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Hosted by renowned supernatural survivologist Seth Greening Seth On Survival is the blog, web series, and mobile app with the supernatural resources that you need to survive in these troubled times.

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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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What’s New in Monstrometer 1.2

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173 comments to SOS iOS App

  • imavampireforreal

    I am new I have been 7 diffrent monsters i’m a vampire,werewolf,leprechaun,angel,draconian,demigod,and a time traveller
    I am very stressed 😯

  • imavampireforreal

    pls help me seth 🙁

  • TheVisitor

    Hey seth I’m an alien.
    No, we do not have laserguns.

    • Hail the Visitor,

      Thanks for the visit. I think. So far anyway. So happy er sorry to hear about your lack of laser guns. Are you here for the Frankenmoon? Are you one of those reaky plant aliens who came for the Olympics this summer are you? Because I thought they went home when the games were over…


  • Hay Seth, Wen is the next episodes because you are done with zombie month. 😕

  • hey, seth i was a werewolf i do not know what to do! Help me,or tell me what to do!

  • The bitten werewolf

    Will Louis ever make a 13 vido??? 😯 😳 😥 😥 😥

  • The bitten werewolf

    Seth SOS what do I do I am 78 werewolf !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Unknown

    Doesnt Monstrometer work for android

  • werewolfgirl

    seth i am always ichy am i a werewolf or not

  • werewolfgirl

    seth i am always ichy am i a werewolf

  • ?wolf

    Stupid void c.h.i.p.m.u.n.k.s!!!
    My iPod doesnt do this usually

  • LycanTheProtector

    Dear Seth,

    What happened to the Werewolf page? It is broken. please help the friendly werewolves communicate! please and thank you Seth!!

    Your elemental werewolf pal,

    • Hail LTP!

      It is indeed broken. Graham and I have been working around the clock to fix the site from the damage caused by the dual attack of void chipmuncks and leprechauns last weekend and it is taking us longer than we would like but we will get it fixed. In the meantime everyone should just move to another page and we can move the comments over once the site is fixed.

      Keep on keeping on.


  • Rainstorm

    LTP is right, the werewolf page seems to be “broken” please fix it by the full moon!! I’m stressing out here! Yes I keep track, and it’s very helpful! Unless u just want to go GRRRAGBLAHHHHH and transform immediately, and SETH did u get my email? I will answer any questions you have about winged werewolves….

    • Hail Rainstorm,

      See my reply to LTP above. In the meantime you can comment on another page and we can just move those comments over to the werewolves page when the site is fixed.

      I did indeed get your email but haven’t had a chance to reply yet I have been working very hard to fix the problems with the site but once I get that fixed I will get back to you because I would love to know more about winged werewolves.

      Until then keep on keeping on.


      P.S. I love your new name and your picture.

      • Rainstorm

        Great!!! There’s been rumors of winged werewolves, and I’ve become one, from the lagoon which an angel and a pack of wolves drank from, which I swam in, and yes it was painful, but worth it, and I know a FEW other werewolves with wings, I’m one of the very few, yet I have no idea how they acquired their wings. PS thanks haha. Any questions about winged werewolves? I can answer Almost everyone! : )

        • Zyboragon

          Hail Rainstorm.
          Winged Werewolves? Angels? Fascinating. I only ask this for clarification purposes, but do you show signs of being a vampire? Possibly not, but werewolves with wings and angels sound close to Hybrid territory to me.

          Also, just because I’m nosy, how fast can you fly?

        • Rainstorm

          Only biting, but the ones I bite become werewolves… and this app calculated my flight speed which was 58 miles per hour, so that’s my average speed 😀 that’s pretty fast I think lol. Also the wings are always the color of your wolfs fur and can easily be hidden when your wings are set back, but the only disadvantage is the pain and soreness of my back bones when I shift, but flying is amazing until a human tries shooting you down, I just hide my wings usually or fly under the tree, I also use my wings for a shield hehe.

  • Rainstorm

    I think my friend is a werewolf, she gets werewolf Half of the time, the other time vampire on monstrometer! She is WILD I tell you!! She seems quiet and all nice and peaceful, but NOOOOOOOOO she is WILD she chews up her apple, TO SHREDS and is very athletic, she SAYS she is is a werewolf, and her hair after a full moon well…. Lets just say it looks like a….. Rats nest…… She claims to be a white and brown werewolf, and has a mate, she was born on May 1st 2002, if that helps anything. She also has anger issues, I think. Is she a werewolf maybe?

