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Welcome to Seth On Survival – The online home of Supernatural Survival

Hosted by renowned supernatural survivologist Seth Greening Seth On Survival is the blog, web series, and mobile app with the supernatural resources that you need to survive in these troubled times.

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  • User AvatarBrad { Help me find my powers I’ve forgotten everything I’m a hybrid... } – Jun 23, 3:35 PM
  • User AvatarFellow light { Can you contact me I’m also Nephilim } – Jun 23, 3:06 PM
  • User AvatarFellow light { Can you contact me I’m also Nephilim } – Jun 23, 3:04 PM
  • User Avatarthe v { do leprechauns only come out in march ? } – Jun 22, 3:08 PM
  • User AvatarJackson { They do not speak they do not offer gifts they do... } – Jun 19, 3:05 AM
  • User AvatarJackson { They do not speak they do not offer gifts they do... } – Jun 19, 3:00 AM
  • User AvatarJackson { Hey dude just wanted to let you know wendihos are not... } – Jun 19, 2:57 AM
  • User AvatarAlpha Wolfe { *Burps, and rubs his big belly* Oh sorry about that guys,... } – Jun 18, 5:04 PM
  • User Avataranonymous { read a bible and give order to the demon to leave...or... } – Jun 08, 8:13 PM
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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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308 comments to Contact

  • Phoenix

    Oh, I wish you could come to my school.

  • Kole

    seth I was wondering, what kind of fire-arms would be best for shooting a zombie?

  • Raven

    Im gonna email you swth

  • Lycanthropic Paragon



    Annette baby, use our link to find my location. Teleport to me. We need to talk about Dadda.

  • Agharna Phellan

    Sorry, LP, I would, but the other page won’t let me on it.

  • Jessy

    Arc how is she de@d did Lady V get her? That leaves my only other aunt but sees an out cast.

  • Armoured Elementalist

    Seth, I am not sure when this will reach you, but I have posted an inquiry about it on the ‘Others’ page.
    Have you ever contemplated making a page for Elementalists, whether they be Elementalists of a few elements or the last true Elementalist, myself?
    Just food for thought, so take your time.

  • Seth, I am new to this site and I am wondering about werewolves. I suspect myself of being one, and already know what kind I would be, thanks to the lupine life app, but I still am hoping to know more tell-tale sights of being one. Thanks a bunch! And yes, I shall keep on keepin on

  • Wolf man

    I’m I a werwolf?
    After the spell my;)gottin bigger I love meet and I’m getting stronger and all my senses hav gottin better

    So did it wirk

  • Ej

    Warning I’m a sorcerer here were I live it was really cloudy and my cat was in pain and thanks to magic I fixed that

    • Hail EJ,

      Thanks for the SOS warning. Are the clouds related to those healing spells you practice on your cat? Do you practice any other spells on your cat? If so, could we get a warning about that too?

      Also, what kind of a sorcerer are you? Are there others?

      Thanks for keeping on,


  • Tazz

    Hey Seth I REALY want to be a werewolf I seen all of the Louis Pine videos and ya I want to know the best way to become a werewolf if you can help me I will be in great debt plz TXT me (XXX-XXX-XXXX) and just say its Seth and your idea plllllllllz help me 😆

    {Edited by Seth: Please don’t post personal information like your phone number or email or full real name or address or age for your safety. Your survival is important.}

    • Hail Tazz,

      Well if you have seen the Louis Pine videos then one thing that you may have gleaned is that you may in fact already BE a werewolf. Most genetic werewolves have no idea that they are werewolves until conditions are just right and their latent lycanthropy awakens.

      Things that set it off include things like getting really angry, the right full moon. magic, bites from vampires or other werewolves or other supernatural beings, and danger.

      If you want my real advice you should avoid all those things (well except the moon because there is really no avoiding that) but the reality of it is that all those things seem to seek werewolves out.

      So let me ask you, have you experienced any of the following symptoms? Trouble sleeping, waking up tired, memory loss, unexplained sand, dirt, grass or the like in your bed when you wake up, strange dreams?

      Are your parents human? Are you human? Are your grandparents? Scan them and yourself with the Monstrometer to find out.https://itunes.apple.com/app/monstrometer/id335896676


  • Zach

    Seth I need your help I am a XXX year old werewolf I am a genetic werewolf the problem is I can’t control my transformation and I can’t control my self after the transformation I don’t want to hurt any of my friends or family please help

    {Edited by Seth: Please don’t post personal information like your full name, age, address, email or phone number. Your survival is important.}

  • Zachary9

    Life as a werewolf is so lonely I wonder why that is?

  • kujo

    iv been a werewolf for three years now trust me buddy it doesn’t get any easier especially if your a hunter werewolf like me.

