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Hosted by renowned supernatural survivologist Seth Greening Seth On Survival is the blog, web series, and mobile app with the supernatural resources that you need to survive in these troubled times.

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Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

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A Q&A with Seth

Q: Are you suggesting now that we all equip toilet plungers to protect ourselves?

Seth: No no no. Of course not. I would never do that. Who told you that? Les Stroud? Survivoman? If so he’s lying. Nice guy but he couldn’t even survive a baby leprechaun fight let alone a…

Q: No, I mean because in this latest season, you Seth appear to defeat a headless zombie with a toilet plunger.

Seth: OH THAT. Well obviously nothing can replace a sharp katana or mace in skilled hand-to-hand supernatural combat but how many of us really have access to them in our daily lives? Me, obviously. I have so many of them it’s hard to know which one to choose. So the ability to improvise a weapon is vitally important. Who doesn’t have a toilet plunger lying around? With the correct training anything can be a weapon. That’s the point I’m trying to make this season.

Q: When did you first realize your mission was to save humanity from supernatural threats?

Seth: As a physics student in university, I began to notice a lot of supernatural badness going on. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons, leprechauns suddenly everywhere you go. Some of them are very bad ones. And so much misinformation about them. Everywhere you turn. Most of it perpetrated by the monsters with access to their supernatural PR machines: Hollywood, TV, candle parties, Twitter, school libraries, Facebook, the Internet, …

Q: But aren’t you on the Internet?

Seth: Am I?

Q: Yes.

Seth: Oh. Am I as popular as LOL Cats?

Q: Not even close.

Seth: Not even the mangey little gray one with the underbite?

Q: No.

Seth: So the deal with CNN?

Q: Dead.

Seth: Just because I implied Ted Turner might be a cannibal?

Q: I don’t think that helped. But they say they already have a supernatural survivalist on staff.

Seth: Oh well, maybe I should clarify just in case. I don’t actually think Ted Turner is a cannibal. Yet.

Q: How do you capture all of that footage for the show?

Seth: Survival HQ is fully equipped with motion tracking remote cameras in every room and of course Sam usually has a hand held just for back up.

Q: What exactly is Graham doing over there at the computer during the show?

Seth: I ask myself the very same question. He’s supposed to be managing and integrating the feeds from our diverse cameras. But sometimes I wonder too you know he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while. Hey Graham what exactly are you doing over there at the computer?

Graham: Plotting your destruction.

Seth: He doesn’t mean that. We’ve been friends since Grade 3. First day of school Graham suffered a number of Atomic Wedgie burns. I showed him how to avoid them, having dealt with them for years myself. Right Graham?

Graham: Yeah.

Q: How do you deal with Atomic Wedgie burns?

Seth: Vaseline and breakaway underwear.

Q: Thanks.

Seth: Don’t mention it. Can I count you as a Life Saved now?

Q: Sure.

Seth: Yes! Okay so can you go back and click on the site again to register that?

Q: I suppose so.

Seth: Thanks.

Q: So what’s next for Seth on Survival?

Seth: Well we’re just going to keep on keeping on. Sure right now, I’m a little bummed out because Naya dumped me again. And my mom says I have to start looking for a job. But I just take it day by day, reading my email, all the inspiring survivor stories, they really keep me going. BTW if you are interested in funding future episodes of SOS then please email me!

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

261 comments to FAQs

  • Nightshade

    Well…ww13…u may be right…but I still am not certain…I’m still in shock from discovering that my greatest day dream is a reality…which I suppose is normal…and Raven Claw…I don’t know…I’m a adolescent who has already hit puberty…and born in February (being more vague to obey site rules)…

    • Werewolf13

      What sort of things are causing your doubt?
      Also after reading up on your birth month, I have found that most born in February are bone wolves. This could make sense in your case considering your black fur, but what do you think? Do you feel drawn to ghost or bone? Or perhaps both?

