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Zombie Outbreak in Texas!!!

Hail Survivors!

I recently received a very grave -no pun intended- warning from Survivor Miles who I believe may be located in or near Texas. Survivor Miles recently survived a vicious zombie attack, armed with only his wits and hedge clippers. His parents unfortunately were not so lucky.

Read more here: Zombie Attack!!!


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I’ve said it myself a million times, on Halloween a good disguise is not just your ticket to a holy haul of candy, it’s your first line of self-defence when the veil between worlds is thinnest and finally, today I have backing from on high, the Vatican.

Should you disguise yourself as a saint for Halloween?

Should you disguise yourself as a saint for Halloween?

That’s right today the Vatican itself has come out publicly in support of my campaign to survivors to take their Halloween digs mores seriously and remember the real roots of Halloween.

“Many say Halloween is a simple carnival, but in fact there is nothing innocent or fun about it – it is the antechamber to something much more dangerous,” stated Vatican exorcist Father Aldo Buonaiuto, of the International Association of Exorcists, echoing my own perennial statements almost verbatim. It’s almost like he has been reading the site…

It’s no surprise. Ancient people like Father Aldo have always understood the real roots of Halloween and the reason for a good disguise – when the veils between worlds is thinnest, you need to go incognito into that night. And choosing your disguise is the most important decision you will make — right after the pressing question of plastic bag vs. pillow case. In the old, old days, true fact –>> parents used to disguise their kids as rotten vegetables, putting cabbages on their heads and suchAnd anyone who reads this blog should know that I have been calling for a return to this practice since 2010.

Father Aldo, however, doesn’t hold with the rotting vegetable crowd. His solution is holy simple, as you might expect. The good father says to dress up as your favourite saint. Unless your favourite saint is Saint Polycarp of Smyrna, the patron saint of dysentery and earaches or Saint Fiacre the patron saint of people with er… well… certain diseases you would rather not get. Let’s just say these diseases start with the letters S-T-_.

No presumably Father Aldo is referring to one of the more powerful saints, think the mighty Saint Catherine depicted above, or St. Francis. Of course other religions have saints too. The Buddhist jackal man Śiyalipa comes to mind, or the chanty Hindu Sant Kabir.

But should you really take the Vatican’s advice and scrap that clown costume in favour of some saintly robes?

Well if those are your only two options then the answer is an emphatic YES! Please grab a bloody bed sheet and a crown of thorns before you go out on Halloween night. For survival’s sake, please…

St. Drogo is the patron saint of unattractive people.

St. Drogo is the patron saint of unattractive people.

But I just want to point out that while stigmata and holy relics may be of some use in defending against certain ghost, gargoyles and demons, they help you not if Halloween brings the zombies and vampires to your neighbourhood. In fact, the blood stains, fake as they may be, might actually attract them.

No, your best bet is still a stinking, rotten head of cabbage or other cruciferous vegetable.

Of course if you haven’t been carefully cultivating your fetid head gear by now then it’s probably too late for you. My second best advice in this case is still just this – the least you can do on this day is disguise yourself as something you’re not.

What I mean is, if you are a human, for heaven’s sake don’t go as a human. You’re not fooling anyone. If you’re a werewolf, consider changing it up and go as a zombie for once. That’s all I’m saying. Consider a saint if you want, by all means, just make sure you do your research and pick a mighty one, of whatever tradition. For dog’s sake, don’t count on Saint Drogo, the patron saint of unattractive people to help you under the evil eye of a vengeful witch.

Follow my advice this Halloween and your survival is guaranteed, 99.98%. Be sure and check back here on Halloween night when SOS will post the next  Monstrometer Report on this very important issue.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Night in a Zombie Fortification Cabin

Are you hoping to survival the seasonal onslaught of zombies, and zombie hunters this Halloween by escaping to a fortified remote cabin?ZFC-1

If so then you, like me, have probably been saving up for materials to build your own. But if you, unlike me, happen to have more than $86.55 in spare change owing in part to riot gear repairs and a recent refund on your survival guarantee,  you could look no further than the new (ish) ZFC-1, pictured here.

Now Tiger Log cabins is not the first company to advertise a zombie proof dwelling for sale with a 10 year guarantee. I wrote about another one here on the site waaaaay back in 2012… but they may be the first company selling one complete with solar panels, water cannon and flame thrower(s) in addition to the plasma TV, workout room and Xbox…

Against my better judgement, I recently tested out a ZFC-1.