  • Rainstorm

    Oh oh oh! Here’s a new clan!! I’m the leader, well it’s a pack but it’s called the Sapphire Pack, we mainly study crystals, sapphires, and diamonds, and other jewels. We accept singing,hunters,frost, and ice wolves. If you aren’t any of these, and want to join, I’ll think about it and check ur birthday, just give me ur b day

  • ?wolf

    Seth, plz fix the WW page ASAP!!! No pressure, If this lasts too long the Void Chipmunks could make a nice roast? Soooo hungry. I need some dinner. NOT GUNNA GET MAD!!!!! WHY NOT?!?!? IDK? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! GOSH DANGIT! TRYING NOT TO HOWL! Ahem. Sorry for the slight… inconveinience?
    With most LOTS of boredom,
    PS Anybody know Batman? JK. DANGIT! Y THERE BE NO FUN!!!!

  • Rainstorm

    vampires suck. Ugh just ignore the werewolf right here. haha I’m bored….. HOWLLLLLLLLL so bored still bored Y U NO TALK TO ME ok well bye, I’m leaving.

    • Vampgirl

      I’m a vampire, yes we do suck but not the way you mean it 😉

      • Helen C

        Hay i am a vampire too ?

        Edited by Seth: For your safety please do not post your email, age, birthday (or year of birth), full real name or location (country or state is okay but city or town is too specific) on the site. Your survival is important!

  • ?wolf

    wanna run around bare foot in the forest while eating antelopes!!! NO KIDING! PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY! Not anyone on the site, as in what i just said i meants to give me a buffalo or 2 or a buffae of buffalos, i just want food.
    Hungry Bored And Getting Mad,

  • ?wolf


  • ?wolf

    Yay finnal!!! Food!! :mrgreen:

  • Anonymous

    What are some of the for sure signs of a werewolf?
    I suspect I might be but I don’t know how to know for sure.
    Are the any signs to look for before your first transformation or something
    Like that?

  • dogfriend

    I think I’m a werewolf because for some reason I got mad at every little thing and don’t say try the monster scanner to be sure because I can’t because all I have is a tablet

  • Accaliamoonlover13

    Hi I’m new to the site, I downloaded the monstrometer app and it says that I am 98% werewolf. Which personally I think is awesome. But u know how if you tap the left side of the scan button that it will always be no, when I do it it will always say yes! Is that supposed to happen or am I truly a werewolf?

    • Hail Accaliamoonlover13,

      Thanks for checking out SOS and for downloading The Monstrometer. Congratulations on being 98% werewolf. That’s truly a definitive result. Are you bitten or genetic?

      As for the glitch you are reporting with the app, all I can say is just, have you tried wiping your screen? As you may know, your device screen contains 18 more deadly pathogens than a zombie hospital on any given day if you don’t wipe it…

      Thanks for keeping on.


    • Devorah

      Hi I’m devorah a resident werewolf on the site I do trust Seth’s app I honestly belive its true so you very well may be a werewolf

  • The confused one

    So I’m new to the site. I got the app and so far I am an angel. I look like the stereotypical angel. Blond hair , blue eyes. The main question I have is … Is this real?
    Sorry if I cause problems for my question, no I am not an idiot I just need to know. Thank you!

  • Hi! I’m new to this site and the app. When I use it I almost always get angel. I look like the stereotypical angel with my blond hair and blue eyes but I wish to know if this is real. Hal of me is yes while the other is skeptical. Sorry if I cause any problems but I need to know. Thank you!

  • shadow worrior

    seth can you please get the scanner app for the windows phone

  • the biten werewolf


    • Hail The Bitten,

      Thanks for your SOS message. Sorry – or congratulations – on being bitten, I’m not really sure how you’re taking this. What did you find out about the one who bit you? If we know what kind of werewolf bit you maybe we can better advise you how to deal with it. Because you may need to bite back so to speak….


  • caitlynwomanadams

    Hello, Seth. My name is Caitlyn and I think me and my brother are werewolves. I am new here and I would like to learn more about surviving the supernatural. If you can help me in any way you can or if you can give me and my brother some tips on surviving as werewolves, do not be afraid of replying. Thank you.

  • caitlynwomanadams

    Hello Seth, my name is Chase the Dragon Slayer. I am caitlynwomanadams’s brother. I would love it if you would give us tips.