  • Nightshade

    I can’t answer on whether I’m drawn to either…I don’t think that I’m a bone wolf cause the wolf in the mirror wasn’t skinny, I don’t get cold easily, and I’ve never talked to the dead…but I’m not so sure I’m a ghost wolf either cause my shadow is very clearly there, and just the personality doesn’t match…I’m an Aquarius… it just doesn’t match…I don’t even live anywhere with ravens or crows…life is so confusing…also the mirror wolf had glossy, healthy looking, fur…

    • Nightshade

      I do have a theory though…I might be part Dyan Werewolf…considering the mirror…what do you think?

      • Werewolf13

        That does make sense… Do you think you could phase on command if you tried?

        • Nightshade

          i didn’t shift this full moon, but i did encounter a singing werewolf…our car broke down and we pushed it about 2 miles to home…i walked near a ditch and a sharp growl came from the high grass…it ran forward and climbed out darting across the street into a palm orchard…it looked like a wolf…it did seem aggressive until i looked in the direction it came from…i think i might have scared it…when we got home i heard a howl and listened to it till it faded…it was beautiful and enchanting…i can say i am restless during full moons and apparently i slept actively cause the memento box i threw together moved from the bedside to a cupboard across the room…at least i can say i survived the full moon…

          • Nightshade

            and yes…i believe i could shift out of sheer force of will…but with 5 other people living in this household i know i would hold myself back out of fear of harming them…

  • guardian r. s.

    the guardians of the earth are dead I am the last guardian

  • Raven Claw

    SETH I NEED HELP!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! Go on to lupin life, go to lunar facts for lycanthropes, and look at my comments! I need help on this one! The one I need you to look out for is the one that says, ‘SOMEBODY HELP ME. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO……’ look for that one and read it. Every one else on this site please help me. Especially, Knox, tell him about this please!! I’m begging anyone who wants to help me to help me! Please!! 😥 😥 😳 😥 😯 😥

    • Hail Raven Claw,

      Thanks for contributing to SOS. For the record, I do not have access to the Lupine Life site as a general rule, although they have invited me to be a part of their project and even moderate on occasion, the Lupine Life site operates entirely independently of mine. i know the creators & contributers of that site only as werewolves. I hope you are able to get one of those wily WWs to weigh in!

      Thanks for keeping on keeping on,


  • Raven Claw

    sorry for freaking out up there. I was just lost and confused. Well turns out I’m the princess of the Dragon kingdom along with being the chosen one as well. Not only that but I’m a dragon wolf hybrid and my backs been hurting all day and right below my shoulder blades there’s a big lump. Am I growing my wings or something?? Also no matter what I post it also seems like everybody ignores me on this website 😳 not complaining just feeling let down. So I might only post here if its a emergency from now on though…..I know for sure that Knox isn’t my BEST friend so hope your happy knox also, Knox may be working for the darkness, .who is trying to kill me. More info on that bellow. Anyway, I’m busy staying alive. I almost died cause the darkness tried to kill me in my sleep like 5 times but I have like these powers that come or something I don’t know, but he never kills me but really hurts me badly. Tonight im in this mood like its the full moon but its not, its like anther me is telling me to do stuff. I’ll be posting on Lupine life from now on so look for me there folks! Also Seth a war of the Gods may be coming, Zues is not happy and torturous may be opening.monsters are vaporizing more quickly and more portals to the underworld are opening up, one is in my school…. More on that later. But I will keep ya’ll posted about the end of the world k? My Dragon guardian was kidnapped and I’m trying to kill a few people and save a few lives as well. The Dragon prince is still missing and may be dying….. And to think he was my future. Well somethings up…… everything went blank for a minet and then he was back trying to kill me so bye I gotta take car of this.

    • Hail Raven Claw,

      Thanks for your SOS alert. Which gods do you suspect of rising exactly? Is it exclusively the Greek pantheon? Or the nasty Norse? I hope not.

      (Please tell me we it’s those Hindu gods. Lakshmi! That would be awesome!)


      P.S. Sometimes the site is really busy, sometimes slow depending on how hard a time others are having to survive but one sure way to get a reply is to give one.

  • Raven Claw

    its the gods from Percy Jackson. All those, no most of the people are real. But why do you sound hyper?