Why against my better judgement? For starters, I went all-out PS way back in 2008. Plus, the guy on the phone says there is no room for a Katana collection. And I don’t generally work out. So what would I ever want with one of these?

Not to mention, any valid test of this product would obviously necessitate spending a night in a zombie infested region – not my favourite thing to do under the best of conditions and right now I’m really behind on the site. But at a survivor’s request, I recently agreed to spend one night in one, only to help you can assess whether or not to invest.

My first attempt night started out on a massive groan when a herd of zombies surrounded our delivery truck, making it immediately apparent to me that this is maybe not the best emergency measure for mid-zombie invasion preparation. How were we going to get this thing assembled and me into it, without casualties?

Worse, when I asked the truck driver this question from the back of the truck, he had only one suggestion which he proceeded to implement with extreme prejudice — he unhitched the trailer and drove away. With a quick call to tigerlogcabins, the service agent directed me to the fine print of my contract – installation not included! Now you tell me…

So with night falling and the sound of bony hands clawing at the aluminum siding of the trailer I dug out my swiss army knife and their handy 500-step instruction manual. Things were going pretty good until my flashlight app died and…

Article pre-empted by technical difficulties… please keep on keeping on..

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Gargoyles Escape Locked Basement Still At Large


Gargoyles at large in Worcester, Mass. USA

Gargoyles at large in Worcester, Mass. USA

Eight giant gargoyles reportedly escaped from a basement prison in Worcester, Massachusetts in the dark of the Tetrad Moon.

Survivors should be on the lookout for these gargantuan gargoyles, which are over 100 years old, stand 6 feet tall and weigh over 3000 pounds each.

Church official Debra Packard says the gargoyles were securely locked in a nearby basement facility for the safety of the town and were reported missing on the full moon.

Heeding an urgent radio call in the middle of the night last night, SOS’s Seth Greening temporarily suspended the site’s full moon party to launch an immediate investigation.

“Given the fact these gargoyles escaped at the height of the blood moon and the disturbing reports here on SOS pointing to the possibility of a new demon portal open here on Earth, I knew that survivors would understand a delay in the Hall of Famer announcement and immediately went to investigate.”

After inspecting the gargoyles basement prison, Seth confirmed the gargoyles were properly locked away at the time of their disappearance.

“Their heads were properly dismounted and secured in separate boxes, locked in a basement facility with no windows on the top of a hill,” he says. “This indicates clearly the gargoyles had outside help.”

But what kind of outside help?

The town locals suspect a group of human bankers with a plan to control the gargoyles’  power for their own ends.

“Not a bad theory. With the exception of pop stars, bankers are among the most likely humans to seek shady deals with the underworlds,” said Seth, adding that he is personally suspicious of a group calling itself The Protectors who have recently identified themselves to the site.

Until the plot can be unravelled and the gargoyles recaptured Seth alerts survivors everywhere to be on the lookout for gargoyles behaving suspiciously.

“Which is to say, behaving, like any way other than like a statue,” he elaborated.

Seth warns this is not as easy as it sounds, as gargoyles regain human form almost immediately once liberated from their stony stupors, and a  gargoyle in human form is not as easy to identify as one stuck on the outside of a church or government building.

“Some of them can shift in and out of statue form in an instant,” says Seth. “But look for the telltale rock-like cracks in their gray human skin, the stony look in their eyes and any humans who remain supernaturally heavy despite having an outwardly lean and hungry appearance.”

Seth says to immediately suspicious of stone gargoyles that are appear oddly placed. I’m talking about modern settings, like food courts or on public transit.

Survivors with any info that could lead to the re-capture of the gargoyles, or about their overall plan are urged to contact the site immediately.

And to keep on keeping on for the SOS Hall of Famer to be revealed without further ado, later today.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Would You Know a Gargoyle if You Met One?


With the whole world on the watch for 8 great gargoyles liberated from a basement lockdown facility in Worcester, Massachusetts on the Tetrad Moon and a nefarious plot still pending, your survival may depend on your ability to identify a gargoyle.

While not the most dangerous demonic entity you will face during your survival, gargoyles are almost always accompanied by and/or controlled by and/or protected by various other nasty underworldy types, so learning to spot one before one spots you is imperative.