  • Howlingwolfkid

    Seth I am a werewolf and I am wondering why do I only transform on certain full moons

  • Howlingwolfkid

    Ok thank you are you a ww

  • Kzazrier Vetanari

    No one see’s it, (17)
    No one hears it, (18)
    No one feels it, (19)
    No one can ever know it. (20)

    If you find this, you’re pretty lucky…

    Finding weakness, (13)

    Survive the Cycle,
    Kzazrier Vetanari/Sentinel

  • Mr. Mutt

    Site wide search is over.

  • Knox the Hovering Moon

    Seth I am a Werewolf in a small pack with two other people . I have not shifted but ive been changing and im going crazy with changes happening to me . Do you have any ideas on what i should prepare for ?

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Children I don’t think you truly know the supernatural creatures of life very well at all I mean how many of you could actually tell right now what venti are? I pretty sure not many. And don’t even try to cheat I do know all and see all.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Seth I already know what you and almost everybody else here are gonna ask and you will be shocked of my answer.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Why am I here I am here because people need help and respect. I the dream goddess not the wolf.

    • Jerry9012

      Ah, you see it’s quit confusing. Lupa is normally associated with the mother of Romulus and Remus. I do not need you’re help. And as if I the last Dark Dragon, needs respect from such a lesser goddess.

      • Hail Jerry,

        Thanks for taking on the Scarlett Lupa on this full moon. I have a question for you though which I have been wondering about lately. Many of my dragon friends here on the site tend to slink away in dragon form and live out the rest of their days slumbering on treasure in a cave. But lately I’ve been wondering about the early years of the dragon. What percentage of your time do you spend in human form? And how do you switch back and forth? Does it involve the egg again or a treasure or…? Are you born in amphibian or human form from the egg?


        • Jerry9012

          Let’s see here… I spend about 50-60 of my time in Human form… Especially when I have to address humans. And it is hard to type with Claws, so I tend to spend a lot of my time in human form… It’s a lot like a werewolf shift, but we don’t just bend bones and crack our back, some of us try to add a little flair. For instance, when I transform I bend shadows around me in almost tornado to transform back in forth. We don’t use any items to change… Well, unless you have a little problem changing… In which case you take a gem like, an Onyx, or a Ruby what have you and use that to transform. When we hatch it’s in a Human/Amphibian hybrid state. I hope this helped.


  • Scarlett Lupa

    YOU FOOL you do not see my purpose here and you shall never with your blind eyes. If it is your wish to perish without knowing how powerful I am then you would not know the rest of the story.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Plus the mother of all wolves is was an great teacher for me it is only nature to give her honor.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Child you are not powerful you may have power but you not powerful you could not beat an god let alone yourself. If your gonna challenge an god then you better do it for the right reasons not your ego. I am more than just an goddess I am the future queen of my kingdom of witches and vamps, creator and legendary magic knight first and only for cefiro, dreams can be more then you think they seem for all you know your in a state of dreamt right and I will only know about it so it will be fault against you if you don’t understand my wisdom. You have already given me good reason to let you perish without the knowledge that Gaea is awaking and worlds are coming together when they should never be that way. The world may just be at its ends for you. And the prophecy of the 7 Demi-gods is coming true.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Should you not forget who has created and made you who you are today?

  • Scarlett Lupa

    It is no wonder why we keep you from ever knowing about what’s going on men and women alike are stubborn and stupid. They have no sense in the worlds business maybe that’s why we produce a great big flood not once but twice all because of you HUMANS.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    You are not from this world plane are you child?

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I just ask of an simple question.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    In which in you can answer.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    That is fine I am not of the world either but a part of its function that’s all.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I own my duty to this world to make it work just like cefiro.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    How about you? What is your purpose here on the earth plane?

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I am curious child what is your genuine purpose here?

    • Jerry9012

      Safety. In my plane, SAA51 (Supernaturals against Area 51) attacked the base in New Mexico… After about 20 years the entire world seemed to have shook… The cycle had awoken… My great grandfather one of the wisest draconian elders of that time sent 12 eggs to the Contali… They chose 5 a stormy grey egg, a red egg, a blue egg, a green egg, and a black egg to be hatched. They were hatched and taught in the 5 years it takes for the cycle to fully charge, they sent us to 5 dimensions I ended up here. My mission is to warn you of the traitorous General Velanko. But as I said, I am not leaving.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    If your from the place I am thinking then surely you know of my mashin raylight.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Well I can not make you leave as well anybody else I heard of the place your talking about but I thought….. No it couldn’t be…. I will have to send a message…..