  • Raven Claw

    and I don’t SUSPECT, I know so. None of you people have been feeling the earth? Gea the god of earth is not the happiest camper and what all the people on this site have been feeling, you know like somethings gonna happen? That’s all the tension. Since we are…..special beings…….. we can sense and or feel the earth and elements around us. Well I think I’m growing wings or something cause my backs got a lump right under my shoulder blades and it won’t stop hurting. Omg so much stuff to do….. I have to find a weapon made by the Dragons to stop the war, and save my guardian and the prince, command the army, look for spies, kill this guys who keeps trying to kill me and my guardian and the prince, and take care of this whole marriage thing with the prince if he’s still alive, and find out about my own forms, like since I’m a hybrid dragon wolf will I have 2 forms? A dragon and wolf form or will I be a winged wolf……. Just so much stuff to do ugh. And why do you always sound so happy I don’t understand.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Well…. I been warning about that already but who listens to the goddess right! I mean she just the one who has to fight it and she just the one to prepare it right? I mean how hard could it be to do an thousand things at once I am talking to an wall ain’t I…….nobody listens…..

  • Nightshade

    wow…this place is dead…and not just because of the dead things wandering this site…lol
    iv a couple questions/comments…
    1) did u find the werewolf band u were looking for?
    2) i would totally create the ww paw water commercial…
    3) i would like to talk to u in person sometime…
    1) a friend and i are writing a book…we want to know if we could make references to this site?
    2) can anyone help me help a friend with the following dream?

    she wakes up in someone else’s body on a solar eclipse and there are 3 cloaked girls murmuring, one has blonde hair, one is a brunet and one has purple hair,there is a black haired guy there as well…she’s chained down and the eclipse is showing through a hole in the roof… her eyes lock with it and she describes feeling a loss of control followed by such power she feels she could break the chains that bind her, and physical as well as mental pain…she said that the mental pain came from the fear of losing control…she said that she also felt a hunger for flesh as well as elation from the thrill of the hunt…she also noticed that the walls were covered with strange symbols; she memorized one and i identified it as the “All-Seeing God”…I’m not sure what it meens but, i hope u guys can help me help her…

  • Raven Claw

    attention everybody my friend is dying because people are not believing in dragons!!!! The situation is very much like the children movie ‘rise of the guardians’ where if enough people stop believing they turn to dusty or what ever but this is REAL LIFE and the dragons won’t turn to dust, we die slowly and painfully. Please don’t let my friend suffer!!! I’m affected to…..I’m growing weak but since I’m a werewolf AND dragon it doesn’t affect me as much. But she is a full blown dragon and is almost died twice now! She and Targon are next in line to rule the dragon kingdom and Targons’ brother,who is thinking about marrying me and if he does then me and him will be in line to rule the kingdom, his name is Tuganz. The and the whole dragon kingdom are growing weak!! So , please,please, PLEASE help us!!

  • Raven Claw

    please tell everybody you know about the dragons!! I’ve already spent an hour telling people but now its up to you people! Please tell everybody you know on this site, everybody you know, everywhere!!! This is a SOS!!! So please tell everybody! I’ve told everybody I know already! Also BOTDF rules! Go Blood On The Dance Floor! You guys rule!

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Uh…. Raven stop freaking out its kinda with the gods, fairies, and dragons…..gosh we really do need mortals….believe we live…. Don’t believe we dead…..ok raven why didn’t I see this later I’m sorry….. I hate myself right now……

  • Scarlett Lupa

    What no your wrong this is… Different you won’t understand child this is just another sign to us gods bad bad this is very bad raven we got things to discuss…..uh oh that’s not good at all….. Well an warning to all do not go into the woods nor the fog nor any isolated places of any kind….death awaits there….death will be there… An warning to all….

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Seth you don’t help things jeez the culture gods and stuff are all the same we just like being Greek an lot more peaceful….I guess….

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Nightshade….this why I wonder why I wanted to know when the next eclipse was how weird it is true are fates are all connected together…..as an goddess of dreams this might be against law but you need to know of it….miss idle shall help just wait an moment….. This is miss idle an dream to translated how endearing…..she should wake as the creature of the night ….soul tooking from her the dark Druids have sang forbidden spells… On an dark time evil arises from the dark haired boy…should he take her as his bride…The goddess of dreams shall certainly kill the ones of death and bring back what once was hers….return the soul to one who is not eternally doom because action took place….she will help more than the goddess though she could help the girl….