Now a stone-stood gargoyle is easy enough to identity but the difficulty lies in the fact that gargoyles, once liberated from their stony pedestals on a church or government facade, regain a human-like form very quickly and over time the ability to shift back and forth on a dime, making it imperative that you familiarize yourself with both forms.

Four Signs of a Gargoyle in Human Form  

Is this gargoyle following me?

Identify gargoyles before they identify you.

1. Graying Skin:

–>> Look for grayish skin that appears cracked and aging close-up despite an outwardly youthful and vigorous appearance. Use the flashlight or zoom lens on your phone to check if you must, but be subtle. You don’t want them to catch you.

2. Supernaturally Still

–>> Like vampires, gargoyles can remain preternaturally still for long periods of time. That man who never changes position on the bus and never seems to fall over? Dead giveaway.

3. Weigh a Ton. 

–>> Even in human form, gargoyles appear lean and hungry yet they still weigh a ton. Or 1.5 tons in the case of the missing 8 Worcester gargoyles to be exact. Now you can’t very well ask a suspected gargoyle to step on a scale but you can shake his or her hand. Feel the weight of it?  It doesn’t look like a stone mitt so why does your shoulder hurts shaking it? Another telltale sign.

If you can’t get a handshake, carefully observe the surfaces beneath and around the suspected gargoyle for clues. Did the car sag unaccountably when he or she got into it? Did a sturdy chair break for no apparent reason? These are clues.

4. That Voice

–>> Listen for a gravelling wet voice with lots of phlegm. Gargoyles are supernaturally sensitive to the element of water. Not allergic exactly, and you can’t exactly describe it as their kyrptonite, but let’s say they hate it enough to want to spit it out. Which they often do, so watch out, they won’t hesitate, even in public. Which leads us to:

5. Strange Drinking Problem

–>>Because of the aforementioned sensitivity to water, Gargoyles will only drink out of earthen vessels. Ever see a human licking the side of a building? That’s a thirsty gargoyle who surrounded by paper and plastic cups. A stone water bottle hanging on a belt is also a dead giveaway.

Read more about the missing 8 gargoyles here. 

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Tetrad Moon Rises on New SOS Hall of Fame Inductee

As promised the Second Tetrad Moon rose blood red over North America in the early hours of the morning, bringing supernatural weirdness and spectacular photos to SOS in addition to the big announcement – a new SOS Hall of Fame entry.

Blood Moon brings SOS Hall of Famer

Blood Moon brings SOS Hall of Famer

Watch here as I attempt to summarize the supernatural situations unfolding here on the pages of SOS and reveal a few clues to the identity of the new Hall of Famer, again with some apologies for my relative absence from the site over the last few weeks. For those who don’t know, Graham and I have been preparing for a Halloween party here on the site with a spate of new Monstrometer Reports that are almost ready to go.

For a quick recap on the SOS Hall of Fame follow this link. It’s not a big hall – now only six members in fact – but in brief it’s a small SOS thank-you to a survivor who has been supernaturally helpful to fostering the survival of the site and keeps us coming back from moon to moon.

This post in progress…

Who Opened The Demon Portal?

–>> Three independent reports of a demon portal opening in the dark of the blood moon so its official. Until the entry site can be located and closed, survivors are advised to be on the lookout tonight for the the following:

1. Dudes – or dudettes –  by the name of “Damon,” “Damion” or any other name that generally sounds otherwise demonically derived. Like say MADAMA SHADE… if that doesn’t sound supernaturally suspicious I don’t know what does. Which reminds me… black fingernails that aren’t polished? A dead giveaway!

2. Especially if they challenge you to a game of chess. No matter how good you might be at the game, you  cannot afford the stakes.

3. Crows and ravens and insects behaving suspiciously and gargoyles behaving well… any way at all other than like a statue… RED ALERT GARGOYLES ESCAPE FROM LOCKED BASEMENT…  SOS INVESTIGATES….

–>> Please note: this is not the time for a BBQ or for cupid catching, no matter what KUROGANE says. You would that he would have learned by now…

New Class of Creature? 

–>> What’s this?  THE PROTECTED sounds like a class of demon to me. Otherwise who is really the protection here? Or what are they in fact protecting? The portal?

Follow the Reaper’s Trail

–>> Well well is THIS where it all began? When the clock struck twelve who dared to delve?


