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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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991 comments to Links

  • Justin Herrington

    Awesome work guys! Love the episodes. When is the French version coming out?

    • Hail Survivor Justin, hopefully versions of SOS with French Subtitles will be coming soon but ever since the quarantine incident Graham has not been quite as motivated so we will see how fast I can talk him into using his French skills.

  • Well that’s all well and good, but do you have any tips for fighting off the evil lutin and loup-garou??

    • Hey FoN,

      Lutin (aka Hobgoblins) are tricky critters I don’t have time right now to give a full rundown on them right now but suffice to say that you should definitely not annoy them too much if you have a Lutin infestation in your house. Try leaving little clothes out for them. Some new threads often seem to be effective in getting the little suckers out of your home.

      Loup-garou (were-wolves en francais) are also a topic for another day but werewolf survival tips are high on my list of topics to cover on upcoming episodes.

      In the meantime if you have specific questions let me know.


  • beckie

    why is everything you all make is about zombies its a little weired…but cool illustration on the fake hands and blood !!

    • Ty for writing in Survivor Beckie. Here at SOS we’re deeply concerned about every threat to your survival, from A to Z, aliens to zombies. If you’re still alive later, hope you’ll check back for the next slate of helpy instructional videos – triple guaranteed to ensure your survival from both leprechuans and vampires. And Graham says, “Thanks,” about the hand and your hand is nice too.

  • 😐 i think my puppy might be a zombie he is always trying to bite me and always making these groan noises. so i put him in quarantine in a box in the bathroom. i habe a bat justin case. 😎

    • Hail Survivor Sora,

      It is always a good idea to try a quarantine first. Good work. If you make rash assessments about who is a zombie and who isn’t you can end up regretting it.


  • Sora

    Thanks Seth he is in his cage and he has seemed to stop all of the zombie stuff but I still think he might be a werewolf.

    • Hail Survivor Sora,

      Arggh I hate it when I miss a post. Thanks for the update about your puppy. What clues make you think your puppy might be a werewolf? Did you find him in the woods? Does he have terrible human breath?

      It is true there are certain werewolf clans that spend most of their lives in wolf form, not in human form. Unlike the werewolves we normally think about, these so-called Wild Werewolves only assume human form on occasion, often on a full moon. Does your puppy act strangely on the full moon?

      I will post links to your dilemma on the werewolf page to see what the others think. There are lots of very knowledgeable lycanthropes around here.

      Keep on keeping on,


  • Sora

    Oh and IM A GIRL. So please don’t think otherwise

    • Hail Sora,

      Thanks for the clarification here! 😐 I promise not to think otherwise here if you promise not to tell your real age, name or location to anyone on the site, ever.

      Your survival is my survival,


  • firefang

    Seth this has nothing todo with the links but do u know how to change the pic by my name by any chance

  • firefang

    Can’t u guess by my name if not I will tell u

  • firefang

    Seth I have a interesting question

  • firefang

    Is it bad if I have a fiery red coat instead ad a white transparent one for the type I am

  • firefang

    Yawn I don’t care I’m killing the undead

  • firefang

    The undead rant about only thing that’s about to be killed

  • Ellie.Monique.M

    🙁 my brother Scott was turned into a werewolf a few months ago, and now his alpha has also turned me on account the he wants me to be his “mate” 😐 i’m not sure what to do and he wont leave me alone, what can i do i know being his mate is not a choice since iv been marked but what can i do to keep him away for long periods of time.
    New Werewolf

  • Is you reject him as your mate his wolf will take over. Think carefully. You can always find another mate and break the mating bond, but, he might still be attracted to you. If you do like him, you could become alpha female. Your choice. 🙂

  • Howlingwolfkid

    Can anyone help I have a major problem last full moon I almost killed my best friend because I cannot control my werewolfism it’s all instinct the wierd thing is she was trying to help me control it

  • guardian R.S.

    embrace the inner wolf and you are in control. guardian knows best.

  • Hey Seth, just thought I’d let you know, you have my permission to put The Reapers Tips up here if you so choose. Speaking of which, new tips coming you’re way everyone!

  • wolf

    Lol the place where you got the zomibe is off because of a accident

  • werewolfgirl

    seth i made a werewolf postion and i drank it and now im turning into a werewolf but my tanformation is very slow and it hurts so im waiting and now im a werewolf not yet ill tell you tomrrow how it feelt ok bye

  • werewolfgirl

    what do i do seth plz help me ive havent turned yet and i dont know what to do and im going to bed with my mom

  • werewolf girl

    My body hurts but I’m not dreaming I didn’t turn yet still I don’t know what is happening to me help me please I’m being of you

  • werewolfgirl

    seth i didnt turn into a werewolf but i am a werewolf and i know it well my body was hurting last night and i know i was turning into a werewolf even i didnt turn im still a werewolf i judt need yo wait for the full moon

  • Leafpool

    You’ll become a Lightning Wolf for your first transformation under the full moon next month in August.