  • Raven Claw

    the dragon flu?? Great now I feel like an idiot. Well its a girl and a guy but okay I’ll tell them that….gosh I feel so stupid now. If you could answer some questions of mine I would be really happy. First off, I’m a dragon wolf hybrid , do you know what I’ll look like when I shift? Will I have multiple forms? And is it bad that I hear voices telLing me to kill my little sister and for me to crave blood? My friend said I was the ‘chosen one’ of the dragon kingdom and I remember dragons visiting me when I was little like 3 and 5 but then they stopped coming and then when I turned 11 wolves where visiting my dreams. I could believe the fact I’m a hybrid cause sometimes I feel like I can fly and am growing wings and sometimes I feel I’m a wolf trapped in a human body that wants to escape. Can you help me figure out whats wrong here? I still feel like an idiot for what I said….I’m to over-dramatic ……

    • Hatter

      Sounds like your a guardian but that is not possible i am the last one and have no desendants so yeah. Oh have you shown any abillity with magic if no then false alarm if yes well you are immortal reincarnatively bye your hopeful friend hatter

  • Nightshade

    um…scarlett lupa…what is that supposed to mean…can u repeat that more clearly… ❓

  • Scarlett Lupa

    It is your job to decipher the prophecy….. No one else can do it for you and i’m not liable to decipher it for you….. I would be breaking my own promise if I did it for you because it means something of the future…… And I don’t tell future…… Because humans are arrogant when it comes to future…..

  • Nightshade

    very well…i may not be very much “human” …but i respect that…at least now we both (me and this friend) know that it means something…

    iv also discovered that my group of friends is fated to be together… we are all linked through either being and/or encountering supernatural beings…from dragons to demons, from werewolves to witches…we’re all linked…with the instinct to protect them strong within me, i feel like we are destined for something together…i feel a sense of fear now…knowing i’m part of something that…well i don’t know what…but it feels big…my white wolf issues, this new dream, an uninvited demon living in my witch friends house and doing harm to her (we know its name, but i must not say it), and as Halloween gets closer things get worse…i guess ill try to stay in touch…but right now ive got alot on my plate…i just hope i’ll survive Halloween… 🙁

    • Hail Nightshade,

      Thanks for keeping on and for this report. The good news here is that you seem to have a team of friends around you who can help out. Is anyone an angel? That would be good. As you know most demons have an angel specifically assigned to fighting them. It would be good if that angel could turn up. There are a number of other demon-fighters and survivors around here on the site who can offer their experience but they are going to need to know more about your demon, if not its name then at least some info about them.

      That said, there is a number of other things you can do. Salt lamps – yes they do work. I’m not saying they’ll stop what’s going to happen but they will help weaken it. Holy water? Sometimes works. Your local church should know a source. Reverse portals? Are great when they work and if you have 5 friends you can do one of those.

      Keep on keeping on until Halloween.


    • Scarlett Lupa

      DI IMMORTALIES that’s horrifying what sick person/supernatural person would wanna hurt we witches as an princess and future queen of witches and vamps I feel her/his pain through mind…..is that why I practically passed out when I went for an stroll yesterday….I mean I felt awful….like somebody was making my inside to jello…

  • Nightshade

    im not sure whether or not there is an angel in my group…but i am sure that we can handle this…although this is the demon that possesed cane,from the story of cane and able in the bible…

  • Scarlett Lupa

    See biblical opinions do matter even if ya don’t believe in that crap….SO HA HA AND GOOD DAY SIR!!!!