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Prepare for Revolt of the Micro-humans Human Farmer Harvests Organs

Just as farmers in the northern hemisphere work to harvest their fields of corn before the cold weather comes, a human farmer who announced his plan to harvest human organs from his new human farms appears to have instigated a micro-human revolt.

Human farms to harvest organs

Human farms to harvest organs

Human farmer Uwe Marx publicly announced his plans to begin harvesting human organs from his company’s human farms to a conference held in Prague.

The human tissue engineer said he hopes that his farms of micro-humans will save animals from laboratory testing.

“We will close down most of the animal testing laboratories world-wide,” farmer Uwe told the Sunday Times.

Human farmer Uwe Marx

Human Farmer Uwe Marx

While most monkeys and mice applaud the news of micro-humans taking their place under the needles and microscopes of scientists, diminutive people everywhere have expressed concern and are calling for the mobilization of a micro-human rights movement, and a fatwa on human farmers.

“This is size-ism! I’ll show him micro-human,” raged Samuel the leprechaun.

“You tell this guy Uwe that me and the dwarves and all the other so-called micro-humans are coming with an army of bunyips to kick his fat macro-a$$ and free his human livestock.”

For once I almost agreed with a leprechaun…

Survivors are advised to begin preparing for an influx of angry micro-humans.

How To Spot an Angry Microhuman

This safety segment in progress… please keep on keeping on…

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Big Asteroid Alert - Will 2014 RC Bring Blob Monsters?

Mystery in the skies tonight as Survivors the world over but especially in New Zealand, prepare for the passage of what is being described as a “whale-sized” or “house-sized” asteroid, due to pass Earth TODAY, ten times closer than than our moon.

Will It Bring Blob Monsters?

Will It Bring Blob Monsters?

Recently discovered Asteroid 2014 RC will pass just 25,000 miles below the Earth, passing right by the ring of satellites that surround us at a distance of 22,000 miles.

At its closest point, the asteroid will whale above New Zealand at 20:18 tomorrow, Sunday September 7, 2014.

While NASA insists there is no cause for concern from a house-sized asteroid coming this close, many Earthlings, including this one, are choosing to remain vigilant.

At approximately 60 feet in size, Asteroid 2014 RC may be nowhere near as big as the one said to have destroyed the dinosaurs (110 miles big) or the collection of rocks predicted to hit us in March, 2880, but it is more than spacious enough to provide space transport to any number of alien visitors, blob monsters and/or intergalactic cargo.

Don’t believe me? It’s a known fact that house-sized asteroids are an important part of an intergalactic space transit system used by beings from all over the solar system and beyond.

Don’t believe me? Consider Russia. Last February, a meteor exploded above Chelyabinsk. Shortly thereafter, Dragons Breath Spikes began to appear in the Russian ice. Coincidence?

Maybe, maybe not. Did the asteroid explosion wake the ice dragons? Or deliver blob monster eggs that hatched beneath the ice?

We still don’t know, but keep your eyes on New Zealand in the weeks ahead for supernaturally suspicious circumstances.

And be prepared wherever you live for the arrival of Asteroid 2014 RC.

How to Prepare for Asteroid 2014 RC

1. Keep your eyes on the skies…

Don’t bury your head in the ice. Track the approach of Asteroid 2014 RC in your part of the world at any number of websites online, from NASA to Slooh that will help you calculate the exact time the asteroid will arrive above your house.

2. …but stay inside.

 You may be tempted to venture out with your telescope or your camera to catch the best view of Asteroid 2014 RC but this would be ill advised. If it is in fact an alien craft – which trust me, it is! – then it will probably explode like the one over Chelyabinsk either due to pilot error or a ship in disrepair OR it will be making “deliveries” along the way.

What kind of deliveries? Without a look at the ships’ log we can’t be sure, but if there are no BLOB MONSTER eggs or ALIEN ZOO tourists this time, there’s sure to be at least a few crates of powdered Bantha milk dropping from the sky to a designated spot near you. And unless you know where that spot is, you can’t be sure you’re not standing on it.

3. Check for Suspicious Craters

Not just on Monday but in the weeks ahead. Any new potholes or craters in your yard or on routes you regularly travel could indicate a drop. Should you encounter such a crater, inspect it immediately for any glowing material or suspicious ooze – not to mention giant tentacular beings who look like they just need a hug but might rip your head off instead.

Get samples if you can, but above all don’t touch anything with your hands! If you don’t have any lead-lined gloves handy, consult somebody who does.

