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Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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Angels: What if you or somebody you love is an Angel?


Angels, mistaken for paragons of peace and love by confused humans everywhere, have actually been waging a terrible, bloody war with each other for around 4.5 BILLION years. During this time, virtually every angel has been recruited to one side or another thus blurring any distinction between “fallen” or “unfallen” that may have once existed. As a result although some of them may indeed be good or helpful to you,  it’s hard to know which ones. Or why. Worse, sometime around year 1 billion the angels began to forget what the war was even about or how it could be resolved. In this confusion they have widened their war to include a lot of innocent bystanders, especially humans they suspect of being “nephilim,” that is angel-human hybrids.

So, how to survive? Pray? NO! Above all do NOT pray in front of an angel. Angels consider that a HUGE insult, to think that God would listen to you and not to them. Maybe try this instead:

1. Can you play the harp? If not, maybe learn. Fast. Angels are entranced by the sound of harp music. Maybe have some ready on your iPod.

2. Stay in your car. Angels hate cars and driving anywhere.

3. Talk a LOT about your “Great Uncle Gregori.” In fact, create a celestial ringtone for him and arrange for him to “call” you and interrupt.

4. Tell her she’s molting. Angels are very proud of their wings and very conscious of the market value of the feathers which can be used in “magic” pillows and duvets. An angel will do almost anything to avoid leaving feathers behind.

5. Out-imagine him. Angels can “imagine” almost any weapon they want into their hands but it takes a moment. During this time you can sometimes break their concentration by questioning choices like, “Why not eight inch spikes?”  or, “It needs a pattern on the hilt…”


The first thing you need to remember as a part-angel “nephilim” is SECRECY! Until you know who can be trusted with your secret, anything you say or do may draw suspicion and attention that you probably don’t want. Especially in November. Humans all over the world call out the angels for Archangel Day, November 8, unleashing a flurry of global angel activity. So don’t be surprised if one of them attempts to make contact with you during this month so you need to be careful as you begin to discover your angelic abilities. Some of these may include:

1. Communicating with animals.

2. Healing.

3. Understanding and maybe even speaking languages that you have never even studied.

4. Wings that may – or may not! – enable you to fly. Some report these wings appear in shadow long before they actually begin to grow.

5. A powerful imagination and the ability to materialize things from it.

These abilities do not normally emerge all at once and can be trained with the right angel teacher. However beware of the fallen ones who want to recruit you into their angel war. Or worse, eliminate you due to something called the Nephilim Prophesy. The Nephilim Prophesy is rumored to link the life and death of the nephilim to the end of the world which in turn is supposed to theoretically bring on the final stage in the angel’s long war. As nobody has actually SEEN this prophesy, the actual details are a little bit vague but in any case, if you don’t want to be a pawn in cosmic game of chess, then keep your feathers under wraps!

(Apologies to any angel-human experimental hybrids, you so-called “Teraphim.” I know your case is different but I’m running out of room.)

For more information about nephilim, see Chris Nephilim (below). He has been reliable so far and appears entirely neutral.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

1,109 comments to Angels: What if you or somebody you love is an Angel?

  • Tikiria

    Hey, uhm I might have kinda a *slight* emergency. I seem to have lost all contact with Luster so that’s not good… And apparently the guy my new friends the Trolls fought before is back. Luckily, I don’t think he’s coming *here*, so that’s good. Just uhm, well, if you see red lightning-looking things, uhm, just, uh, run.

  • CyborgBeastCop

    I’m skilled.

  • Rainsong

    oh no, I’m a werewolf angel hybrid oh no

  • Seth can you tell me some ways to tell if you are a dragon or not 🙂 🙄

  • Wolf Ranger

    To the supernatural world at large, but mostly angels the time of crosslings has come once again, in my area the bodies just continue to pile up.

  • Ctearlyman

    I think I might be an angel

  • Ctearlyman

    And I read that if you find feathers falling around you then you might be an angel

  • Angel

    Hey Seth I need help I have done this app a lot and every time I do it is the same answer every time angel but I don’t have wings or even a shadow I don’t know what to do please reply soon

    • ?wolf

      Not all angels develop their wings immediately. Just wait.

