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308 comments to Contact

  • It turns out there is a town family of wicthesand wizards/warlocks and thanks Seth hope you keep on keeping on

    • Hail Death,

      Good supernatural investigating and thanks for your reply. When u locate the source of their portal let us know how you close it. There’s different ways we will all want to know what works.


  • andre

    Hi Seth, were you able to get my email. I really could use your help and survivalist skills; if you can contact back through email that would be great.

    • Hail Andre,

      Thanks for your SOS message. I am indeed able to check my email: seth@sethonsurvival.com however as longtime SOS contributors know well sometimes it may take longer than you would like or need. This is why I rely on the Survivors here to help out. That said please let me know when u send the email and I will reply as soon as ASAP-P.P.P…

      Survive-ally Yours,

  • andre

    Alright, Seth I sent the email on March 21 , 2015 time 12:48 pm. Waiting for reply

  • andre

    I’ll resend it just in case it didn’t go through

    • Hail Andre,

      Thanks for keeping on out there and for giving me the heads up re: Although I remain somewhat confused as to the reason for its secrecy, I have indeed located the message and replied.


  • shadowdragon

    Seth i may send you an email soon . Just a bit of a warning

    • Hail Shadowdragon,

      Thanks for for the heads up… I’m always happy to hear from your shadowy kind.

      Let me know when u email so I can sift through and find.

      Survive-allie Yours,


  • catveena

    Hi Seth I was wondering why some of my commits are being modified. I know that young humans can read this and I’m not using swear words so I don’t know whats happening.

    • Hail Catveena,

      The mod filter is an evolving AI that has a mind of its own sometimes. It sometimes mixes up words and word fragments and adds things over time. It requires maintaining by a 99.98% human ie: me on a daily basis. I try to stay up on it with my mobile wherever I am but if I am monitoring demon action on set then it can take a while because I am obligated to have my phone off.

      Thanks for your patience and for keeping on keeping on with SOS.


  • Oh Seth! Since I’m a Bone Werewolf and I attract crows, My SPIRIT ANIMAL is a crow. And uh… I need help. People at my school think I’m the weird one. 😐 😥

    • Hail Selena,

      Thanks for this self report and welcome to SOS. I don’t want to alarm you but as a Bone Wolf is it not true that you will find your true people among the more recently dead types than those normally attending the average high school?

      Or that’s my understanding anyway but hey I’m only human so I could be wrong. You may find more advice from some of the werewolves here on SOS but please remember our security policy at all times: no real names, ages or locations.

      Keep on keeping on,


  • powerwolf345

    uh its so weird i feel dizzy right now for some reason and its night is it a full moon today


  • Mishael

    Seth could you please help me I don’t think I’m human. Because I have sharp teeth I like the taste of blood and raw meat and I’m very strong could you please help me.

    • Ravenwillow

      im not seth, but that sounds pretty ‘not human’ to me…why dont you try downloading the monstrometer? its pretty accurate, used under optimal conditions, and most survivors here rely on it on a dayly basis.


    • Glaciem Bellator

      Oh hi Misheal, you look very scary and threatening in this post. I’m so scared. -GB

      • Mishael

        Oh I enjoy playing mortal games I play tricks on them. And it was fun by the way I will gladly take your pack on so your mangy dogs are going to fight my brides of khaine female gladiators that bathe in blood let’s not forget my blackguard, executioners, manticore so and hydras. I don’t like werewolves I’ll be honest to vampires that’s why we treat them like animals. We conquer realms fought back the entire chaos horde and united all elves under one banner we are the druchii. Oh and by the way I’m allies with your wolf god Fenrir you’ll make a fine trophy.

        • Glaciem Bellator

          First of all, playing with the Mortals? Hmm, I like that. I’m more action than talk personally. But that’s just like you isn’t it? Hiding behind a screen chatting away. If you can really take on my pack, do it. Just sitting there like a coward, threatening me. You wish you could have me as a trophy, but you can’t. ‘Cause you’re just like a cub. All bark and no bite. I’m not unreasonable. I gladly respect creatures of all kind. But you don’t. You state you “hate werewolves”, correct? But then go on to say you are allies with a werewolf god called Fenrir. I smell a liar. Don’t try to cheat a cheater Misheal. I’ve been there, done that. But I’ve changed, you haven’t. First you say you’re a Vampire then the leader of some Elves. Stick to one story man. You, my friend, aren’t high almighty. You don’t scare me. I’ve had dust scare me more than you. You’re just a coward behind a screen. If you’re really all that you are. Come. Fight. Me. -GB

          • Mishael

            Fine I’ll explain to you the whole story, I’m not a vampire but I was created by one. Using black magic a vampire countess accidentally created a being to powerful to control. I corrupted the high elves turning them into what they are today cruel and cold killers the dark elves as you call us. I was at war once with your wolf god but we finally came to terms as long as we never threaten the world again he will have peace with us. We don’t respect any creatures but our selves we hate the world and it hates us. It’s not like I hate werewolves like any slave they do their part well. I’m not afraid to fight you wolf and I will gladly except your challenge.