  • Jerry9012

    I have a question from Seth if you don’t mind miss Lupa.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    No you idiot I meant something else and no I don’t care why would you ask child. And don’t YOU ever call me miss Lupa ever again child or I swear on the river of Styx that your soul will be mine.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    No you fool I meant something different, I really don’t care if you have a question or not to Seth but, DON’T you ever call me MISS Lupa again or I swear to the river of Styx that your soul will be MINE.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    And child that’s your fault for forgetting I do not repeat others words. Nor will I ever tell future because of SOME dumb-founded HUMANS and SUPERNATURAL beings TRY to CHANGE the future.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Jeez… Are you sure….. No never mind my me I just… I don’t think I can…… I can not remember at all I…….I seem blank at moment….. It is like the queens of the gods herself took most of my past memories in which I have always known and remember but it’s…… It’s like it has been wipeout of my brain completely but…… It’s still there I am not seeing it directly like….. Hmm….. I know about this just need something….. To give me it back like a chant or an object you know something like that. I have a funny feeling they are keeping secrets and once I find out it is not gonna be pretty.

    • Jerry9012

      I apologize I had thought Miss was a term of respect. Now tell me, what is the Mashin Raylight? What is Hera doing to you? Why did you go all berserk mode suddenly? Do you think I’m some lesser Draconian? What is this rash on my arm when I change to human form? Do you know Thanatos or Hecate? Answer soon.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    You ask a lot questions child,but I like you to call me Scarlett or my original name please. Thanatos is the minor god of (peaceful)death and Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft(magic) my sort area of all things I would of thought an dragon of all things in this world would know that since dragons are protectors of the earth and where your from. I did not go berserk I just… It’s complicated child it’s a for me to know and you to never find out kinda thing. Plus there can’t be an lesser if… Hmm.. The same thing before for me to know and you to never find out. And Hera has an …. Way with things in HER mind that SHE thinks is right when sometimes it’s not I personally really ever knew why Zeus ever marry HER. My mashin name’s is raylight I thought you knew guess you didn’t. But he is the legendary dragon also my soul armored If I died(vaporize)in war or something he awakes and retrieves my soul to the earth plane. He is the only mashin with that much power to do that. He not only awakes when I died(vaporize)he awakes when I shown my strength of heart and I need him in my most critical state. Even when he slumbers he talk to me these soft words of wisdom and strength, I feel his powers all around me like an shield he is my guardian and I am his keeper. Raylight name means “glowing light” which weird because my element in cefiro is light the rarest element you could ever have. So that’s how Guru Clef already knew I was an legendary magic knight before I knew myself.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I told you some people needed help now did’t I,you children have many questions but I have conditions to the the questions of course. Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft(magic)also known as a goddess of dark. Thanatos is the minor god of (peaceful) death. I like to be call scarlett or my original please. I not marry but still, I use to be but I… Do not wish to talk of it. Hera might of stole my memories of my knowledge of one of you she playing a very tricky game right now and she gonna lose I will make sure of that. You can not be an lesser…. I should not tell it since its like me to know and you to eventually find out. My mashin name is ray light meaning glowing light like my element pure light in cefiro. That’s how Guru Clef knew right away who I was I am the legendary magic knight. My mashin is the legendary dragon he awakes when I died in war or something he goes to the other dimension where gods go to in the afterlife and retrieves my soul and body , but I can not died if I believe he is my guardian and I know I am his keeper. He is my soul armored I feel his power all around me like an shield. He whispers the knowledge of the worlds to me even if he is asleep, he also awakes when I show my strength of heart to him when I am in critical state. We together are stronger than anything else and we play an important role in the prophecy. He can be the only non-god who is to come to the other dimension I do believe you can never do that without dying before you get half way in. The rash I have to know that means something is telling you important it could be your creator. There are many ways to communicate to someone.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Whoops I send that twice I didn’t see the first comment first guess you will see two different versions of my answers.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Hmm…. It seems dangerous this week I….. I guess I know that this war is like an make it or die trying. I still feel like there is something wrong why…why is that? I think it is time to talk to the one who knows all.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    Quiet winds be but they always howl… You can not have life without death nor death without life, you can not have light without dark nor dark without light, you can not have evil over good nor good over evil, but you must never have them gone intiredly for then she stirs and awakens and the universe as you thought you have known disappears completely and the shadows of humanity is just the faintest light that you never caught an glimpse of. Next morn I will head off to greet the new king of the panserbjourne, Iorek Byrnison, he will help complete the preparations for war and the prophecy. I will also meet Serafina Pekkala as well.

  • Scarlett Lupa

    I know nothing but I aways have known everything, I have no clue when I have post this comment above so it is to wonder I might a of been summon by the oracle to speak someone’s prophecy without knowing so I was right about this sight of the Demi-gods being of here.

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