  • Nightshade

    Yes…they do…and i’m sorry if i came off as rude…i do appreciate the advice, Seth…its just this demon is powerful…my witch friends mom is also a high priestess and she hasn’t been able to do anything…and i personally blame myself for it being in her house…earlier this yr, before summer vacation, the friend that had been slapped in my witch friend’s dream and i had slept at my witch friends house…well, the slapped friend is a medium of sorts, i am a ww and more that i don’t know, my witch friend and her mom…that is a house of 4 supernaturals and a non-believer(my witch friends dad)…that spells trouble…and trouble began to occur after that sleep-over…my witch friends mom believed that it was using my friend to get to her, but then it stopped going for her mom and just went after my friend…little did that serpent-demon know by messing with her he was messing with me( as i have mentioned we have a special connection)…what worries me most is that he does know that hes messing with me…and as Halloween approaches, he gets bolder, appears more often,has a more-solid figure…i want to have another sleep-over with her on Halloween, if only i can convince her parents…if he hurts her on Halloween and i’m not there to protect her…ill never forgive myself…

  • Nightshade

    scarlett lupa…? did this feeling occur anywhere from 12:00pm to 4:00pm…central time…cause my friend says she didn’t feel anything like that…but after lunch, usually from 5th period to 7th period, i get a similar feeling to that which u describe…and i have gotten witch quite a few times on the monstrometer…

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I been feeling that way since forever….broken hearts lead to the path of nothing….my heart shall break an little each day soon there is nothing left……

  • Nightshade

    That doesn’t sound pleasant, nor does it sound like anything I would wish upon even my most despised enemy…also I have confirmed that EVERY friend has had a supernatural experience… even the ones who are supernatural themselves…

  • Nightshade

    I survived the full moon…. 😛

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Oh congratulations (second time I said that)and I was trying to prove an point to Mr.Hatter sorry if I gave you the wrong idea…..

  • Nightshade

    its ok scarlett…but i have better news to share… 😛

    ive discovered im part hunter wolf due to a couple things: 1) i couldnt sleep and didnt fall asleep untill after 4am central time. 2) all three of the animals downstairs with me were acting strange and kept on looking at me strangly. 3) when i finally tryed to sleep for the 5th time i felt like an unseen power was watching and protecting me… so yeah… i have been pretty happy latly… 😛 😀 😛

  • Akantha

    yay! Everyone’s happy, i’m happy! no totally terrible disasters recently as far as I can tell on here, sooo…woot!

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I’m not happy I’m quite mad, worry,sadden,and an whole bunch of other emotions…..and apparently you missing out on a lot of stuff….ALOT of stuff..

  • mystery girl12

    hey im new here but uh im not a vampire or werewolf im the type of girl who doesn’t belong im the one who can…see ghost a lot of people think im crazy but every time I see something that no one else can see…I feel I need to help them and when I do they say they see a light or something… dose that mean I belong some where else in this world…I get teased and mested with everytime i feel theres another universe i belong not here 😐

    • Hatter

      Hey mystery girl12. i’m hatter the 903 year old guardian. no you won’t find it in the of monsters. Your skill is rare but will surface every few centuries. But don’t think yourself cursed remember out of all the people in the world you were chosen to bear this gift

  • mystery girl12

    thanks Hatter that made me feel kinda better but its very scary how they just appear like that when there not ready for the light and its hard for me in school since I get teased I don’t know if I should ignore them while im in school or just make a fool out of myself while I get called names like the weird one and people asking me “can you find my dead dog” while they laugh at me 😕

    • Hatter

      When they appear in school take out a cellular phonetix device and pretend to be taking a call if you do that people play it off as phone call and not make a big deal but make sure the phone is yours and operational before taking it to school

    • Hatter

      Take out a cell phone when ghosts appear in school a fake a phone call

  • Hatter

    Sorry the above comment is from me you know the one that says to take out a cel phone in school

  • mystery girl12

    its ok I tried that but every time people come up to me and grab my phone to see who it is ad then they start laughing at me when they see its no one….oh well im just gonna deal with it besides theres nothing I can do about it 🙁

    • Hatter

      No hold up the phone to your ear and state ‘hello … Oh this is the wrong number for that … Ok you sound lost is there any way i can help you…’ Your problem gift what ever should become easier to deal with. If you follow this plan but try changing a few words every so often.

      • Hatter

        And state that they just hung up when someone tries to take it or play it off as a prank on them then secretly gesture to the ghost to follow you to a different spot and continue the conversation there.