  • Kzazrier Vetanari

    I think I finally understand how the scanner works…
    Everything alive has a True Name and an aura… If you combine that, you can make a scanner that scans the remainings of the aura. And by scanning that, you can see a part of the True Name, which gives away if it’s human or something else.
    Am I right? Or does it work in a completely different way?

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Correct… But immortals don’t have auras and try to use elementary particles they do know truth better than Gaea herself.

  • Seth, just to give you some advice. (Understandable that you and Graham are busy and probably won’t get to it in a while.) Due to the recent problems with The Horseman, Chaos, and other Reapers. Being released on the world, perhaps you should put Reapers into the Monstrometer, or just make a reaper page? I will be glad to help with the latter. If your lucky – Or unlucky depending on the circumstances – I might appear on your web show. Best of luck Seth, I hope to not see you for a long time. – Unless you want a guest star – Keep rocking.

    The Reaper.

  • MadSparkles

    Hey seth…. Your app is REALLY bad. It said I was a zombie, a time traveler, a Vampire, and a werewolf. Oh and a cyborg. -.- I can assure you I do not have wires nor am I a shambling corpse! I do not thirst for human blood either, and I am defiantly from this time. Though I am a werewolf I am pretty sure I got that by sure chance and randomness!
    Fix your app so it isn’t half fact half opinions please. And vampires DO NOT SPARKLE IN THE SUNLIGHT. I have a vampire friend, I can assure you she does not sparkle, neither have the other vampires I met sparkle.

    P.s. Not all werewolves like muffins, I do but my friend does not!

    • Hail MadSparkles,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I think that perhaps you misunderstand the sparkling question, it is not intended to find vampires but rather cyborgs and their shiny metal parts.

      Secondly I challenge you to prove that you are not a time traveller. I believe that it is a different time now than it was when you started reading this sentence. If not then I would suggest getting a more accurate chronometric measurement device or if in fact you do not travel through time please let me know because that seems really cool although slightly mind blowing.

      In other cases of misdiagnosis I always recommend:

      – Cleaning your device well to eliminate any biometric material that may be contaminating your device and skewing the results.

      – Setting the questions to maximum. Please try to answer honestly. This gives the best chance of success!

      – Remember that even if you are currently only expressing a single type of being that you may have other latent attributes that are waiting to be expressed.

      That said I am working on a new update to the Monstrometer that will be out soon that will hopefully increase the accuracy of the Monstrometer which is still, by far, the most accurate supernatural diagnostic tool available on Earth.

      Keep on keeping on.


      P.S. Of course not all werewolves like muffins… some LOVE muffins!

      • DarkOne

        Yep that being said I love muffins and got some random answers also but by far my average for werewolf is 95 percent…. I think if you get random answers it’s really your own fault because
        1)You misunderstood one or more questions
        2)You weren’t reading them fully
        3)You simply were ignorant and didn’t answer honestly
        I got a few wrong ones but those were just because of me….Anyways yes I love a good muffin but bran and banana ones are gross…. Chocolate ones are the best. 🙂

      • Scarlett Lupa

        Hey wats so wrong about time traveling?…..oh never mind…..but funy story umm is it weird to wake up in your kitchen to the smell of burn chocolate chip cookies and then to find them in the oven on fire…..then freak out cause of the mess on the counters….big disaster area heh heh like my desk…..still can’t find the dang tape….did I just say tape? Hehe nobody uses tape anymore silly me….wow I was out for like how many days what happen here someone fill me in please cause my head hurts and I can’t stand right or I fall down…..

  • Zwolf

    Well this app said I was werewolf over and over again no matter what I pick soooo I guess it’s priory certaint :-/ but full moon is towmarow … What I suposed to do?

  • MadSparkles

    Nothing is wrong with time travel Scarlet.

    I am a great reader so yes I read everything fully. I also like being hinest with myself, and I am far from ignorant. I also took the test several times. Darkone I can confidently say I did not make a mistake on the quiz so many times.

    Seth I didn’t mean to seem hostile, I just come off that way at time. There is a difference between hostile and angry.