  • Mishael

    I download the monstrometer app it said I’m a vampire.

  • Mishael

    Can someone please help me I’m losing control of myself I always have the urge to bite people on the neck . Just yesterday i nearly hurt someone can some one help me

    • Zyboragon

      Is it simply the urge to bite, or is it the desire to feed?
      There are subtitutes for both, but first I recommend associating humans with everything you find disgusting, that way you can trick your nature into finding humans repulsive.

  • Mishael

    Thanks I’ll try that.

  • Mishael

    I just remembered we used to have a maid at our house one time she said she had a dream about me. She said in the the dream she saw me in the kitchen microwaving something at midnight and I turned around and smiled at her and when I did that blood poured out of my mouth. And suddenly I turned into a bat and flew away. But I don’t think that was a dream.

    • Hail Mishael,

      Thanks for keeping on. The good news here is that you were microwaving something. Vampires are not generally known for their love of microwave cooking. In addition to this consider the fact that many beings from werewolves to witches reportedly have the ability to shift forms. Although admittedly few of them choose to adopt bat form.

      Does your maid remember what you were preparing in that microwave? This could be a clue. Any pizza-based product and I am going to suggest you are off the hook.


  • Mishael

    Seth I found out I inherited my vampirism from my mother I’m one of those demonic vampires. The thing in the microwave turned out to be a human head. I do have the ability to turn into a bat though.

  • Mishael

    Seth I just found out my mother is also a vampire and I inherited my vampirism from her. We’re not like usual vampires were more demonic and we have the ability to turn into bats we don’t just suck blood we also eat flesh. The thing in the microwave was a human head.

  • Deathboy

    Seth, I need your help ! In the dark I am never alone. It is freaking me out. In case you don’t know, I am a vampire-Sasquatch and my mom is a draconian. The thing in the dark usually comes before and after I have a nightmare. It seems to go away sometimes when other people come. It also goes away quicker when a girl is nears.

    • Hail Deathboy,

      Thanks for keeping on and for your self report. Amorphous entities that appear under the circumstances you describe could be one of several different things however one thing is clear to me and its that this particular entity likely means you no harm and in fact this one appears helpy. Do you notice any sound or odour?


  • Deathboy

    Please help me so that I can keep on keeping on . You are a real life less likely to kill me version of dean

  • Deathboy

    I can strangely smell Chinese food everywhere . Not sure if this is a clue or if I just really like Chinese foods

  • ravin

    i feel dizzy and tonight is a full moon 😕 😥

  • ravin

    and my nails are sharp

  • ravin

    and my teeth am i a werewolf i was in the woods when a wolf or werewolf bit me today
    😥 😯

  • ravin

    seth i got bit today in the woods dy a wolf or werewolf i feel dizzy my teeth and nails are sharp what shuld i do 😯 😕 😥

  • ravin

    i am starting to transform





    • Hatter MT

      Woah calm yourself you sound like a five year old was given 38 pixie sticks and told to say hi to their aunt Shannon though I enjoy the enthusiasm lots of people do not like that kind of random including one time with the great architect I am glad about your rescently acquired vampirism but gods and demons seem to command the comment section though I remember a time when it was just zyboragon time kitsune and Mr. Daedalus Mutt with optional son Icarus/ice man that was a good few years

  • Angel Roar

    Hey Seth, I will soon send you an email, because I found what I was after all this search!


    hi i am a vampire and i can smell blood i need it my fangs start to grow and my lip is bleeding

    • Hail Vampire Girl,
      Thanks for your SOS message and may I say either congrats and/or apologies on your vampiricisation…

      Do you recall the circumstances of your transformation? The best chance for you is to know as much as you can about these circumstances and the one who bit you…


  • Red

    I need some help!

    I scanned a friend of mine and discovered they are a werewolf, but they don’t know it because they were bitten a while ago and still haven’t gone through the transformation. How am I meant to explain to them what happened, and what do I do if they don’t listen to me?