    • new bloud

      I know this is not going to help with your “sight” but it will with bullys if they insult you beat the tar out of them the kind of bullys you are talking about will go and tell but soon everyone will gat the message to f**k off

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Oh you have an gift amazing an blessing from hades or melenoe since she’s the goddess of ghost….I used to help ghost but I got tired of the voices anyway I use an cool way of talking to them I would have them focus their energy to an small compact mirror I had and I could actually see their faces….plus it’s like nobody knew that I was talking to them I still hear em always have but there only so much ya can do….if ya want bring an flashlight and small mirror to an closet so you can do it in silence…..

  • Scarlett. Lupa

    Wat did I tell everybody else with the language I mean there are little kids on this site jeez…..

  • mystery girl12

    its ok ill just talk to them normally and take the comments when they see me do it…but thanks for the ideas it will really help with every thing besides its my school how many ghost actually DIE at a school?!?! 😉

  • Nightshade

    OMG! Hey mystery!!! Guys I believe you’ve met mystery girl12…she is a good friend of mine on a personal level…we go to the same school and have several classes together…I didn’t know you had this skill mystery…we are defiantly going to have a talk next time we see each other… 😉

  • Nightshade

    Also, as you can see, I survived Halloween…..surprisingly… 😐

  • Nightshade

    *definitely *

  • Midnight Moon

    Mystery Girl 12: Finally ! Someone else who has the same gift!!! My mother is sorta like a necromancer, she can summon or push away spirits with her mind while also being able to see them. She passed down her gift to me as well. Which is weird since I’m a male, anyways I also have the gift except its a lot stronger, while she was able to see shadows, I could see full fledged ghosts. What really scared me is that a demon once came to my house when I was 7 I don’t know how my mom excorcised that thing but she did…. But after that’ she didn’t want to take any chances and she made my grandmother dull my 6th sense for good… But I still get weird spikes of negative/positive energy a lot. So that means it isn’t completely dull… Is it?

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Oh I thought you were an err girl giving your fake name…..ha ha ha….uh yeah I’m got something….over there yeah it’s over there…..errr sorry….heh heh….

  • Nightshade

    I need help…esp. from experienced werewolves…

    I’ve been having weird feelings lately…li-like a calling of sorts…weird bursts of power followed by times of weakness and drowsiness…I-I don’t know what’s happening…it’s starting to worry me and I was hoping someone could assure me…but…i think it’s supernatural-related…I…can feel it…plz help…

    • Sounds like you’ve had a run in with a shadow-person. They Enhance power, then they drain it. Then you uhm… Your soul get’s devoured by one of them… Heh, I suggest some good old fashioned Tylenol. It’s surprisingly effective against most supernatural poisons.

  • Nightshade

    i dont think so…i can usually sense a supernatural presence…its wierd…i really dont know…maybe…but then maybe not… 😕 😐 🙁

  • fenrir9

    Sounds to me like berserker tendancies times of increased speed strength and power followed by times of sleepiness and sorrow

  • Scarlett Lupa


  • Scarlett Lupa


  • mystery girl12

    hello again sorry I haven’t been on for some reason this white dog or wolf about half a size of a person, but it keeps following me around and one of my death reaper keep giving me visions of some sort about my child hood but that dog…night shade told me aboiut it but Ive been getting more ghost reapers and vision…help?

  • Raven Claw

    I feel weird…..almost as if im….more important then my family….like I don’t belong with them….like I don’t belong with a normal laid back family with a house….I feel like….like I should be…..leading something….. I have this overwhelming feeling to run through the forest and breath in the cold air…..to spread my wings and fly through the air then sing my song of pure joy to say ”i’m alive…I’m here and I’m alive…I’ll set you free….deliver you from the pain and darkness around you….follow me…I’m right here…look my dear pack…I’m here….follow me into battle and watch me fly….” then I run with strong wolves to a field were darkness is waiting….I fight with my life and I over come the darkness and I’m the…..well the leader…..but I just feel like I should be doing something more important…like I’m meant for something great and the time for me to start it is coming soon….my stomach hurts and I’m craving meat……..I don’t have much time so talk to you people next weekend. If I shift and my mum doesn’t kill me I’ll let you know im still alive

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