    • Hail Angel,

      You may very well be an angel but not yet be able to access your wings. Many angels walk amongst humanity and many of the angels that do do not even realize what they are. The process of being sent to earth is quite traumatic for angels and many of them suffer from a form of amnesia and many others have been afflicted with amnesia intentionally to help them fit in with people until the time is right. What symptoms (if any) are you experiencing?


      • Mollie

        Hey Seth,

        I have a question: is it possible that I am a vampire/angel hybrid? I was wondering because I got vampire twice and angel once. Another reason is because I have mostly angel symptoms and only a few vamp ones.


  • ?wolf

    How can you tell if you are an angel?

  • Angel

    Because almost everything else is true except the wings

  • Ctearlyman

    Hey Seth there’s this person that wanted to be an angel and went to this witch to see if she had a spell to turn him and she did. Was she messing with him or is it possible to have a spell for that?

    • Good question, Ctearly. It really depends! Some witchs have access to such spells – did this person suddenly develop wings and/or some kind of fiery halo? Did they suddenly feel more in-tune with the divine undercurrents of the universe? Could they spontaneously speak latin? If so, then the spell worked. That being said, I’d tell them to be on the look-out for real angels that are jealous of their newfound angelicness. It takes a number of years for a real angel to become full-fledged, and they are notoriously wrathful against people who jump ahead of them in line.

  • Ctearlyman

    Hey is it possible for someone who’s not an angel to materialize things with their mind?

  • Marney

    I did find out from a trusted Source That I am Nephilim. A lot of things described are true. I do not have physical wings yet. (I am not sure how the WW part comes into play but I am Me no matter what. So I would I hope also would love to speak to other Nephilim.

  • marney

    I cannot reveil that source do to privacy reasons and I respect his wishes.

  • Joshua

    I am a cross between an angel and a werewolf… What do I do I’m confused.

  • Joshua

    I’m scared I just found out that my fathers name is Raphael, so I’m kinda researching my family background right now. I’ll see what I can find about him.

    • Hail Joshua,

      What have you found? Any more info on your angelic heritage (which I am guessing is inherited from your father)? Is your mother (or some other ancestor) a werewolf or were you bitten?


  • Angelina

    Hi! I’m Angelina! I’m a newbie angel, can someone show me everything I need to know? Thanks! 😮

    • Hail Angelina,

      Thanks for your SOS self report. Unfortunately, telling an angel everything they need to know in one message would be an unholy task. It usually takes time.

      That said, there have been a few new angels on SOS in the past and I have learned a few things from them.

      1. Have you noticed any strange symbols appearing a disappearing around you?
      2. Have you noticed hearing any unusual songs that nobody else can hear?
      3. Have you imagined or even drawn anything recently that appeared in real life shortly afterward?

      Thanks for keeping on,


  • Marney

    I kind of once again need help from a Nephilim or Angel I had a very weird dream and I am not sure what it means.

    the dream was me in a wooded area at a camp. then someone knew I was the Archangel Zadkiel along by my side Josephiel . Then a human supposibly born of *Satan* whoever he/it/she was had spiritual trouble and I came up to her and said *as long as you fight for Jesus Christ you WILL be ok. (I do not think it was in a Christian way* and then I woke up after smelling in these woods a smell of
    sulpher and soap some Angels got their bows ready for the enemies coming and then I woke up

    So if any Angel or Nephilim can say what this possibly means I’d be happy.

    • Hail Marney,

      Thanks for this SOS report. I’m no angel or nephilim so I can’t say for sure except to ask the questions I think should be asked:

      1. Do you remember anything different about the day of your dream? Of the day after?
      2. Have you noticed any unexpected changes in yourself? Any sudden ability to draw or sing strange and beautiful things?
      3. Do you know where I can get some of this sulpher smelling soap? What an awesome tip!

      On the bright side, my research shows that Zadkiel and Josephiel currently seem to be on the peaceful side of the war for heaven.

      Thanks for keeping on,


      • Marney

        lol wish I knew about the soap lol ya I know it sounds strange. I did not noticed anything major BUT I seem to have a draw to the Angelic world a great deal. I researched ALOT on the Fallen and Holy Angels. Recently my feeling of *wings* got stronger as if they are there. I cannot sing mind you. But me feeling energies around me is also stronger. Also I have been wondering who and what my father really is. If angelic fallen or otherwise I wish I knew. All I know is he was never *nice*

  • I keep getting angel on the app and I look like the stereotypical angel with my blond hair and blue eyes. I think that I may be subconsciously calling insects to me. I found four today and two of them were climbing on me. I’m saying sorry to them because I know they didn’t meen me any harm.