There’s sure to be more than a few qualified researchers here on SOS, so leave a message. Your survival is guaranteed, supernaturally.

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

When Spelling Becomes SPELLing Evil Twins Appear - The Monstrometer Report

When spelling errors become spelled errors, bad things start to happen around here at SOS. That’s right, a simple mistype that I can’t describe, repeated three times on a full moon in the wrong context and ~~ blammo ~~ you never know what ~ or who ~ could happen…

Don’t know what I am talking about? I can’t go into detail as it would be too dangerous. Watch the video below. Proof once again that spelling remains an extremely important supernatural survival kill even in the age of auto type. (No, especially in the age of auto type. After all who or what is the ghost in your device anyway?)

Do you have an evil twin? Are you sure? Don’t find out the hard way like I did. Always pay attention when typing your own name.


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Survivor of the Month Returns With Super Moon and New Video

With another super moon on the wane, its official SOS appears to have super survived the dread Dog Days once again.

Who will it be?

Who will it be?

If you’re reading this then you have likely super survived with us and if so then congratulations.

Now survival is its own reward, I always sometimes say, it’s all you really need to keep on keeping on – but I’m happy to report this full moon has also brought a new  Survivor of the Month and would you believe it? A new Monstromter Report.

Look for more news about that here tonight by midnight EST.

(-ish. I’m still uploading…)

Thanks to everyone who super survives supernaturally here at SOS.

Long may you keep on keeping on.


Who is the New Survivor of the Month? 3 Super Clues

The new SoTM is…

1. Human. But for how long?

2. An expert in kinds of transformation dust if not where to locate them.

In particular once served up a valuable warning about the dangers of Star Dust which I found especially helpful. 

3. Best friends with a draconian with sapphire blue scales.

Enough clues for some to guess already, I think. If not, stay tuned with me while I upload a Monstrometer Video on a completely unrelated but still very important issue…

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Is Your Chair Haunted? Be Haunted Chair Aware Says Melbourne Man

A man in Melbourne wants the world to be more aware of the danger posed by haunted chairs, in part by selling his own haunted chair on Ebay.

Do you have a haunted chair? How can you tell? If you aren’t sure – or even if you are – read on…

Does This Chair Look Haunted?

Does This Chair Look Haunted? Look again!

Andre Williams never suspected this simple chair could be haunted until after he brought the chair into his home.

Now chairs are the third most frequently haunted household item after mirrors and cupboards for a couple of reasons. Almost everybody has a favourite one plus they are a relatively light yet sturdy source of noise that can be used to communicate with the living.

But as a supernatural survivor, how can you tell if your favourite chair is haunted?

Three Simple Signs:

1. Where Did You Get That Chair?

If you don’t know, your chair – and you – could be at risk.

This was Andre’s first mistake, bringing a chair of unknown origin into his home. Anytime you retrieve a household item from the trash as Andre did, especially chairs and mirrors, you run the risk of picking up a poltergeist. There’s a reason that chair was discarded in the first place and even the most careful inspection of the object by a trained supernatural survivologist can overlook obvious signs of haunting.

You need to know the complete history of every item of furniture in your home. If the complete history cannot be determined, but the chair hasn’t been behaving strangely – yet – you should still initiate a thorough inspection of every surface of the chair for telltale clues including: scratches, blood stains and hidden objects. Even a wad of gum might be an important clue, if only to blackmail your little brother or sister but maybe more.


2. Does Your Chair Make Unexplained Noises? 

Much like cupboards, ghosts like chairs for the noises they make. If your chair creaks, scrapes or cries when nobody is sitting on it, especially at night, suspect a supernatural source.

“I heard some crying during the night,” Andre writes on his Ebay advertisement. “Then in the morning I noticed that the chair was on its side. I didn’t connect the dots until it happened several times over the two years.”

Keep a journal of the noises your chair makes and when. Andre notes that his chair is prone to laughter as well as tears.

3. Does Your Chair Move Itself?

In the most extreme cases a haunted chair might move when you are sitting in it but more often it will change places when you’re not looking. So be chair aware. Keep an eye on the position of all the furniture in your HQ so you will know if there’s a ghost is gaming it.

And anytime a chair does move on its own, you must immediately ask yourself why? Moving physical objects takes a lot of phantom energy so rest assured there’s a reason. Especially if it moves the same way on multiple occasions. You should immediately inspect the area around the chair’s new location for marks that might be scratching out a message and/or loose carpet that could indicate a secret compartment beneath.