  • Leafpool

    Go to YLL (Your Lupine Life) and look for Lightning Clan.

  • Leafpool

    You can look for me on the site if you need/want to.

  • Leafpool


  • Leafpool

    Hi friend. Me again from YLL. I will give you my history in small chunks.

  • Leafpool

    My personal history is an intricate and sordid one. I am a firm believer that our pasts shape the present so that we may plan for our futures. There are many concurrent events that have happened in my life that I can no longer accept as coincidences. Something happened for a reason.

  • Leafpool

    I am a human struggling coming to terms with and to otherwise accept my humanity.

  • Leafpool

    For an example, I was born a fraternal twin. My brother Zachary died soon after birth and I sustained a grade IV intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) shortly after being born.

  • Leafpool

    The neurological bleeding caused me to develop cerebral palsy as an effect of my premature birth complications, among other things. Later in life, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, which is a form of autism.

  • Leafpool

    Astrologically, I am considered to be a double air sign, having been born under Gemini in May when our birth was supposed to occur under Libra in September. Zachary died at 2 a.m. and even now, years later, I still wake up at two in the morning. My mother has told me stories of how I would wake her up in the middle of the night.

  • Leafpool

    For most of my life, I have been left segregated from my peers, underestimated due to my diagnoses and socially and emotionally neglected. More recently, I was found to be depressed after exhibiting passive suicidal thoughts. Now they have my on antidepressants, hoping to up my pleasure-feeling receptors.

  • Leafpool

    When I was young, I developed a fantasy world of wolves and wild canines to entertain myself when no one else would and ever since then I’ve wanted to become a true lycanthrope in order to feel acceptance. I’ve always wanted to be myself without judgment from others. I’ve attempted meditation and mental/astral transformation to no avail.

  • Leafpool

    For a brief part of my life, I identified myself as Pagan in order to feel at peace with nature.

  • Leafpool

    I’ve gone so far as to consider a transformation spell/mark to be placed upon me but I’ve not yet located one who is skilled enough to aid in such a task over long distances since I wish to remain undisclosed in location and identity. Maybe I really am nothing more than just a human who didn’t inherit the lycanthropic gene and must come to accept that.

  • Leafpool

    I’ve put behind me the tried false “spells” that claim to cause a true transformation. Those people are just manipulative who use a person’s trust for their own gain and benefit.

  • Leafpool

    When I have told this story to others, they have scolded me for lying even though this is my truth and my history. Many do not believe that I have my conditions because I do not exhibit the stereotypical traits.

  • Leafpool

    I’ve sent my history to Ice Fang (Fenrir). He’s the Norse wolf god, he invented werewolves. (I know what I’m talking about). Yes, we have gods using technology on this site. I’ve read two accounts on this site in which he has given two unrelated people the Mark of Fenrir. A rune that strong may be able to turn me.

  • Leafpool

    In time, I would like to become a lycanthrope, but right now I choose to be satisfied with my humanity. I am mature and responsible enough to not endanger others to satisfy my desires. My longing will wait still for a more appropriate time. I wish that time is at all possible in the future.

  • Leafpool

    I am extremely open-minded, non-judgmental, unbiased and tolerant of all people, their lived experiences and their beliefs. I have blind faith in the supernatural and always will.

  • Leafpool

    I can provide consolation, friendship and assistance to those who ask. I can also provide advice on philosophy, theology and meditation.

  • Leafpool

    Together we can come to accept both our humanity and our relationship towards our own otherkin inside each of us, in which our differences will strengthen us as a whole.

  • Leafpool

    That is my history. I am not a werewolf, but I will help you in any way to the best of my ability.

  • Leafpool

    This long string of comments are my history, as requested by werewolf girl. Good night.

  • werewolfgirl

    i have to go to summer school ok see you at 12:00 ok

  • werewolfgirl

    hey leafpool i didnt know you where not a werewolf im so sorry you didnt get the chance to be a werewolf well i was not a werewolf until i found a werewolf postion on youtub and i drank it and now im a werewolf mabe you can be one by a werewolf postion to make it you need a cup of warm water ok then you need salt and suger then you need dog hair or fake hair then you youb put a little bit of suger then you put the salt and the you mix it then put the hair and mix and then drink it or dip your figner and put it in your mouth but do it 3x ok and then you are a werewolf

  • werewolfgirl

    seth i think im have side effecs cuse my body hurts really bad i dont know what is happening to me tell me please

  • werewolfgirl

    to make a werewolf postion you need hair salt suger warm water

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