    • Hail Confused One,

      Thanks for your SOS report. If you are in fact calling insects to you this is indeed a serious situation. I don’t mean to alarm you – or me – but you could potentially be an angel of the eschatological kind. Insects are awesome, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that you may find yourself the subject of a lot of attention from all sides of the holy wars ie: angels who do or do not want you to unleash a plague of insects, fallen angels or demons who also do and don’t want you to unleash the insects not to mention humans who who support either side. Basically things could get confusing for you right away. You need to be prepared.

      (As do I. I am immediately going to check on my rapture insurance policy.)

      What insects are following you? Have you tried talking to them? Are you able to command them? You may not be able to do it with language. Often angels have to use an instrument. Do you play an instrument? If not, it may be time to learn.

      Thanks for keeping on.


  • Yes I play the marimba, piano, ocirana, hand bells, and I can sing. The insects are mainly those who live in the woods. Spiders of many sorts, crickets, ants, cockroaches, and some flying beetles. I am not sure if I can command them as so far I have only been startled to find them sitting on me. When they are there though they seem to be happy. I’m not sure that I would want to comand them.

    • Hail Confused,

      Thanks for keeping on. You may not want to command them but it might just be one of your skills. Have you tried playing your various instruments for them? How do they react? Okay I know it’s tough to know if an ant is dancing but my point is just that maybe they respond to the music. Also, you should know a couple of possibilities about angels:

      1. You may be called to “bind” or “neutralize” a particular demon ie: seal and guard them. That sometimes happens. Have you been “assigned” anyone yet?
      2. You may be called to join the forces of the fallen and start an apocalyptic plague. Please don’t do that. Everybody hates apocalyptic plagues.
      3. Or you may be called to join a latin folk music trio.

      Either way do you have a minute to help Mary5544 with her ant problem?

      Thanks for keeping on,


  • joshua

    I’ve found out that I am a pureblood angel no werewolf mixture in my blood, and my father’s name is Raphael and my mothers name is Elizabeth. will keep digging for more info about my mother.

  • joshua

    funny story today I was sitting in a park just chilling and I had this odd urge to sing and when I did about 15 to 20 dogs came and sat in front of me and just stared at me expectantly… I just found that a bit odd and didn’t know what to make of it.

  • Kalille

    Hey Seth I am convinced that I am a vampire my symptoms are that I am extremely pale and the sun is very annoying I very rarely even turn on the light in my room. What should I do and am I one your test said so 7 out of 10 times.? 😐

  • Ian

    😐 Help me, I’m an alien oh no…..

  • angelic

    Seth how do i know if i really am a angel i don’t show any signs but the monstrometer says i am one

    • Hail angelic,

      Well if the Monstrometer says that you are an Angel then you are likely to be one. I built the Monstromter (with Graham’s help) to be the most reliable supernatural survival diagnostic tool on the planet.

      Plus your name seems to contain a clue to your “angelic” heritage also…

      I think you should keep an eye out. The symptoms you think are not there… they are probably there.

      Maybe take a close look at your back in the mirror. (this trick often requires a pair of mirrors) Let me know what you see there.

      Keep on keeping on.


      P.S. Welcome to the site!

  • lostwerewolf

    My mom got angel, but I retested her cause their is no way she could be an angel. The second time she got leprechaun. So Seth, my question for you is “Can leprechauns be angelic?” Thanks.

  • Corey (Privacy)

    So I just took the Seth on survival teast, and got a 92% certainty of a angel, with 25 questions. I haven’t noticed anything yet, but then again, I’m still young. I think the app is fake, though, but some of me believes it’s real.

  • Angelic chick

    Is it possible that somebody could be a mixture of witch, werewolf and angel?? My mum was a witch, my dad was a were wolf and his dad was an angel. Help me

    • mrjaffa

      Definitely. I myself am a Vampire/witch/demigod, and I have one angel wing, although it was transplanted onto me. Not by choice, needless to say. However these traits may not have passed down, particularity the angel one. However, they all most likely did. Also, while an aptitude for magic, or the ability to use family magic may be passed down, this does not automatically make you a witch. You may get the hang of it easier than most, but your powers may weaken if ignore for long enough. Remember, witchcraft is not a species, it is a practice.