Andre from Melbourne notes that his chair often moves to a different spot, up to three meters leaving shallow dents in the floor. So far he has not been able to determine the message left in the scratches, so he wants to sell it to somebody who can, offering it up on Ebay for anyone who dares to bid.

“I would be glad to be rid of it and pass it on to someone who has experience with this kind of thing! Please help!!” he writes on his Ebay advertisement.

That said it seems Mr. Williams is hoping for a demon buyer as the target price is a hot 666 bucks.

But wait before you bid, remember the story of Joseph Birch and his haunted mirror? If you don’t please review. He has never been heard from again…

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Blob Monsters - The Monstrometer Report (New Video)

Join me as I examine the dangers posed by hideous blob monsters from outer space and how to survive them while making a new friend.


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Monstrometer Report: Kaiju and You

Should you adopt a Kaiju for a pet? Like me, you have likely been considering the question since science broke the news last week about the giant rats taking over the world, one island at a time. But please before you decide, watch the latest Monstrometer Report. The SPCA and I both thank you in advance.

If you haven’t been informed about the rats going Kaiju, you can  read about it here:  http://sethonsurvival.com/survival-news/return-giant-rats-get-ready )
Thanks for keeping on keeping on with SOS and the Monstrometer Reports. Get ready for an important Survivor of the Month announcement.
Mothra is almost like a bee..

Mothra is almost like a bee..

by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Introducing The Monstrometer Report

Hail Survivors,

I’m happy to announce on this fine full moon the survival of the first video in my new series, The Monstrometer Report,  a show that covers the supernatural survival news and views unfolding here on the site and around the world.

In this one, the burning question that should be on your mind anytime a fireball falls to Earth or even when you take out the trash: Am I living In An alien zoo? And if so, what to do?

Do you live in an alien zoo?

Do you live in an alien zoo?


Thanks to everyone for helping SOS keep on keeping on and especially for helping out with the site so I could make the new videos. You know who you are: Survivors of the Month, Hall of Famers and everyone who continues to share their supernatural advice and experiences here at SOS.  Long may you keep on keeping on, supernaturally.


by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

What's New in Monstrometer 3.0

Hail Survivors!

The new long-awaited update to the Monstrometer is finally here.  See below for a tease of the new features.

Thanks for keeping on keeping on!


Get it on the App Store! https://itunes.apple.com/app/monstrometer/id335896676

New features and a redesigned interface to help you keep on keeping on.
Now a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch – Optimized for 4″ tall iPhone screens, 3.5″ iPhone screens and iPad.
Updated for iOS7 (also supports iOS 6 and iOS 5) – (if you have iOS 3 or iOS 4 you can still download version 2.2)
Retina Display support with higher resolution graphics throughout.

A nearly 0.01% increase in scan sensitivity.
Now over 12.8% more accurate diagnosis
30+ new interrogation questions
Easier access to stats, monsters and links.
Easy access to all SOS supernatural survival resources (web site, videos, ebooks, apps and supernatural survival diagnostic tools).

New Lunar Phase tracker to help you survive

Watch HD videos from within the app!

Modernized code for improved performance, compatibility and stability.



by Seth Greening - Visit SethOnSurvival.com

Archie Hartigan and the Frost Wolf is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Archie Hartigan and the Frost Wolf CoverThe day you and I have waited for is finally here. Archie Hartigan and the Frost Wolf is now available for iPhone and iPod Touch (also iPad).

Archie Hartigan and the Frost Wolf is an interactive ebook detailing the adventures of survivor Archie Hartigan.

From Seth On Survival comes a new adventure with video annotation by Supernatural Survivologist Seth Greening!

Archie Hartigan was the foremost authority on Supernatural Suvivology in his hometown, until an encounter with a real-life werewolf turns him into the one thing he hates the most – a monster! As Archie is thrust into a world of ancient secret societies, high-functioning zombies and horrors from beyond the veil of time and space, he learns that just because you’re a monster doesn’t mean you can’t also be a hero.

Here is a link to Archie Hartigan and the Frost Wolf for iPhone and iPod Touch (also works on iPad):


Requirements: This version of Archie Hartigan and the Frost Wolf requires iBooks 1.3.1 or later and iOS 4.3.3 or later. Can only be viewed using iBooks on an iPad, iPhone (3G or later), or iPod touch (2nd generation or later).

