Thoughtful but utterly useless. But thank goodness I don’t have wings! I’m terribly frighten by heights. Ha ha ha…though I do wonder what they could of looked like. And that war is so aggravating. A bunch of mixed up sides and misunderstanding. Tbh I have no idea which is good or bad. I see one side and then I see the other and honestly they are both just as bad as the other. It’s like children fighting over a stuff animal. And they are fighting over something! They just don’t know what. Goodness gracious I swear I don’t plan on joining this raging battle that’s been going on for who knows how long, I despise the thought of choosing sides let alone war.

  • apocryphae

    um hi i don’t really know why i’m on here exactly but i definitely identify with what is being written. i was adopted when i was 18 months old and have been viewed as bad or different by my christian family from the beginning they sent me to deferent doctors and psychiatrists etc since i was 3 bc of the things i could see and do and my gifts have gotten stronger to the point where i felt completely alone and started doing drugs to make me feel normal bc it would dull everything. i kept being pushed to pik a side and i didn’t even know what the hell that meant i just knew it had something to do with red or blue ive had alot of really odd experiences such as seeing spirits or souls switching bodies, shadow people, the hidden things behind what ppl brush off in a logical way, just alot of crazy things i thought maybe i was crazy but all my psychs just say i’m very intelligent or gifted ive also been able to manipulate energy see actual energy and vibrations music use sonar i know this sounds really out there and i don’t talk about any of this stuff usually i feel like a freak when things get really dark i can see darkness and death everywhere and when its postive its like riding a wave of immense energy and seeing everything i also get spiritually attacked quite a bit and have at times known what was gonna happen next while being spiritually attacked such as me and my bf getting into a fight i’m also what they call extremely sensitive and an empath but my gifts vary with intensity and is usally most active when i’m not using any narcotics or medication to slow down the way my brain processes information. one counselor said it was as if i was straddling two worlds which sense then has upgraded to four it feels like. i’m actually as normal as one could be lately which i’m grateful for its the only time of sleep and rest i really get which lately have been invaded by nightmares of the demonic that have constantly been waking me up oh and another thing ive never been able to stay in one place long b4 its like i’m literally followed by the darker stuff and its not that i leave for my own good its usually bc it affects others around me also and they get dragged into the middle of my bs life idk why or what i am i mean i literally had a satanist say to me once what are u doing here i didn’t mean to lead you here and then he asked what the fuck i was its haunted me to this day mainly bc i have this ability where i can literally suck blood through ppls skin which gives them a really lusty experience idk i sound like a freak sometimes i think being crazy would be a hell of alot easier i actually begged for meds but she wouldnt give me any antipsychotics and when i was on them they didnt work so idk what to do but so far anyone i’ve reached out to for help couldnt help bc i knew more than they did about everything but have no idea how to shut up or control my gifts it would just be nice to be able to protect myself and actually be able to fight back bc the things i once did to fight back it’s like whatever attacks me has adaptad and learned all my tricks theres more stories to go with that also but honestly my life is filled with all kinds of crazy stuff so i’ll just post this i guess and see if anyone knows or has experienced anything oh i can also read the energy off anything really well so i know when ppl are just seeking attention are actually being honest and when its authentic but im very sensitive so if youre going to be mean or look down on me just don’t post anything its hard enough as it is to write this at all

  • apocryphae

    oh btw alot of the crazy things i was going through ended up being visions which i had found out later it was just as if i was living through it at the time it was like being showed things that i couldnt do anything about if i wanted to bc i didn’t even know what it pertained to til i found out what the vision was about til it happened. i’ve also always been able to decipher other languages with ease mostly bc communication is 10 percent of communication and i read the energy really well so that tells me what i need to know mostly. ive also been able to connect telepathically with others over technology alan horvath doesnt like me very much

  • apocryphae

    now that i think about it yeah i sound like a nutcase lol maybe i do need to see a shrink that will put me on meds. its just hard when i get constant confirmation that what i go through is real and i’m not hallucinating theres alot of things that i know also that cant easily be put into words u know what ya i’m just gonna figure out how to delete these maybe just writng it and putting it out there is all i really needed

  • apocryphae

    uhh great i have no idea how to delete these so um yeah wtf ever i really dont care if anyone can actually help great and if not now u know why my nickname is harley lol

  • Jennifer

    I could use someone to talk to about what I am and my experiences but I can’t find my post now BTW I’ve experienced everything you’ve listed and much more other than the wings what does that even mean

  • Jennifer

    I’ve experienced everything you’ve listed and much more other than the wings what does that even mean

  • Jennifer

    I’m also an emotional and extreme sensitive and can sick blood through a person’s skin without teeth

  • wolf

    i’m taking a head count of who still uses this site so if you could could you please replay. ok

  • Cherene

    Hi, I’m very glad to see there are people who discuss these issues. Most people would think I’m crazy.. What/who is a sith?

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