  • Hey seth,I am 99% werewolf as it said on the monstrometer app that you have and I don’t know if I were biten or if I were born a werewolf plz help me

    • Hail Luna,

      Thanks for the SOS self-report. That’s a very definitive result. If you’re absolutely sure that you haven’t been bitten – and by absolutely sure I mean that you have scanned all unexplained marks on your person and paid close heed to your nocturnal activities and those of your friends for any possible signs of lycanthropic amnesia – well then congrats! You are in fact very likely genetic. Which is I understand a far nicer way to become a werewolf. Unless of course the rest of your immediate family are all vampires. Or leprechauns. Point is, as a genetic werewolf there’s a good chance you will be if not embraced at least tolerated by a cool clan and taught the ropes or at least not-eaten by a were-mate.

      Have you been approached by anyone new in your life? I urge you to scan them. They have likely sought you out to bring you to the clan on the next full moon….

      If not, you might find them at the werewolf site: http://www.yourlupinelife.com.

      Long may you keep on keeping on,


  • mark

    How did you discover that this monsters really exist? And are monsters alien to our world or from another dimension? How can monsters hide from public knowledge? Is area 51 or a organisation involved in a cover up of supernatural existance? When did they appear? Are there people to fight against the attacking monsters? How are monsters hide from humans view?

    • Assanjin

      Most otherfolk can assume human form, some humans are descended from us but our attributes lay dormant. In most cases our origins are older than humanity and we once lived out in the open, but humans in their ignorance tried annihilating us and drove many of our kin to near extinction and so we hid in plane sight.

  • DarkAngelKakashi

    hey Seth,

    So I just found out that my dad is an angel, but my mom may be a demon 😯 … What does that make me? A crazy hybrid? I don’t know… Please help me!


    • Hatter MT

      I can help but Seth only helps out survivors if everyone who tries has a good point or he finds some way to make money off it, often even adding a supernatural spin to a not so supernatural event, yes Seth I am talking about your post about the dragons in Siberia

    • In a little more helpful comment from the one above, Seth is very busy. He relies on survivors like us to help new survivors such as yourself. I currently am the 3rd(?) oldest active member on the site. If I can help you, I will. Can you give me some more detail on your situation?

  • How do you know a genectic werewolf and I don’t know what side o from

  • Seth I use the scan but I keep telling me different stuff I know I’m a werewolf it also told me I’m a threat

    • powerwolf345

      it said that to me too

    • Hail Lalashay,

      Thanks for your SOS message. The Monstrometer is 99.98% effective when under optimum conditions but only over time. It’s not unusual for any survivor to have several supernatural conditions battling for dominance within them so you need to keep scanning. Oh and clean your device regularly to clear up any residue from others. As to your confusion about being a threat, becoming a werewolf is probably one of the greatest threats to your survival that I can imagine. Most werewolves do not survive their first moon without the help of a clan or pack so that is easily explained.

      For more information, check back here on Halloween when I will be addressing your question in a video.

      Thanks for keeping on keeping on,


  • Seth think I’m going to shift tomorrow I can feel it

    • Sweetie, let me tell you a story. A story about the wolves, and the lunar cycle.

      When a young werewolf transforms, normally on a full moon, it creates a general strength in the human form. However, on certain nights, such as the Total Eclipse Tetrad Full Moon, a wolf will not transform. However, if they do transform, it will be the strongest transformation of their lives, and would likely cause mass damage to many areas near the transformation. While I hope you do transform, I hope no one transforms during the eclipse.

  • I feel some right now and thank the reaper

  • NoOtherName

    Hello Seth and other Survivalists. It has been a while and I will now be going under this name for the time that I will be spending on the site. Now I know that you are busy Seth, especially with All Hallows’ Eve coming up, but I would like to request some more infromation on Angels and angel hybrids. It is a subject of which is scaresly talked about, and I am sure that other Angles/angel hybrids would like to hear more as well.

    Stay alive,
    -No Other Name

  • I din’t shift but I’m gong to keep trying I guess

  • Mari

    How do i change my profile picture?

  • Mz lycan

    I can’t get this for kindle 🙁

  • Catveena

    I haz on iPhone and it’s great my bro has scanned his friends its really fun.

  • merewolf32

    Seth, I really need your help. A supernatural creature attacked me on the night of my birthday and it has been 6 years since then. Ever since then I have been hearing things in my head coming from someone in Romania. If I describe the scratch mark that was visible for only one day, could you please tell me what happened and what the mark means? The scratch appeared just above my left eyebrow and was a perfectly circular scratch, all made up of dots and completely filled in with dots. I woul appreciate the help.🙂

    Edited by Seth: For your safety please do not post your email, age, birthday (or year of birth), full real name or location (country or state is okay but city or town is too specific) on the site. Your survival is important!

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