You can also get the Archie Hartigan and the Frost Wolf – Special Edition for iPad with extra interactivity.


Requirements: This version can only be viewed using iBooks 3.0 or later on an iPad. iOS 5.1 or later is required.

Archie Hartigan and the Frost Wolf will soon be available on other platforms as well.


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Reaper To Join SOS Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Announcement

Hall of Fame Announcement

Well it’s official. THE REAPER will join the SOS HALL OF FAME.

The Reaper was voted into the Hall of Fame by unanimous decision on the Tetrad Moonfall by a conclave of 5 anonymous survivors from SOS.

Citing The Reaper’s consistently awesome dedication to survival, here are some comments from this committee:

“For a guy whose job it is to harvest souls, he’s actually really helpful.”

“Reaper is always friendly and he’s funny and he gets people talking about stuff.”

“I like the Reaper. You should put him in the Hall of Fame. And then you should put me there. But the Reaper can go first. I guess.”

I personally have been grateful to Reaper for his hostyness on the site. Over the months of 2014 I could have confidence that even when I was on another mission, that Reaper would check in and scan the site to help make some supernaturally great supernatural survival moments.

The Reaper will join the elite group of 7 Hall of Famers who also include: ALEX, STIGMA, P5T5R, ZYBORAGON, GODDESS OF FATE and of course, a hybrid you all still know, the generous and awesome MR. MUTT. All great survivors who have helped survival supernaturally over the years.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Thanks to everyone who helps SOS survive and sorry for the wait. These things take a while to do sometimes. Look for REAPER’s HoF profile soon in the days ahead. It’s going to be survivally spectacular.

And be sure and join us here on for the HOWLING HALLOWEEN-A-PALOOZA on you guessed it, Halloween.


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Second Tetrad Blood Moon Rises

The second of four blood moons is almost upon us, due to rise in mere hours now, this one even bigger and longer than the last one in April.

Four blood moons rising

Four blood moons rising

For survivors not following the Tetrad phenomenon, the Earth is undergoing a once-in-a-vampire-lifetime series of four Blood Moons or total lunar eclipses in a row. Many claim the Tetrad phenomenon is historically linked to massive upheaval and change for the beings on planet Earth.

Here at SOS, the Tetrad moon is linked with a new entry to the SOS Hall of Fame.

The second Tetrad Blood Moon will be most visible in the northwestern United States. Unfortunately it will not be visible to survivors in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

But as the moon rises, I will be here on SOS to celebrate with survivors and reveal the new Hall of Famer,  with apologies for my relative absence from the site over the last two weeks. Graham and I have been burning the midnight electronic oil planning for a big Halloween release party for a few things, including three new Monstrometer Reports.

To recap, the Hall of Fame is an honor bestowed by SOS to one hardy survivor who has stood the test of time with us here on the site. I rely personally on these hardy few to help us all survive supernaturally. You don’t always see them on the site, but they are usually around behind the scenes, alerting me to supernatural survival situations unfolding on the site and around the world in addition to lending a hand or a claw whenever possible on the pages of SOS. In the past many of Hall of Famers have even written articles or made videos for distribution on the site, for which I have been profoundly grateful.

In four years there have been only six Hall of Famers: cyborg P5t5r, one-time werewolf STIGMA, metal dragon ZYBORAGON, the GODDESS OF FATEleader of the Generous Three, the hybrid MR. MUTT and of course, Survivor Number One: former zombie turned human survivor ALEXPlease click on their names to learn more about their supernatural exploits and adventures here on the site and elsewhere.

Hope to see you then Survivors and thanks to all of you who have been keeping on keeping on. Without you there really would be no SOS.


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Martian Welcome or Trap? Mars Installs Traffic Lights, Recreates India

Big news from Mars this week, as the red planet prepares for a surge in tourist traffic by building the planet’s first traffic lights and even a full-scale replica of India itself to greet their latest visitors.

Martian Install First Traffic Light

Martian Install First Traffic Light

Could this be a sign the Martians have decided to welcome the flow of Earthlings?  Or a space tourist trap?

Bizarre traffic lights were spotted for the first time on Mars this week while India’s Space Research Organization simultaneously announced today they have discovered what appears to be a full-scale replica of their home country in shadow on the surface of the planet.