        • Hail Angelic Chick,

          Thanks for stopping by and congrats on your epic heritage as well as getting Mr. Jaffa out of hiding. A big accomplishment as you can see he’s not overly fond of his one angel wing.

          One thing I should warn you about is this whole turning to stone business that you angels are prone to. I don’t want to alarm you but it sometimes happens when you’re talking on your cell phone. Nobody knows who exactly is behind it but you see the results everywhere – stone angels are epidemic around the world.

          Which of your supernatural selves is manifesting? Any wings yet?


  • Hello everyone! Just thought I’d check up on the site to see how everyone is doing. Keep up the good work friends!

  • Angelic chick

    Hey, well i was looking through some of my mums old witchcraft books and i found a spell to turn a human into an angel, so i spoke to her about it and she said that i should think about it before i do it 1. Because i may not have enough skill and 2. Becaise she thinks for a human to turn into an angel or a newbie angel to speed up the proccess they must die. Is that true, and heres the spell:
    Angels flying high, angels soaring through the sky, i wish to be you flying too, make me one of, human no more, only angel that can soar.
    And in order for it to work you must chant it 3 times, believe that it will work and also say it for five days. I need help:|

  • the confused one

    Hey-ah hi Seth! Dont worry about responding quickly to this one, I’m just curious about if you’ve ever heard of Starpeople and MysticleAngels. I’ve been doing some research about different types and breeds of angels and so far I belive that I’m a MysticAngel. Other than that not much happening.

  • Angelic

    Hi, um I’m apparently a mermaid, vampire, angel hybrid. HELP!

  • Angelic chick

    I think im getting wings, cause i keep finding feathers in my bed when i wake up

  • Marney

    hmm interesting.. not sure where they would be comming from..

  • Kzazrier Vetanari

    Beware of the Cycle…
    Memorize this: ‘Stretching life, (15)’
    See you later,
    Kzazrier Vetanari

  • Chris 55555

    Hey I scanned my self and every time the result as are
    Different. The resultas were I was a werewolf two times
    and a vampire one time and a dragon one time

  • MadAngel

    This is really weird but I got angel ont the test. Ever since I’ve been keeping an eye out for weird happenings and everywhere I go, as in everywhere, there is white feathers. I’ve researched angels associated with my real name and I can’t find any. The only thing that comes up is St. Brigid. Any ideas?

  • Katelyn

    I’m so confused. It says I’m a zombie,werewolf, leprechaun, witch, ghost, vampire, angel, and mermonster. What if I’m more then that? I don’t know what I am. 🙁

  • Bella wolf 388

    I’m transforming into a wolf but when I
    Click my fingers (witch makes me feel better)
    The light switches off and on.

  • A person of interest

    March 06, 2016, an eclipse will come, this goes with the nephilim prophecy. Hehe, wonder what will happen next with all you angels or demons or others who read this. 😈

  • Angelic chick

    Um some of my human friends just freaked because i went into some trance and started speaking what they thought was nonsense and they recorded it, i watched it and understood it completely, i think it was enochian, the angelic language, i said OIAD GASSAGEN G-CHIS-GE NIIS (thats what they heard) god,the just divine power creating angel, and man are not going to carry you to Heaven (thats what i heard)
    What should i do?

  • Marney

    I am not sure whats going on. I keep having dreams of Hell the Underworld whatever. Someone in this dream or maybe not a dream keeps telling me I have Fallen Blood and to never forget it. I keep seeing Fire among other things.. Can someone tell me or give a hint on whats going on?

    • Arminella

      I had the common dream too and it’s making me feel confused and helpless,like I’m supposed to do something but don’t know what. I keep seeing fire,something like end of the world but when I look better it seems all peaceful and it’s like there is a war in people and I must do something but don’t know what. I also heard someone telling me the same thing.