    • Angel Roar

      Do they have any signs? Exemple: hairy skin, getting mad easily, growling…

      • Red

        Yes, recently they have been acting strange. Getting aggravated at little things. And while my human friends have passed if off as a faze, being supernatural I know better.
        What should I do??

        • Angel Roar

          First off, tell them about werewolves: the transfornations, the info… Without telling them that they are transforming. Just make them wonder. And if it doesn’t work, that they don’t believe you, tell them that it’s very important and if they shapeshift without knowing they could hurt somebody. Werewolves transform because of the full moon. They don’t transform as they will. So tell them the signs, etc… But in any case, the transformation continues and goes deeper into the signs. So one day they will start wondering (well let’s hope) before it’s too late and the full moon arrive.

  • Angel Roar

    Hey Seth.

    I sent you an email and it’s about self discovery. I turned out (when I transformed for the second time) that I wasn’t a serval and that I was wrong. I turned out I was a cougar!


    i know who bit me my friend caroline


    i can turn into a bat

    • Mishael

      Oh a vampire my mother was a vampire to bad she went on a blood thirsty rampage and got herself locked in bran castle in Transylvania of course. I really do miss her I am a demon of course but oh well somethings are better left sealed.

  • Ravin

    Hi I’m back I am not a werewolf

  • Vampire girl


  • clawedeen wolf

    hi seth did u get my email 🙂

    • clawedeen wolf

      I wasnt on here on janurary 26th so who hacked into my acount 😯 👿 🙁

      • Zyboragon

        As a time traveler I often find several messages from myself that I never left around here, perhaps it’s you from the future who went back to the past to deliver an email? Or maybe you’ve forgotten being here?
        One must question what the contents of said email must’ve been, only then can we know for certain.

  • DracoWolf

    Hey Seth is it possible to be half draconian half werewolf. My mom is a vampire/angel an I think my dad is human but I have never shifted.

  • Some random hylian

    hey where are the dimension travelers? Not to be confused with time travel though.

  • clawedeen wolf

    Hey seth i am back online now.

  • clawedeen wolf

    Can someone please tell me how to become a werewolf

  • clawedeen wolf

    Can u curse for it please 🙂 😥 🙂 😀 😉 😕

  • ak alpha wolf

    If there is anybody waching this post board please read this i am a lone wolf at the moment my pack is up north for a hunting trip and i am in danger i have a wraith in my home i need to know how to kill it

  • ak alpha wolf

    Please answer fast

    • Lady of Light

      Hey @ ak alpha wolf

      Are you Ok? If the Wraith is still around I would suggest a few things.

      1 – Crystals – preferably clear quartz as it absorbs holy and positive energies and wraiths are weak to this – it may not kill it straight off but it would either weaken it enough to kill it or frighten it away
      2 – salt – specifically rock salt or some other form of pure salt – like with ghosts, wraiths, which are either a malevolent spirit or the accumulation of negative energies – salt seems to harm them – coupled with the crystal, the salt should work

  • Lady of Light

    Hi Seth, I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post this but I wanted to try here first before sending you an email – there’s always the posibility that someone else on the site may be able to shed some light on the situation.

    I’m in my 20s, I’m pretty sure my dad is actually my dad… though we dont look much alike, my mom isn’t fully aware of this but I know for a fact that her family is full of witches (my great grandfather was a spirit caller – he was a ‘psychic’ who could only talk to those who had passed on to the spirit realm)

    I once had a strange conversation with my dad where he told me he used to be a follower of Loki when he was younger, I know my dad and mom had trouble having me so I was wondering if it was possible my dad had acted as a host for Loki? So while genetically I am my parents children, I also have the godly essence of Loki within me?

    The reason I ask is that not only do I have my mom’s family talent – Psi abilities – de ja vu, spirit calling along with general Wicca (Earth) witch abilities such as crystal and candle spells but I also seem to have an unusualy talent for prank-based spells, ice and fire spells

    • Fenrir Iceborn

      It’s possible but unlikely as far as I’m aware Loki has been dormant for some time. It’s possible he’s descended from Loki or a being associated with him like Hel, Jourmungandr, or myself. Though again doubtful since we were trapped in the otherworld for several thousand years and I’m the first to return.

      Still the rest of your story is interesting. Your abilities are compelling although like many humans your understanding of the power seems flawed. The Power flows from one source we draw on this to fuel our magic.

      Wicca is a religion invented in the 60’s in imitation of Druidism. It’s basically the bastard child of “druid lore” and pop culture witches. Not a name for a type of magic.

      I add the “” because all the druids died without ever writing down any of their lore.

  • drenfro2

    is there such thing as a weredragon?

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