Never seen before, the Martian traffic lights, circled in red here, appeared in a NASA photo sent by the Curiosity rover and while some observers believe the arrangement of rocks might be a totem and not a traffic light, Space Journalist Joe White insists it is a traffic light.

“I saw this one and I thought right away, ‘hang on that is a traffic light,” stated Joe White on his Youube channel ArtAlienTV.

At the same time, India’s new Mars mission announced they have discovered a full-scale recreation of their country on the surface of Mars.

“OMG  India map on Mars!” wrote Saurabh Gupta with great excitement on the Indian Space Research Organizations Facebook page.

Is this a trap? Or a sign of welcome?

Is this a trap? Or a sign of welcome?

The outline of India appeared in shadow over a region of the planet known as Meridiani Planum and it remains unclear if it represents a real structure or a Martian mirage.

But is the light-and-shadow show intended to welcome Earthlings? Or lure them into an elaborate trap? That still remains unclear.

Many Martian observers believe this could be a sign the Martians have stopped hiding underground and maybe be preparing for interplanetary tourism instead while more alien-ated observers believe these could represent an elaborate trap by the natives.

“This is a welcome wagon in progress,” stated on upbeat observer. “These Martians are no fools. They know we’re coming whether they like it or not now and they are preparing for us.”

Preparing for us? 

“Looks like a space tourist trap to me,” stated Supernatural Survivologist Seth Greening, unabashedly interviewing himself in a statement this morning. “Think about it. A friendly-seeming beacon of familiarity to make visitors feel at home-away-from home combined with a structure to control the flow of movement? All that’s missing now are the overpriced  souvenir vendors and the delicious deep-fried street foods that kill.”

“Oh wait! That totally describes the jelly doughnuts previously spotted on the surface. The Martians have clearly abandoned plans to invade Earth and are now planning to take us out on their home turf!”

Until we know more, visitors to Mars are advised to pack their own lunches and not be fooled by any displays of familiarity or follow any dubious traffic lights, no matter how bad you may have to use the toilet. Use your space suite or hold it until you get home.

Your survival is guaranteed, 99.98%.

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Survivor of the Month ASSANJIN

SOS Survivor of the Month

ASSANJIN Survivor of the Third Supermoon, Now One of the Generous Three

1. Assanjin once survived a Wendigo attack using this old trick –>> never look into their eyes.

2. As a draconian who formerly had sapphire blue scales currently stuck in human form, Assanjin could have once flown right over your head on a sunny blue-sky day and you might feel a ripple of air or see a shadowy outline but he would remain almost invisible. Fortunately, he prefers to travel by water now.

3. Although once bitten by a werewolf who was also his best friend, Assanjin never turned himself, leading him to the discovery  that his Drache powers protected him from lycanthropy. In the wake of this incident, Assanjin went on to develop a lasting affinity for the lupine kind, defending them against all.

4. Like many of his draconian kind, Assanjin makes his home on a sheltered island. So sheltered there is no way to receive his SoTM prize…just one reason he is passing it along today to another survivor on the site…

5. Assanjin provided excellent intel on dealing with Black Ice Dragons. And as soon as I can determine the best material for muzzling one as per his technique, I’ll pack Graham’s bags for Russia to test it.

6. He is very knowledgeable and you might even say philosophical and a bit poetical on a number of important topics. I can always count on this SoTM to add to or clarify a supernatural situation in progress, including his own.

7. Assanjin actually replies to questions and comments, mine and others. It’s a  rare quality that I appreciate a great deal. Not quite as rare as survivors who actually leave questions and replies for specified others, which he also does quite often, but a very close second.

8. Gamely volunteered to help Agent TL map the multiverse, no small task. If you thought Google cars were fun, wait until you see what they will use.

9. After once killing a very famous mermonster, Assanjin developed a healthy respect for sea monsters and still prefers to travel with them.

10.  Assanjin chose to join the ranks of the generous three SoTMs here on SOS. Rather than accept his small SoTM thank-you prize, Assanjin chose to honour another survivor on the site with it, just like Mr. Mutt and Devorah once did. Proving once again, that Survival is its own reward, and that generosity is a supernatural survival trait. And may I add a perfectly fitting decision as WEREWOLF GIRL was indeed our runner up choice anyway, providing hours of pistachio-fueled debate here at SOS HQ on the Supermoon.

Thanks to ASSANJIN for keeping on with SOS and helping us through the third Supermoon of 2012.

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