      • Marney

        so I am not the only one? thats freaky. I am not sure what to think. Some say there is no way i could be Fallen others say its a possibilty. but its freaky how we have now had the same type of dream…

    • Scarlett Lupa

      Oh I would you know being the dream goddess and all but sorry I only deliver messages not interpret them….if I did I would be in some deep doo doo…

  • fenrir9

    the traditional description of what angels look like is wrong too
    they can take most any form but their true form is as follows
    they had six wings two covered their faces and two covered their feet they shine as though on fire and are have a thousand eyes all over their bodies they wield swords that are of flame

  • fenrir9

    but there is so close a tie between the Eldar and the angels that the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably

  • Matthewmega1

    Hey Seth Just discovered I’m a Angel I have been seeing weird stuff like Symbols,weird dreams and have been weird voices that are a deep and light voice I also feel something on my back wings are growing on my back and another question if you’re a kid angel will you get abducted by Saint kam or something ok hope you awesr thanks Seth!

  • Matthewmega1

    Hey Seth,

    I have been having weird dreams and hearing voices a lot seeing faces etc. I’m going through what I call a angel stage so please help me thanks!

    • Scarlett Lupa

      Hmmm I know somebody who can help you! You know why because he is an angel himself and a good for nothing one too….oh heh heh heh he’s right behind me…WHAT! What do you mean you can’t help him…listen here you good for nothing thing with wings I’m the one calling the shots it’s my way or the highway and you know you need to become a full fledged angel so you can’t go far….of course I’m threatening you! You got assigned here so now your sticking it in the rough….if I have to deal with your consent nagging then you can deal with my bossiness….I’ll cut that tongue of yours right out you rude little thing….excuse me a minute while I have a “discussion” with my good for nothing thing with wings….it’s time to get violent….

      • Matthewmega1

        Ok then why don’t you help me then?

        • Scarlett Lupa

          Well…I don’t know a thing about angels ha ha ha…but I’m serious I tend to stay away from that stuff…just some bad experiences that’s all…you how they say about judgement day and all that other stuff I recently been studying all kinds of cultures and religions so I figure….why should you be judge?….we all do right and wrong yes but if there was no wrong then how would we know what is right?…I believe there is goodness in everybody….but why should we be told whether we bad or not I just can’t grasped that part…I been trying all kinds of answers but they don’t fit…there is no justice when a judge is there…. There was justice….but the goddess walk out on humanity long time ago….

        • Hatter

          Hail Matthewmega1
          Guardian R.S. Here oh and since you seem new to the site I will give a disclaimer the guardians are a race of creature that well are a combo of angel( Unfallen variety), dragon, vampire, werewolf,and human, that can bend reality to their will but their are only 6 left due in part to a a war that happened 700 years ago the guardians are extremely long lived and can transfer their soul and memory’s to an available body, this body was in fact occupied by the mad hatter who was an alien to the body as well oh I’ll just get to the point, if you need help just type H-A-T-T-E-R and this body will respond to the message

    • Hail Mathewmega,

      Thanks for posting here as well. I replied to you over here. Your arrival is very timely, as this is the week when survivors all over the world are working frantically to perform good deeds good enough to get off the so-called “naughty” list.

      Are you yourself involved in this in any way? Or do you have any advice or suggestions for deeds to beings who are on this particular quest? Like does holding a door open count? How many points do I get for that?

      Not naming any names here ahem but… er… well let’s just say somebody might need to fix a few things, fast. I mean Graham of course….


  • fenrir9

    this might take a while scarlett likes a good fight

  • Matthewmega1

    Ok Scarlett better hurry up I thought angels were aggressive 😛

    • Scarlett Lupa

      On no those things are feisty and bite well at least this one does…oww….you know I could take my hand and push you hard and you’ll go through the wall and outside to the cold black night where the wolves will eat you…stop-resisting-you-good-for-nothing-angel argggg….jeez your like leprechauns a whole lot of power in such a small body….ouch…man your fast…you keep going I’ll be fine just going to catch my breath…it’s Halloween all over again….but this I don’t have to force the dress and makeup on you….but such good times…

  • Matthewmega1

    I mean weren’t

  • Matthewmega1

    thanks hatter Appreciate it Oh and Hatter I have been lately having dreams about a war and seeing weird symbols and I here voices calling out my name I also feel 2 things sprouting from my back I think I might be turning into a angel or nephilim.

    • Scarlett Lupa

      So I was suppose to give those dreams right? Oh so now you cooperate…oh just to keep your position my butt…

    • Hatter

      Ok dreams about a war wait on one side was there a guy that kind of looked like he was made of sand and on the other almost manticore like monsters but not manticores, if so then can you draw the symbols and then post a pic of the symbols oh and if my hunch is correct I can tell you whose voices it is that you hear

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